The Boss of the Milk Tea Shop chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

The Boss of the Milk Tea Shop


I put down my cup and looked up at the customer in front of me. This customer was sitting at the bar and rubbing his fingers on the sides of the cup. It was clear that he was lost in his thoughts.

“Talk to me, Boss. There are no other customers anyway…….”

I sighed deeply and faintly nodded. There’s nothing I can do about it. Adapting to all sorts of customers is a part of the job.

“Recently, there’s a new person at my company. S-she is my college classmate…….I didn’t like her when I was in college. She loved to wear long skirts and fancy shoes…….She is really popular and lately, she is always talking to Xiao Zhang from the Sales Department……Every time I talk to her, I can’t help but quarrel with her……”

“Oh……” I nodded with understanding, “It looks like your sweetheart is really lively!”

“What? Uh…..n-n-no. You misunderstood……s-s-she isn’t my sweetheart……”

I smiled: “You’re blushing……but also, it’s clear listening to you talk about her that you are secretly in love with this girl……”

“I-I-I’m not…….I’m not going to talk to you anymore!”

I quickly held on to the cup he had knocked over and watched him run away.


Now this girl came and asked for a cup of milk tea. Her eyebrows were scrunched up tightly and appeared to have a lot on her mind.

“Boss, are you busy? If you’re not, can the two of us chat……”

Who wouldn’t want to accompany a troubled and beautiful woman to a chat? I nodded immediately.

“Boss, I have this co-worker and he is my college classmate. This kid seems to have a problem with me. Before he didn’t have a lot to do with me, but recently he began to avoid me. I really don’t know why……”

I thought about it for a moment and I said with certainty: “He probably likes you……”

“Gulp…….Huh? Like me? Impossible…….”

“Anything is possible……” I smiled and replied: “Maybe he’s shy……”

“Pft……Boss, you’re joking. This kid is very serious……Don’t say anymore, I’m leaving……”

I looked at the empty cup of milk tea and couldn’t help but smile.


He’s sitting at the bar again. It looks like he’s not in good spirits.

“Boss, give me a cold strawberry milkshake. I want to calm down.”

I passed him a strawberry milkshake and couldn’t resist teasing, “What happened? Did you guys break up?”

“Break up? Boss, you’re kidding…….we’re not even in a relationship, so how can we break up……”

His voice was a little uneasy. I curiously ask: “Did the confession fail?”

“No…….I was too scared to say it……sigh…….she’s so beautiful…….”

“Young man, you need confidence……” I smiled, “Girls like it when boys take the initiative. If you don’t pursue her, how do you know if she’ll agree? Maybe she likes you too.”

“Yeah……what you said is right! But if I’m too sudden, will I scare her?”

“Maybe……” Looking at his distressed appearance, I couldn’t help but scare him by saying: “Maybe the girl has hated you for a long time……

“Huh? Really? Forget it. I’ll take my time……ju-just look after her like earlier…….”

He drank half of the milkshake and it seemed really cold.


“Boss, a cup of milk tea, uh…….and a pudding……”

“Okay……” I passed the milk tea to the girl and couldn’t help but say, “Do you like it sweet today?”

“Huh? Yes…….How do I say this…… Boss, what are your opinions on if a boy treats a girl indifferently, but he looks at her from time to time? Or when it rains he has an extra umbrella? Does he like this girl?

“What?” I was interested in what she said. “Is this the coworker you talked about last time?

“Yes, it’s him! He hasn’t been avoiding me lately, and he hasn’t quarreled with me either…….And, hm, maybe it’s my delusion.”

“He’s always looking at you? And he gave you an extra umbrella?” I smiled, “Silly girl, he must like you!”

“Oh? Boss, do you really think so? I think so too…….but, he hasn’t said anything. What do I do if I misunderstood him?

“Hm……let’s not talk about what he thinks,” I looked at the girl and asked, “How do you feel about him?

“Gulp……how do I feel about him? Okay……How do I say it? I like him a little bit……”

“Then you should ask him,” I thought for a moment and said, “Maybe he’s a little shy. You have to take the initiative and ask. You can make it seem like a joke and see his reaction.”

“Oh? That’s a good idea! Boss, thank you!”

Cleaning up the cup, I couldn’t control the corners of my mouth from becoming a smile.


“Boss, I want milk tea! Ordinary flavor, uh, Earl Grey flavor!”

I passed the milk tea to him. I saw his red face and couldn’t help but ask: “So? Is the relationship making progress?

“To-today she took the initiative to find me and ask me, ask me if I like her……”

“Isn’t that good?” I smiled.

“Sigh…….but I was so surprised and shy that I ran away. She must think I’m a coward.”

“That’s not like a man.” I shook my head, “What a waste of a good opportunity. Oh, it’s a pity.”

“It’s not a pity. But, I’m worried that she will not talk to me anymore. Boss, what do you think I should do?”

“Tell her directly that you like her. “ I propped my chin on my hand, “Directly and clearly. Then, maybe you can still redeem yourself. Oh, that’s right, don’t forget to bring a bunch of roses.”

“Bu-but I……”

“Young man, pursuing love and driving a car are the same. You need to be bold and careful.” I passed on my experience in love. “You just need to say you like her. Otherwise, the woman you love will be snatched up by other people.”

“I-I understand! I must say my feelings!”

He only drank a sip of the Earl Grey milk tea and ran away quite fast.


“Boss, today I want cantaloupe flavor with lots of jelly.”

I smiled and passed the milk tea to her: “Today you’re in a good mood!”

“Yes! Today that kid said he likes me! And he was holding a huge bouquet of roses.”

“He took the initiative?” I smiled.

“Taking the initiative? This guy is actually very shy! I was the one that asked him first! I asked him if he likes me, but he blushed and ran away. I originally thought that it was over, but it wasn’t like what I expected. Today, he surprised me with flowers at the company and publicly

“Seeing how happy you are, you must have said yes?” I asked.

“Yes……I didn’t think so, but knowing he likes me makes my heart really happy……Oh, during college, I actually noticed him, but this kid was really too shy……”

“So now, he is your boyfriend?” I smiled and asked.

“Of course. But this kid was so nervous and incoherent in his confession. Chuckle. It’s so ridiculous…….I really love that about him……”

“Congratulations,” I said. “May you never be single again!”

“Oh? Haha, all right. Cheers!”

Putting away the empty cup, I smiled and nodded.

The Boss of the Milk Tea Shop

The Boss of the Milk Tea Shop

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The Story of the Boss of the Milk Tea Shop


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