The Adventure of the Hero “Aaahn” chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

His name was Aaahn. He’s a hero.

Of course, he wasn’t the one who gave himself that name which sounded like a moan. The player who controlled him was the one who jokingly gave him that disgusting name. It’s upsetting. He also didn’t like the original name the player planned to give him, “Ahhhh,” because it sounded so sloppy, he definitely would never name himself with a moaning sound… No, wait a minute. Is it strange that he’s thinking of “Aaahn” as a moan…?

He struck up a conversation with a woman near the entrance to the town. She was standing there motionlessly, staring at one spot. She’s an odd town girl.

Ara, you are the hero “Aaahn”! Welcome, this is the City of Beginning.”

Midway through her speech, she suddenly sounded like she was moaning, which made him feel very turned on. It was as if his body wasn’t his, like something was implanted in his clothes and someone was controlling him remotely.

However, this world was for all ages. It’s a world that had nothing to do with sex. The heroes in this world ought to be pure and innocent. They have to.

As he was about to walk down the main street, the town girl started talking on her own.

“If you want to do the tutorial, you can take it at the Adventurer’s Guild in the center of town.”

Apparently, he had no choice but to accept the tutorial. If he ignored everything and tried to leave the town, he’d be stopped by an invisible force.

“Do your best, Aaahn.”

Damn it. Stop moaning.

… By the way, why does a mere town girl know his name? Were the existence and the name of the hero famous all over the world?

If so, what did they think of his name, “Aaahn”? Why were they accepting it very naturally…?

He made his way to the Adventurer’s Guild.

“It’s good to see you, hero “Aaahn”. I am the Guildmaster of this Adventurer’s Guild.”

It’s difficult to keep one’s emotions in check when one hears an elderly person say “Aaahn”. Of course, the person who said that wasn’t a loli hag with an elderly tone. It was a man, a fierce warrior who had experienced many battles with a rough masculine face.

“Oi, Aaahn. Aaahn. Do you hear me, Aaahn?”

It was a moan of raging fury. He didn’t want to hear an old man’s moan. He’d just pretend it was a challenge.

He nodded heavily.

“All right. Hero Aaahn. The tutorial starts now. You can do the tutorial as many times as you want, so if you don’t understand something, you can start over.”

Isn’t it very questionable, why a hero, who’s on a journey to defeat the Demon King, hadn’t gone through basic combat training? He didn’t know if it’s all right for a man who’s never gone through proper training nor had experienced a real battle to be a hero.

Because it was troublesome, he skipped the tutorial.

“That concludes the tutorial. Now, take this, Aaahn.”

With that, the Guildmaster handed him some herbs and potions.

Since he seemed to be giving it to him for free, he accepted it with gratitude. He was such a generous old man. Was it because he was the hero that he was so kind to him?

“I’m counting on you, Aaahn. Please save this world.”

He nodded.

There’s nothing he could do but nod his head. Just because he had a mouth, doesn’t mean he could speak.


It seemed that he could receive quests at the Adventurer’s Guild. But, could he still take his time with quests while he had to travel to defeat the Demon King? The Demon King might not be trying to attack in person, but it goes without saying that he’s expecting him to visit his castle.

The Adventurer’s Guild was also said to be a place to find companions to form a party. When one visits the tavern in the Adventurer’s Guild, people who want to join them would approach them.

Because traveling alone seemed lonely, he decided to find some companions at the tavern.

Since it was a tavern, he wanted to drink and get drunk, but he was not allowed to do so, probably because of the ‘for all ages’ thing. Maybe, it’s because no one wanted to see a drunken hero.

“I’m Merle. I’m a magical girl1~ If you don’t mind, please let me join your party!”

A cute little girl spoke to him.

She looked to be around 10 years old. To let a young girl fight, wasn’t this child abuse? What the hell are her parents up to—– No, maybe it’s a dark side he’s not supposed to touch. He shouldn’t think about it.

He nodded.

“Waah! Thank you, Aaahn!”

Her voice was so loud.

Thus, the magical girl Merle joined his party.

If possible, he’d like to have two more companions. He’d be even happier if they had high stats. By the way, Merle’s stats were considerably high. He hit it big.

“Yo. I’m Dain. I’m a warrior. Let me join you, man.”

Dain was a big, macho man. He took a look at his stats. It fell short of his expectations. Despite being a warrior, his attack power was similar to that of the magical girl, Merle. A big macho man and a small little girl with the same level of attack power? It was strange no matter how he thought about it, but he didn’t care.

He shook his head.

Dain left with a sad look on his face.

After that, he used Merle’s status as the basis for selecting his companions. It’s just like a gacha2. It took him more than an hour to find those companions.

Hero, Aaahn.

Magical girl, Merle.

Warrior, Amanda.

Priestess, Adele.

The harem party of all women except him was complete.


The four of them walked in a single line, with the Hero Aaahn in the lead. This was by no means male chauvinism3. It’s a system that requires the hero to be in the lead. It was an unusual sight to see four people walking in a straight line, but the townspeople didn’t seem to notice.

The four of them left the “City of Beginning” and set out on their journey. The grasslands were crawling with monsters and whenever they ran into them, a battle would ensue. Monsters were the underlings of the Demon King. It’s a wonder that the Demon Lord had not conquered the world yet, even though those underlings of his were everywhere.

When he defeated a monster, he’d get gold and items. Aside from the items, where did the gold come from? … Let’s not worry about it.

They then bought weapons and items with the money they got and stayed at an inn. Of course, all four of them stayed in the same room. Not only was it cramped, but he’s also having a tough time. The other three were women. Desire began to fill his body. However, since this world was for all ages, he couldn’t do anything. He desperately suppressed his desire.

The next morning, the innkeeper said to him, “I hope you had fun last night.”, but of course, he didn’t have any fun at all. He was so angry that he wanted to hit the innkeeper, but then remembered that a hero would never commit an act of violence.


He was sometimes killed by monsters during their journey. However, he would instantly be revived at the church. This world was awfully kind to the hero’s party.

He wanted to defeat the demon king as soon as possible, but there was no end to this monster hunt, the Demon King’s castle seemed far from reach. Moreover, he was forced to hunt only monsters with metal attributes. They’re very tough and run very fast. As a result of the difficulty in defeating them, stress builds up.

He wondered how much time had passed. But finally, they reached the Demon King’s castle. This was the last battle. If they defeat the Demon King, the world will be at peace.

They attacked the dungeon called the Demon King’s Castle. They defeated the monsters one after another and soon reached the top floor. When they entered the Demon King’s throne room, said person was sitting on his throne, relaxed.

“Hahahahaha! I’m surprised you made it this far, Hero Aaahn!”

The horrible-looking demon king also moaned pathetically.

“I will deal with you myself. You’re allowed to despair now, as you will soon taste the power of a Demon King.”

And with that, the last battle began.

His three companions each sent one attack in turn. The demon king didn’t dodge but instead waited for the attack to come. Maybe he’s a masochist.

When he tried to attack after his three companions—-


The demon king screamed.

Kukuku you’re quite good, Aaahn.”

He didn’t want to be told that “you’re quite good.”. He hadn’t attacked even once yet.

The holy sword that he’d polished before fighting the demon king was still spotless. To defeat the demon king, the holy sword would be necessary, but…

“However, I haven’t gotten serious yet… Kukuku…”

The demon king’s form changed into something more grotesque.

This was his second form.

He wanted to attack the Demon King while he was transforming, but for some reason, his body wouldn’t move. The Demon King who had finished transforming looked terribly strong.

“What do you think of my true form, Aaahn?”

Even if he asked him, he couldn’t answer.

He nodded silently.

“Hahahaha, are you too scared to speak?”

The Demon King laughed, but no one responded.

His companions were on their guard, each with their own weapon ready.

“Now then, go die with utmost despair!”

And so the battle began again.

His companions, who were more agile than him, each unleashed their special moves. Naturally, all three attacks hit the Demon King. After that, he thought it was finally his turn, but…


The Demon King screamed again.

“Damn it… I… Can’t believe I’m being beaten by humans… No, not yet. I’m not dead yet. I WILL NOT DIEEEEE!”

The Demon King was monologuing animatedly by himself.

With a roar, the body semi-liquefied and transformed into a gigantic foreign body. This world was for “all ages”, but was such a grotesque-looking appearance even acceptable?

“Destroy, destroy. I will destroy this world.”

His words were hard to understand4. Couldn’t it be done better in some way or another?


With that Western-like pronunciation5, the demon king was now ready for the final battle.

Of course, the final form was the strongest. Why did he not unleash it when facing his companions? Was it to emphasize the climax?

Each of his friends unleashed their strongest special move. Of course, he had thought it would be his turn this time, but…


He was very weak, even for a demon king.

The reason why the demon king was defeated so easily was sure enough because they had raised their level too much. However, this was not his fault. It’s the fault of the cautious player who controlled him that liked to level up.

The holy sword, which was given to him as a necessity to defeat the demon king, was never used on the demon king at all. And he became a hero because he pulled out the holy sword…

“Aaahn, Aaahn…. Can you hear me, Aaahn…”

The Demon King gave a final gasp.

“Aaahn, it’s me… Joseph… “


It was the name of his childhood friend.

The true identity of the demon king was actually his childhood friend—-

It seemed like an unexpected, yet common development. It wouldn’t be explained in detail, but it’s likely that he integrated with the demonic power and became a demon king…

However, it’s impossible for Joseph to be the Demon King because of his age. It would be a contradiction. Did they ignore the minor contradiction to emphasize more on the impact?

“That day, I——“

From there, Joseph’s lengthy monolog unfolded.

He wanted to bask in the afterglow of defeating the demon king, but Joseph just had to interrupt him. He didn’t care to listen to the monolog, but his companions were shocked and covered their mouths with their hands. Why are they so shocked when they didn’t know anything about Joseph?

The monolog continued for more than ten minutes.

“—–Thanks for defeating me, Aaahn. Fare, well…”

And then Joseph was gone.

—At the same time, music started to play.

The location then changed from the crumbling castle of the Demon King to the streets of the royal capital. The heroes who had defeated the Demon King returned in triumph, and the people who had flocked to the city were very excited.

“Aaahn! Aaahn! Aaahn! Aaahn! Aaahn!”

He felt dizzy, listening to the crowd that sounded like they were moaning.

A series of words were displayed in front of them in succession, and then disappeared. After this, he would receive a reward from the king and the princess’ marriage proposal.

That’s what he thought, but…

They were skipped and he found himself back in the City of Beginning.

The player had already disappeared somewhere. He must’ve already gone to another world. Now, he’s no longer the hero, “Aaahn”. He’s no longer anyone.

He just waited patiently at the entrance of the “City of Beginning”, waiting for a player to come and give him a name.

  1. 魔法少女 (Mahō shōjo): a girl or young woman with magical abilities and engaged in magical adventures (manga, anime)
  2. Gacha: a term used for Japanese Toy machines, this is used to describe games that pull a selection of data, people, heroes, etc. from a large pool at random.
  3. Male chauvinism: male prejudice against women; the belief that men are superior in terms of ability, intelligence, etc.
  4. It’s most likely because the demon king’s dialog was in katakana. Katakana is often used for transcription of loan words from foreign languages, and so seeing words you see often in kanji and hiragana, put into katakana, can be confusing.
  5. Again, it’s because the demon king’s dialog was in katakana

The Adventure of the Hero “Aaahn”

The Adventure of the Hero “Aaahn”

Score 6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
His name was Aaahn. He’s a hero.Of course, he wasn’t the one who gave himself that name which sounded like a moan. The player who controlled him jokingly gave him that disgusting name. He definitely would never name himself with a moaning sound…And this is the story of the adventure of the hero “Aaahn”.

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