The 8th Day’s Good Morning chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)


「Good morning.」


Heading to work; in the morning I came across my sleepy male neighbor in the apartment elevator. Mondays are depressing; but compared to his listlessness, isn’t it better? In a small elevator box, he gave a big yawn. I thought it was bad but, catching the yawn, I hurriedly turned towards the wall to hide it and just made it in time.


「Good morning.」

「……it’s a good morning.」

Today, he seems a little awake. Even though I think that it’d be nice if the greeting was returned; I can not afford to ignore him if we’re in the elevator together. Confirming the time, I glance at my wristwatch. I wanted to say that it was the same time as yesterday but it was probably none of my business.



「Ah, good morning.」

Today, the timing to open the door was the same as the neighbor. We headed towards the elevator together. It feels strange. The moment before leaving the apartment to walk while heading in different directions; he absent-mindedly muttered「……it’s a good……」. I remembered that I had forgotten my greetings, didn’t I? I unconsciously looked back.


I was alone this morning. There was no one to greet so it was lonely in the elevator. I got on and pushed the button when I saw my neighbor running. I hurriedly pushed the open button. His suit buttons weren’t even fastened yet.


「Good morning.」

He greeted me while breathing heavily.


「Good morning.」

「Good morning.」

Today was a perfect, full chorus. I was a bit surprised to see him. The suit was tightened. I wondered if there were any important plans today.

Sorry, he said. I was asked if asking for my contact information was no good. Even though he already knew my house before my email address.



This morning, there was no need to go to work because it is a holiday. I woke as usual and got out of bed. My mouth is empty.  Which reminds me, I thought, and picked up my smartphone. I entered this new email address yesterday.

「Good morning.」

And then

「Good morning.」

The reply came soon.


「Good morning.」was in the morning email. I worried whether it would be a bother for the morning of a holiday but a「Good morning.」was returned immediately. I smiled and thought about what I should do today. There was the email ringtone.

「If you don’t mind, how about lunch in the area?」

I had lunch at a local family restaurant.


「Good morning.」

「It’s a… that’s not it. Good morning.」

The neighbor seems listless on Mondays. Slapping his cheeks awake, I was greeted properly. When I laughed and smiled, his troubled smile was chased away.

「Well then, see you later.」

「See you later.」

We laughed and parted in front of the apartment building.


The 8th Day’s Good Morning

The 8th Day’s Good Morning

8 Kame no Ohayou, 8日目のおはよう
Score 7.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
A story of coming together with the next-door neighbor in an elevator. A 140-ish character, Twitter-styled series. I hope that Monday’s work may become even a little bit more fun.


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