Sweetness Near Me chapter 6

Chapter 6

3 days left until the college examination test.

Wen Lai gave one last look toward the numbers written on the blackboard, then walked out of the classroom with her schoolbag.

“Wen Lai, wait for me.” Lin Hanjia ran after her, seeing that she was fine she let out a breathe of relief, “Your back view looks so defeated, scared me half to death!”

“My back view looks defeated?” Wen Lai pointed at herself: “Where do you see me looking defeated?”

Jiang Shu and Cheng Rou arrived from behind, hearing this, Jiang Shu replied: “The look you have on right now is no different from someone facing death!”

“Oh……actually I’m still ok.”

Lin Hanjia held onto her, and asked: “Have you bought your 2B pencils, ruler, and eraser yet?”

“Not yet, I was planning on going down to buy them, what about you guys?”

“I bought them already.” Lin Hanjia replied.

“I also bought them already.” Jiang Shu spoke.

Wen Lai gave a sound of affirmation, Cheng Rou has also bought them, she saw it this morning.

“I haven’t yet.” Cheng Rou looked at her and said: “Let’s go together.”

Not waiting for Wen Lai to react, he reached out to grab her hand, dragging her away.

“Cheng Rou, are you nervous?” After Wen Lai asked this, she started murmuring again: “Oh that’s right, with your grade, you don’t have to worry at all.”

“I’m really nervous.” Cheng Rou replied softly.

“You would also worry that you won’t get a good grade?” Wen Lai said in shock: “But during the first half of the year, even your lowest score was higher than the Chinese Culture University’s passing score? What’s there to worry about?”

Cheng Rou gave her a deep look.

I’m not worried about myself.

Wen Lai continued on: “Unlike me who even at their best could only get 510 points, it’s only 8 points higher than the Chinese Culture University’s passing score, in case I don’t get in……”

Cheng Rou stopped walking, and interrupted her: “You will get in.”

Wen Lai was taken aback, then smiled, and nodded: “Ok! I’ll definitely get in!”


Wen Lai looked at him, and said softly: “That……Cheng Rou, I, I’ll be of age soon.”

And can openly fall in love and have a relationship.

“Really?” Cheng Rou lowered his head to meet her gaze, “I’m already of age.”

Wen Lai smirked at him and continued walking side by side with him.

“I’ll be turning right.”

Reaching the fork of the road, Cheng Rou’s voice pulled Wen Lai back from her thoughts.

“Ah? Oh ok!” Wen Lai flushed red, “Cheng Rou I want to test better tomorrow.”


Wen Lai’s face turned redder, “Lower your head a bit, I’ve something I want to tell you.”

Cheng Rou followed her words and bent over.


She quickly kissed Cheng Rou’s cheek, then ran towards the right covering her face.

Cheng Rou placed his hand inside his pockets, his eyes held a smile.

Two minutes later.

Wen Lai slowly came back, stammering: “I just now walked, walked the wrong way.”

Cheng Rou smiled as he corrected her: “It’s ran the wrong way.”


“The results are out.”

Lin Hanjia sent her a text message.

Wen Lai laid on her bed without moving, she didn’t dare check her results.


It was another text message notification ring, she turned on her phone.

It was a message from Cheng Rou.

She immediately sat up from the bed.

“Send me your admission ticket and password.”

Wen Lai didn’t hesitate and directly sent the information over to him.

“Go and see the results.”

Cheng Rou’s reply came back fast.

Wen Lai’s heart felt more at ease seeing this, she went onto the webpage that had long been opened and typed in her admission ticket number and password.

518 points ! ! !

Unexpectedly she actually got the highest score ever in her history of testing results.

That day’s kiss really was great! A great kiss ! ! !

Wen Lai hurried and replied back: “How many points did you get?”

“550 points.”

“That’s great ! ! !”

A few days later, the minimum passing score for various universities came out, and Wen Lai regretted sending out that message ‘That’s great’.

Due to the increase in enrollment, the passing scores of most universities have dropped, Chinese Culture University dropped to 495 points, with her grades it’s no problem, but Donghua University’s dropped to 536 points.

Cheng Rou passed Donghua University’s passing score and passed by 14 points.

After much hesitation, Wen Lai still sent a text message to Cheng Rou.

“What did you choose as your first choice?”

But to her surprise, Cheng Rou directly called her.

“Wen Lai.” Cheng Rou laughed as he said her name, “I’m waiting for you at the Chinese Culture University.”

Sweetness Near Me

Sweetness Near Me

Score 6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
Cheng Rou: “Do the questions.”Wen Lai: “Ah?”Cheng Rou: “Aren’t you testing for the Chinese Culture University, I will teach you how to do the questions.”Wen Lai: “But……but I……”Cheng Ruo gave her a questioning look, “You what?”Wen Lai bit her lip embarrassingly.But if you sit next to me, I can’t focus on the questions!


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