Sweetness Near Me chapter 5

Chapter 5

“Cheng Rou, how many points did you get in all this time?”

Cheng Rou turned and looked at her score, saying softly: “I also didn’t get 500 points.”

By the side Jiang Shu was surprised, “Didn’t you……”

“Yes, I didn’t get that many points.” He said.

Jiang Shu pouted his lips, didn’t you get 530 points.

Wen Lai looked at her own report card, and sighed, “But you’re still 30 points higher than me.”

Jiang Shu was surprised again, “Isn’t that normal.”

Lin Hanjia kicked his chair, “You speak way too much!”

“I’ll shut up, I won’t talk anymore.”

Wen Lai became even more depressed, she took out her math paper and started to do the problems.

Lin Hanjia saw this and comforted her: “Last year the Chinese Culture University’s entering score was 502 points, you only need to work a bit more on the subject you’re bad at, there’s still a lot of hope for you.”

Wen Lai had on a painful expression as the paper in her hand shook.

Mathematics really is all young girls’ nightmare.

“For mathematics as long as you understand the basics, it would help tremendously, and boosting your score up by 30 points wouldn’t be difficult at all.” Lin Hanjia lowered her voice and continued to say: “I asked Jiang Shu, Cheng Rou is also going to be testing into the Chinese Culture University.”

“He’s not the same as me, he’s always wanted to test into the school.” Wen Lai murmured.

“So it’s like that……” Lin Hanjia moved over, and patted her head as she said: “It’ll be fine, there’s still more than half a year left, let’s take it easy!”

Wen Lai said weakly: “I’ll do some more studying over the New Years.”

After class, Cheng Rou placed a few practice test papers onto her desk, and even attached a note.

“These are real questions from last year, I’ve circled all the basic questions for you.”

Not receiving any response from the back, he couldn’t help turning around again, and whispered words of comfort: “It was only a mini-test this time, you don’t have to pay it too much attention, just make sure you prepare well for the test after the holidays.”

The corner of Wen Lai’s eyes were slightly red, she sniffled, then got fired up and continued doing the questions.

I will work my hardest to catch up to your ankles.


Wen Lai took advantage of the time and pressed send.

“Cheng Rou, Happy New Year!”

It’s another year in which I like you.


“The transcript is out.” Lin Hanjia asked her: “Do you want to see it for yourself or do you want me to tell it to you?”

Wen Lai turned her head over: “I don’t want to know.”

“Aish, lady Wen here isn’t willing to accept the truth.” Jiang Shu stretched out his hand and patted her head, “It’ll be fine, after all, brother’s here to take the bottom place[1] for you!”

Cheng Rou turned sideways, and tapped his hand with a pen, coldly saying: “You’re blocking me.”

“Ah brother’s hand hurts like hell!” Jiang Shu shouted out dissatisfied, and retracted the hand that was on Wen Lai’s head.

Cheng Rou took over the transcript list from Lin Hanjia’s hands, and looked for Wen Lai’s name first.

Wen Lai, 18th in the whole class, 116th in the whole school, 118 points in Chinese, 108 points in English, 68 points in history, 66 points in geography, 72 points in economics, and 49 points……in mathematics.

This mathematics score really was low enough to make someone feel nauseous.

“You did a lot better than last time.” He said.

Wen Lai raised her head, her eyes filled with hope as she asked: “Really? Then how many places did I go up by?”

“10 places.” In front of everyone’s surprised eyesight, he added: “I’m talking about the school rankings.”


Wen Lai laid back onto her pillow.

Lin Hanjia went by her ear and whispered: “Do you know who’s number one in mathematics in our class?”

Wen Lai pointed toward the person in front of her.

“So attentive! How do you know?”

“Isn’t he always first.”

Lin Hanjia continued on: “Then why don’t you take advantage of resources? The future and your love relationship are all waiting for you in college.”

“You’re telling me to let Cheng Rou tutor me?” Wen Lai waved her hand, “No nope, absolutely not!”


Before Wen Lai could even reply, Cheng Rou had already walked to Lin Hanjia’s side, and spoke: “Next class is self-studying, let’s switch seats.”

Lin Hanjia looked at Wen Lai who was in a trance, and nodded.

Cheng Rou sat down, and placed the paper in front of her.

“Do the questions.”


“Aren’t you testing for the Chinese Culture University, I will teach you how to do the questions.”

“But……but I……”

Cheng Ruo gave her a questioning look, “You what?”

Wen Lai bit her lip embarrassingly.

But if you sit next to me, I can’t focus on the questions!

[1]If you don’t remember Jiang Shu is in the last place in class.

Sweetness Near Me

Sweetness Near Me

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
Cheng Rou: “Do the questions.”Wen Lai: “Ah?”Cheng Rou: “Aren’t you testing for the Chinese Culture University, I will teach you how to do the questions.”Wen Lai: “But……but I……”Cheng Ruo gave her a questioning look, “You what?”Wen Lai bit her lip embarrassingly.But if you sit next to me, I can’t focus on the questions!


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