Sweetness Near Me chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Class is finally over.” Wen Lai placed the pillow in her arms onto the desk, right when she was about to lie down and sleep she heard Lin Hanjia speak: “Have you finish memorizing A Fang Gong Fu[1]?”

She yawned and weakly replied back: “Not yet, what about it?”

“Today’s the last day, if you can’t recite it out you’ll be punished to copying it twenty times.”

“Twenty times?” Wen Lai woke up instantly, while scolding the literature teacher she tore paper out of her workbook, preparing to cheat.

“Don’t tear it anymore, just take mine directly to study.”

“Let me see.” Wen Lai put the note on her hand to test it out, and was thoroughly satisfied, “Oh, this cheat sheet is pretty nice, the characters are just the right size too.”

“Why of course.”

“Who do we find to recite it to? The literature class representative or the teacher?”

Lin Hanjia pointed at the person sitting at the desk in front, “Our group leader.”

Wen Lai coughed a few times, then went by her ear and whispered, “Then our conversation just now……”

“He’s working on a question, and probably didn’t pay attention to what was said.”

“Then what if he did hear?”

“Bribe him! Handle him!”

“But I……”

“Go on, my brave warrior!”


Her whole life really was bleak.

Under the encouraging eyes of Lin Hanjia, Wen Lai stretched out her hand to pat Cheng Rou on the shoulder, “Group leader, I, I’m here to recite the article.”

“Ok.” Cheng Rou turned around, putting the paper he was working on atop Wen Lai’s desk, not even raising his head he spoke: “Recite it.”

Wen Lai secretly looked at the cheat sheet in her hand, reciting it out very slowly, “The six kingdoms rule has ended, the four seas have become one, the mountains at Shu has become bare, and the Afang Palace was built[2].”

“It’s Afang Palace was built[3].” Cheng Rou interrupted her, “Out of the four words you said three was wrong[4].”

“This a polyphonic word.”

Chinese literature really is extensive and profound……

She glanced at the note again, and continued reciting: “Covering over 300 miles, in the light of day. Buildings atop Lishan in the north facing west, straight toward the sun[5].”

“Xianyang.” Cheng Rou interrupted her again.


“Buildings atop Lishan in the north facing west, straight toward Xianyang[6].” Cheng Rou’s voice had a hint of laughter, “Not the sun[7].”

“No way!” Wen Lai brought out the cheat sheet from her sleeve, “It says sun right here.”

“PUHAHAHAHA!” By the side Lin Hanjia was laughing so hard tears were about to come out, “Miss Wen, you can really be the highlight of my three years in senior high HAHAHAHAHA!”

Wen Lai immediately crumpled up the piece of paper and threw it at her face.

“Damn you!”

Cheng Rou turned his paper, saying lightly: “You threw away the cheat sheet, how will you pass now?”


So he did hear us at firstTAT

Wen Lai blinked her eyes, and looked at him in a fawning way: “Do you have anything you want to eat, I’ll buy it for you!”

He raised his eyes and took a glance toward Wen Lai, “I’m not you.”

“What about me?”

“Compared to junior high……” Cheng Rou’s tone was really serious, “You have gained 20 catty.”

It was obviously only about 10 catty.

Wen Lai replied back pitifully, “But I’ve also gotten taller.”

“Yes, it’s just not proportional.”


Forget it, seeing that you’re Cheng Rou I’ll forgive you.

She continued her fawning, “Then do you have anything you need me to help you with? I can be at your service!”

Cheng Rou looked toward her two new pens inside her pencil case, “Just bought it?”

Wen Lai nodded, this was something she bought this morning at the stationary store, one blue, one pink.

“Oh, then give me one.”

“Huh? I thought you didn’t accept bribes?”

Cheng Rou’s eyebrows furrowed, “Any more nonsense and you can copy the article twenty times.”

“Nonono.” As Wen Lai was saying this she handed over the pen, yes……it was the pink one.

Cheng Rou didn’t take it, he reached out and took the blue one himself.

She sighed regretfully: “But pink matches you so well!”

After a while, Cheng Rou placed a piece of paper on her desk.

“A Fang Gong Fu key sentences.” Wen Lai said confused, “Why are you giving this to me?”

“Memorize it.”

“Just five sentences, it’s no hassle, no hassle!”

Cheng Rou shook his head, “With your brain, I’m not sure.”

[1]A Fang Gong Fu(阿房宫赋)- Famous article by (杜牧) Du Mu.

[2]I did translate the article to be more direct and this is based on what I found about the Qin Dynasty but if anyone is more knowledgeable on A Fang Gong Fu and sees any mistakes, please comment below and I will change it.

[3]Wen Lai pronounced the words wrong but in raw they both say 阿房出.

[4]It’s 3 in Chinese but 4 in English.

[5]Same as note 2!

[6]This is a city.

[7]Wen Lai says “直走太阳” (toward the sun) but it’s supposed to be “直走咸阳” (towards Xianyang).

Sweetness Near Me

Sweetness Near Me

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
Cheng Rou: “Do the questions.”Wen Lai: “Ah?”Cheng Rou: “Aren’t you testing for the Chinese Culture University, I will teach you how to do the questions.”Wen Lai: “But……but I……”Cheng Ruo gave her a questioning look, “You what?”Wen Lai bit her lip embarrassingly.But if you sit next to me, I can’t focus on the questions!


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