Sweetness Near Me chapter 2

Chapter 2

“Cheng Rou, the class teacher chose you to be a group leader, out of these classmates here you can choose three to be apart of your group.”

Cheng Rou’s eyes swept through the list, and asked, “Are there any requirements?”

“Must choose someone among the last ten places.” The class monitor laughed, “After all splitting into these groups is for the ones that have good grades to help the ones with bad grades.”

Cheng Rou looked through the rankings seriously once more.

Wen Lai, 28th place.

Surprisingly she wasn’t in the bottom ten.

This was something really shocking.

Jiang Shu happened to pass by, and pointed to himself, “Me me me! Pick me!”

Cheng Rou followed through the rankings for his name.

Jiang Shu, 40th place.

First place counting from the bottom.

Jiang Shu looked toward him expectantly, “How about it? Isn’t this a good challenge!”

Not at all.

Cheng Rou was silent for a while, then said to the class monitor, “I will choose him.”

“Hahaha, interesting!” Jiang Shu pointed a fist toward him, “Brother[1], I will be putting myself under your care for the next two years!”

The class monitor gave a sympathetic look toward Cheng Rou, then made a little tick next to Jiang Shu’s name, “Who else? You still have two more to choose?”

“This, Lin Hanjia.” Jiang Shu said excitedly, “From the top ten she’s the only one who isn’t a leader, choosing her could raise our group’s literacy level.”

Cheng Rou turned back to look at the two who were fast asleep at their tables.

Lin Hanjia seems to be her friend.

“Ok.” He nodded.

“Then who’s the other one?”

“This one this.” Jiang Shu once again pointed another girl’s name out, “The class flower, number fifteen in the whole class, not only can our group’s literacy level be raised, but also our appearance level.”

“No.” He decisively rejected this.

Jiang Shu asked strangely, “Not even moved by the class flower, then who are you choosing?”

Cheng Rou handed the roster over to the class monitor, softly saying two words.

“Wen Lai.”


“Quiet down class.” The class monitor spoke out while standing at the podium, “I divided you guys into small groups of ten according to your grades and objectives, for the next two years your seating and studies will follow the formed groups.”

“Grades and objectives?” Wen Lai poked Lin Hanjia with her pen, “She asked you?”


Wen Lai held her chin, puzzled: “Then why didn’t she ask me?”

Lin Hanjia glanced at her, “The class teacher said, the ones whose grades are bad don’t get to choose.”

“This is discrimination towards the poorer grades!” Wen Lai said angrily, “If it wasn’t for the fact that I accidentally went off-topic writing my literature essay, I would definitely test into the top 25 ranks!”

“Uh……those who rank under 20 all don’t have a choice.”


So inhumaneTAT

“Cheng Rou tested into the fifth place, so he’s definitely a group leader right?”


“You’re tenth place, so you are also a group leader.” Wen Lai felt entangled as she spoke: “Then should I be in a group with Cheng Rou, or should I be in a group with you?”

Lin Hanjia smiled, “The both of us didn’t choose you.”

“No, no way!”

Three days later, when Cheng Rou and Jiang Shu moved to sit in the row in from of them, Wen Lai finally let out a breath of relief.

She glared at Lin Hanjia by her side.

Woman, your name is sprouting nonsense.[3]

Right when Cheng Rou sat down, Wen Lai unheistantly moved her desk forward.

Get closer~ get closer~ get a little closer to Cheng Rou~

“Move back.”

Cheng Rou stretched out his hand to stop Wen Lai’s desk from advancing.


After Jiang Shu saw this, he laughed out loud, “This classmate, I think only someone who is 1.2 meters can fit into the space you have left for them.”

Wen Lai let out an oh, then reluctantly retreated back with her desk.


Her correction tape……

Cheng Rou bent down and picked it up, then placed it atop her desk.

“Thank you.” She was full of smiles as she said, “Aiya, I think this is the first time in the many years we’ve known each other where we sat so close together!”

Cheng Ruo replied back while clearing his schoolbag, “During junior high, we were deskmates for 3 years straight.”

Wen Lai immediately changed her wording, “Aiya, I think this is the first time in the many years we’ve known each other where we sat in the front and back row together.”

Lin Hanjia could not continue listening on, and couldn’t help saying: “What, should we also prepare a party for you guys so you could celebrate this?”

That, that I mean that sounds pretty nice…..

[1]Not actual brothers, but friend bros.

[2]Sound effect of something hitting something else.

Sweetness Near Me

Sweetness Near Me

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
Cheng Rou: “Do the questions.”Wen Lai: “Ah?”Cheng Rou: “Aren’t you testing for the Chinese Culture University, I will teach you how to do the questions.”Wen Lai: “But……but I……”Cheng Ruo gave her a questioning look, “You what?”Wen Lai bit her lip embarrassingly.But if you sit next to me, I can’t focus on the questions!


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