Sweetness Near Me chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Cheng Ruo, are you planning on studying liberal arts or science?”

“Haven’t decided yet.”

“That……even, even though your overall score for science is higher, but I think, with your intelligence and ability, you can totally take up the challenge of being in a liberal arts class!”

“You choose liberal arts?”

“Yes, yes!”


“Uh……I heard that we would have six classes in the science department, and only two classes in the liberal arts, if, I’m saying if, we both study liberal arts, then the chance we get assigned to the same class is pretty big!”

“So, you want me to also study liberal arts?”

“Yes yes yes! ! !”

“Ok, then I’ll study science.”


After, when Wen Lai saw Cheng Rou’s name on the liberal art’s list, she hugged the table and laughed foolishly for ten minutes.

Ah men, your names really are ‘what you say don’t match what comes out of your hearts'[1].

Lin Hanjia tapped Wen Lai’s head with a pencil, “Daydreaming again! Quickly take down notes!”

“Aish, stop being so noisy, I’m currently thinking about life!”

“Thinking about life?” Lin Hanjia followed her eyes and looked over, “To think about life do you need to stare at Cheng Rou’s back for ten minutes?”

“I… I… I have something to ask him about.”

Lin Hanjia sighed, then with a face ready for gossip, “Young lady, may I ask what is this something you have to ask him about?”

“It’s a secret, this is a young lady’s secret! How can I tell it to you!”

Wen Lai quickly wrote down a row of words on a piece of paper, before crumpling it up, and throwing it in Cheng Rou’s direction.

Cheng Rou glanced sideways and saw the foolish-looking smile Wen Lai had on looking at him, then opened up the paper.

“When it’s Teacher’s day this week, will you head back to junior high?”

After the row of crooked words, there was an ugly smiley face drawn.

He picked up his pen, wrote down two words, then threw the paper back over.

Not long after, Cheng Rou’s head was smashed again, he frowned slightly, as he looked toward Wen Lai.

Wen Lai was biting her lip, as she looked back innocently at him.

She really didn’t have aim TAT

Cheng Rou bent over and picked up the paper, and opened it up once again.

“Why are you not going back? ? ? Don’t you miss Teacher Li! ! !”

At the end, there was a big crying face.

Super ugly.

A sigh left his mouth, as he wrote: “Teacher’s day is on Friday, we have classes.”

Wen Lai received the note, and suddenly came to a realization, then she tugged at Lin Hanjia at her side, after letting her see the note, she quietly asked: “What do you think I should reply?”

“Sorry, I’m an idiot.”

Wen Lai was surprised, “Why are you scolding yourself all of a sudden?”

Lin Hanjia rolled her eyes, speechless.

“Ah, you were scolding me!” Wen Lai realized this, and cried out with dissatisfaction, “We said that as good sisters we would go through thick and thin, life and death together! Did you forget this!”

“Wen Lai.” The teacher up front suddenly yelled out.

She lowered her head, and stood up slowly.

“That question just now, what do you think should be the answer?”

Wen Lai turned her head to Lin Hanjia for help.

“It’s too hard, I also don’t know.” She covered her mouth as she spoke.

Wen Lai subconsciously looked toward Cheng Rou.

Cheng Rou stretched out two fingers, showing a ‘V’ towards the back.

Wen Lai was surprised, Cheng Rou actually directly told her the answer!

She smiled confidently back at the teacher, as she cleared her throat, and replied in a loud voice, “I choose B for this question.”

Yep, she increased her volume on purpose, Cheng Rou’s answer definitely couldn’t be wrong.

Three seconds later.


The entire class burst out laughing.

The teacher patted the blackboard loudly, “Quiet down!” She glared fiercely at Wen Lai, “You don’t do your homework seriously, and even make jokes in class, stay standing for the rest of the session!”


“Ah, it seems there are also times where Cheng Rou is wrong.”

Immediately after class, she asked Lin Hanjia: “That question just now did Cheng Rou make some kind of mistake?”

Her tone……was very excited.

Lin Hanjia stroked her long hair at the back of her head, and sighed: “Young lady, the question the teacher was asking you was a fill in the blank question, the answer was— —2.”

Wen Lai was shocked!

This, this was all the fault of her own mental thinking!

[1]Basically, they can say no but mean yes. The mouth doesn’t match what they say in their hearts.

Sweetness Near Me

Sweetness Near Me

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
Cheng Rou: “Do the questions.”Wen Lai: “Ah?”Cheng Rou: “Aren’t you testing for the Chinese Culture University, I will teach you how to do the questions.”Wen Lai: “But……but I……”Cheng Ruo gave her a questioning look, “You what?”Wen Lai bit her lip embarrassingly.But if you sit next to me, I can’t focus on the questions!


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