Suspicious People Settled Down in My Dungeon, but Could the Government Office Do Something About it? chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

X Month Day 1
The first and second floors got noisy recently.
What are those guys?
Well, the first and second floors have a calm environment, alright?
It’s friendly to amateur adventurers as there are only slimes and goblins. The aim of the amateur adventurers, Reefox which is used for medicine, is also not that strong.
The environment is 70% plains. The remaining 30% is a lake and river. The water is filtered by a machine, so the amateur adventurers can drink it.
But you know, don’t settle down here.
Why is that? Why have you started building temporary barracks? This place is a dungeon, you know?
Do that outside in the town.
Stop it already.



X Month Day 2
Those guys, they are doing laundry in the river.
Even though they were bearded and filthy looking when they I saw them for the first time, so while I was thinking their appearances became quite neat, they started doing laundry in the river.
The filter is working at full power. The motor is burning out. s.h.i.t.
What a terribly muddy stream. Even though it doesn’t rain in the dungeon. Just how dirty were those guys?
Moreover, adventurers have recently become gloomy because of those guys. At this rate, the adventurers will give up and leave.
Let’s drive them out. I harden my heart.



X Month Day 3
The slimes haaaaaaave!
Stop it, stop it~
Ah, darn it. The slimes were killed.
They were murdered and the liquid contents were extracted and they were treated as disposal bags.
What, what? Are they serious? I didn’t know they had such use.
Even the adventurers who observed from the back were full of admiration.
Rather, my dungeon has a party limit of five and yet they are fighting in a group of thirty. The h.e.l.l is this, a raid? MyA dungeon doesn’t have such function though!?
No, joking aside, what is seriously happening? Even though the dungeon will let six people inside, they will be forcefully teleported outside once they join up.




X Month Day 4
From today’s observation, I have learned the truth.
Those guys don’t think of the other people living in the same barracks as companions.
They are too bloodthirsty. Even though they live together, they treat each other as complete strangers.
Well, that wouldn’t conflict with the fixed party number rule. Those guys really are solo adventurers.
I think of writing in detail how I discovered this.
Yesterday, they picked up only the outer skins of the slimes they killed and started selling them to the adventurers. The price for five was three copper coins. Quite expensive.
The amateur adventurers buy the slime skins and put the livers of the Reefoxes inside. It seems to be highly demanded.
It was only one of them who came up with such plan, but the other guys quickly copied him. It didn’t take even a day.
And then, because the one who started it gained nine copper coins, he was threatened by others to share the profit.
Right, those guys have no sense of community. They think only of their own profit and s.n.a.t.c.hing the profit of others.
But, they have cooperated in the slimes war yesterday. I can’t be negligent.
I will come up with a strategy and send goblins tomorrow.



X Month Day 5
The goblins haaaaaaaaaave!
The goblins have, with goblins, goblins’, the goblinlins.



X Month Day 6
I have calmed down.
First, I think of going over the surprise attack of the eighty goblins on the barracks where the thirty suspicious people live.
It was a crushing defeat.
A goblin got rolled over.
After a pitfall that used awfully robust nets knitted from the outer skins of the slimes reduced the number of goblins by half, twenty individuals were then killed, and the goblins that remained on the ground fell prey to patting.
I repeat. They fell prey to patting.
What「You did your best」. Who is that guy with a hunk-like aura? Go die.
The twenty goblins who’s hearts were stolen by patting hot persuaded, changed sides and trapped forty of the remaining goblins.
Right now, they are plowing a field near the barracks. Go die.
This is seriously impossible… I don’t understand…



X Month Day 7
I went out of the dungeon after a long while and went to the public office of the nearby town.
Of course, concealing that I’m the Dungeon Master, I pretend to be one of the complaining adventurers.
After being kept waiting for an hour and twenty minutes, I finally met with the person in charge.
According to the person in charge, the group that settled in my dungeon is a part of those whose barracks got demolished at the town’s river the other week.



「The materials from that dungeon are valuable and I understand that the town profits from the adventurers. However, the barracks bunch raised complaints of having their human rights violated during the demolition of barracks the other week, and while the administration side tried to reason with the bunch, striving to obtain their understanding, to demolish the group’s barracks again in another place would be……」



The above is the person in charge’s explanation. I recorded it.
The government office wasn’t useful.



X Month Day 8
Human rights organization boarded the ship.
They are telling the Dungeon Master to stop the inhumane act of sending monsters towards the barracks.
Even though this is a dungeon.
This is a dungeon……



X Month Day 9
It’s a state of emergency.
Human rights organization built an office on the first floor of the dungeon to protect the refugees under the government’s monitoring.
Those fellows have settled down as well, G.o.dd.a.m.n it.
Moreover, not being caught in the fixed number limit, are they considering their companions as strangers? Hypocrites.
What is the government office doing!



X Month Day 10
Including me who falsified his ident.i.ty, a number of adventurers have apparently complained about the suspicious people at the government office.
The reply issued by the government office was that the barracks can’t be demolished without the sign of the landowner, the Dungeon Master.
It seems that there’s no choice but to persuade the Dungeon Master to appear in a civil trial.
This is seriously over-bureaucratic.
Because of such directive, the adventurers broke into the floors with a great vigor in the afternoon.
The objective of the adventurers is the Dungeon Master’s room at the lowest floor, in other words, my room.
Originally, I wondered why a group of amateurs is trying to break in like some kind of heroes.
The future’s hero and the brave returned to his appearances he had in the past when he was building up his strength for this just cause, but your face is smiling, you know?
He seems to be having fun for a peerless.
Since there were eyes around, he couldn’t go to a beginner dungeon even if he wanted to go rampant. But he can now swing his arms this brazenly. Of course, he would have fun.
He annihilated the unit of tiger cub mini-golems in two minutes. He also exterminated my lesser dragons and little wyverns I had stockpiled just in case in three minutes.
What a big deficit.
Why did it become like this?
I’ve had enouuuuuuugh!!



The diary ends here.

Suspicious People Settled Down in My Dungeon, but Could the Government Office Do Something About it?

Suspicious People Settled Down in My Dungeon, but Could the Government Office Do Something About it?

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A Dungeon Master’s Diary.


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