Stupid Cup chapter 5

Chapter 5

The Cup is Milky

Sheng Ran looked at the girl dumbfounded. The girl nodded slightly, as if affirming her guess.

Thinking of the red date soymilk she drank in the morning, then looking at the clothes of the girl in front of her… Sheng Ran really had to admit to herself that she felt relieved.

For a long time, no matter how hard she studied or how she changed herself, she had a knot in her heart. Before the college entrance examination, there was no stupid cup selling meng. Without her smiling encouragement, Sheng Ran always felt that something was missing.

Right now, the girl in front of her smiled, and the knot in her heart suddenly disappeared.

Sheng Ran wanted to understand this, feeling a little irritable inexplicably. Under the proctor’s gaze, she lowered her head angrily, and the stupid cup turned her head obediently. However, when she turned her head halfway back, a white and tender hand suddenly struck her head heavily.

QAQ Lord Goddess, it hurts…

Hu Bei knew that she deserved to be beaten, so she showed up on this special day. But… but she didn’t expect her Lord Goddess to beat her like this ah!

She laid pitifully on the table, her eyes blurred with tears, Sheng Ran’s slap didn’t spare any strength. She was completely beaten.

After the cup got hit, she realized she shouldn’t have these human feelings. When the proctor came over, Sheng Ran realized the strangeness of the situation.

What the fuck she turned into a human form? ! Can anyone else see her? !

Fortunately, with Hu Bei’s cooperation, Sheng Ran was only criticized. Looking sullenly at the test papers provided to her, then at the stupid cup in front of her, Sheng Ran was filled with a strong sense of competitiveness.

I don’t know why the stupid cup came to take the college entrance exam, but I can’t lose to her!

Sheng Ran raised the corners of her mouth, took the pen, and began to work hard.


Peking University.

The start of the term with incoming new students is the busiest time of the year for a university. Countless small fresh meats enter the university, which is as extremely beautiful as their imagination, then quickly get carved up and eaten by their senior classmates. The scene was tragic.1Basically, when they enter university, the upperclassman will hit on them and make them their “own” via sexually or some other way…lol or mildly join their groups

To sum it up, those beautiful and fresh images in university generally only exist in movies and television dramas.

Sheng Ran didn’t pay attention to the attentive upperclassman. She dragged her suitcase, walking like a queen through her garden.

At the thought of going to college, it filled her with anger. Hu Bei went home with her after the first day they took the college entrance exam. Hu Bei stayed at home under the pretext that Sheng Ran went out overnight to study together with her classmates. However, when she finished the college entrance exam the next day, fuck, she was gone again!2I guess the college entrance exam is a two day event?

She didn’t even say goodbye! She completely disappeared!

Sheng Ran took the snow-white cup and really wanted to throw it. Staring at the cup for a long time, she gave up under the thought that ‘this cup was bought with money’.

However, she gritted her teeth bitterly.

The most annoying thing wasn’t the cup leaving, but she came back again after leaving, so she wasn’t able to forget— there was once a cup ghost who accompanied her.

Sheng Ran thought that her situation was due to love and hate. Then, she denied this idea in horror. She loves a cup ah!

If kissing the rim of the cup with her mouth is love, then isn’t brushing her teeth every day the same as kissing her toothbrush? !

Walking with the black canvas shoes, Sheng Ran thought more about it and became even angrier. She was admitted to Peking University while Che Dan was admitted to a 211 University, but what she wanted to know the most was where the stupid cup went.3A 211 university isn’t great…basically the China government made project 211 which is an educational ‘upgrade’ it seeks to make the education standards of 100 universities in China to be better. This is how I’m paraphrasing it, just look up China Project 211.

Oh, maybe the appearance of the stupid cup was a hallucination since the beginning?

The more she thought about it, the more she felt it was possible, but the hallucination was too real. If it really was a hallucination, then how sick was she?

Another young boy came over, trying to show the way for Sheng Ran. Her beautiful eyes swept across the boy, and Sheng Ran said indifferently, “Sorry, I can find it myself.”4I feel like this is a sneaky thing…so the boy knows where Sheng Ran lives at…haha

After she said that, she continued to move forward with a pair of canvas shoes that felt like three-inch high heels.

Peking University is like a huge ancient garden. Every place was as refreshing as a scenic spot. Sheng Ran went to the lake and stood there for a while, then sighed and returned to the dormitory.

She liked the corridor of the dormitory very much, and when she walked to her bedroom, her hand paused for a moment. She wasn’t good at socializing and had to get along with three strangers day and night. This feeling made her both excited and anxious.

With her eyelashes slightly drooping, she finally knocked on the door, and a lively little girl opened the door and shouted, “SURPRISE!”

Sheng Ran: “…” Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck…..

It wasn’t someone else, rather the one who abandoned her, that stupid! Cup! Kid! Hu! Bei!

Sheng Ran let go of the luggage in her hand, and her eyes almost spewed out fire. She pushed open the door with great strength. Hu Bei took a step back in a panic, and Sheng Ran immediately closed the gap.

Step by step, she cornered her against the wall until Hu Bei couldn’t retreat any further. She said with a sad face: “Ran Ran…”

”Reason,” Sheng Ran’s fists were clenched, “The reason for leaving twice.”

Under this atmosphere, Hu Bei was naturally honest. She explained properly that it was because she wasn’t good at studying and her cultivation was nearly nonexistent. So, after Sheng Ran’s holiday, she quickly went back to cultivate. When she almost finished cultivating, she was told by the other demons, Sheng Ran said in the milk tea shop that she wanted to go to Peking University.

During the cultivation, Hu Bei increased her cultivation and also her IQ. If she wanted to accompany Sheng Ran, she couldn’t be in soul state, but also wanted a legitimate reason to accompany her…of course, it’s to get along with her day and night ah!

The efficiency of a ghost learning is always much faster than a human. In just two months, she learned the lifestyle of a human and various skills, and finally was able to cheat and enter Sheng Ran’s university using her abilities. After that, because of the instigation of her fellow peers, the stupid cup planned a surprise for her, so she hid herself and practiced hard every day.

She explained all that without her facing being red or her heart beating wildly. Sheng Ran was so angry that she wanted to throw her.

I bitterly spent 12 years of my life doing strenuous studies and am inferior to this evil spirit that can cheat her way in! ! !

As for why Hu Bei wanted to pester her, Sheng Ran didn’t bother to ask since the demon wouldn’t say. Anyway, there will be a stupid demon that will accompany her in the future.

By X lake, the two young girls were standing side by side. The breeze blew by, and the little girl in the milky dress raised her lips into a happy smile.

Sheng Ran’s cheeks blushed a little and pretended to ask nonchalantly: “Stupid cup, what’s the relationship between us now?”

The little girl blinked and asked seriously: “Roommates?”

Sheng Ran turned her head somewhat annoyed and called out ‘oh’.

Hu Bei smiled deceitfully and didn’t speak, her eyes bright.

The white cup was quietly placed on Sheng Ran’s desk, and the sweet milk was long cold. Che Dan sat in the classroom studying by herself with a cup of instant coffee in her hand. When she finished a complicated problem, she suddenly thought of a funny conversation she had with Sheng Ran before.

She picked up the phone and opened her contact list. Che Dan’s white fingers stayed in front of a person’s name until the phone screen turned black.

There were some things and some people that could never go back, including her dreams.

Outside the window, the trees were full of shadows, there was only a single tail left of summer.5Basically summer is ending and autumn is here…

Autumn is here, wonder how Peking University’s campus looks like?



Author’s Notes:

I have something to say about Che Dan. This character was originally optional to the story but later I found out that this character was too crucial. Her existence made this novel not only a cute fantasy story but also gave the story sustenance and is stained with my personal feelings.

Because of personal reasons, Che Dan is the most important person in this novel. I hope you don’t have any dissatisfaction with the addition of this character~ bow, thank you for your company. And in a few days, I will add in an extra story about the cup’s backstory~

Novi’s Notes: Haha next chapter is that extra story and the last of this series.

Stupid Cup

Stupid Cup

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
Sheng Ran met a shameless person for the first time.“You kissed me, so be responsible for me. That was my first kiss…o(////▽////)o”Sheng Ran looked at the girl in front of her, turned around and left.The girl chased up to her and shouted: “Sheng Ran, you bastard! How can you not take responsibility!”Sheng Ran: “…” She just drank from a cup last night, what evil did she do ahh!


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