Stupid Cup chapter 3

Chapter 3

The Cup is Green

Sheng Ran suddenly became happier. She took the orange cup and slowly drank it. Then forced the cup to turn in a circle while drinking. “Goddess, please hurry and finish drinking ah QAQ. I hate orange!”

”I like it.” She said with a smile. But Father Sheng, who was about to walk into the kitchen, turned around and asked, “What do you like?”

Sheng Ran replied, “I like the orange juice. It’s delicious. Thank you Dad.”

The man bent his mouth and continued to cook.

In fact, Sheng Ran’s parents didn’t want to neglect her. It’s just that Sheng Ran’s rebellious period came a little later. Thus, the family of three always quarreled. Now, this practice of keeping a distance made Sheng Ran reflect a lot and also allowed her to study at ease.

It’s impossible to say that I don’t want my parents. Sheng Ran felt that the orange juice in her hand was full of paternal love.

Finally, she finished the orange juice, and there were small orange fruit pieces left in the cup. The stupid ghost’s clothing also changed into a dress decorated with yellow pompoms.

Sheng Ran whispered to her, “Stupid cup, what’s your name?”

“== Goddess hasn’t given me a name…” The cup lowered her head and said with her mouth taunt into a line, “My name is Hu Bei, the Hu character from ancient and moon and the Bei character from flower bud. Doesn’t it sound good?”1Chinese pinyin is a pictophonetic character…So basically the characters 古 (ancient) 月 (moon) when combined becomes Hu (胡) Basically this sentence is lost in translation loool Bei literally means flower bud btw.

”En.” Sheng Ran let out a gentle ‘en’, put down her cup, and went to the bathroom.

Before leaving, she glanced at the cup again…as soon as she came home, she poured a cup of coffee and had a cup of orange juice. It wasn’t a surprise that her stomach hurt.


Although she predicted what would happen if a ghost was included in her life before, Sheng Ran still felt a little caught off-guard in the face of this kind of hardship.

I never thought there could be something so stupid ah!

During class, the stupid cup went through the teacher’s body, causing the teacher to have a chill go down his back several times. The stupid cup knew she didn’t like Che Dan, so she would scare Che Dan from time to time. This little girl was already tortured enough from her senior year of high school, but now she was scared silly all day long at school.

But that wasn’t the terrible thing. The terrible thing was that the stupid cup would look at her ambiguously when she drank water and explain, “I feel you kissing me.”

If it was a male cup, Sheng Ran would have endured it, but it was a female cup!

…The real question is, how do cups pick their genders ah! ! !

But the days of having a stupid cup wasn’t too bad. Regardless if it was at home or at school, the stupid cup would always follow her. Even if she goes to the bathroom, she would follow and peek at her.

Sheng Ran was so angry that she was about to throw the cup. The stupid cup said grievously, “I’ve seen you take a bath before. What are you afraid of?”

#She’s right, I really can’t retort#

After the stupid cup appeared, it seemed that her oppressive life in her senior year of high school was changing. At least, Sheng Ran felt that she could bear the existence of such a stupid creature. Otherwise, how could she pay attention to those classmates around her that pretended to be smart?

She now occasionally talked to her classmates about the lessons and gained some gratitude from them. When class became silent, she would raise her hand to participate. Then during the lively conversations after class, she would put out some suggestions.2Usually, kids gossip or ask their classmates questions about classwork, so maybe she’s helping the other kids on how to do stuff.

How should it be worded? The stupid cup didn’t change anything. Rather, it added some fun into her life, so she didn’t mind attending high school during her rebellious phase.

Not long after the second mock exam was a good opportunity to go on break. Each subject teacher said something along these lines, “All of you that want to be admitted to Peking University and X University should begin to study on Chinese New Year’s Eve and must get up at 6 o’clock on the first day of the new year to study.”

Holiday for Sheng Ran means to bring home more than 400 papers to study at home before returning to school. On the first day of the holiday, she was reviewing questions at her desk with the stupid cup sitting obediently beside her.

”Ran Ran, you’re so amazing that I can’t understand what you write.”

At Sheng Ran’s request, the stupid cup finally changed the way she addressed her. Although this name wasn’t very good, it was much better than before.

Well, being praised is always a good thing. Sheng Ran was expressionless when she asked, “What clothes do you want to change into today?”

”Green!” Hu Bei said with bright eyes.

Sheng Ran put down her pen and got up to make matcha milk tea. When she came back with the cup, there was already a green little girl sitting in the room.

The cup in her hand shook, “Say, can’t you keep your face a normal color?”

“My cultivation isn’t that high ah.” Hu Bei blinked innocently. “Do you dislike me again?”

The stupid cup appeared inexplicably. Sheng Ran had become accustomed to her playing stupid after being with her for more than two months. Hu Bei’s origins and reasons for her appearance were unknown, even the reason for why she called her “Goddess” was unknown.

Some things were predestined to appear. Sheng Ran didn’t want to think about it too much. She lowered her head and took a sip of the matcha, and the Hu Bei in front of her slowly turned white.

”Ran Ran,” Hu Bei rubbed her little face, jumped down from the bed, and walked to Sheng Ran’s side, “I have something to tell you ah…”

Sheng Ran didn’t lift her eyelids, “Say.”

”Oh, it’s, that… cough, I’m leaving for a while ah.”

Sheng Ran raised her eyelids, “How long?”

”Probably…” Stupid cup tilted her head, “It will take about half a year…”


Author’s Notes:

Before writing chapter three—

Hu Bei: Ran Ran =3= kiss kiss…Oh yes, today is Singles Day ah.

Sheng Ran: =3= The author is still single, so isn’t it good for us?

Author: ……

Sheng Ran: Forget it. We will show love to her, en. Let her get pissed.


After finishing chapter three—

Sheng Ran: ……

Hu Bei: …… QAQ I don’t want to leave ……

Author: Believe it or not, I will make sure that every minute the two of you spend will become a BE ah! What’s wrong with being single! Single people also have dignity, okay!

Novi’s Notes: BE – bad ending.

Stupid Cup

Stupid Cup

Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
Sheng Ran met a shameless person for the first time.“You kissed me, so be responsible for me. That was my first kiss…o(////▽////)o”Sheng Ran looked at the girl in front of her, turned around and left.The girl chased up to her and shouted: “Sheng Ran, you bastard! How can you not take responsibility!”Sheng Ran: “…” She just drank from a cup last night, what evil did she do ahh!


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