Stupid Cup chapter 2

Chapter 2

The Cup is Orange

Sheng Ran felt that there wasn’t just a problem with her brain, but also with her eyes.

But the coffee-colored ghost was excited and approached her from the door in a blink of an eye, “Hey, hehehe, what do you think about my new clothes?”

Sheng Ran: “…” The clothes are good, but the face is too ugly.

Of course, she didn’t dare say that. Instead, she reluctantly tugged the corner of her mouth and sipped the coffee to calm down. But in the next second, the coffee in her mouth spewed out, completely spraying the female ghost.

Sheng Ran realized in hindsight that she could have physical contact with the female ghost, but that didn’t matter right now. What’s important was that—half of the fucking female ghost’s face turned white!

She felt that this face was like a two-toned cookie that was coffee and milk-colored. It was so ugly that she couldn’t bear to directly look at her. It was also a bit terrifying subtly.

The female ghost blinked her eyes, feeling aggrieved, “Goddess…”

Sheng Ran glanced at the cup, then at the girl, and decided to take another sip of coffee to calm herself down and to confirm her speculation. She drank while looking at the female ghost and watched her slowly fade. Unknowingly, Sheng Ran drank the entire cup of coffee in one sip.

The female ghost across from her was now spotted with coffee color and looked adorable. Sheng Ran almost threw the cup in her hand, “Are you a cup ghost?”

”Goddess QAQ, you can’t discriminate against cups.”

Sheng Ran: “I’m not discriminating against cups. I’m discriminating against you.”

The spotted ghost’s expression immediately became distressed. She threw herself into Sheng Ran’s arms, and her paws clasped her wrist, “Goddess, don’t say that you don’t like me very much!!”

Sheng Ran’s wrist was clasped to death by her, and she bitterly replied, “What I like is a pure white cup ah! That’s not you!”

The spotted ghost’s eyes lit up, then she grabbed the cup and rushed to the sink. She washed it and ran back to Sheng Ran and shouted: “Look! I’m also pure white!”

Sheng Ran was unable to retort about this scene: “…” This is the first time I’ve seen a cup take a bath by itself. It’s really cute.

The scene before her had really impacted her. Sheng Ran stood there to digest the shock in her heart when she suddenly heard the door open and saw a man entering with fruit.

The man entered and saw the kitchen door was opened and walked in. He looked at Sheng Ran strangely and said, “Ran Ran, what are you doing?”

The cup ghost put the cup in Sheng Ran’s hand when the man came in, and her current posture was a little strange. Sheng Ran heavily put down the cup on the table and said with a smile, “I feel excited after having a cup of coffee.”

The stupid cup was hurt from being dropped down so hard but grinned from her words. Sheng Ran smiled more brightly, “Dad, why are you here?”

The man also smiled very gently, “I came to see you. I heard that the housekeeper isn’t here today.”

She knew how busy her father was, but he had still thought about her. She was flattered and quickly left the kitchen to let her father take care of dinner.

There were a lot of fruits on the coffee table. Sheng Ran picked an orange and was eating happily when the cup ghost in the white dress floated over and said, “I don’t think you like me.”

Nonsense, who likes such a supernatural thing ah.

Sheng Ran’s ability to adapt was quite strong. At this moment, she has accepted the setting that the cup ghost’s color can be changed based on the cup liquid. While eating the orange, she whispered, “You’re right.”

”But I feel that you love me!”

Motherfucker, I have never seen anyone this shameless before! ! !

Forget it, this cup has a thick face…after comforting herself, Sheng Ran asked the cup, “Why are you following me?”

The cup was about to talk when Father Sheng suddenly came out of the kitchen, picked up a few oranges from the coffee table, and returned to the kitchen.

Sheng Ran glanced at the cup that was silent, then went to the window and opened it. Cold white air swept in from the opening that was tinged with the unique smell of winter, making her mind sober.

Her mind had been very disorderly today. A fucking ghost had appeared in her life, and they were even a bit stupid. Although she accepted this fact, she wasn’t as calm as she appeared, and her heart was a bit chaotic. If her father didn’t come, she might have gone to her bedroom and taken out the beer hidden in her closet and got drunk.

After she had enough of the cold wind, Sheng Ran took in a deep breath, closed the window, and sneezed. She rubbed her nose and went to the living room to pick up a piece of tissue when she suddenly discovered that the ghost in the living room turned orange, with a tinge of yellow.


Sheng Ran smiled unkindly. At this time, Father Sheng walked out with the cup, “Ran Ran, come and drink some orange juice first.”


Author’s Notes:

Little fairies who doesn’t comment on this story, I will fight you! ! =皿=

Stupid Cup

Stupid Cup

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
Sheng Ran met a shameless person for the first time.“You kissed me, so be responsible for me. That was my first kiss…o(////▽////)o”Sheng Ran looked at the girl in front of her, turned around and left.The girl chased up to her and shouted: “Sheng Ran, you bastard! How can you not take responsibility!”Sheng Ran: “…” She just drank from a cup last night, what evil did she do ahh!


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