Stupid Cup chapter 1

Chapter 1

The Cup is Brown

The third floor of the high school always had a strange sense of repression. Two of the top students were always quarreling and being noisy. Sheng Ran hated this kind of atmosphere. She pushed aside the table and walked out of the classroom amidst the quarrel.

It was breaktime, but the corridor only carried sounds of lectures and recitation from each classroom. Girls who used to go to the bathroom together were now walking to the bathroom alone, including Sheng Ran.

She and Che Dan have been best friends for two years. But in their third year of high school, that girl pushed her out of her world with the reasoning of “you can’t hold me back because of friendship”.

When she thought about it, going to the bathroom together seems to have always been a symbol of good friendship.

Sheng Ran sneered, fixed her hair in front of the bathroom mirror and was about to leave when a person suddenly appeared behind her—or rather the mirror showed her. This person suddenly appeared out of thin air.

After screaming on reflex, Sheng Ran’s first reaction was to run, but her arm was suddenly grabbed by the person who suddenly appeared.

”Goddess, don’t go!!!”

Sheng Ran: “…”

Her hair that was just neatly fixed was messed up again. The person holding her arm shyly lowered her head with her eyes secretly looking at her. “Goddess, I came to see you. Don’t you miss someone after a day?”

Sheng Ran shook off that person’s hand. That person’s eyes shined bright when she said, “You missed me, you’re responsible for me, ya! o(*//// ////*)o”

Sheng Ran: “…” Haha.

Obviously, this weirdo didn’t realize how annoying she was. When Sheng Ran turned to leave, she stepped forward and held her again, “Sheng Ran, you bastard! Are you not going to take responsibility after kissing me every day!!!”

Sheng Ran was angry. She was about to throw a backhand slap at her, but her hand stopped midair, completely unable to move.

It doesn’t matter, she won’t get physical. She still has a mouth, “You’re fucking crazy ah!”

After saying this, her hand moved. Without saying anything else, she turned and walked out of the bathroom.

Back in the classroom, she unconsciously raised her head and glanced out of the window, then saw a pitiful face and immediately got a headache. That ghostly, strange girl was wearing a white dress. Her eyes were big and face strangely pale, but she was also very beautiful.1I’m assuming the window is like those JP schools where there’s windows facing outside to the hallway. This isn’t a window facing to the outside world.

But this wasn’t the point, the point was that it’s winter right now! Winter! She’s wearing a dress in winter!

Sheng Ran felt that she was going crazy and being tortured by the craziness of her third year of high school.

When the class bell rang, the physics teacher walked into the classroom. Sheng Ran’s bottom line was lowered once again: The physic teacher’s body, it’s going through that schoolgirl’s body! What! Going! Through!

Sheng Ran was sure she was right! Absolutely right! Going through! Passing through like air!

She rubbed her temples vigorously, opened the workbook, and wrote notes based on the physics teacher’s lecture.

She studied very well and was reasonably popular. In fact, her popularity in her freshman and sophomore year was really good. But in her third year of high school, she discovered the dark side of her classmates. Hence, she was irritated to death and wasn’t in the mood to talk to them anymore.2Probably typical high school drama of shit talking and false rumors spreading

Most people go through a phase in adolescence before adulthood. It’s just that Sheng Ran happened to start her phase later.3The specific phase they are talking about is called “second disease” that originated in JP. Refers to self-righteous thoughts, actions and values unique to adolescents. Usually refer to those that are self-conscious and arrogant but feel that they aren’t understood.

She didn’t want to get involved in those meaningless quarrels or attempt to talk to those students who studied poorly. But she soon discovered that others weren’t necessarily grateful for this. On the contrary, if she didn’t talk, she would be sneered at.

Forgive her for being too small-minded to not care about such behavior.4Meaning she doesn’t care that her classmates look down on her for not trying to socialize with them

Sheng Ran studied some physics problems from the comprehensive set of problems and got the answers right. She raised the corner of her mouth and lazily stretched out her waist, then looked up at the window.

What the hell is that thing looking at her from the door!

She always thought life was fucked but didn’t think it would be to this extent. This emotional state continued until she returned home with that pathetic thing pitifully following behind her, maintaining that innocent expression.

Responsible for what damn thing ah! It’s definitely bullshit being responsible for that ghost ah!

After all, it’s a supernatural creature. Sheng Rang was also a little afraid. She reflected on whether she did something bad for this to happen. But after carefully considering recent events, she felt that she didn’t do anything.

But there must be something wrong with this…

In order to let her study well, her parents rented a house next to the school for her, and there was a housekeeper that took care of her. Today, the housekeeper happened to ask for leave, so she was the only one in the house.

Hehe, no, there’s also a crazy ghost now too.

Sheng Ran was forced to go to the kitchen to make coffee. She poured herself a large cup. When she turned around holding the cup, she found something terrifying.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck! ! That white girl turned brown! ! !

Your mother! ! ! !

Even the face is brown! ! !


Author’s Notes:

o(*////▽////*)o The heroine is going through a little phase in high school while the cup female lead won’t stay foolish. I’m personally not a fan of foolish innocent female leads.

The author asks for you to leave a message. Of course, you can also take care of me…hey heiheihei!5Take care of her aka send her torpedos/mines also known as donations on the original raw platform.

ps, have you discovered the female lead’s meaning behind her “nonsense”?6Meaning what did she mean for the FMC to take responsibility

Novi’s Notes: So, this is a new short yuri that I’ve completed. This is the same author as Door There’s Memeda and My Discipline Consumes Too Much.

Stupid Cup

Stupid Cup

Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
Sheng Ran met a shameless person for the first time.“You kissed me, so be responsible for me. That was my first kiss…o(////▽////)o”Sheng Ran looked at the girl in front of her, turned around and left.The girl chased up to her and shouted: “Sheng Ran, you bastard! How can you not take responsibility!”Sheng Ran: “…” She just drank from a cup last night, what evil did she do ahh!


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