Story of a Foolish Virgin and a Doctor chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

I am a young doctor who has graduated from a medical university for one year. After graduating, I was assigned to work in a small hospital in Guangzhou. Thinking back over this year, the thing that I’m most proud of is that I transformed from a virgin into a sex expert.

Originally I was to work in the surgical department. I didn’t expect that due to the obstetrics and gynecology department being short-staffed, I was transferred from the surgical department to the obgyn department. In the beginning, I felt embarrassed. Seeing all those women of different ages taking off their pants in front of you, revealing their dark pubic hair; even more so during their examination, completely removing their pants, sitting on the chair, with their legs split open, showing you the place that only her husband has the right to look at. Any man won’t be able to bear it, much less me who’s young and fit, in addition to me still being a virgin.

But gradually I got used to it. Honestly speaking, if everyday your job is to look and touch female sexual organs, after awhile you’ll also start to become numb. Sometimes I even worry that I’ll lose interest in women in this regard, losing a man’s most basic characteristic.

I remember one summer night, the clock had already hit 10 o’clock, the clinic was still operating. However, there wasn’t even one patient. I was very bored, sitting by myself in the consulting room in a stupor.

「Doctor, hello! 」

Suddenly, a clear and melodious voice broke through the depressive air. I turned my head to look, whoa! A 20-something, pure-looking pretty young girl walked in.

She was around 1.67 m, curvy, fair skinned, wearing a form-fitting white shirt, a form-fitting pair of blue jeans, her bodyline was very beautiful.

She sat down but didn’t say anything aside from blushing, so I asked her: 「Where are you not feeling well, how would you like me to help you? 」

She stayed silent for about 10 minutes before stammering out her problem, her voice like silver bells. Turns out her boyfriend recently suddenly brought up sleeping together. She was afraid rejecting her boyfriend would make him angry, but if she agreed, she wouldn’t know what to do. She didn’t dare to ask her mother, so eventually she thought to ask a doctor.

After finishing listening to her, I felt it was funny. I thought to myself that it was rare indeed to find such a woman to be twenty years or so and still not know about such things.

So I very professionally explained to her some points to note about love-making. Actually, doctors don’t really learn these things, I learned them from those magazines, but haven’t practiced them before.

In the beginning, I felt a little embarrassed. But she listened to it so seriously, occasionally asking me: the difference between how deeply or shallowly the penis is inserted, or which of all the different positions are the best etc…… How would I know, I could only make up some answers. However, she left feeling satisfied.

When I was just about to get off work, the beauty from before came again. This time she seemed more at ease, and was not as shy as before. Sitting on the chair, she said: 「Doctor, I was outside thinking for an hour, but there’s still a lot that I don’t quite understand. Can you explain it to me again in more detail?」

I thought in my heart, how can there be such a foolish female. What’s the use of having all that beauty?

「 You want to learn the techniques of love-making, right? Why do you want to learn that?」I asked her bluntly.

「 To make my boyfriend happy!」She lowered her head, embarrassment clearly showing in her voice.

After hearing this, I didn’t know if I should be happy or mourn for her boyfriend for having this type of girlfriend. Looking at her embarrassed manner, a thought suddenly flashed across my mind.

I turned on the computer, putting in an AV disc. Immediately, images of naked bodies appeared.

The story is about a woman alone at home, when two strangers broke into her house and raped her. I acknowledge and admire American vision. The AVs they shoot, the camera angles are very good, especially the scenes focusing on the place where the penis and vagina meet. Shot from all angles, the cocks of the men were long and thick, thrusting vigorously in and out of the woman’s pussy and asshole. The woman quickly reached orgasm and squirted violently. As I watched, my cock started to get hard too!

Looking at the girl, her face was completely red while staring straight at the screen. So I sat next to her and started instructing about the actions in the film, while seeming unknowingly touching her.

The three people in the film went through all sorts of positions. The woman orgasmed four five times, her fluids completely soaking the bed sheet. The two men then proceeded to shoot their semen into her pussy and ass. As she watched the scene, the girl’s breathing started to become quicker. I knew she was starting to get aroused, so I gently said to her: 「 Didn’t you want to know about love-making techniques? I’ll teach them to you right now. 」

After saying so, I reached my hand into her shirt collar to her chest and gently stroked over her bra. The girl began to gasp shallowly. I said to her didn’t your boyfriend touch you like this before?

She shook her head. So I did more, unbuttoning her shirt, revealing a sexy black bra. Her breasts weren’t too big, but judging from the bra it should be around 34B.

I removed her shirt. She was cooperative. I started unhooking her bra. Unfortunately, it was my first time doing so, thus I wasted five minutes trying to unhook it. Such a disgrace. She started to resist, maybe because she was shy. But her resistance wasn’t strong, and so the bra was quickly removed. Her pair of perky breasts popped out, fair and super cute, with a small pink nipple in the middle. Such a beautiful sight!

She shyly used her hands to cover them. I gently removed her hands, lightly stroking her nipples. She started trembling. I couldn’t bear it anymore, lowering my head and sucking on a nipple. She let out a scream, wanting to push me away, but I held her tight.

It felt good sucking on the nipple. Following the method described in the book, I first used the tip of my tongue to lightly lap at and circle the girl’s nipple, occasionally nipping gently with my teeth. She started to moan and couldn’t help clutching my head with both hands, gasping desperately.

I happily sucked for awhile, then laid her on the sofa. When I started to remove her belt, she stopped me while mumbling no no.「How will you learn if you don’t do it?」I used one hand to continue rubbing her breast, while using my other hand to finish removing her belt. Then I moved near her ear and licked it.

The girl slowly submitted, not being able to do anything else besides moaning.

It was not easy to remove her tight-fitting jeans, but her slender legs were finally revealed. The only thing left was a pair of translucent silk panties, vaguely showing a “black cloud” at her privates. It is probably the place where her pubic hair is located, slightly protruding and very fascinating.

Due to the panties being too small, the top of her butt was revealed, white and soft. The panties could only cover her pussy and part of her ass. The girl’s underwear was really sexy, the scene before my eyes was too seductive! My penis couldn’t resist any longer! The erected penis was unbearably hard, I couldn’t help but want to take it out to rub one out.

I lightly stroked over her panties. Quickly, the girl started emitting charming moans.

I went next to the girl’s ear and said:「 Very good. Look how wet you are. Your boyfriend will definitely be happy.」

I removed her panties and saw that the front had a wet patch, then I was finally able to see her naked pussy. The color of her pubic hair was very light, and there wasn’t much of it. The color of her pubic hair was black with strands of golden yellow mixed in. There was only a little pubic hair above her pussy, below that it was completely bare.

Even though I’ve seen plenty of pussies of women of different ages, but I was still very excited to see her pretty virgin private parts. I gently spread her legs, carefully observing the structure of her pussy. Overall it’s the plump type, her pussy lips were thick and pink. At the very top was a small triangular protrusion. Even though I knew it was the clitoris, I still couldn’t help but touch it. The girl let out an「Ah」, squirming a little.

I used my index fingers to gently spread her pussy lips and was able to see inside her pussy. It was definitely different, married women’s vulva are deep red or even black, furthermore their vaginal opening are bigger. This kind of virgin pussy is really beautiful! Also because of being nervous it keeps opening and closing! I continued to explore, which caused more fluids to flow out.

The girl kept panting and saying 「 No, no」. But no man will listen to her.

My finger finally felt the feeling of being surrounded by warmth, an unprecedented feeling. I almost came, luckily I managed to resist.

My finger continued forward. When half my finger was inside, I felt her hymen’s resistance. I lightly pushed at it, she cried out in pain.

I was forced to stop, only using my finger to thrust shallowly in and out of her pussy while also rotating my finger counter-clockwise. The girl started moaning and panting.

My movements gradually started getting stronger, using my middle finger to fuck her pussy while using my thumb to rub her clit. This action made the girl unable to bear it, her whole body started to move restlessly. Wanting to shout yet wanting to moan, her ass started to move up and down in tandem with my thrusts. Slowly, fluids started to flow out from her pussy, releasing more and more.

I used my tongue to flick her clit. While looking at her reaction, I slowly stuck my tongue in her pussy. As my tongue went in, she grabbed at the sofa and screamed out.

I knew she couldn’t take it anymore, I was the same. My cock was so hard that I was in agony. I got up and stripped bare. This way the both of us would be completely naked.

My mouth returned to her pussy, while I slowly turned my body towards where her head was. I grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock. She didn’t seem to understand, just holding onto my cock motionlessly.

I held her hand and moved it up and down in demonstration. She slowly figured out what I wanted her to do, her small hand started to stroke my cock. A pleasurable yet unbearable feeling rushed to my head. I couldn’t help but increase the speed and strength of my tongue, and also tried my best to stick it into her pussy. Finally I even used my mouth to suck on her clit.

「Ah ah! Feels so good!」The girl screamed. Her butt wiggling, her stroking of my cock also starting to speed up.

I suddenly removed her hand. She froze not knowing what I wanted to do. I placed my cock near her mouth:「 Come, lick it for me!」

She wouldn’t agree to it, keeping her mouth closed no matter what. I got a little angry, so I suddenly bit down hard on her clit.

She screamed「 Ah」in pain. My hard cock successfully went into her delicate, ruby-lipped mouth. She felt upset, wanting to cry but feeling embarrassed.

I tried to coax her telling her it was alright, that she could just lick it. But she just didn’t want to do it. Ah, this girl has a temper. I couldn’t wait for her fellatio anymore, so I quickly switched my position. I leaned over her body, using my legs to spread open her legs. I placed my cock at her pussy entrance. She understood what was about to happen, not showing the slightest amount of resistance, only pleading「Please be gentle. It’s my first time.」

I promised her, not telling her that actually it was also my first time. I couldn’t bear it anymore, using my hard cock to press open her moist pussy lips, swiftly entering her pussy. When my cock entered it felt sticky and slippery, on top of that it felt like being gripped firmly by a hand, and a little bit of being wrapped in warmth.

My penis slowly entered her pussy. The girl grabbed my wrist tightly, brows furrowed. I didn’t dare to use too much strength, entering slowly little by little. The whole of my cock head was now entirely inside this twenty-year-old young girl’s tight unexplored pussy!

I experienced an unprecedented feeling, it feels so good! As expected, a virgin’s pussy is indeed tight! I couldn’t help but get the urge to ejaculate, but I restrained myself. I pushed further inside and felt my cock come up against her hymen. The girl tensed up.

Even though I was inexperienced, I managed to resist exploding and slowly thrusted my cock in and out.

The girl slowly started to loosen up, moans of 「en… ah…」starting to mix in with her heavy panting. Her ass also started moving up and down.

「Does it feel good?」I asked her lewdly. The girl’s eyes were closed and she could only use her sweet voice to go「en… en… ah…」incoherently.

Seeing this little beauty’s wanton appearance, I got more excited. I thrust forward, my big cock entered her tight honey cave to the hilt, forcefully tearing through the hymen that she had protected for twenty years!

The girl screamed「Ah!」, even her tears came out. I couldn’t bear it, so I stopped moving, enjoying the warmth of being enveloped by her virgin pussy. With my cock between her thighs, I experienced the prickle of her pubic hair and the feelings from my cock head being squeezed, I had to endure with no means of venting my desire.

After waiting for a while, I saw that she had calmed down so I began to move.

At first the girl was saying it was painful, however the thrusting action eventually teased out her desire. The only sounds she could produce were moans, she rocked her ass left and right, sometimes even moving up and down to welcome my thrusts.

I started to let go, thrusting faster and harder. Lewd wet sounds emanated from where our bodies met.

「Ah… en…. ah….」

The girl started moaning loudly. I was afraid someone would hear her, so I covered her mouth with my mouth. It was then that I realized that I had yet to kiss her. I wondered what her saliva would taste like, as I stuck my tongue into her mouth. She kissed me back, our tongues entwined.

I continued to thrust my cock furiously in and out of her pussy. After a while, the girl’s body twitched and she hugged me tightly. It seems that she had orgasmed. However I didn’t slow down my thrusts, my thick rod flying in and out of her hole, churning the fluids into white foam.

After thrusting for a while, I felt a little tired. Maybe it’s because it’s my first time so I’m not used to it? I stopped thrusting and started grinding my cock in her pussy.

The girl looked like her desires had been inflamed, like she hadn’t had enough, thrusting her pussy upwards to fuck my cock. I wondered, will women become this lewd after being fucked?

I told her I was tired, that she should be on top. She shook her head saying she didn’t know how. I said I’ll teach you. I pulled out my cock, it was covered in white and red. She was indeed a virgin.

I laid down to the side, then I held her and leaned her over my body. Yet the girl didn’t understand, so I let her sit on my body. I placed her pussy against my cock and made her sit down on it.

She wasn’t mentally prepared, screaming「Ah」and immediately pulling it out. I grabbed her waist tightly and exerted some strength to pull her downward, my cock once again entered her pussy. I fucked her in this position for a while.

Having the girl’s fair breasts bouncing around in front of my face was a beautiful sight to behold. But the girl didn’t move, making me do all the work and made me tired and sweaty. I was forced to stop.

I thought about it and decided to change to another position. I quickly got up, making the girl lie on her stomach on the sofa while I kneeled behind her. I grabbed her ass and pulled her towards me, causing her to kneel on the sofa in the doggy-style position. Her two plump breasts hanging, round ass in the air, her legs dangling over the edge of the sofa, with a soaking wet panty still on one leg, it’s truly a beautiful scene!

I first fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit, making her to shake her hips and shout out in ecstasy. Then I grabbed her waist with both hands and lifted her ass higher. Standing between her legs, I held my stiff rod with my right hand and used my cock head to rub against her tender pussy lips, lightly tapping her clit.

It was only a little while before the girl started moving her ass, like she’s helping her honey cave to find a stick to fuck. I deliberately teased her, not putting my cock in.

The girl started to pant, one hand even stretched over to grab my dick. I deliberately didn’t enter her, instead I leaned down on her back, reaching out to play with her breasts. My actions caused the girl to be more aroused. She threw back her head, eyes closed, her seductive moans getting louder and louder.

「Baby, is it good? Do you want my big dick to fuck you?」I teased her.

The girl was breathing heavily, unable to speak, her eyes closed while she nodded her head. Her hand stretched behind to grab my thigh, groping for my dick that was hidden between her plump ass, indicating that she couldn’t wait for me to fuck her.

I loosened my hands that were kneading her breasts and straightened up. With one hand I spread her pussy lips, first using my middle finger to rub her clit. Then with my other hand holding onto my steel-like rod, aiming my swollen cock head at her moist entrance, I slowly entered all the way to the hilt, into the deepest parts of her body!

The girl threw back her head, expelling a long「en」sound, completely intoxicated with the feeling of having my cock in her. She reached back and grabbed my thigh tightly, as if to gauge out a piece of my flesh, I can only imagine that she was really into the lovemaking.

I knew that this girl is already itching for me to start moving. Today, I want this little beauty to taste the highest peak of lovemaking. So I slowly pulled my penis about two-thirds out of her body, then once again arching my back, ruthlessly slamming it back in to the hilt. This move was completely beyond her expectation. She thought I would do as before, just thrusting in and out moderately, not expecting me to just slam my dick all the way inside. Her pussy was stuffed full with my thick penis, my cock head rubbing against her most sensitive spot.

「Ah…… Ah…… Oh…… Oh…… Oh…… So good…… Faster…… Oh…… Oh…… Ah……」

The girl couldn’t help but open her mouth wide, sexy moans emitting from her throat.

I knew that I had found her g-spot. I held her slender waist with both hands, pulling out and immediately slamming back into the deepest parts of her, repeatedly hitting the back of pussy. Every time I hit it, she would let out a little scream, each time getting louder and more intense.

I gave it my all, pulling her backwards and fucking this twenty-something young beauty. Enjoying the feel of her tender skin, seeing the curve of her back, as well as her round ass.

Everytime I thrust in, the girl’s pussy would constrict, tightly gripping my dick, as if fearing I would pull out. And everytime I pulled out, her hot and soft pussy would try to suck my penis back in. This incited me to fuck harder.

The girl gripped the sofa with one hand, while her other hand seized my thigh, her hair disheveled from her flinging her head about. She looked so lewd, completely different to her pure and cute appearance from before.

I lost track of how long we had been fucking but from the girl’s cries and her body’s reactions, I could tell she had orgasmed at least two or three times. I didn’t let her have a chance to take a breather, I continued to hold on to her waist and rapidly thrusted in and out. I furiously rammed her pussy, making her scream out louder and louder, her climax accumulating one after another, the peak of each climax higher than the previous one. I knew she was experiencing something that she had never experience before.

It was definitely exciting fucking this sexy and seductive beauty. I wanted to cum, so after a burst of vigorous thrusts, I stuck my cock all the way in to her deepest part, hitting the back of her pussy. Then I felt the blood rush to my head, my cock tingled, and I shot out all my semen into the girl’s body. It felt like I came for a long time, my dick still violently thrusting.

The girl also felt the jets of semen and the swelling of my penis, this time she really couldn’t take it anymore, screaming out in ecstasy. After one last scream, her thighs gave out and she fell forwards onto the sofa.

After I came, my whole body felt drained, and I collapsed onto her body. My cock also slipped out, it was wet and covered with lots of white and red translucent fluids.

I got up and leaned against the sofa, tenderly caressing her back and ass. My thing seemingly not having had enough and began to harden.

The girl panted for a bit before looking up at me bewilderedly. Seeing that my thing was still hard, she turned and kneeled in front of my dick. She reached out with her slim and lily-white hands, clasping my dick like it was a treasure, gently playing with it. I knew the girl had fallen for my thing, as she had already experienced the pleasure that my dick could bring her.

After gently stroking my penis, the girl opened her cherry lips and wrapped them around my penis, voluntarily giving me a blowjob. With my penis wrapped in the warmth of her mouth, I felt all the blood rush to my penis and it was once again bursting with excitement.

I didn’t expect her to take the initiative to give me a blowjob when she had refused just before. The girl’s blowjob technique was quite clumsy, but it seemed that our intense lovemaking just now brought out the instinct deep in her heart, the impulse to suck on my dick that she developed from the intense orgasms she had experienced. However the human sexual instinct does not need to be taught, after awhile she wasn’t just purely sucking, she even started to use her nimble tongue to lick my cock head, stimulating the sensitive point.

To me, this feeling was completely different from when we were making love before, not having to exert any effort and just enjoying this sexy beauty’s blowjob. I reached out to knead her plump breast, my other hand pressed in her hair, guiding her on how to suck to make me feel even better, making her deepthroat me.

Having this beauty just giving me a blowjob like a sex slave, I already felt extremely pleasurable. I don’t want to repress myself, the future is long. With tonight’s battle, I believe that this little slut will not be able to resist having sex with me.

I had already cum once today, but once again I’m getting excited. I grabbed her hair tightly with both hands, thrusting deeply, shooting my semen into her mouth, only pulling out from her cherry lips when my penis softened.

Lowering my head, I saw that she had her eyes closed, her cherry lips slightly apart. She stuck out her pink tongue and licked the semen that was dripping from the side of her mouth, like she was tasting some delicacy, not wanting to waste even one drop. Such a lewd and extremely sexy action. After what happened tonight, this girl was transformed into a completely sexy and mature woman.

After regaining my breath, I pulled her towards me, holding her and kissing her sexy lips. My hand once again couldn’t help touching her plump breasts. After heatedly kissing for awhile, the girl raised her head to look at me, whispering:「It felt good.」

「How many times did you come?」I laughed and kissed her moist lips.

One of her misbehaving hands headed downwards to touch my already softened penis, seemingly trying to get it up again. Blinking her big eyes she said:「At first I was keeping track, but afterwards I lost count……」

When she had finished dressing, she suddenly kissed me, which stunned me. But she ran off without saying a word.

The next day she came to see me again. Before I could ask her if her boyfriend was satisfied, she told me that she had broken up with him, because she wanted to become my girlfriend. Gradually we got to know each other better, and we maintain a very good relationship. Afterwards, she moved into my home, and we make love everyday, just like a married couple.

Recalling this now, the way we met was like a fantasy story. So I couldn’t help but write it out. Now that the story is finished, I’m going to accompany my little beauty. She’s already showered and waiting for me in bed.

Story of a Foolish Virgin and a Doctor

Story of a Foolish Virgin and a Doctor

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