Spring Storm chapter 5

Chapter 5

I suddenly went agape—what he said was just out of the world.

“Why are you looking at me like that? We’ve slept together, I’ve also handed you a stone, you’ve also embraced me.”

“Now, that’s…”

“Isn’t that what it means to be a married couple?”

“Wait… by stone, do you mean that stone bracelet when you said, ‘It will protect you from harm because it has protective power?’ The one you told me to always carry with me.”

“That’s right. My brother told me that if I can’t put it in words, then I can express it through my actions.”


I looked up at Heaven. He threw such a shocking fact to my face. My brain was reeling. I understood the meaning of his words, but I couldn’t process the situation at all. The nonsensical facts just kept piling up.

“Wait a minute, Lord Dusseldorf, are you, perhaps, in love with me…!?”

“Obviously. What is so surprising about that?”

“I didn’t know! I didn’t have a single clue! Since when!? Your attitude hasn’t changed since we were in school! Above all, you were calm after that evening party!”

“That’s only natural—because I’ve loved Hera since the beginning.”

“Since the beginning?”

“Ever since Hera first called out to me, I thought that you were cute. I wanted you to be around me, I wanted to be taken care of by you all the time. I called you ‘Hera’ because I felt something for you. The day after I made you mine, I was so overjoyed, I couldn’t get any research done. I just pretended everything was under control because Hera was there.”


“Hera, why do you hate me? Where am I lacking?”

“You’re not lacking anything, Lord Dusseldorf.”

“That’s not true. Without Hera, I can’t do anything.”

His hair was messed up, and his tie was sloppy. It had been a long time since I last saw him like that.

He looked like an abandoned puppy—the sight squeezed my chest.


“I’m not suitable to be with Lord Dusseldorf.”

“That doesn’t matter. The one who will succeed the house is my older brother. I told my family that I was going to marry Hera soon after we met at the academy. You’re the person I chose to be my wife.”

“But, but that’s impossible…!”

“If Hera doesn’t come back, I’ll have to quit being a court wizard and live in solitude—because I’m nothing without Hera.”

“That’s not permissible!”

“That’s right. No one can take your place, Hera. Take responsibility for spoiling me to this extent.”

“Now you’re basically threatening me!”

“As long as I can get you to come back, I don’t care if I have to threaten—or to beg.”

Even though he said something outrageous, Dusseldorf’s expression was dead serious. His snarling gaze and voice told me that he would never let go. We had been together for four years now, but it was the first time I had ever seen him like that. My chest hurt, as if it was tied up.

After a long breath, I managed to suppress my rampaging heart.

“…I understand.”


“Let’s go apologize to the knights together.”

“Alright. Afterward, let’s go to the church.”


“Let’s get married before you can change your mind.”

“…It won’t change. I’ve always loved you, too.”


Dusseldorf, who stood up suddenly, tightly embraced me. He seemed astonished. He smelled of medicinal herbs. His hug was painful—but also warm, it put me at ease.

“Lord Dusseldorf, who would’ve known that you could be so talkative.”

“If I were to keep silent, I wouldn’t get anywhere. My brother’s advice has proven to be unreliable.”


“He was probably just teasing me by telling Hera that I was getting married. After all, he also loves you.”

“It’s an honor.”

“Let me tell you—I love you many times more.”

I laughed at Dusseldorf who was still saying such a thing despite the atmosphere.

I managed to get out of his embrace to apologize to my father and the knights. They were eavesdropping behind the door… However, he soon pulled me again, saying, “I’d be in trouble if you go somewhere again.”

The spring storm, which caused a turmoil in the royal castle, was settled in that way.

It wasn’t long before the marriage of an antisocial wizard caused an uproar in the royal capital.

He loved me so much, he kept calling me, “Hera.”

Spring Storm

Spring Storm

Haru no Arashi, 春の嵐
Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Raynord Dusseldorf was the kingdom’s best magician, while I was but a commoner. He seemed untouchable at first, but after getting to know him, I concluded that he was simply incapable of taking care of himself. As such, I decided to assist him whenever I could. At the same time, I was definitely beginning to be bound by that troublesome magician, who disliked social interactions.


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