Spring Storm chapter 3

Chapter 3

Since the beginning of my life at the Institute for Business Trips, Dieter Dusseldorf, the eldest son of the Dusseldorf family, had come to visit me frequently. Dieter was also a civil officer who worked for the royal palace. He was an elite amongst the elite, one who reported directly to the chancellor.

At first, his title made me nervous, but when I talked to him, he turned out to be quite friendly. Seeing Dusseldorf, who starkly contrasted with him, trying to continuously get away from Dieter, made me think that he was adorable. Seeing Dusseldorf at the mercy of Dieter, who wanted to take care of him, made me feel warm. I imagined if that was how he was at his parents’ house.

Dusseldorf would always say, “Why does Hera always refer to my brother as ‘Dieter’, but only refers to me with my family name?”

I was already connected to Dusseldorf. I got a job because of him, and was currently the only other person living in this building beside him. I wanted to avoid any misunderstandings. I called Dieter as such because he said, “Call me by name, otherwise, it will get confusing.”

If possible, I wanted to refer to them both by their family name.

By becoming his aide, I once again learned that Dusseldorf was really gifted as a wizard.

Assuming that we ordinary people had a magical power of 1, other court wizards would score at around 20-40. That was already incredible enough, but Dusseldorf received a score between 80-100 due to never running out of magical power. His exact amount of magical power was also unknown.

Dusseldorf used his enormous magical power to create barriers for national defense, to escort the royal family and VIPs, and to develop magical instruments that would improves the lives of the people. Many requested for his promotion, and the king trusted Dusseldorf very much. From a business sense, he was truly a respectable boss.

However, he was still incapable of taking care of himself or doing other basic tasks…

There were things that only I could do for Dusseldorf. I was proud to be able to help with that, even if only a little.

My respect towards Dusseldorf, which wasn’t there during our school days, and my familiarity of living in the same mansion as him. Before I realized it, they had become intertwined, making me go mad.

That day, an evening ball was held at the royal castle, and Dusseldorf received a reward from the king for repelling the invasion of the neighboring kingdom with the knights.

As an aide, I was also present, but I wore the uniform of a civil officer uniform and was glued to the wall from beginning to end. When I saw the brave figure of Dusseldorf, who bitterly remarked, “I said that I don’t want to appear in public…” I thought of just leaving at the appropriate time. The glittering hall was a space of a beautifully dressed young ladies—basically, everything that wasn’t the current me.

When I was gazing at the vague flood of colors before me, the man who was supposed to be the star of the event stood next to me.

“I’m going home.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’ve fulfilled my duty. This place reeks of perfume, it makes me nauseous.”

Dusseldorf passed through the crowd. I was a little relieved that I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t accustomed to that place.

When I returned to the research institute, Dusseldorf invited me to drink with him, something which was unusual. He seemed to have received a high-quality sake from the king.

Although he said, “You’ve never tasted such expensive sake before, right?” The taste turned out to be great, and we kept drinking. Neither Dusseldorf nor I had a habit of drinking alcohol. It seemed that we drank a lot more than we should have without realizing it.

When I woke up to the morning light, we were both in Dusseldorf’s room—without a single thread on our bodies. He, whom had awaked before me, called out, “Good morning.” with a casual tone.

Even though I was suffering from a hangover, I immediately understood—we had done it.

“I’m sorry!”

“For what?”

Dusseldorf frowned at me, who vigorously bowed on the bed.

“Because I was drunk, I inconvenienced you…!”

“I’m not inconvenienced.”



His passionate eyes and angry voice shut my mouth. There was no way I could forget about what had happened.

I put on my clothes, which had fallen under the bed, and returned to my room.

That day, I was filled with terrible confusion from crossing the line, along with the headache of a hangover.

It had been four years since I had been taking care of Dusseldorf, and I finally crossed the line.

It was unfortunate.

Dusseldorf and I—we were boss and subordinate. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have done such a thing. After all, even if he were to notice my feelings, it wouldn’t lead to anything.

Fortunately, Dusseldorf’s attitude hadn’t changed at all from the previous day. As I thought, yesterday was a mistake. On top of that, Dusseldorf acted as if nothing had happened. Then, I shall continue working as his aide as it was.

Never do anything. Never hope for anything—that way, I might be forgiven.

I managed to suppress my racing heart and decided to do my best to take care of him as always.

Then, when I was awkwardly trying to return to my daily routine, Dieter visited me while Dusseldorf was absent.

“Dusseldorf left for to the northern border yesterday…”

“Yes, I know. Today, I have something to discuss with Hera.”

“With me?”

“Yes, so sit down. I will get straight to the point—do you love Rey?”

“…I respect him as a boss.”

“Hera hasn’t got married, yet?”

“That’s right. Unfortunately, I have no plans to do so, yet.”

“Hmm… Rey seems to have been busy with his parents, lately. You see, you can’t stay like this forever, right?”

It was as if blood had been drawn out of my body—perhaps, that was Dieter’s intention.

I didn’t know anything. He was a marquis, and lived in an entirely different world than a commoner like me. I should had been aware of that. Dusseldorf and I were just boss and subordinate. There was no other relationship. I didn’t hope for anything. Therefore, I thought that there wouldn’t be any problems. I thought I was aware of that, but apparently, I wasn’t.

One day, he’d get married. There was no such thing as a future between of us.

Dieter was aware of my shallow thoughts.

From the perspective of Dusseldorf’s future wife, there was no way she could just overlook her husband staying in the same mansion as a servant. It was the same for Dusseldorf’s family.

From the beginning, there was no ‘us.’

I couldn’t even see Dieter standing up as he said, “Think about it.” I could only clasped my hands on my lap the entire time.

Spring Storm

Spring Storm

Haru no Arashi, 春の嵐
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Raynord Dusseldorf was the kingdom’s best magician, while I was but a commoner. He seemed untouchable at first, but after getting to know him, I concluded that he was simply incapable of taking care of himself. As such, I decided to assist him whenever I could. At the same time, I was definitely beginning to be bound by that troublesome magician, who disliked social interactions.


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