Spring Storm chapter 2

Chapter 2

It was around that time that Dusseldorf began referring to me by name. Before, he’d just use “Sorry,” or “You.”—but, one day he suddenly called me “Hera.”

Dusseldorf, who had no interest in others, remembered my name. The fact was shocking, and I forgot to protest about how he referred to me by my nickname instead of my family name.

A daughter of an aristocrat wouldn’t allow anyone other than her family or fiancée to refer to her so intimately. However, I was almost a commoner, it’d be considered offensive if I told Dusseldorf to mind his manners. I paid no heed to it, hoping that no one in school would notice either.

Afterwards, Dusseldorf always referred to me as ‘Hera’, even after he became my boss.

By the summer of the first year, everyone around me, including the teacher, recognized me as Dusseldorf’s caretaker. As the years progressed, we were always put in same class, right next to each other.

Dusseldorf’s dislike towards others was hardcore, and he never raised his face from his spell book when teachers or students spoke to him. He had an extraordinary level of concentration whenever he was intrigued by something—so he probably just didn’t hear them.

As the only person who could communicate with Dusseldorf, I had come to be conveniently utilized by my surroundings. Not only with regards to communication and notifications from the academy, but civil officers sent from the royal castle began to entrust their messages with me along with documents addressed to Dusseldorf by the second year. At first, I tried to refuse to hearing about his work, but I couldn’t escape because they’d smiled and say, “It’s alright. By the way, your father is a knight who swore his allegiance to the kingdom, right?”

To take my father hostage, how cowardly…

Dusseldorf naturally accepted the new routine as well, which familiarized me with magic—a concept foreign to me. That further improved my skill in arranging Dusseldorf’s desk—I wanted to cry.

Thus, I one-sidedly became the ‘translation’ student, the one who’d often get called by teacher. Actually, it was the civil officers, and not the teachers, who called for me. Even though the recipient was none other than Dusseldorf.

However, because I also couldn’t divulge the situation to others, I couldn’t resolve the misunderstandings of those around me.

In addition to that, Dusseldorf had an aura that kept others away. As a result, I couldn’t make a single friend during my three years at the academy. Thanks to that, I could devote myself to studying during holidays, and my grades were always high—I was grateful, but I still wanted to cry.

Without questioning my own situation, I continued to look after Dusseldorf. Perhaps, he had already thought of me as his servant. It was no laughing matter—he was the son of a marquis. His servant should be someone with a higher status than me.

Even so, I didn’t dislike my school life. Dusseldorf was surprisingly easy to get along with. Of course, he hated others, and he couldn’t take care of himself. He also couldn’t do his tie. Basically, a very difficult person.

However, I thought he was a nice person to those he had decided to trust. Whenever I made lunch, he’d eat it every day, saying it was delicious. On the days I was sick, I’d be told to return to my dorm. Despite our differences in status, he didn’t emphasize it and often gave me expensive sweets—“—I received them when I returned to my parents’ house.”

Dusseldorf, who hated people, seemed to have a very good relationship with his family.

When I thought about it, I didn’t want to return to my parents’ house, even for the long vacations. Instead, I felt a sudden inclination to take care of a male student, one who could use magic—

—I sometimes didn’t understand myself.

About half a year before graduating from the academy, Dusseldorf asked me something unusual.

“Hera, what will you do after graduation?”

“I’m going to take a civil officer appointment test for the time being. I think I’ll be able to receive a letter of recommendation.”

“Indeed, because Hera is amazing.”

“No, not really, but I’m honored.”

“Won’t you get married?”

“I don’t have any plans regarding that at the moment?”


At that time, his question felt a little strange. However, it was that brief conversation which decided my life afterwards.

A few days later, as soon as I found him in the classroom, I showed him letter in my hand.

“Dusseldorf! What is this!?”

“Oh, did it arrive?”

“It arrived at the dormitory yesterday. Explain the meaning of this!”

“Hera will be a civil officer.”

“I did intend to be one…”

“It’s okay. Hera is excellent and can read ancient characters. You understand my research. You’re better suited than anyone else.”


“Hera, will you accept the position?”



“…I understand. It’s not like I can refuse, anyway.”


I sighed as I dropped my shoulders before Dusseldorf. Despite his usual expressionless face, he seemed to somewhat happy.

Thus, I became an aide to the court wizard, Reynard Dusseldorf.

Upon his graduation, Dusseldorf was appointed as the lead court wizard.

Usually, a court wizard had a laboratory and a living space in the wizard’s tower built on the premises of the royal castle. However, Dusseldorf said he hated crowded places and had a mansion dedicated to research built in the forest behind the royal castle.

As I thought, the rich are different.

Regardless, the king had approved it. As such, there was nothing I could do.

My living space, which was supposed to be in a bachelor dormitory for civil officers, had also been changed to Dusseldorf’s place. It seemed that Dusseldorf’s living ability wouldn’t be seeing any improvement in the future.

Basically, there were only two people in the mansion. The maids would be dispatched from the royal castle to clean several times a week and also to replenish the materials. Other than that, as the aide of Dusseldorf, cleaning the laboratory and preparing his meals were my duties. To be honest, it was quite busy, but I was getting paid for it.

Spring Storm

Spring Storm

Haru no Arashi, 春の嵐
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Raynord Dusseldorf was the kingdom’s best magician, while I was but a commoner. He seemed untouchable at first, but after getting to know him, I concluded that he was simply incapable of taking care of himself. As such, I decided to assist him whenever I could. At the same time, I was definitely beginning to be bound by that troublesome magician, who disliked social interactions.


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