Something Like Hypnosis Doesn’t Work on Me chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“Haah……that was really pointless, huh. He pleaded with me saying that he had something to talk about, but to think it was that sort of thing……”

The girl sighed as such, heading home after her part-time job as though turning her back towards the setting sun. Upon entering a small, narrow path and confirming that there was no one in the surroundings, she approached the nearby telephone pole. In addition, she picked up the hem of her short skirt with her left hand, shifted the cloth that covered her genitals with her right hand, spread her legs so that they were bow-legged and released her urine.

“Ah, cum…cumming…… …geez, what did he mean [I’m worried about whether or not you’ve been hypnotised]? There’s no way that I’d be hypnotised.”

click… click click……


I could hear the unexpected sound of a camera shutter.

Although that woman was still shooting out a stream of urine with great momentum under her large breasts while directing her gaze at the base of the telephone pole, she skilfully turned her face towards the direction that the shutter sound came from, released her hand from the hem of her skirt, stretched out her arms, and made a peace sign.

That face was full of smiles.

Having herself manipulated and doing her business outdoors in an obscene appearance. This situation where she conducted such an act as though it were normal behaviour remained as but another recording.

That girl was a female university student who would be 21 years old this year.

Her name was Otonase Yurika. She works part-time in a cafe.

Even while attending a prestigious university, she worked so as to obtain work experience.

Her face possessed large eyes, a tall nose, and thick lips. It was the so-called attractive feminine face.

Yurika’s home was wealthy, so her parents’ finances were able to cover all of the necessities for daily living, but she was working due to her friend’s invite. And, upon sick of hearing praises for her appearance, her focus towards her work also faded.

Her unmotivated work attitude lasted up until last night, but right now her head was full of how to increase the number of people she’s experienced, even if it’s only by one person.

Her beautiful, long hair that was basically hassle-free had been changed to blonde last night. She started taking a liking to its glossy quality, but her friends at her part-time job said that “it was such a waste”.

Her bust was an F-Cup. Today, she had received countless compliments about them “Having a good shape, even though they’re big”.

Yurika herself also had confidence in that chest, but she had never shown them off to a member of the opposite sex up until yesterday.

Last night, she wanted to show it to the ‘house mate’ who suddenly appeared in the room she had been living in by herself, and from there, it developed into her first sexual intercourse.

Today as well, she seduced her ‘house mate’, who from morning until lunch time looked dull time and time again, and had sexual intercourse. In the end, even wanted to also offer her anal virginity to him, so it couldn’t be helped.

Yurika went to buy a tool that would be used to wash out her intestines, and had deviated away from the path she always took to go home……__


“I’m home~. Geez, today, I’m really tired…”

“Welcome back. How many did you do today?”

“3 people……you’re hungry, right? I’ll make omelet rice, ok?”

Holding such a conversation, Yurika undressed at the entrance, taking off all of the clothes and underwear she wore. After using the scissors that were left on top of the shoe rack to cut up the clothes she took off into pieces, she entered the livving room, fully naked.

And then, upon entering the kitchen, Yurika put on a white lace apron while opening the refrigerator.

“……ah, sorry. Before that, I need to use the toilet……I’d like to ask you for your help again, but is that alright?”

“That’s fine. It’s seems that I’ve just stored up enough on my end, anyway.”

“Great. Then, please.”

Stimulated by the cold air of the refrigerator, Yurika’s chilled adbomen once again felt the urge to urinate.

And then, Yurika’s figure in an apron headed towards the toilet, sitting on the toilet seat without closing the door.

In doing so, Yurika unzipped the trousers of the ‘house mate’ who followed right after her and grappled with it……right now, she had to drink her ‘housemate’s’ semen or else she wouldn’t be able to conduct her business at home.

Such hypnosis had already been applied a countless number of times since last night.

・You will let me inside of your house.
・You will acknowledge me as your house mate.
・You will answer all of my questions.
・You will show me your breasts and will want to offer me your virginity.
・If you do not feel any guilt towards me, who you bullied up until yesterday, you will want to make your hair blonde.
・When your breasts are praised by me, you will cum.
・While sleeping, you will move as I say.

・When you wake up, you will want to have morning sex with me.
・When you enter the bath, you will want to have sex with me.
・After brushing your teeth, you will want to have sex with me.
・When you go out onto the veranda, you will want to have sex with me.
・You will want to have anal sex with me.

・When outside, whatever is said to you, you will not be someone else’s partner.
・When going to the toilet outside, you will want to do it either in the bushes or standing besides a telephone pole.
・When outside, you will not notice my presence.
・Turn towards my camera, smile, and make a peace sign.
・If there is a chance during sex practice, then seduce a man and have sex.
・For men other than myself, you can only have sex with them 1 time.
・When having sex with men other than myself, you won’t be able to cum.
・If you don’t drink my semen, then you will not want to do your business in the toilet at home.
・When holding my dick in your mouth, your body will cum continously.

・When you’ve had sex with 100 people, you will believe that you have been temporarily released from the hypnosis.
・You, who believes that you have been temporarily released from the hypnosis, will remember everything, your anger towards me returning together with you as you come back home……


gulp……mmhaah…it’s coming out…thanks.”

While looking down at the girl who was doing her business, I laughed.

After sleeping last night, Yurika put on just a coat over her naked body and headed towards the security cameras nearby this apartment. There were 15 places where she opened the front of her coat and masturbated at them.

On the way home from that, she went to Karaoke, becoming fully naked without closing the door to the room. Inserting the microphone into her genitals, her panting voice, without singing, flowed out loudly, and so she was banned from the place after receiving a warning from the staff. However, this happened in the 3 nearest karaoke booths.

Even though this happened, I thought my vengeance would be completely settled that night while Yurika was asleep.

However, it seems that I couldn’t stop.

“…ah, I’ll make omelete rice right now, ok? …huh? -oof…hm?”

She tried to stand up, but she wasn’t able to put strength in her legs due to having cummed continously, and so her butt hit the toilet bowl 2-3 times.

Pinching her right nipple, I spoke.

“From now until you go to bed, for every 3 steps you take, you will cum with a fucked-silly (TL Note: ahegao) face.”


Yurika’s eyes instantly melted, unable to do anything but accept the man’s hypnosis……

Author Note:

Da fuq!? —those who are thinking this, please look the other way (sweat)

This was entirely for my own personal use, and I apologise.

I love hypnosis, so I tend to go overboard.

I, myself, end up thinking that I shouldn’t have posted it!!–after I posted it!

I’m anxious……

I don’t have time to write the continuation, so all of it has become a short storyyyy……

Something Like Hypnosis Doesn’t Work on Me

Something Like Hypnosis Doesn’t Work on Me

Watashi ni Saimin nante Kikanai wa yo., 私に催眠なんて効かないわよ。
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese


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