So You Like Me Too chapter 9

Chapter 9

He stammered, “Then, then if you can think of what is missing, then, I will accompany you to buy it.”

Fu Xueyan rubbed his hair, got up, and took the wooden box to the high table on the balcony, “Shall we plant these together?”

Shen Lin likes everything he can do with Fu Xueyan. He stood up happily and just with his “en”, one could hear the joy in his heart.

They poured a large bag of humus into the box and set the plants which were wrapped in wet cotton aside one by one.

The window was half open, and the blackout gauze fluttered slightly with the occasional slight wind. The sun shone in from the outside and filled the house with gold. Shen Lin picked up a small stone lotus and found the most suitable place for it. Fu Xueyan held his chin with one hand and watched Shen Lin work earnestly. He originally thought of helping him, but he couldn’t move his eyes off him after watching him.

Shen Lin’s eyes were beautiful. They were round in shape. They were not long but the outer corner of his eyes was somewhat pointed, which made his whole eyes look like a cute almond. His skin was really pale, and his blushing would especially stand out, which made his eyes look like a cute almond. At this time, when the sun shone, the long eyelashes actually cast a faint shadow on his face. He looked fascinated, but he didn’t know how long it took before he heard Shen Lin call him, “Fu Xueyan? Can you give me the gravel?”

He reacted in a short while, only to remember that he was still holding a bag of goose egg gravel in one hand.

After working hard for a long time, Shen Lin finally planted a dozen plants together, and finally covered them with a layer of beautifully colored gravel. The whole succulent platter was done. He was full of dirt and he was ready to go wash it.

Fu Xueyan volunteered, “I will wash it for you.”

Shen Lin let him lead him to the bathroom to apply soap and water. The four hands were rubbed together for a long time, and finally, a pile of foam was rubbed out. Shen Lin’s ears were blushed and allowed him to do whatever he wanted. It took ten minutes to wash his hands. Fu Xueyan took out a towel to dry him and said, “Will you stay for dinner tonight?”

Shen Lin stared at his toes and nodded, “Okay. Then, shall I make it?”

“No need. I will make it.”

Shen Lin was surprised, “Can you cook?”

“Yes. After all, I have lived by myself for so long.”

Shen Lin raised his head and looked at him expectantly, “Can I help you?”


After speaking, the two came to the kitchen. There was nothing in the refrigerator except for a few packets of instant noodles and a few slices of bread. Fu Xueyan sighed, “It seems that we have to go shopping first.”

Fortunately, the supermarket was not far away. The two did not drive. They took a walk and went out to purchase ingredients together. After shopping for a while, they returned with a full load. As soon as they walked out of the supermarket, they heard someone behind them shouting, “Lin Lin?”

Shen Lin was taken aback and he hurriedly turned his head, “Mom? Why did [1] you come here to buy something?”

Chen Yushu glanced at Fu Xueyan and walked up to the two of them, “The supermarket over there is closed these days.“

“Ah, let me help you carry things.” As he said, he took the bag in Chen Yushu’s hand, and hurriedly introduced, “He is. . . . . . Fu, Fu Xueyan. ”

Fu Xueyan politely greeted, “Hello, auntie. ”

Chen Yushu nodded and looked at Shen Lin, “How have you been recently?”

“It’s pretty good.”

“That’s good.”

“My dad… how is he doing?”

“It’s okay. He has a bit of a cough.”

“The old problem is recurring again?”

“Hey. It’s okay. You try to come back and have a visit sometime soon. I think he might be missing you.”

Shen Lin’s eyes were a little red. Considering that Fu Xueyan was still in a hurry to go back, he continued, “I will go back tomorrow. Then I will help you get a lift.” After speaking, he made Fu Xueyan wait for a while, and hurried to the side of the road.

Chen Yushu looked at his back and wiped the corners of her eyes secretly. She smiled gently at Fu Xueyan, “I didn’t expect that you guys will be together after so many years.”

After dinner, Shen Lin was sent home. He stood downstairs and looked at the floor where the lights were on, feeling a little surprised.

There are many unforgettable things for Fu Xueyan during his student days. Such as being selected to perform on stage, such as winning the championship in the sprint at the sports meeting.

At that time, there were many people who liked him. Love letters were received from junior high school and university, and they were almost never interrupted. Although they were all returned, he never embarrassed the other party. He had several relationships, all of which started simply and separated neatly.

Although every relationship did not last long, he always believed in love.

Just because it didn’t come to you, didn’t mean that it didn’t exist.

He sometimes hoped that he could quickly meet someone who could hold his hands for the rest of his life.

But he always had the opportunity to see him but he couldn’t seek them.

Occasionally he would take small breaks from his busy work to think about the way in which that person would arrive, how they would use up their lifetime. He used to think this until he met Shen Lin until he started liking Shen Lin more and more until he thought that he would soon be equal to Shen Lin’s affection until he thought that his love was finally coming.

Only then did he realize that he seemed to have been favored by the most beautiful love of many years.

Zhang Ziyi didn’t expect to receive a call from Fu Xueyan. He connected to the call, feeling strange, and heard a faint voice from there, “Can you bring Xiang Fei out to meet?”

Shen Lin has done many stupid things. If you count them one by one, Xiang Fei can speak about it for three days and three nights.

He told Fu Xueyan that Shen Lin had liked him for many years. So long so that he couldn’t count them with his ten fingers.

But no matter how long it was, he still remembered the light in Shen Lin’s eyes when he first talked about Fu Xueyan. It was like discovering the most precious gift.

“You cannot say that good boy is impulsive. He just thinks quite simply, he just wanted to become a person in the same world as you. After moving out, he took a break for nearly two months to heal his injuries. I haven’t seen him in the past few years. He should still have some scars on his back. His father started very hard. At the time, he asked him to change his mind and say that he was wrong. But he bit his mouth tightly and didn’t say anything. In the end, he was kicked out. He basically worked part-time in college. After graduation, he wanted to go to your city to be closer to you. But Aunt Chen was in poor health for a while, so he gave up that idea. He actually never thought that he would meet you again. ”

“Actually, he did so much, and he didn’t think about how you could respond to him. Otherwise, he should have told you long ago. It’s not surprising that Aunt Chen knows you. After all, that good boy has collected a lot of school journals about you. ”

Fu Xueyan nodded. He carried his coat, said “sorry” and walked out the door slowly.

He wasn’t really moved.

More than that, it was pain.

His whole heart seemed to be tightly held by something. It was dull, and he couldn’t endure the pain. He was like a spectator, listening to Xiang Fei talking about those things. He got to know about Shen Lin’s unforgettable past, and he also got to know that that past was him.

Just as Shen Lin was about to rest after washing his face and rinsing his mouth, the doorbell rang. He looked at the time and wondered who would come so late.

When he opened the door, he was a little surprised. Fu Xueyan’s hair was a little messy. The moment he saw him, he hugged him in his arms in an instant. His body seemed to be trembling. Shen Lin was taken aback and asked him anxiously, “What? What happened? Fu Xueyan? ”

After a while, he heard the man say a word hoarsely, “It hurts. . . . . . ”

Shen Lin was frightened by him. He wanted to push Fu Xueyan’s body away to see where he was in pain. But he didn’t dare to push hard. He could only keep stroking his back, his voice choked with anxiety, “Where. . . . . . Where does it hurt? ”

Fu Xueyan hugged him tightly, his voice trembling and sounded like he was in pain, “Shen Lin, I am so hurt . . . . . . ”

“I. . . . . . can I accompany you to have a look? Where does it hurt you? Tell. . . . . . can you tell me? ”

“Fu Xueyan, where does it hurt? ”

“Tell me, okay? Where does it hurt you? ”

After holding him for a long time, Fu Xueyan let him go. Shen Lin stared into his eyes in a daze, making him even more uncomfortable. He didn’t know what happened, let alone how to comfort him.

He pulled Fu Xueyan into the door, poured him some water, and sat with him on the sofa. Fu Xueyan calmed down a little. He took Shen Lin in his arms and remained silent.

Shen Lin felt uneasy. It took an unknown amount of time before Fu Xueyan hoarsely said, “Can I stay here tonight? ”

Shen Lin nodded without thinking. It was already past the wee hours after they finished washing up. Shen Lin was lying beside him without any sleepiness. Fu Xueyan hugged him in his arms and rubbed his back. Shen Lin was a little nervous and he asked in a low voice, “Are you still in pain?”

Fu Xueyan kissed his lips and whispered in his ear, “It hurts very much. ”

“Then. What is to be done? ”

“Can you give me a massage? “As he said this, he raised his hand and put it on his chest, “Massage it for me. It hurts so much that it’s about to split open.”

Shen Lin placed his hand on his chest and rubbed it gently. After a few seconds of silence, Fu Xueyan suddenly asked him, “If I didn’t come back, what would you have done?”

Shen Lin didn’t react for a while and then questioned him with a “Huh?”

Fu Xueyan buried his head in his soft hair, and his voice changed a little, “If I didn’t like you, what would you have done?”

Shen Lin felt that the top of his head was somewhat wet. The hand which he was using to rub Fu Xueyan’s chest paused slightly, and he finally understood what Fu Xueyan meant.

He moved his body slightly, grabbed Fu Xueyan’s side face, and kissed him, “But, you already like me.”

The anniversary of the founding of the Sanqing Middle School will be held in one week. Xiang Fei called Shen Lin to ask him to remember the time and go over and have a look together at that time.

He got up early in the morning and was about to go out to buy something. When he opened the door of the room, Fu Xueyan happened to step up the last step of the stairs while carrying his luggage.

Shen Lin looked at him strangely, “Are you going on a business trip?”

Fu Xueyan smiled at him, “I want to return back home.” He said and held him in his arms, “Won’t you welcome me?”


[1] Respectful you.

So You Like Me Too

So You Like Me Too

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
A sweet story about having a crush. Since a long time ago the shou has been secretly in love with the gong, but the gong wasn’t aware of this. After the gong meets the shou later, he falls in love with the shou and starts chasing him. It is a sweet fluffy story that is filled with warmth.


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