So You Like Me Too chapter 8

Chapter 8

He then voluntarily placed it into his own mouth and then raised his hand to pick up a shrimp and put it on his plate. He didn’t make any painstaking effort during the whole process. He still communicated with Zhang Ziyi about industry issues, but he had already replaced Shen Lin’s food with something that he liked to eat.

“I took the university entrance examination in a relatively far away place. After graduation, I went directly to company A, figured out the way, and then came back with my classmates to start a company. Did you go to university in this city?”

Zhang Ziyi nodded, “En.”

Xiang Fei listened to them for a long time and couldn’t understand the basic problems in the deed. Finally found a place where he could speak decisively, ” Can you guess which major good boy took in the university we three went to?”

Zhang Ziyi nodded, “Yes, there are several schools in this city that have good majors.”

Fu Xueyan looked at Shen Lin and thought for a few seconds, “I guess it’s either astronomical geology or archaeological philosophy.”

Xiang Fei’s eyes widened and his face was full of shock, “How do you know!?”

Fu Xueyan looked at Xiang Fei with his eyebrows raised and said with a smile, “He doesn’t like to be lively. So he should choose a major which is comparatively neglected.”

Shen Lin sat aside and gave an answer, feeling somewhat embarrassed, ” I . . . . . . studied archaeology.”

Although Fu Xueyan’s guess was almost the same, he was still a little surprised to hear him confirm it himself. He imagined Shen Lin studying antiques with his eyes when he was in school, and suddenly smiled and said, “Then I, can I become a historical relic in your hand?”


After the few people separated, Fu Xueyan sent Shen Lin home as usual. He actually wanted to learn about Shen Lin’s life as a student. It was a vacancy he couldn’t reach, regretted, and yearned for. But he was afraid to ask and was afraid that he would poke into the past events at the bottom of his heart.

After getting out of the car, Fu Xueyan took him upstairs. The two stood side by side at the door. No one moved. Even after hesitating for a while, Shen Lin still couldn’t open his mouth to ask him to come in. When he took out his keys with his ears red and was about to open the door, He was pulled aside by Fu Xueyan, pressed against the wall, and kissed deeply.

This was not the first time Shen Lin has kissed him. The faint, delicate, and considerate gentleness made his whole body tremble slightly. He was actually not very good at it. Even if he had been kissed several times, he was still awkward at it as before and didn’t know how to respond.

Their lips and teeth were mixed together. The tips of the tongues were stirring up, and the rigid little tongue in his mouth followed his rhythm and tried hard to learn it. Fu Xueyan secretly opened his eyes and looked at Shen Lin’s eyelashes which were trembling slightly. Suddenly, he let go of the soft tongue, withdrew from the inner wall of his mouth, and turned to lick his teeth. Shen Lin was so nervous that he didn’t know where to put his hands, let alone what to do next.

He wanted to try to take the initiative, but his tongue didn’t dare to stick out. He was trembling and probing as if he had struggled for a long time, and then he mustered up the courage to stretch out a little. The tip of his tongue moved forward cautiously, and finally touched the softness of his teeth. Fu Xueyan gently rubbed his hair, as if to comfort him. But it looked more like encouragement. The two tongues touched again, and in an instant, they were entangled in a deep kiss.

After an unknown amount of time, Fu Xueyan hugged the flushed and unsteady person into his arms. He raised Shen Lin’s hand and gently taught him, “Next time you kiss, hold my waist tightly.”

After sending Shen Lin into the house, Fu Xueyan drove home.

The moment he walked into the house and turned on the lights, he suddenly felt that the house was empty. He stood quietly for a while, secretly amused. He had lived in this place for more than 20 years.

He went around every room and always felt that something was missing. But obviously, he didn’t lack anything, but he just felt a little dissatisfied in his heart. Fu Xueyan sighed, a little missing the blushing little fool.

He walked to the balcony to look at the night sky and called Shen Lin.

Shen Lin has been waiting for him to report that he was safe and sound, and the connecting speed was very fast, “Are you home yet?”

Fu Xueyan leaned against the guardrail and said softly, “I just arrived.”

“Then. . . . . . then you rest early.”

He paused for a while, looked at the completely empty balcony, and suddenly said, “Shen Lin.”


“Can you close the store for a day tomorrow and go out with me to buy something?”

Shen Lin didn’t ask what he wanted to buy, and he replied directly, “Okay.”

The weather was good on Saturday. Shen Lin went downstairs early in the morning to wait for Fu Xueyan. As soon as he walked downstairs, he saw that Fu Xueyan’s car had been parked at the doorway. He raised his hand to check the time, forty minutes ahead of schedule.

Fu Xueyan got out of the car and looked at him with a smile, “I knew you would be so early.”

Shen Lin hurriedly walked up to him, “Have you been waiting for a long time?”

Fu Xueyan opened the car door and let him sit down, “It didn’t take long.” After speaking, he looked at Shen Lin who was sitting there with an apologetic expression on his face and smiled, “Don’t come out so early in the future. Come out at the time which we chose. If you want to come early, you can only shift it to five minutes earlier.”

As soon as Shen Lin wanted to speak, Fu Xueyan kissed the corner of his mouth, and then said, “Five minutes is my biggest concession.”

“Otherwise, when we make an appointment in the future to meet at about ten o’clock, I will wait for you from five in the morning.”

Shen Lin blinked when he saw him having a malicious expression and pretending to be a rascal, and then obediently nodded his head.

Quick and light music was playing in the car, and the sky was clear outside the car window. Fu Xueyan talked to him about unimportant work routines and occasionally made him curl his eyes shyly.

The destination was a large flower market. In his spare time, Shen Lin would come here to take a stroll, buy some plants and flowers, and put them at home or in the store.

After getting out of the car, the two of them walked and strolled. Fu Xueyan looked around and was a little dazzled. He looked at Shen Lin with a look of helplessness, “My house is really empty. I want to buy a few pots of flowers and plants and move them back to raise them. Boss Shen, can you help me out?”

Although Shen Lin had bought a lot before, he didn’t do much research. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to help Fu Xueyan correctly, but he wanted to contribute to Fu Xuejun. He struggled for a while and asked, “Then, then do you have any flowers you want to buy? Like do you want something pleasing to the eye? Or do you want something to purify the air?”

“Both are good. The pots on your balcony are not bad, how about we buy the same ones?”

Shen Lin was a little embarrassed, “My house just has ordinary green radishes and flowers in hanging baskets. In fact, you can buy a few pots of ivy or clivia. Can I take you to the shop I often go to?”


The shop that Shen Lin often goes to was very complete with all kinds of flowers and plants. When the boss saw him coming over, he said hello and continued to do his own work. He took Fu Xueyan around the shop a few times, and finally finalized a few pots of green plants that purify the air. And bought two pots of the elegant and pleasant bright white jasmine.

After ordering up the green plants, the two came out of the shop. A very large wooden shelf was placed in front of the shop, and the shelf was filled with pots of plump and round succulents.

Fu Xueyan glanced at them and thought that it was cute. So he took Shen Lin to squat down and study them together, “There are also many such plants in your shop.” As he said it, he picked up a pot for studying it, “Is this kind called stone lotus?”

Shen Lin thought for a while,” En… it can also be collectively referred to as the stone lotus. This plant is divided into many families and sometimes I can’t tell it apart. But this one actually has a name. It is called [1] Pansy.”

Fu Xueyan stood up and took a closer look at it for a while, “Why?”

Shen Lin leaned over his head a little bit, and pointed his fingers from the center to the outermost layer, “Because there are three colors from the inside to the outside. So it is called this name.”

Fu Xueyan nodded understandingly. He placed it back and picked up another pot, “What about this one?”

“This one is a winter beauty and it is relatively resistant to cold.”

“What about this one?”

“This one is Yachiyo, and it quite dreads cold.”

The two of them had their heads held really close to each other while studying the cute plants on the wooden shelf. Fu Xueyan looked like a primary school student who was asking 100,000 whys. He was curious about all the pots. He picked up a pot of red and pink stone lotus looked at it for a while, and asked, “What’s the name of this one?”

Shen Lin’s relaxed mood instantly became nervous because of this pot of plant. He clenched his hands into fists and moved slightly on his knees. Even after a few seconds, he didn’t say anything and his ears were already half red. Fu Xueyan couldn’t wait anymore to get the answer. He turned his head and suddenly found his red ears.

He looked at the top of Shen Lin’s head without saying anything. After a few minutes, Shen Lin finally raised his head to meet Fu Xueyan’s gentle eyes which were smiling and his eyes were full of expectation and curiosity.

Shen Lin didn’t know what he was thinking. He looked at him for a few seconds, then suddenly took the initiative to kiss the tip of his nose, and then quickly lowered his head to look at the small pot of plant, “This one is called…”

“[2] First love.”

When they went back, Shen Lin had an extra rectangular wooden box in his hand, with more than a dozen small and plump plants in it.

He always knew where Fu Xueyan lived, but he never went near it. The moment the door was opened, he was suddenly in a daze, wondering if he had been dreaming in the past few months.

Standing outside the door blankly, Fu Xueyan smiled and asked, “Are you not gonna come in?”

Shen Lin hurriedly shook his head. Soon after he changed his shoes and walked in. The wooden floor, the wood-colored furniture, and extremely comfortable decoration and layout made people feel warm and livable.

Shen Lin didn’t know whether he should sit or stand, so he allowed Fu Xueyan to lead him to the sofa. He put the wooden box on the coffee table, looking a little ill at ease.

Fu Xueyan let him sit casually, then went to the kitchen to pour a pot of water, and then took out two cups, “The house was renovated by my mother when she returned to China a few years ago. I was too busy earlier and didn’t pay much attention to it. Yesterday, I suddenly felt that the house was a little empty.”

Shen Lin took the warm water and thanked him. He then said, “If there is anything that is still missing, I will accompany you to buy it.”

Fu Xueyan looked at him and thought for a while, “At this moment, there seems to be nothing missing.”

Shen Lin blushed a little because of his look. He hurriedly put the cup aside and stammered.


[1] Lit. Three colored plants.

[2] You should really search for this one [初恋]. It reminds resemble cute love.

So You Like Me Too

So You Like Me Too

Score 8.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
A sweet story about having a crush. Since a long time ago the shou has been secretly in love with the gong, but the gong wasn’t aware of this. After the gong meets the shou later, he falls in love with the shou and starts chasing him. It is a sweet fluffy story that is filled with warmth.


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