So You Like Me Too chapter 7

Chapter 7

His footsteps suddenly stopped and he turned around. His soft and gentle eyes resembled the melting moonlight, “If we had met at that time, would you have listened to me singing?”

Shen Lin lowered his head and his shoulders trembled a little. He didn’t dare to look at Fu Xueyan. He had participated in these past events told by Fu Xueyan. He knew that Fu Xueyan was not bragging and that he was the male god in the hearts of many people. He had gone to watch every game that Fu Xueyan played. He had also brought water and drinks for him. But he just stood a little far away and couldn’t hand it to him personally. He has also been secretly protecting Fu Xueyan. No matter what activity it was, he was chosen to go up the stage. He listened to a lot of new songs he learned. Even if none of them were sung for him, he didn’t care. As long as he had the opportunity to see Fu Xueyan every day, he was particularly satisfied. He thought that liking him was his own business, and he would not be wronged or feel anything if he wasn’t getting any reply. But as Fu Xueyan brought it up now, he felt a bit uncomfortable in his heart due to some unknown reasons. He was just like a kid, who wasn’t cared for even after falling down. After getting injured, he didn’t cry or cause trouble. But then one day, suddenly he was being cared for by someone and this caused him to have great grievances. He wondered if his cautious and solemn behavior in the past was wrong. What if he had the courage to tell Fu Xueyan at that time? He thought about it a lot. But even if he got a chance again, he would still choose not to say anything. He was afraid that he wouldn’t even be able to see him if he had said it. But fate was bullying his silence and cowardice. Even if he did say it without missing any word, Fu Xueyan would still have taken the exam far away and he wouldn’t have been able to find him for many years.

Fu Xueyan saw that he was keeping his head low with his shoulders trembling slightly. He tilted his head to look at him. Shen Lin’s huge tears fell on the ground. Fu Xueyan didn’t expect that few words from him would make somebody cry. He immediately hugged Shen Lin to comfort him, “What’s wrong. Why are you crying?”

When Shen Lin felt his hug, he instantly raised his hand to hug him around his back. He had finally found a person to rely on. It was rare for the person to be presumptuous in Fu Xueyan’s arms. Fu Xueyan hugged him and swayed him around, “What’s the matter, Shen Lin baby? What made you feel wronged?”

Shen Lin cried in silence for a while and then raised his head from his arms in embarrassment. His voice was hoarse after crying. His facial expressions weren’t clear in the dusky street lights. Fu Xueyan helped him wipe off the tears on his face. And as his fingers streaked across, he was able to feel that burning hot skin. Shen Lin looked up at him, his eyes seemed to be filled with water, and he apologized softly with a nasal voice, “I’m really sorry for not meeting you for so many years.”

Fu Xueyan wiped away his tears and kissed his forehead. Before Shen Lin could become shy, he was hugged and coaxed by him, “Actually, I didn’t have many impressive scenes at that time. And I have made myself a joke for others a lot of time too. Once, I forgot that it was the New Year’s Day party of senior high school. And our class was gonna perform a play at that time. I inevitably thought that I would get to play the role of the prince. But in the end, my classmates didn’t do it in the usual way and they wanted to draw lots. And guess what? I was really unlucky and I was chosen to play the role of the princess. Actually being chosen to play the role of the princess wasn’t really bad either. Anyways, I am this handsome, so I wasn’t ugly when I played the role.”

Shen Lin leaned into his embrace while listening to him talking about the New Year’s Day party of senior high school. Shen Lin was stunned when Fu Xueyan entered the stage in a princess dress. The teacher helped him draw exquisite makeup. He wore a wavy golden wig on his head, with long eyelashes and red lips. It didn’t look much out of sorts. But apart from Shen Lin, all the other classmates laughed till they shook. The entire play show was just for fun. The princess who was performed by Fu Xueyan finally held the guitar and sang rock and roll.

Shen Lin was deafened by the sound of the guitar and he didn’t know why the plot was developing in this way.

“The script was written in a nonsensical way. In the end, the princess allowed herself to fly off while holding the guitar in her hands. While rehearsing they especially made it clear to me that I must move vigorously, that I could show the princess’s eagerness for freedom. And then I started to shake my head frantically, and finally, the wig was thrown away.”

Shen Lin let out a muffled smile while lying in his embrace. And Fu Xueyan breathed a sigh of relief when he heard him laughing. And this matter was still published in the school magazine and I was laughed at by my classmates until graduation.” He rubbed Shen Lin’s hair, then looked down at him, “Little scoundrel, are you also laughing at me?”

When Shen Lin recalled the scene of that day, his eyes curved up and started smiling bashfully without being able to stop.

Fu Xueyan looked at him with helpless and pampering eyes, “You really make me feel so distressed by crying and laughing like a child. So how can I go back home with peace of mind?”

Shen Lin turned stiff with a smile on his face, and the nervousness that he had just thrown away ran back again. “But, but the supermarket downstairs does not sell new bedsheets. Although my sheets were washed the day before yesterday, but but. . . . . .”

Fu Xueyan couldn’t see his face clearly, but he knew that Shen Lin’s burning hot face must have turned red and was about to explode. He lowered his head and kissed the stammering lips, and said with a smile, “Idiot.”

Fu Xueyan sent Shen Lin upstairs and watched him enter the house before he went back in relief. In the end, he didn’t ask Shen Lin why he suddenly shed tears. Everyone has something in their minds. Shen Lin didn’t say that he didn’t have the right to ask too much. But he will wait until the day when Shen Lin wants to tell him, then everything will be known. However, he still secretly guessed in his heart that Shen Lin might have some unforgettable memories from his student days.

Fu Xueyan officially started his pursuit. He didn’t use any fancy methods. He would pick up and drop off Shen Lin from work every day, and the two of them would occasionally go out to eat and watch movies. Shen Lin gradually becomes less shy. He also worked harder, hoping that one day he could meet Fu Xueyan’s standards and tell him about his heart’s feelings.

When Shen Lin was about to take away the cups on the table after sending away a table of customers, he heard a string of wind chimes. He raised his head to see Fu Xueyan who was carrying his suit in his hands and he greeted him with a smile. He looked at the time and was a little surprised, “Have you finished the meeting?”

Fu Xueyan took the tray in his hand and walked to the counter, “Yes. I came here to the boss to laze around. And I hope that the boss can help me keep it a secret.”

Shen Lin nodded very seriously, and then asked, “Then do you want me to stop the business? What if you are discovered by the assistant girl?”

Fu Xueyan bent his eyes and kissed his forehead, “Idiot.”

The place where Director Fu used to go changed from a sofa by the window to a high stool next to the counter. He and Shen Lin sat side by side and chatted. They were chatting about the dishes that they ate the day before yesterday and the movie they watched yesterday.

Occasionally, when a customer arrives, Fu Xueyan would stand aside and give him a hand. He looks like a social elite, and he is never careless in the service industry. The girl who came often saw that their relationship was different, and took advantage of that day to ask him with a grin, “When did the boss hire such a handsome shop assistant?”

Shen Lingang was about to put the prepared coffee in a paper bag. But when he heard her question, his face flushed red and he wanted to explain. Before she could say anything, Fu Xueyan took the coffee from his hand, packed it, and handed it to the girl. He smiled and said, “It’s not the boss who hired me, but it is me who admires the boss.”

The girl didn’t expect him to answer so bluntly. She took the coffee while blessing them, “Then I hope that the boss can accept your love as soon as possible.”

Fu Xueyan was full of gratitude. Soon after he grabbed a plainly packed milk and handed it to the girl, “Please accept this. Just treat it as [1] sweet.”

The girl was amused by him and gave two laughs before turning around to leave. Shen Lin looked at the girl from behind with a blushing face. And said, a little embarrassed, “She. . . . . . .”

“She what?”

“Did she see it a long time ago?”

“See what?”


Fu Xueyan smiled and pretended to be naive, “What’s wrong with the two of us?”

Shen Lin lowered his head and looked at his toes. He held back for a long time before he said, “The relationship. . . . . . .between the two of us.”

“What is the relationship between the two of us?”

Shen Lin clenched his fist and after a moment of nervousness, he raised his blushing face. It looked like he was using up the energy of his entire body and his voice was somewhat trembling, “Fu, Fu Xueyan, I. . . . . . . I want to accept your love and want to talk to you. . . . . . fall in love and want to be your lover. Oh, okay?”

As soon as the voice fell, the corner of his mouth was gently kissed. Fu Xueyan hugged the person in his arms and said softly in his ear, “Okay.”

When Xiang Fei learned that Shen Lin was in love with Fu Xueyan, he was so startled that his jaw almost fell off. Inexplicably, he was a bit worried. He had always known Shen Lin’s thoughts. But because he knew too much, he was afraid that the heavy heart full of love would hurt.

He thought a lot about it himself, and in the end, all that was left was wholehearted blessings. From the perspective of a friend, he always hoped that Shen Lin could be happy.

Xiang Fei asked him, “Does Fu Xueyan really like you?”

Shen Lin didn’t hesitate and looked at him seriously, “I can feel that he likes me.”

Xiang Fei nodded and said no more. He hugged Shen Lin, his eyes were a little red. He didn’t know he suddenly became so emotional. It was either because Shen Lin was foolish or it was because of the fact that his[SL] love came true after having a crush on him[FX] for a long time.

After Fu Xueyan got off work, he came to pick up Shen Lin. Xiang Fei and Zhang Ziyi were also there in the shop. When Fu Xueyan saw the two of them, he greeted them and then invited them to have dinner together.

After a meal, Xiang Fei’s heart finally fell back to its original place. He grew up with Shen Lin and knows more about Shen Lin’s affairs than anyone else. Shen Lin never expresses himself, but he also has his own likes and dislikes. For example, his taste of food. Although he doesn’t avoid any food items and he can make do with everything, if he eats something he doesn’t like, he always pauses for a while before continuing.

Fu Xueyan seemed to have caught the problem that he discovered after having eaten countless times with Shen Lin. He took away the remaining few vegetable leaves left on Shen Lin’s plate.


[1] Sweet given on a happy occasion (esp. wedding)

So You Like Me Too

So You Like Me Too

Score 8.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
A sweet story about having a crush. Since a long time ago the shou has been secretly in love with the gong, but the gong wasn’t aware of this. After the gong meets the shou later, he falls in love with the shou and starts chasing him. It is a sweet fluffy story that is filled with warmth.


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