So You Like Me Too chapter 2

Chapter 2

He returned the document back to him with a proper posture.

Fu Xueyan took the file from him and said with a smile: “Thank you Boss. I didn’t think that you would come in person to give this to me. ”

The assistant girl leaned forward from her work desk and greeted Shen Lin, “Hello Boss, can you deliver our coffee to the office in the future?”

Shen Lin waved his hands to reject her, “I am the only one in the shop, so I can’t be out for a long time.”

“Haha. Boss, is our Director coming there every few days to slack off from work?”

The colleagues behind gave their comments too, “That’s right. Whenever the work is easy to do, the Director will go out to slack off.”

“Director, next time, you go out, take us with you too.”

“Director still hasn’t thanked the Boss. Director, thank the Boss for sheltering you.”

He turned around with his documents in his hands. With a stern face, he said while pointing his fingers at the lively staff, “ If you still want your pay, go back to your work.”

The assistant girl retreated her neck and went back to her seat. Fu Xueyan turned towards Shen Lin and proposed, “ As a token of gratitude, can we go have a meal this evening? “

“Nn…. no need”

But Fu Xueyan made the final decision, “ I need to thank you. I’ll call you after I get off from work today.”

Shen Lin was stunned for the entire afternoon. Fortunately, he didn’t have any visitors in his shop at that time. He kept on waiting, the clock hands moving around the clock face as the time passed.

Even though he was nervous, he looked forward to it.

Before 5 o’clock, he had closed the shop and started waiting near the shop’s doorway.

Fu Xueyan drove over after 2 hours and Shen Lin was standing there playing with the pebbles at his feet.

He lowered his car window and greeted Shen Lin, “ Hey Boss, do you want a drive?”

Shen Lin nodded and sat on the passenger seat.

Fu Xueyan waited for him to fasten his seatbelt properly before starting the car. He then asked, “What do you want to eat? ”

He didn’t even dare to look at him. He could only bow his head and reply, “ Anything. “

Fu Xueyan didn’t answer for a long time. Shen Lin thought that he had said something wrong. He secretly turned his head and peeked at it. Fu Xueyan was holding the steering wheel with one hand, and thinking seriously while his other hand stroked his chin.

Feeling Shen Lin’s gaze, Fu Xueyan turned his head to look at him and asked with a distressed look,” Won’t ice cream be too cold for you? ”


“Can the Boss eat spicy food?”


“Then how about we go have hotpot? The store is also nearby, wanna go?”

Seeing Fu Xueyan’s sparkling eyes and hearing him slightly stretch the ending of his question, Shen Lin wasn’t able to react for a while,” Is he….is he acting like a spoiled kid with me?”

“Oh, okay let’s go.”

Hearing his reply, Fu Xueyan exaggeratedly sighed and said, “It’s really fortunate that you said that you can eat anything. Otherwise I would have been distressed in finding a way to pull you to eat hotpot with me.”

He didn’t understand how Fu Xueyan made the atmosphere relaxed, he was less nervous now and he asked, “Why did you still ask me if you wanted to eat hotpot?”

“Because I am polite.”

“What if I chose something else?”

“Then I can only stop the car by the roadside and attentively tell you about the benefits of hotpot.”

Then he took the opportunity to turn his head and winked at him,“ And if you still refuse, I’ll just knock you unconscious and then I’ll carry you there.”

“Boss, why are you so nervous? Just relax a bit. We have known each other for over a month. You don’t need to call me Director Fu, my name is Fu Xueyan. What about you?”

“My name is Shen…..”

“Good boy Shen?”


Both of them enjoyed a steaming hotpot. Fu Xueyan who was charming and humorous kept Lin Shen happy during the entire meal with his excellent communication skills. Just after a meal, there was no hint of any awkwardness between them. Shen Lin looked at Fu Xueyan who told jokes in front of him. He never felt so fortunate before.

They finished eating at 10 o’clock and went to the parking lot together to go back home. Fu Xueyan continued the topic about what they were talking about during their meal. And then they suddenly halted when they heard a shriek from the street.

When Shen Lin heard the sound he looked over and saw a girl chasing after a robber while carrying a pair of heels in her hand. She passed by them. Shen Lin looked around and saw that there was only a motorbike there and it was coming over fastly. Fu Xueyan quickly picked up his phone to report the police and gave them the precise location. When he was about to tell Shen Lin to stand still, he saw that Shen Lin had already chased after the motorbike. He didn’t expect him to react so fast, so he called after him ”Shen Lin, pay attention to your safety.”

The motorbike was really a part of the robber’s gang. The bike stopped near the robber and waited for a few seconds so that the robber could get into the vehicle fastly. But Shen Lin caught up to them and before they could start the bike he kicked the driver’s hands without any hesitation. As the driver was unprepared, he fell onto the ground along with the bike, and his helmet came untied. Within a few seconds, he reacted and climbed back up. When the robber realized this sudden change of situation, he threw aside the girl’s bag and threw punches at Shen Lin but Shen Lin ducked away fast. The driver was originally trying to stab him while he was busy fighting with the robber but Lin Shen saw this and he kicked him in the pit of his stomach. The unprepared driver once again fell on the ground and couldn’t stand up. The robber saw this and he tried to choke Lin Shen from behind but Lin Shen’s shoulder throw smashed him to the ground.

He took less than ten minutes to take care of the two robbers. Shen Lin picked up the bag from the ground and handed it to the girl who had been hiding on the side. The girl hurriedly thanked him. Shen Lin shook his head and didn’t say anything. When he turned around, he was startled.

Fu Xueyan who was standing behind him clapped his hands, “ Boss Shen is so awesome.”

Shen Lin’s face reddened like a big red apple. He turned around while lowering his head as he didn’t want to face Fu Xueyan. He wanted to say something but still, he couldn’t get himself to say it.

The police arrived at the scene and took a few witnesses along with them. It was almost 12 o’clock when all the procedures were finished. Fu Xueyan looked at the time and gave up on driving back. Just after a few steps forward he found Shen Lin limping a little behind him.

He quickly supported him and asked, “What happened? Does it hurt somewhere?”

Shen Lin promptly waved his hands, “No … no, it doesn’t.”

“Then what happened to your legs?” he asked while he helped Shen Lin to sit on a street-side bench.

Shen Lin saw him squatting in front of him and hurriedly stood up, but Fu Xueyan did not allow him to do so. He lifted Shen Lin’s left foot and took off his shoes. Shen Lin’s whole body became stiff and he didn’t know what to do next.

Fu Xueyan took off his socks and his eyebrows wrinkled when he saw his ankle, “Your ankle has swollen. Let’s go to the hospital. Okay?”

Shen Lin murmured, “It’s fine.”

“How did it swell like this?”

Shen Lin was a little embarrassed as he said,” I kicked the helmet.”

He looked up at him and smiled, “[1]Little idiot, why did you kick a hard object with your legs?.”

He placed the socks inside Shen Lin’s shoes and then carried them in one hand. He then turned around making Lin Shen face his back and said, “I’ll carry you and then we can take a taxi from the intersection to directly go to the hospital.”

Shen Lin was so startled that he couldn’t move. When Fu Xueyan saw that he was not moving, he directly pulled his arm to put the person on his back. Shen Lin was lying on his broad back and didn’t even know where to put his arms. After a while, he suddenly heard the person carrying him laugh and say, “Do you know how cool you just were? Even this handsome Director Fu greatly admires you. ”

That night they briefly treated his wound at the hospital and the next day Shen Lin saw that his injury wasn’t so serious anymore. But even though he had an injury, he still wanted to open his shop. He didn’t want to be away from Fu Xueyan for even a day.

There was no one there at the store in the morning and he sat on the seat where Fu Xueyan usually sat. He sat there being lost in thought. The short moment lying on the back of Fu Xueyan was like a dream which he never dared to expect in his life.

At noon, Fu Xueyan found time to call him, “Lin Shen, is it getting better from resting at home?”

Shen Lin started sweating like he did a crime. Yesterday Fu Xueyan told him to rest at home but he still came back to open the shop.

Fu Xueyan saw that he wasn’t speaking, so he fastly asked, “What happened? Is it getting more painful?”

“No, no. I am in the shop now.”

“Aren’t you resting at home? ”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, I… . . . . . ”

“Little idiot, why are you saying sorry to me. If you are at the store just rest there and if it still hurts, just go back to your home.”

Shen Lin promised fast, “Okay”

After hanging up the phone, he limped out to turn the shop’s signboard to denote the closing of the shop. His tense face was blushing so much. He wanted to hear Fu Xueyan’s words again. He wanted to secretly carry out Fu Xueyan’s orders like the actions of a loving couple. Even though he was frightened by his shameless thoughts, he still couldn’t control them.

About 20 minutes later someone pushed open the door and came in. When Shen Lin noticed it, he stood up and said sorry to that person, “Sorry, but the shop is closed today.”

That person was a delivery boy who had a box in his hand, “ Sir, this is a takeaway that was ordered to be delivered here. “

“Take out?”

“Yes. Hope [2] you have a nice meal”

Shen Lin opened it with a strange feeling. Inside the box, he found a soup and there was a message on top of it, ”A present for the brave Boss Shen. This soup was ordered for you by a mysterious person. Please finish it fast and then send a picture to the most handsome person you can think of. “

Shen Lin’s hand trembled a bit, and he opened the beautifully packaged soup bowl. In it was a thick milky bone soup.

He clasped the bowl in his hands and took a sip of it. He couldn’t stop his tears after drinking it. After finishing it, he obediently took a photo and sent it to Fu Xueyan. But Fu Xueyan didn’t reply.

In the afternoon, the takeaway boy came again, and he smiled at Shen Lin with the box in his hands, “Sir, takeaway. ”

Shen Lin took the box with a foolish expression and saw that there was a card on this box too, “For the cute and obedient Boss Shen. This is a tea for the afternoon ordered for you by the most person you can think of. Please enjoy it as soon as possible.”


[1]   Only “ idiot “ is there in the raws but since it has a little affectionate manner, I chose “little idiot”.

[2] You [ courteous ]

So You Like Me Too

So You Like Me Too

Score 8.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
A sweet story about having a crush. Since a long time ago the shou has been secretly in love with the gong, but the gong wasn’t aware of this. After the gong meets the shou later, he falls in love with the shou and starts chasing him. It is a sweet fluffy story that is filled with warmth.


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