So You Like Me Too chapter 10

Chapter 10

The pots of green plants that he and Shen Lin bought were finally put in the company, and the pots of succulents that he planted with his own hands were transferred to Shen Lin’s balcony.

Shen Lin was a little embarrassed by the sudden cohabitation, but he was happier in his heart.

Ever since Fu Xueyan knew that he had been having a crush on him for many years, he had been a little nervous that Fu Xueyan’s attitude towards him would change.

He was worried that Fu Xueyan was more moved by the past than liking it.

He felt that liking was a pure thing, and he didn’t want it to mix with any other feelings.

The life of cohabitation was ordinary and natural. Except for the previous time when Fu Xueyan was a little out of control, he never showed any gaffes after that.

The dinner was made by the two people working together. It was a simple home-cooked meal with two small bowls of *congee.

*Congee or conjee (/ˈkɒndʒiː/ KON-jee) is a type of rice porridge or gruel eaten in Asian countries.

After dinner, Fu Xueyan took the initiative to wash the dishes. Shen Lin looked at the back of the kitchen and smiled shyly. He felt that perhaps Fu Xueyan liked him more than being touched.

They kissed naturally at night. Fu Xueyan hugged him tenderly and considerately. Although Shen Lin was shy, he still held his pajamas tightly with both hands.

It wasn’t until Fu Xueyan kissed his neck and overpowered him that he slightly opened his eyes and looked at Fu Xueyan obsessively. Fu Xueyan propped up his body and asked him softly, “Is it okay?”

Shen Lin blushed and trembled with nervousness. But he did not hesitate when he replied, “It is okay. ”

His lips were kissed again, and the clothes on his body were also taken off neatly little by little. He clung onto Fu Xueyan’s shoulders in fear, and allowed him to lick him freely from the clavicle to the nipple, from the abdomen to the toes.

He blocked his eyes and tensed his body until the rough tongue licked the side of his delicate legs. And now he said in a glutinous voice, “Fu. . . . . Fu Xueyan. . . . . . ”


“It. . . . . . . It tickles. . . . . . . ”

“Where does it tickle?”

“. . . . . . You. . . . . . Stop licking here. . . . . . Okay?. . . . . . . ”


As soon as Shen Lin got the answer and wanted to relax, he heard a soft smile from the person below, and then the pink stem that was half-raised between his legs was grabbed.

He was so frightened that his whole body tensed up, and he hurriedly put his hands on Fu Xueyan’s head to push him away. Fu Xueyan rubbed his waist soothingly, and then slowly raised his legs, licking his tongue from the stem to *the back acupuncture point.

*You know what this is right?

Shen Lin’s whole body was softened by the lick. The tip of the tongue moistened the back point, and it slowly penetrated in a little. Shen Lin raised a hand and covered his mouth to prevent himself from making a shameful voice.

After licking it for a long time, he inserted his fingers into Shen Lin’s body to expand it again. Fu Xueyan stiffened his body and pushed it into him until Shen Lin’s body was moist enough.

With a crying voice, Shen Lin allowed him to manipulate and kiss him. He licked the flushed earlobe and asked with a hot and moist breath, “Is it comfortable?”

Shen Lin said “hmm” obediently, and then he was afraid that he would not be able to hear it. Accompanied by a moan, he replied shyly, “Comfortable. . . . . . good. It is comfortable. . . . .”

The two finally shot out after lingering for a long time. Shen Lin powerless plunged into his arms, not daring to look up. Fu Xueyan stroked his back lightly. The smooth skin occasionally had some obvious strange feelings. He knew that it was the scars mentioned by Xiang Fei.

His Adam’s apple rolled up and he hugged Shen Lin tighter.

On the day of the school celebration, the two of them went back to their former alma mater together. They were originally walking with Xiang Fei, but when they entered the school, they bumped into their former classmates, and finally divided into two groups. Shen Lin had no acquaintances, so he straight up followed Fu Xueyan. Fu Xueyan was very popular. No matter the class, he would say hello and chat a few times when he met them.

When asked about Shen Lin, Fu Xueyan would smile and introduce, “My lover. That kind of a lover whom I will marry in the future abroad.”

Many classmates expressed their blessings, while some couldn’t understand them. But Fu Xueyan always held Shen Lin, confident and making no effort to conceal it.

In the evening, many classmates had gathered in the playground. Some talked and laughed about life, and some took group pictures. Fu Xueyan led Shen Lin all the way to the teaching block. He stood at the door of Shen Lin’s classroom and turned his head to count, “Were we only separated by five classes?”


Fu Xueyan was puzzled, “Then I should have seen you too, right? ”

Shen Lin looked at him a bit shyly, “I. . . . . . I actually deliberately avoided you. ”

Fu Xueyan was shocked, “Why? Was I really scary back then? ”

Shen Lin hurriedly explained, “No, no. As I liked you. . . . . . I was afraid, I was afraid of being discovered by you. ”

“So you just hid away from me? ”


Fu Xueyan was both angry and amused. He poked Shen Lin’s nose, “Then how can you be brave like a little warrior when you secretly protected me? Don’t you dare to confess when it’s your turn? ”

Shen Lin looked down at the ground, “I. . . . . . At that time, I didn’t know that you liked boys. I was afraid that you would find out and feel hatred. . . . . . in your heart. ”

Fu Xueyan kissed the corner of his eyes distressedly, “You are indeed an idiot. ”

Walking to the former classroom, Fu Xueyan walked in and sat down where he used to sit once. He looked up at Shen Lin who was standing at the doorway. The man’s simple shirt and jeans were still neat like a high school student.

The sunset in the evening was just right. The twilight spilled into the classroom. Shen Lin suddenly seemed to return back to more than ten years ago. He looked at Fu Xueyan and slowly walked to his side.

There seemed to be a pool of water hidden in Fu Xueyan’s gentle eyes. He looked at Shen Lin and said, “When I was twenty-eight years old, I met a man. ”

“He has liked me for many years, but I never knew it. ”

“Now, the 28-year-old Fu Xueyan wants to tell the 16-year-old Shen Lin. ”

“Fu Xueyan, who you like silently, will suddenly appear in your shop one day in the future. He will buy you a cup of coffee, he will fall in love with you, cook with you, and you will do many, many things together until you are in your seventies. You will plant flowers together, walk together. If Shen Lin can’t walk anymore, Fu Xueyan will carry him, carry him all his life, and carry him to the next life. ”

Shen Lin’s eyes slowly turned red, and finally, a line of tears fell. He was somewhat choked with emotion and said, “The twenty-eight-year-old Shen Lin. . . . . . I want to tell the sixteen-year-old. . . . . . Fu Xueyan. ”

“There is a person who has secretly liked you for more than ten years. He knows all your preferences and strengths. He has watched every basketball game and has heard many songs you sing. But he is timid and cowardly. He never dared to confess like you. He secretly likes you and never had the extravagant hope of getting a response. More than ten years later, when you grow up, remember to go to his shop and buy a cup of coffee, and then you will fall in love and be together. . . . . . cook together. . . . . . grow flowers together. . . . . . and will walk together for a lifetime. ”

Shen Lin, who was twenty-eight, only now had the courage to confess to the sixteen-year-old Fu Xueyan.

His tears couldn’t stop, his voice trembled, and he said to someone he had liked for more than ten years, “I especially. . . . . . like you. ”

After going around for more than ten years, Fu Xueyan met Shen Lin, and slowly started liking him and then he fell in love with him. Shen Lin met Fu Xueyan whom he had always liked and loved.

Even if their likes were not in sync, that mood still intersects and merges at a certain time of the year. Shen Lin looked at Fu Xueyan and slowly raised the corners of his mouth. His secret love for more than ten years got the best response.

Sixteen-year-old Shen Lin, don’t worry. Because more than ten years later, your most favorite Fu Xueyan will also like you.

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Yoshi: Ten years is such a long time to love someone unrequitedly. I’m glad they had their happy ending, it was fate! Meant to be! Sweetness overflow lah∼∼∼

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Thank you guys, for sticking to the end even when I took breaks for thousands of months. I am so happy that I was able to read and share this story. Thank ya again for reading my translations. Hope to meet ya guys again.

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So You Like Me Too

So You Like Me Too

Score 8.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
A sweet story about having a crush. Since a long time ago the shou has been secretly in love with the gong, but the gong wasn’t aware of this. After the gong meets the shou later, he falls in love with the shou and starts chasing him. It is a sweet fluffy story that is filled with warmth.


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