So You Like Me Too chapter 1


Shen Lin runs a small coffee shop with few customers and business was also so-so. He spends his free time staring at the office building opposite the side of the road in a daze.

He met Fu Xueyan a month ago. At that time he was sitting inside the counter, reading when he heard the ding dong sound of the chime bell. Fu Xueyan stood outside with a brightened face as it came in contact with rays of sunshine. Shen Lin saw Fu Xueyan’s face when he raised his head, and this face made him wonder if he was still dreaming.

When Fu Xueyan saw his sluggish expression, he waved at him and said, “Hey boss, a latte.”

Shen Lin hurriedly stood up and stuttered, ” He….. hello.”

Fu Xueyan laughed out loud, ” Hahaha. I know that I am very handsome but you don’t need to look that foolish, boss.”

Shen Lin’s earlobe slightly turned red. He didn’t know how to reply so he hastily went to make coffee, ” Please wait a minute. “

Fu Xueyan went and sat down on a seat near the window. Shen Lin made the coffee and brought it over, and leaned over to place it on the table. Fu Xueyan smiled at him to express his gratitude and Shen Lin nodded. However when he turned around, his hands shook uncontrollably.

This is probably the first time that he has ever been close to Fu Xueyan.

Shen Lin forgot when he had started liking Fu Xueyan. It was perhaps when he was in high school or long before.


Fu Xueyan was outstanding from his childhood itself. Had a good personality,  looked handsome, and had a lot of friends. When he was in middle school, he was the male god in the hearts of many girls. Shen Lin didn’t follow their group but could only watch them from afar. In the beginning, he just envied Fu Xueyan. He passionately envied him for having so many friends. And he doesn’t know when this envy changed into love.

He secretly paid attention to Fu Xueyan and understood his hobbies and interests, understood his strength and merits. He would secretly sit on Fu Xueyan’s seats, pass through the line through which Fu Xueyan usually walks, and would secretly write Fu Xueyan’s name on his book.

In his entire youth, he was in love with Fu Xueyan and loved him without any reservations.

But Fu Xueyan didn’t know him even until graduation.


He got to see him again. It was morning time and he looked a little tired with greenish-black eyes and a tie which was not tied properly. He greeted Shen Lin like he did last time, “Boss, one cup coffee like before but make it a bit bitter”. After saying this he went near his previous seat near the window and sat down. Shen Lin looked at him for a minute.

But still, he restrained his desire to look at him and made a cup of coffee. While bringing it over he thought of saying something, but in the end, nothing came out of his mouth.

Fu Xueyan didn’t have the vigor to thank him. He finished the coffee in two gulps and he fell asleep on the sofa right away. Shen Lin wanted to cover him with something but didn’t dare to do so. He looked at the wind chime in the doorway and went there to place the “shop closed” sign. It was rare for Fu Xueyan to sleep comfortably in the quiet morning time.

He opened his eyes and stretched casually after his sleep. He then looked at the time and took the coffee on the table.

Even though several hours passed, the coffee was still warm. He looked up and his eyes stopped at the back of Shen Lin who was standing behind the counter. He grinned at him, ” Thank you, boss”.

Shen Lin didn’t expect him to talk to him. He shook his head with slight nervousness, ” It’s fine”.

Fu Xueyan then sat up and tidied his clothes, then he waved at Shen Lin, ” I am going boss. See you next time.”

Shen Lin has been preparing for a long time for the next time they meet. He wishes to say something to Fu Xueyan the next time they meet and to not be stressed. But even after waiting for a long time, Fu Xueyan didn’t come. Instead of him, there came a very talkative young girl who told him that director Fu was working overtime. She told him that Director Fu liked the coffee that he makes and that he was unusually very fierce and scary during today’s meeting.

He got to learn more about Fu Xueyan that he didn’t know before from the assistant girl and wanted to ask more. Was Fu Xueyan very busy every day? Does he eat on time? Can Fu Xueyan be very fierce? What does he look like when he is angry?

But till the end, he couldn’t ask anything.

The assistant girl waved him goodbye. He can only wish that next time Fu Xueyan will be the one coming.


Nice weather. When Shen Lin was tidying up the counter in a good mood, he heard a ding dong sound of the wind chime. When he raised his head he saw Xiang Fei running towards him with a travel bag on his back and hugged him and kissed his forehead openly, ” Good boy, did you miss me ?”

He allowed Xiang Fei to kiss and drool on him and he smiled a little. Xiang Fei foolishly rubbed his head and said, ” How foolish you are. “

Shen Lin escaped from his grasp and said, “I am not foolish. And this time you went out to have fun for a long time. “

Xiang Fei made him come out of the counter and found a seat for them to sit together. He opened his travel bag and flipped over a pile of snacks, ” These all are for you. Next time, let’s go together.”

Shen Lin picked up a bag of some local specialty and opened it to taste, “Zhang Ziyi will not agree. “

Xiang Fei skimmed over and snatched that local specialty from Shen Lin’s hands and stuffed it into his own mouth, “Don’t worry about that.”

While they were chatting, they heard the sound of the wind chime. There stood the assistant girl in good attire and high heels. She came in with a clattering sound and said in high spirits, ” Boss, thirty cups of coffee. “

Shen Lin stood up a little suspiciously, “Do you really want so much today? “

“Yes ah, the project is finally over and the boss has invited everyone to a drink. He specially ordered your coffee.”

“Ah yeah? Then . . . . . . Then you have to wait for a while. “

“Okay, okay. You make it, I’ll just take a break, and then I’ll ask my colleagues to come over and take it away together. “

Shen Lin pulled Xiang Fei to the counter for help, and Xiang Fei smiled while washing his hands, “I am really your lucky star, you got a big business when I came. “

Shen Lin went along with him and said, “Thank you, my lucky star Xiang Fei. ” Shen Lin’s eyes were like crescent moons and Xiang Fei rarely saw him this happy, ” Good boy, why are you unexpectedly so happy for an order for thirty cups of coffee? “

“[1] En ! “Shen Lin couldn’t stop the joy that was about to burst out of his heart, and the sound he made came with a happy curve.

“Wow, big boy, you have changed. Quickly tell me what is it? I won’t believe that it is simply because of getting an order for thirty cups of coffee! ”

Shen Lin looked at the assistant girl who was standing there and secretly whispered in Xiang Fei’s ears, ” I will tell you when the lady is gone. ”


With hard work, they finished making thirty cups of coffee and the assistant girl called over her colleagues and carried away all of the cups to their office. Before their arrival, Xian Fei observed Shen Lin’s face and saw that he was quite unusual today.

Shen Lin is an introvert. Others won’t be able to guess his emotions even if that person is his best friend. And he has never felt so much happiness from Shen Lin. The assistant girl’s colleagues arrived there fast.

After entering the door, everyone took a few cups of coffee and was ready to go out, when a person who walked in from outside blocked them back in.

He walked into the store in a casual and chic manner and greeted Shen Lin: “Hi boss, Haven’t seen you for a long time. ”

Shen Lin didn’t expect him to come there today, so he was startled so much that he even forgot where to place his hands and legs.

Xiang Fei understood the reason behind Shen Lin’s happiness the moment he saw Fu Xueyan. He nudged the foolish-looking Shen Lin and said, ” Good boy, wake up.”

Shen Lin quietly said an ” Oh ” and quickly replied with a stammer, ” Ye… Yeah, long time no see. “

The assistant girl returned to the company with her colleagues first. Fu Xueuyan walked to the counter and asked for an extra cup of coffee. Shen Lin almost forgot how to make coffee in nervousness, “Do you want me to pack it for you? ”

Fu Xueyan saw him stuttering and said with a smile like the spring wind, ” Yes, good boy. “

Shen Lin’s ears instantly flushed, and he knocked over a cup in passing.


After Fu Xueyan left, Shen Lin foolishly looked at the door. Xiang Fei bumped him with his shoulder, “Fu Xueyan is still so handsome. “

Shen Lin strongly nodded, ” Yeah “

“Stupid. “

” I am not foolish. I am just so happy, Xiang Fei. “

“Okay, okay, I can see that.” Xiang Fei rubbed his head and sighed softly, ” You have been liking him for a long time, but he doesn’t even know you.”

Shen Lin’s face was a little red, and there was a gentle light of joy rippling in his eyes, “Now he knows me, he knows that I am the boss of this shop, and I am very content about that. “

” He comes here to drink my coffee and he has drunk a lot of times. Xiang Fei, I am really happy with this. ” When Xiang Fei saw that Shen Lin’s eyes were a little red, he hugged him to comfort him and said, ” I know and I am happy about you too.”

Shen Lin’s chin pressed on Xiangfei’s shoulder and his voice choked a little in emotion, “I never thought that I could get so far with him,  and I never thought he would talk to me. “

Fu Xueyan seems to be idle these days, so he would come to sit there every few days. Even though there weren’t many conversations Shen Lin was happy with this much.

After Fu Xueyan left, he went to clean up the table and found the documents left by Fu Xueyan on the table. He wanted to wait for Fu Xueyan to take it back when he came back next time, but then he became afraid, what if it was an important document. So after thinking about it, he decided to give it back to Fu Xueyan by himself.

He had heard the assistant girl mentioning the company’s name before. He entered the office building and found the company floor with the help of the signboards. The office was not so big with a dozen or so people. The lady at the front desk greeted him and asked, ” Aren’t you the owner of the coffee shop downstairs? “

“Yes. Is Director Fu here? He left his file in my shop. “

The lady at the front desk asked him to wait a moment and then connected the phone from Fu Xueyan’s office. Fu Xueyan walked out without taking a second more. Lin Shen, who has been practicing to strengthen his heart, did not become nervous this time.


[1]: Interjection indicating approval, appreciation, or agreement

So You Like Me Too

So You Like Me Too

Score 8.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
A sweet story about having a crush. Since a long time ago the shou has been secretly in love with the gong, but the gong wasn’t aware of this. After the gong meets the shou later, he falls in love with the shou and starts chasing him. It is a sweet fluffy story that is filled with warmth.


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