Sleepwalking? chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Something was wrong.

When Barry woke up, the warm morning sunshine showered on him while his mind still lingered on the spring dream he had had.

Last night, he dreamed he was together with Jimmy, his long-time secret crush. In the dream, the other called his name. The brown eyes were really pretty, the soft and slim body was as tender and smooth as ripples.

But something was wrong… There seemed to be some lump underneath his body. It wasn’t as soft as his own bed so he reached out to grab the thing on his body. It was coarse to touch, like a torn blanket in his warehouse.

Wait! Warehouse?

Barry slowly opened his eyes and looked aside nervously. And, his breath stopped.

His best friend, Jimmy, the one he secretly liked, was lying beside him, a dirty, shabby coat draped around his waist. The beautiful black hair with little curls intermingled with straws, the body was slightly curled up due to the early morning chill. The whole appearance seemed like he had been molested.

This, how did things become like this?

Barry remembered, last night, Jimmy came to his villa looking every bit wretched. His whole person had wilted and his head hung low, even his bouncy curls seemed deflated. He said his unreliable fiancée had taken all his money and run away. His landlord revoked his rental agreement while his boss fired him. He only had little money on him so he came to look for his best friend, Barry.

While sharing his own experience, Jimmy didn’t cry, but his brown eyes were tinted with moisture. The sight of the harrowed, pretty little face had Barry’s heart trembling in pain.

He wasn’t usually a soft-hearted person though.

Although he had been friends with Jimmy for many years, he still didn’t dare to express his sincere feelings to him. He also didn’t dare to cross the border of friendship. He wasn’t afraid of being rejected but of being hated… that he couldn’t even be friends with him.

Recently, the longing in his heart had only been deepening. It was even to the point that it hurt whenever he saw Jimmy and that woman together! Every time he thought that his cute little curls1 was going to spend his life with another person, it was really difficult to bear.

Therefore, he was more careful while handling his relationship with him. When Jimmy came to ask for help last night, he was half-drunk. He was afraid of doing something stupid, so while he was still sober, he heartlessly drove Jimmy to the warehouse in a hurry to have him spend the night there.

But how did things turn out to be like this? What’s going on?

His mind was now clearer. Although last night’s memories were still vague, he could faintly recall them. He still remembered how he had caressed Jimmy’s smooth body, kissed the flowing water like a sexy curve, and held his cute little calf.

STOP! Is this the time to think about that?!

Not caring about his unkempt shirt, Barry hurriedly ran inside the small villa beside the warehouse, climbed up to his bedroom, grabbed the bedsheets, and ran back. Then, he wrapped the naked Jimmy with the sheets. Worried of being seen, he looked around sneakily while princess-carrying the other. Then, he sped to his bedroom.

Not long after putting Jimmy down on the bed with so much effort, the guy woke up.

The misty eyes opened. When Jimmy twisted his uncomfortable body, Barry stiffened and his heart skipped.

“Barry…!” Jimmy’s soft voice drifted, sounding all weak and fragile.

To this cute little curls, he had been very ruthless last night… His heart was brimming with guilt right now. He had no way to face those limpid eyes so he ran away.

After running a bit, he realized… This doesn’t seem proper, right after I’ve had my fill…  Thinking about it now, he felt like he was really like a beast! Even though he still felt uneasy, he ran back to the room, a towel and pajamas in hand.

When he got back he saw Jimmy was trying hard to get up.

“Don’t move!” Barry really felt sorry and hurriedly came over to support him. Facing his innocent little curls, he was reminded once again that he had hurt him. With an aching heart, he picked him up and walked towards the bathroom.

Enduring the throbbing in his heart, he cleaned him and headed downstairs to the kitchen to make him breakfast. However, what was to come next was an eventuality he couldn’t evade.

And in this meantime, Barry’s mind was racing top-speed to find a way to deal with the situation.

“This, Jimmy….” Barry stared at Jimmy who was having his breakfast for a long time, his fingernails piercing his palm from all the guilt in his heart. He struggled to say, “Actually, I’m sick… I didn’t tell you before. I… I sleepwalk! While I’m sleepwalking, I’m practically not a human. Uh, no! I mean… I don’t remember anything when I wake up from sleepwalking.”

Barry stuttered and hesitated to finish his words. When done, he was too nervous to look at the other’s reaction.

Jimmy listened, his moist lips slightly open, obviously taken aback by the unexpected words! He was drinking milk at that time. The white foam lining his lips made him look silly and really cute.

At the sight of such a Jimmy, Barry felt guiltier and guiltier; he really wanted to rush into the kitchen and hang himself with spaghetti.

“I understand….” Jimmy seemed puzzled and sullen; he lowered his head, not drinking milk anymore.

As expected, he still hurt him? He wanted to hold him in his arms and comfort him… But he didn’t dare to do that!

Sigh…how did things turn out like this?

For the next few days, Barry had been conscientiously watching over him. Jimmy didn’t seem to be much different from before except being low in mood. So, Barry had been convincing himself this had nothing to do with that night. After all, Jimmy had just broken up, lost his job, and got kicked out by the landlord. It’s normal to be in a low mood, right…

What was normal? Barry was about to die from guilt.

With such a guilt-stricken mind and his feelings for Jimmy, Barry busied himself these days cautiously around him. He didn’t want this matter to leave a psychological shadow on Jimmy’s mind. How distressing it would be for him…

Ugh! Barry really hated himself now! How could he do that kind of thing? Not only was he very distressed but also really scared. What to do if Jimmy hates me now? What if he leaves me forever and never sees me again?

Thinking there’s a chance that he might not be able to see Jimmy from now on, Barry felt a pain in his heart.

Spending the whole week suffering from anxiety, just when Barry thought things might go back on track, Jimmy suddenly said to him, “Accompany me for a walk….”

Go out for a walk? Barry had never refused Jimmy’s request. Hence, after having breakfast this morning, he accompanied him for a walk.

The fragrance of green grass filled the early morning air in the park. Next to him, Jimmy’s black, curly hair was laced in a layer of mist. His brown eyes, really gentle; the beautiful collarbones were faintly discernible under the slightly larger shirt. The curve of the neck was exquisite and perfect. Walking beside him, Barry couldn’t take his eyes off him and felt his breathing was about to stop.

After walking aimlessly the whole morning, the sun gradually changed from hazy to warm. The entire time Jimmy didn’t say a word. Barry also didn’t ask or rather didn’t dare ask anything. They simply accompanied each other just like that.

When noon arrived, Jimmy said, “I wanna go eat at the shop we used to visit often.”

How could this be impossible? Barry hurriedly agreed.

This meal was exceptionally long, the taste of the food in the mouth didn’t matter anymore. Barry looked at the cute little curls eating in front of him, feeling both sad and happy.

After lunch, Jimmy wanted to go to the amusement park. Thus, two grown young men headed to the park.

They bought two boxes of popcorn, shot the gun, and won a clothed toy bear. Barry thought Jimmy seemed to be exceptionally happy today but there’s a faint sadness at the corners of his eyes.

Is he still hurting because of me?

In the evening, at Jimmy’s request, they went to the bar they frequented in the past.

The bar was lively as always. Jimmy didn’t go dancing but pulled Barry to sit in a quiet corner and ordered two glasses of wine. Barry naturally didn’t refuse it. In his eyes, although there were many pretty girls inside this bar, no one was better than the one in front of him.

Time flies particularly fast when one is happy. Soon it was midnight and Jimmy decided to head back.

The two of them came out of the bar. Unlike the hustle and bustle inside, it was cold and quiet, with only a drunkard and a dance hostess with a big laugh passing by.

Barry noticed Jimmy’s face was getting gloomier and gloomier. The pair of watery eyes seemed to be filled with sadness, looking like they would cry the next moment. Suddenly he felt like his heart had been grasped tightly, his eyes couldn’t leave Jimmy’s face, hurting incomparably inside.

All of this is his fault…

With glum and guilty thoughts, Barry didn’t pay attention to the road and even bumped into someone.

That fierce-looking fat man, followed by many underlings, looked like one not to be trifled with. The guy grabbed Barry by his collar at once and said fiercely, “Boy, looking for death?”

“He didn’t do it on purpose!” Barry had yet to react when Jimmy rushed over to plead. “We’re just passing by here, let him go, OK….”

Jimmy’s voice was tender and sweet, normally it would bring joy to the listener but now wasn’t the right time. The fat man glanced at the source of the sound. His eyes lit up immediately and his filthy thick hands reached for Jimmy’s beautiful chin.

“Boy, you really look good….”

Looking at the fatty’s movements, Barry almost couldn’t hold back his anger; he so wanted to tear that fatso into shreds regardless of everything.

However, what happened next was beyond all(their) expectations…

In that instant, Jimmy threw a powerful uppercut, landing directly on that guy’s chin!

Barry stared blankly as the guy almost flew sideways, the fat body smashed on the hard ground, the saliva drawing a round arc in the air. Those skinny underlings were scared out of their wits. The soft and cute-looking guy was actually a bully! They wasted no time in picking up their boss and scurried away in fright.

Barry simply stood there with his chin in hand…

How did he forget? Barry’s best friend, Jimmy, although looked soft and adorable, once in the boxing ring, could KO no less than 40 to 50 opponents. Due to his body’s limitations, although he couldn’t become a professional boxer, dealing with these little gangsters was hardly a problem to him.

Then, what about Barry? Could Barry win against Jimmy?

Barry realized he had totally forgotten to take this question into consideration. So as to say, if Jimmy wanted to refuse him that night, he would have simply broken all his bones. He would be lying in bed, unable to even get up, let alone dwell on things the next day.

After returning, Barry cautiously asked, “Jimmy, tell me… We… our night, what exactly happened?”

A trace of sadness appeared on Jimmy’s face and the pair of doe eyes twinkled as he said, “That night I was thinking about the bad things that had happened lately, lost in thoughts under a blanket in the warehouse. Then came a knock on the door so I opened the door and took a look. It turned out to be you….”

“Afterwards, I just….” Barry couldn’t ask more. He really didn’t want to hear him say how much of a beast he was.

“Then… You seemed to have had a lot of alcohol, walked in drunkenly and pulled my hand, and spoke a lot.” At this point, a slight smile graced his lips, his reddish cheeks were really adorable. Soon after, he looked down and said, “You said you love me, said you’ve loved me for so long… Then you asked me if I’m willing to be with you or not. So we just….”

Ah? So it was really like this?!

Barry was so shocked that he couldn’t even react for a while, completely stunned!

“I didn’t know you were sleepwalking at that time….” Jimmy was somewhat disappointed and lowered his head. He sighed and said, “I thought….”

Ah… ah… ah? What does this mean? Does it mean…?

“I know you don’t remember, but only I can’t let it go…,” Jimmy said broken-heartedly, “therefore I hope you could accompany me for a day, and that way we can continue being friends….”

Wait! Don’t be impulsive!

“Barry, my dearest friend.” Jimmy smiled with a trace of sadness and stroked his little curly hair and said, “This is all my misunderstanding so you don’t have to feel guilty. Barry, if you are willing, we can still—”

“Wait!” Barry couldn’t bear it anymore! He jumped from his seat abruptly, looking affectionately at his beloved little curls in front of him.

Jimmy was scared, lifted his head, and stared blankly at him.

Right now, Barry was shocked by this great joy and his mind went blank! He looked at the little curls with an innocent and gentle expression before him. How could he hold it back?

Thus, Barry rushed over and gave Jimmy a fierce and affectionate kiss.

“Jimmy…,” Barry was embracing his beloved little curls, barely hiding his excitement, and said, “everything I told you is true! I love you…!”

And thus, they got together.

Think it’s over?

About three months later, while Barry, now a newlywed, was looking for something in the cabinet, he stumbled upon a strange little bottle. It was half-empty and there were a bunch of bizarre chemical symbols written on it. An obvious small label on it read— Vertiaserum2.

It was only now that Barry remembered. Apparently, that night he had missed Jimmy a lot and got piss drunk. Then, he opened this little bottle, took a swig… It turns out this was what really happened!

This secret, it’s better to be a secret forever…



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Drunk Barry and his beloved Jimmy rolled the straw in the warehouse. Barry was itching to hang himself with spaghetti noodles thinking he had hurt Jimmy. He used sleepwalking as an excuse, it was a bit nonsensical, but he didn’t have any way out… Content label: a unique match made in heaven One sentence introduction: Barry thought he hurt Jimmy…


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