Shining Darkness chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Once upon a time, a story from long ago when a race other than humans roam the lands…

An angel descended to the ground.

The angel had long shiny platinum hair, so shiny that it radiated light.

A lone demon went to the surface of the earth.

The devil had jet-black hair as if to show off the darkness, and it was the existence that dyed everything dark.

Whether they met by accident or destiny… no one knows that.

Their hearts were attracted to each other, fell in love, and their love was nurtured.

That wasn’t a problem for him as a devil, but it was something that shouldn’t fit her as an angel.

An angel who falls in love with the devil – she was called to the world of fallen angels.

The archangel tried to quarantine her, admonish her and implicate her, but her heart was unshakable.

The devil, he didn’t want to let her be fallen, but whenever he thinks he should give up on her, his heart felt like it was being pricked by needles.

And then, the incident happened.

She was so desperate to go with him that she cut off her pure white wings, the proof of her being an angel.

The archangel and the other angels lamented at the wings she left.

The devil, he lamented his worthlessness when he saw her who had lost her wings.

「Just you」, she told him her heart with a refreshing smile.

「I just love you…」

That is an old, old story.

A story about an angel who fell in love with a devil, and was no longer an angel.

One love story that is still being told.

Before she knew it, her love story had become a book that was being read by humans.

It’s a story that is a bit different from the truth and is not entirely true, but it’s also not all false.

Only she and he know the true story from her encounter with him to the present…

Still, Fera thinks she likes this story as if it represents her heart.

Because it’s definitely true that she fell in love with him and lost her wings…


“?…What’s so funny?”

With Fera’s small laugh, Renan, who was also reading a book and sitting back to back with her, turned around and asked.

“No, it’s nothing. I just remembered the first time I met Renan. “

When Fera shook her head, as if she were to show off herself as a shining being, her platinum hair shone back and forth.

Every time he sees Fera, Renan realizes that she really is an angel or a goddess.

Even though she doesn’t have those white wings on her back anymore, he could always be convinced that her shining parts hadn’t been damaged, even if she had no wings.

“Because Renan, didn’t you suddenly grab my arm when we first met, right? I was really surprised back then.”

“Oh, yeah that’s right. I didn’t mean for you to be surprised, though. Because the surprised one is rather me.”

Since Renan faced front again, they returned to leaning on each other’s backs, so they could not see each other’s facial expressions, but they started talking without minding.

What Renan remembered was Fera’s surprised look when she looked at him when he held her arm.

Fera remembered Renan, who was also surprised when he grabbed her arm, whose eyes took on a different color from the surprise.

If Renan didn’t come to the surface that day, and if there wasn’t a Fera at that place that time, then there might not be the two of them together right now.

Everything might have been a coincidence.

Everything might have been a fated encounter.

Perhaps, even this existing reality might have been a mere fleeting dream.

Still, for Fera, this time is a grain of miracle she finally had.

And for Renan, this is the scene due to him realizing and not giving up his feelings.

An irreplaceable time for them.

“You know I”


Fera tells Renan in a mumble.

“I… I don’t need anything else if I can be with Renan. Even if I’m no longer an angel, even if I don’t have those white wings on my back anymore, no matter where I live, it’s enough if Renan is there. Really. I don’t need anything else… So don’t worry that I’m no longer an angel.”

When he was told the thing he had always thought about, Renan smiled.

“That’s not what I was worried about, though. Even if you don’t have angel wings on your back, you’re still a shining entity to me. I also… I just need you. I don’t want any status, honor or power. I can’t even think of wanting them. Just that, I always want you next to me. That’s it… I don’t care about anything else. “

“I’m always on by your side. I’ll always be next to Renan. Because this is the place where I belong. Exactly because I am with Renan that I can shine…”

I don’t need white wings.

I can even live without a shining sky.

Even if I need to throw away everything else, as long as I have you, then I’m fine.

Even if it meant falling into an endless abyss, I don’t mind as long as I’m with you.

As long as you are there, my heart is always spreading its wings in the shining sky…

Shining Darkness

Shining Darkness

Hikari Kagayaku Yami, 光り輝く闇
Score 6.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese
The angel her and the devil him were attracted to each other and fell in love. That type of an old story.


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