She Will Be Loved chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Dense at night on a highway that was getting more solitary.There was a sound of car speeding up it’s speed. It is going for miles and emptying the gas tank. Turn around turns until finally the brake pedal makes the car stop instantly in the parking lot that filled with other luxury cars.
Time can said it was 12 at midnight,but the atmosphere of this village was more crowded than solitary instead. Without Patience that mand get out of his car and lock it before leaving that place.
As far as eye can see,there are various types of women who look seductive while removing spoiled seductions in order to lure every man who comes in every house in a narrow alley. But not to that man with baseball jacket and grey pant. No one wants to bother to spend their energy to seduce the man,because they understood very well that there was only one house to visit. One house that became the target of many men.
Rain poured suddenly,making people who are not ready with it’s arrival suddenly dithered.The man accelerated his pace by running,trying as fast as lightning to get to the goal.His efforts are not wasted,he was in front of the simple house that he always visits right now.Just he want to knock the door,but suddenly there is a man out of the house with messy conditions and a happy face.Anger was clearly illustrated on the man’s face, it seems that he wants to finish every man who came to the house one by one. although his emotions overflowed but he didn’t do anything. Not because he did’t dare,but he know very well,every man with money have the right to going in or out to the house included that man just now.
As if knowing the arrival of the man, the beautiful woman the owner of the house is now right in front of the door with a dazzling sleeping gown.Greeted him with the best smile she has. The smile that manages to make the man fascinated at the first sight. The smile that always makes him want to stay. The smile only shown to him.
Without words and pleasantries the man immediately entered the house, looking for the room that she had prepared just for him. Until that he arrived at the room the man immediately lay down regardless of his body that had been drenched in the rain. The woman that following his steps until the room was immediately approached the man and sat on the mattress while looking at the tired face of the man.
“How rare for you have already arrived at this hour,what happen ?”
the woman slowly opened the jacket jacket worn by the man and tried to release the jacket from the body of the men,while there was no meaningful response from the man, even when the jacket was successfully released.
“As usual,they fight again”
Whan she heard the explanation from the man, the woman just cast down her head.Knowing who are ‘they’ really meant.
“Oh yes, how the results of the announcement? Graduated with satisfactory results?” After jacket, the woman tried to unbutton the uniform of the man and remove it from the man’s body so that now the man is bare-chested.
“Yes it was, thanks to your support and prayers.”
“God will not listen to the prayers of women like me.” The woman said with a sad look.
“Stttt, god will hear every prayer of his beliver.oh yes, this is the result of today stage.” The man sat up and put his finger on the lips of the lady. While remembering something, he rushed his pants pocket and found a brown envelope torn from the water.
“Simply take it yourself for this time.”
“But you need this for everyday purposes.” The man said while still holding the contents of the envelope on the woman.
“But you also need this, I don’t want to burden you.”
“Then we just split it in two,the first half for me and the other half for you”
As if just getting the right solution, the woman immediately nodded and smiled happy.Didn’t know why she was always touched by every action that the man who was in front of him now.
“Alright,I’m tired so I’ll sleep first”The man lay his body and sleep.
The woman who is now left to sleep can only come do

She Will Be Loved

She Will Be Loved

Score 3.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2015 Native Language: Indonesian
A short story between a rich young man and a poor prostitute.


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