She Wants to Break Her Engagement! chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

She wants to break her Engagement!

“Canan, I’m breaking off my engagement with you.”

The good-looking young man in front of me looks at me with a serious and somewhat stern expression.

Breaking off the Engagement… Did you just say you want to break off the engagement?!

Thurriedly shoved three cookies into my mouth and wiped my sugar-stained fingers on my dress.

I hand-combed my bangs, which were split down the middle, and swallowed a cookie.

“Oh, my God!”

As I finish my preparations, I squeeze out a sorrowful voice.

“Alfred-sama, what… are you saying- excuse me, I have a cookie in my throat, ugh… no, ok, what… are you saying?”

Three cookies were tough.

Even though I was thinking that, I didn’t take my gaze off Alfred-sama.

He looked defeated, but tried to reiterate it with his chest out, as if he was trying to show the pretty commoner next to him that he was cool.

“Canan, my engagement with you.”

“Oh, wait!”

Oops, I didn’t finish my preparations.

I hurriedly took out a black square machine from the hem of my dress and pointed it at Alfred-sama.

“Come on, Alfred-sama! Let’s hear your lines! Come on, come on!”

Alfred-sama looks frustrated, as if he’s lost his nerve.

No, hurry up and do it.

“Enough, Canan! I am! I’m breaking my engagement with you! I’m breaking it! And! And! I’m going to marry this girl! i’m going to marry Judy here!”

“Oh oh oh Excellent! You said it so well, Alfred-sama!”

I almost clap my hands.

But this is the time to calm down.

I wonder if it’s time to cry.

If you look around, you will see that all the eyes in this hall were on us.

Well, that’s right At the 18th birthday celebration of Alfred-sama, the second prince, Canan, the daughter of the Count of Count of Kokoria, was abandoned.

Moreover, Alfred-sama said that he would marry Judy, a commoner.

The eyes of the people were filled with curiosity.

I wish I could shed a tear or two here.

But unfortunately, I can only shake my shoulders.

It wasn’t because I was holding back tears, but because I couldn’t help but laugh.

But, of course, Alfred-sama did not know this. He wants a lot of people to recognize him and Judy.

He holds Judy’s shoulders and gives me a cold stare.

“Canan, I heard that you lied to Judy about the scope of the test, made her stay in school, frightened her with insects, and even made her fall down the stairs and hurt herself. I don’t care how much you love me, you can’t hurt my little Judy.”

No, it’s too short!

That’s a terrible short tattle-tale!

Judy, get a grip…

You should think more and play the tragic heroine before you smile like a bad character behind Alfred-sama’s back…

I almost dropped the black machine I was holding in my hand.

Judy transferred to Samaria Academy, where Alfred-sama and I attended, about three months ago.

Samaria Academy is a place where the children of noble families learn about academics, music, and other aspects of being a lady and gentleman.

It seems that the only reason she, a commoner, was allowed to enter this place was because her mother is the mistress of the Samaria Academy’s President.

How unrefined.

At first, Judy was looked down upon, furthermore she seemed to look narrow-minded, but many men were attracted to her undignified attitude, her purity that shines through even the most worthless jewels, and her cheerful and gentle personality, as she was enjoying her school life.

As a commoner, she had no one to show off to.

As a commoner, she didn’t know the value of jewelry.

In reality, she was just taking advantage of the fact that she managed to gather the affection of the high-ranking men within a month of arriving at the school, and was making a lot of condescending remarks towards the other noble young ladies. Of all the jewelry given to her by the men, she had sold all but the most expensive ones.

Why don’t these men see it?

She has a delicate body that makes you want to protect her, white skin, big blue eyes, and beautiful blond hair.

One by one, the men fell in love with Judy.

Alfred-sama was no exception.

Judy found herself spending a lot of time with Alfred-sama, and here she was.

Sometimes I would pass by them on the street, and Alfred-sama would look away from me, while Judy would show me a grin.

It was annoying, but also a little amusing.

Oh no, I need a reality check.

The whispering voices spread.

I guess there’s a lot of self-serving speculation from the outsiders.

Alfred-sama is looking down at me with a satisfied expression on his face, while Judy’s bad character is showing on her face.

Oh, no. Poor Canan.

Even though she has such beautiful black hair that is elegantly braided.

An attractive pair of red eyes.

And even wearing such a beautiful dress.

Well then, Let’s now clear up the misunderstanding, shall we?

“Excuse me, Alfred-sama. The reason why Judy’s test results were not good is because of her brain. In the first place, Judy and I are in different classes. Do you think she can study at the same level as me? We’re in different classes, so there’s no way the scope of the test is the same. There’s no way to tell, is there? Did I scare her with a bug? That’s not true. I once calmed Judy down at lunch when she screamed because there was a bug on the table, and I picked it up with my hand and swept it across the yard. And she was pushed down the stairs? Oh, yet you’re still alive, Judy! When did it happen? In my memory, I never pushed her.”

Without taking a breath, I grumbled, then I looked at him, “Come on, tell me when it happened.” my eyes urged.

Alfred-sama looked at Judy, his face turning a little pale.

I think he is beginning to realize his blunder.

He tends to get caught up in his emotions, but he’s not stupid.

“… don’t know because I only heard it from her… Judy, when did that happen?”

“…oh, I don’t remember that. It’s such a trivial thing..!”

I’m sure you don’t.

Because I didn’t push you.

It’s too classic to push you down the stairs.

It’s too much like being a villainess!

If I were to push you, I’d push you down from the roof!

Looking around the hall, there are many Viscount daughters who are Judy’s friends and many men who fell in love with her.

“I wonder if any of you have seen Judy fall down the stairs? Did any of you see Judy fall down the stairs and get injured? If Judy was injured and came to school, Alfred-sama, how could you not see her?”

I release my words loudly and openly.

Finally, I stared at Alfred-sama in the eye.

“Judy has never missed a day of school. If you’ve never seen her hurt, how could she have been pushed down the stairs?”

“It’s… not necessarily an injury that is visible to the eye.” ”

But she was intentionally pushed down, wasn’t she? And she got hurt, didn’t she? But if she can fall down without spraining her legs or hurting her arms, then why not do just that?”


Oh, my bad. It’s already this late.

I put the black machine away into my dress and smiled at Alfred-sama, letting my long hair flutter behind me.

“Alfred-sama, it’s time for you to wake up. Unfortunately, Judy isn’t the right person for you as the second prince. It’s not because she’s a commoner, but because she has a low level of personality and brain. On the other hand, Count Kokolia’s daughter, Canan, is a very nice woman who looks beautiful and thoughtful. Well, you were also an unexpected idiot, so I guess, Canan is too good for you.”

I put my index finger to my chin and muttered to myself, and the people in the hall were dumbfounded, their mouths hanging open.

“You’ve been… praising yourself too much for a while now..”

Well said, Alfredo! I guess everyone thought so too.

A few of them nodded quietly.

Yes, I’ve been careless.

“My name is Tina Usewald. I’m a princess of a neighboring country. A princess! Jeez!”

No one could follow me as I suddenly became more excited.

That’s true, too. I mean, I look like Canan.

“Just give me a minute, please.”

I quickly remove my black hair wig.

It’s like, “Welcome back to my hair”.

My silver hair, which was hidden by the wig, softly touched my cheek.

Alfred-sama furrowed his brow.

“You… look like Canaan in height and face… No, but.”

His face turned pale and he mumbled to himself.

I’m sure he’ll notice when my hair color changes.

I’m not Canan.

I quickly approached him and whispered in his ear.

“I’m sure Canan is getting along with my brother now. Canan, who took on the responsibility of being Alfred-sama’s fiancée alone, must have found it hard to do her best for you, who is obviously stuck to Judy. When she was crying alone, my brother, Belt, comforted her, and before she knew it, they were in love. And when he saw that you were going to break off the engagement, he asked me, who had the same eye color and similar height as Canan, to take Canan’s place. Two weeks ago, I was asked to go to this party as Canan’s replacement. Can you believe it? I’m making such a spectacle for my only little sister, and I’m happy as I can be with my beloved Canan. I was trying my best to imitate Canan’s habits and whatnot. Well, lucky for us, neither you nor Judy remembered Canan’s voice or mood. Thank God you were so easily fooled.”

Uhu, I smiled and stepped back, holding the hem of my dress and bowing.

“Goodbye Alfred-sama, Judy-sama. Canan will be the Queen of Tertonia, so don’t hesitate to get along with her. Everyone has a happy ending! I’m happy to get paid too. Come on, everyone! Shall we celebrate Alfred-sama’s birthday? Or do you want to hear about Canan’s story? We’ve got a decade’s worth of stuff in here! Just for today.”

My voice echoed throughout the hall, but no one seemed to be able to behave in a manner appropriate to the occasion, their eyes wandering as they watched the reactions of those around them.

I thanked Alfred-sama once again, grabbed four cookies, and left the castle.

I think I heard Judy’s loud crying, but… I’m sure it was just my imagination.

“Well done, Tina!”

“Thank you, Tina.”

Hey, hey, hey. I’m not happy to hear you thanking me while being hugged by you both over here.

Even if my brother is the first prince…

Someday, he’ll be the highest man in the country, right?

Don’t be so delirious, just because Canaan is cute…

What a mess. I don’t know why I, the younger sister, have to struggle so much just to keep my brother’s beloved from being a freak show in front of everyone

“Now I can take Canaan with me and return to my country with pride. It’s been a very fruitful study abroad experience!”

As I watched my brother and Canan looking happy, I took a bite of the cookie.

This brother… took advantage of his sister who would do anything as long as she was paid.

“Yes, just in case Alfred-sama will take back his words that he will break off his engagement to Canan-sama! I made sure to record his words, so you don’t have to worry at all ”

I presented the black machine to them.

“It’s a voice recorder. Anyway, Tina, how were you able to develop such an excellent thing…?”

“Really. Tina, you have a wonderful creative mind.”

“Well, my brain is different. Brother, don’t worry about that. Just give me the money you promised.”

“This isn’t how you’re supposed to behave with your family members… Tina, you’ll have to get married sooner or later, but if you’re too greedy for money, you’ll end up destroying yourself.”

“Are you talking about when to use it?… money never betrays you.”

“Yes, yes.”

I give them both a dumbfounded look as they stare at me smiling, then I decide to go back to my room.

My name is Tina Usewald.

I’m the princess of a neighboring country, but behind the scenes I run a general store and make a lot of money.

But in my previous life, I was in a country called Japan. As an independent woman in society, I earned my living by working part-time.

Thanks to the knowledge I gained from my part-time jobs, I was able to create a voice recorder and managed to put on makeup to resemble Canan, with whom I had only height and eye color in common with.

Even if I live as a princess in this world, money will not betray me.

The only thing that did not betray me in my previous life was not people, love, or knowledge.

It was money I chucked to myself.

In this world, I will live on my own.

Even if it means kicking someone down.

I will do anything. I haven’t even lived my life fully during those 27 years.

I was constantly failing to get interviews for full-time jobs, and had to work part-time to make a living.

My boyfriend cheated on me, and my parents yelled at me to not come home until I get a job.

I was supposed to be dead, but, well, I guess that’s just the way life is.

If you give me money, I will work hard for it.

Even if it’s breaking an engagement or a crime.

If you have any problems, please contact Tina Usewald.



She Wants to Break Her Engagement!

She Wants to Break Her Engagement!

Kanojo wa Konyaku Haki Saretai, 彼女は婚約破棄されたい
Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
“Canan, I’m breaking off my engagement with you.”My fiancé’s words made me rejoice!Thank you. Thank you!Thank you very much, God!This is a story about a money-hungry Heroine who wants to break off her engagement.It’s a casual, easy-going engagement break-up.


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