Seven Lifetimes chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)



The beginning what is it like?

Does not remember at all.



First Lifetime

A long time ago, in a place that was a dense forest, there lives a small dandelion whose life is peaceful.

Every day, it drinks the morning dews, enjoys the sunshine during the day, bathes in the sunset when it’s evening, and sleeps within the quiet night.

Life is dull, and that dullness pass as so.

But one day, there is sudden burst of wind, strongly attracted by the dandelion’s thin and flexible body, he [the wind] could not stand it and hurriedly flew upward, circling around it one loop and then another loop (revolving).

The wind does not have malicious intentions, was merely attracted. However, it did not know how the fragile and beautiful dandelion fears the strong gusts of wind blowing.

After struggling helplessly the dandelion was finally dispersed by the wind.

Seeing her body parts fly away in the wind, dandelion was distress and angry.

Wind, just to satisfy your curiosity, you have disperse my body. This life, I can only be refrain myself [not content] while leaving; but the next life, I will come find you and demand you to recover all of this.

Wind blames itself, and then feels regretful. It looks to the sky and shouted, deity, I am willing to suffer punishments in the next life in order to atone for my mistakes of this life.



Second Lifetime


How long has passed? Ought to have gone through reincarnation.


Under a hundred year old tree is a place that grows a huge mushroom. Today, however, half of the mushroom’s body is gone, it’s the result from a bite of a female rabbit that lives in the tree’s hollow hole.

Remaining in the tree’s hollow hole is a lonely male rabbit; they used to be a loving couple.

For whatever reason that cannot be said, when the male rabbit sees mushroom in front of the hole each time, there is always guilt surfacing in his heart. So he does not eat it, does not let his wife eat it, even when having different bouts of hunger.

Yet, due to her hunger the female rabbit lost her thinking within the panic, took advantage of the male rabbit not being there, immediately bit half of the mushroom.

However, the mushroom was actually toxic. When the male rabbit came back, his wife was already powerless and cannot wait for him.

The male rabbit was extremely sorrowful, and asked the half-body mushroom, mushroom, why did you poison my beloved wife?

Mushroom shakes its mutilated body to respond to the male rabbit that if your wife had not eaten me, everything would have been fine. But she happens to eat me from time to time. You only blame me for poisoning the person you love, yet you did not know through this she has left half of my body disabled, how will I continue to live on?

However, you poisoned my wife. The male rabbit resents.

Mushrooms sneer. Well, you may not remember that in the past life you owe me. This life my body carries poison, selected to be reborn in front of your house, but wanting to take my life, demanding the past life debts you owed me. Who can expect that the life I took was actually your wife’s life.

Male rabbit recalls the previous life. Looking at his wife’s stiff body, he bit his teeth to prevent the tears from flowing, said to the destroyed mushroom that I owed you in past life; this life being poisoned by you is obvious. But you poisoned my wife. I will eat you clean, and after I die I will repay all the debts of past life; wait until the next life, the debt collector is me, I’ll make you pay for the hatred of you killing my wife.

Centuries under the tree, mushroom is no longer there. Many years lying dead under the tree are still two cold, stiff rabbit corpses.



Third Lifetime


How bustling, what day is it today?

Turns out it’s a pair of lovers in a wedding ceremony.

Already bowed to the heaven and earth, bowed to the ancestors, when the bride came into the nuptial chamber, the bridegroom has softly fell down.

Not understanding how the situation turns out that way, the bride has become a widow.

After all she is still young, despite loving her husband very strongly when he was alive, and recalling him for a long time after his death, she cannot endure a life of lonely years, was lured by the love of another.

However, this world cannot tolerate such: the person she loves is her husband’s younger brother, her brother-in-law.

Within the happiness and panic, she and him were discovered. However, she was the only one punished.

He said that sister-in-law seduce him even though he refused the temptation of sex.

Thus she was condemned by a thousand, hundreds of people reviled/spit and curse at.

People find it hard to understand, dignified and virtuous, is that not what was used to describe her? Why would she do such a filthy thing?

She is also puzzled. Does not understand former days of gentle feelings have now become animosity.

Everyone said to not let her live longer, too shameful.

He personally sent poisoned wine to her.

She said, let me die in a clean manner.

He laughs sinisterly. Kill my brother, seduce sister-in-law, when you both go West [are dead], I will control the family wealth.

She laughed, coldly grieves/hurt. Then the love you had for me was it also fake?

Of course. He not a bit begrudgingly/stingy told her the truth.

She raised her head to drink the poisoned wine in the cup. Blood in the corner of her mouth ran down.

She said, I did not regret loving you in this life, perhaps in my previous life I had owed you, so I smiled and drink this wine; however, you have forsaken my sincerity, next life, I will certainly seek revenge.

When she collapsed her eyes were not closed. She wants to look closely at the person in front of her, despite appearance changes in the next life, [she] will recognize his soul.




Fourth Lifetime


Pirates are rampant, the government officials are helpless.

She is an officer’s daughter, literacy and military perfected, beauty and arts unparalleled.


The prefect said to the officer, raise/employs you for what reason, cannot even accomplish [the task of] subduing pirates. The deadline is March, if you cannot solve the case/investigation, you will be discharged from your post and will return with family to receive death sentence.

Daughter said to father, let me infiltrate the pirates, inevitably there will be fights, better than to let our family die.

Officer cannot bear, but also had no choice and nodded.

She infiltrated the pirate groups.

The leader of the pirates is young and valiant, if only he would follow the righteous path, she would have described him as virtuous and graceful.

He treated her very well. She understood how good it was, after all, it’s different from a weak pampered daughter with shallow knowledge who spends her days within the lady’s chamber.

More and more her affections for him grew. Heart slowly wavers between the two boundaries, but the thought of his identity, the thought of her family’s lives, cannot help make her gut writhe.

Eventually, under a conflicted/compressed heart, [she] revealed him.

Government officials succeeded in encircling and annihilating the pirates. Officials laughed, but the common people wept.

The people said to her, you are a woman of scourge, why so horrid; the pirates are the unsung heroes, and the officials are the corrupted ones. The bad guys kill the good guys, is there a clear sky [justice] in this human world?

She realizes then it’s her own fault.

Before he was beheaded, eyes filled with tears she went to see him. She cried, he laughed.

He said, my entire life I am careful, once emotional, my eyes also became blurred, cannot actually see the ill intent of yours. This life I die because of you, must be in the past life I owe you, I will not resent; nonetheless, you harmed a numerous number of my innocent brothers, I have to resent. This life is doomed; the next life let us repay these resentments together?

She nodded. I owe you in this life, the next life am willing to repay.

He was beheaded; she dies eventually from sadness.



Fifth Lifetime


Since young she was blind in both eyes, but looks and temperament are good, her character is first class.

When sixteen year old, her parents sought a husband for her. A talented handsome man, due only to a deteriorating situation enter the household as son-in-law [to be an impasse; idiom].

She and he treated each other as an honored guest [idiom] (mutual respect); were also a loving affectionate couple for over two years.

Exactly two years later, a gratuitous conflagration rose, he at that time was not present. Although she was blind, she was rescued, but her parents perished in the flames.

When she was distraught, fortunately his love and care slowly lift her spirit.

He brought her home, the place of his hometown.

She cannot see and is not familiar with the area, when fumbling through heard her husband’s voice.

He is worshipping his parents. He said, father and mother, revenge has been achieved, the people that have framed us I set a fire that burns them; but their daughter, please father and mother forgive, the way I treat her is sincere, truthfully I was unable to finish her off. She is a good woman, the things her parents have done, she did not know. I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

She rushed in, angry and sad.

She said, I always feel my eyes was the cause of someone’s sin, God/deity has punish me; behold it was actually my parents that did something wrong. However, this whole life I have lived in darkness and that is already a punishment, why did you not let go of the hatred and killed my parents? You are my husband, what do you want me to do?

Her body turns flaccid and fell down. He found out her pulse was weak like a candle out of wax, and so his heart became alarmed.

She tragically wept and said, perhaps I have owed you in the past life, this life you came to demand me the debts. But you pity me love me and cannot finish me, could only accomplish [revenge] with the people I loved.

How can I bring myself to hate and blame you? However, you did not hurt me, but my parents. Next life, will you tell me what’s to be done, make you repay the debt?

The tears rolled down his eyes. I owed you; next life, if you cannot bear to make me pay, then, let me come repay you.

Her eyes closed from tiredness, thus ends the constant entanglements of this life.




Sixth Lifetime


That year in the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival, he and she inadvertently came together/knock against each other amidst the crowd.

When standing face-to-face, time stands still, as if each moment of their brains has been through years of memories, an indescribable sense of familiarity within.

However, he has never seen her, and she has never seen him before.

As if magic lures in, his and her heart, beat the same rhythm.

Then the crowd broke them up.

Before each figure slowly disappears, his and her eyes, from start to end are still entangled deeply, within their hearts have imprinted each other faces.

Later, he and she discovered, they turned out to be the children of two families with a history of feud.

Each person laments of the world teasing them, but could not withstand the hidden love within the heart for that other person.

Secretly met, secretly enjoy/joyful, and was eventually discovered.

The two wives wrath; how can we tolerate our children for such outrageous acts? The two people were punished according to family rules, the relationship between the two families grew even worse, your child is immodest and went to seduce my child.

No matter how many injuries on the skin, despite how two families aggressively prohibit, the two young hearts are strengthen to walk together [along the same place].

He suffers untold hardships (idiom) to make his trusted servant relay the words to her, he said, will you go with me, give up everything; she has thousand ways, hundred plans (idiom) to answer him, saying, I will go with you; have you, I will have everything.

However, the outcome was not as good as his and her beautiful vision(s).

When she finally tries many times to escape her house successfully [rack one’s brains for schemes (idiom)], rushed to appointed place, but he does not appear, there is only his servant.

Servant said, Miss when you hear do not be too sad. The head of family asked master if now I will give you the entire family business, but the condition is to not have any contact with that woman, and immediately marry your cousin, would you be willing to? I do not know how the young master answer, merely listen to his instructions to come her and pass on the words to you miss that I’m sorry, he cannot come.

Her heart instantly broke into ten million pieces.

With numbness as she returned home, without resistance from the elders, she agrees to get marry.

On the wedding day, his servant carry along with him a bloody body injury, being hit and chased, but was brave and rushed into the hall with no thought of personal safety. The servant shouted, Miss, do not marry!

She protects him: speak, what did he say, you can speak slowly.

Everyone is afraid to go forward. They can understand/see that in her palm hid a prepared needle, but the direction, it is pointing to the feeble groom.

The servant firstly shed a few tears, and then began to speak.

Miss, what I told you back then was only half of what I’ve heard; after going back, I realized the situation was not how I perceive it.

I do not know on that day the head also put a cup of poisoned wine in front of master. The head then asked master to speak, master did not answer a single word, just quietly drank the poisoned wine, and then loudly commanded me who was outside the room to speak with you Miss that I’m truly sorry, I [he] cannot come.

I immediately transfer the words to you Miss; so when I came back, the young master’s body have been cold already.

Every day I wanted to tell you the truth, Miss, but this place, the defense is too tight.

Miss, today I rushed desperately risking my life, just wanted to tell you, master has never forsaken you, you mustn’t for ten million times do foolish things.

She listened quietly. The bones covering her body wear out; the gurgling sound turns into blood ejected from her mouth. However, her expression was tranquil.

She smiles, incomparably tragic, quietly laughs.

She said to the servant, perhaps, this is due to the fate of he and I held closely together. It was determined that he and I this entire lifetime will become entangled but bears no results/happy ending. Perhaps even more, he and I were already entangled in the previous lifetimes, otherwise, why do I feel exhausted? I wish nothing but request that you bring me along, and bury me with him.

Not letting anyone persuade or interrupt, she held the needle in her hand, and pierces her throat/pharynx.




Not the seventh lifetime.

What was the beginning like?


She wakes up, carrying with her a tremendous feeling of vicissitudes.

Standing next to her is the deity that stood above thousands of deities. On her own, she remembers she was originally just a small deity that fell for a human because she was playing with the clouds. The rain had swept her down to the human world, she met a man, the man put his umbrella above her head, letting his clothes wet thoroughly and finely.

Thus she went back to Heaven and said to the head of deities she did not want to be a deity anymore, she did not want to be in the heavenly world anymore, she wanted to a mortal, she wants to go to the human world.

The head of deities said, is it worth it? Because that mortal man sheltered you from a few raindrops, you were moved and want to give up your deity status for him?

She nodded firmly.

The head of deities said: Well, I can meet your request, but you have to go through the ordeals and trials He will as well. I shall place you and him into the cycle of life and death; you must overcome seven sharpen lifetimes. I set for you both several lifetimes of grudge, you must go through the entanglements along with a few lifetimes of injustice and resentment. If finally, you both are able reach the realm of entanglement of life and death interdependent of boundary in the last life, I will give you my blessing; if not, you will be scatter into ashes and disperse into smoke. Do you want still want to be a mortal?

The small deity cannot control own throbbing heart, does not hesitate to throw herself into cycle of many painful reincarnations.

Initially, the beginning was actually like this.

But, she thought, why is there only six lifetimes? Where is the seventh?

She was perplexed and looks to the head of deities.

The head of deities said, I originally set for you two a seventh lifetime of suffering entanglements, originally thought that you and him will still be in a revenge of endless grievances with each other. But since you and him are linked together too deeply, just after six lifetimes, has achieved the interdependent point of life and death. That seventh lifetime has been useless.

I will fulfill my promise to let you become a mortal.

Set the seven lifetime for you to descend to the human world. This life, I will bestow you and him love and happiness.



Deity grants the seventh lifetime.


The impermanent of the weather turns erratic, if wanting to rain will rain. Obviously it was a sunny day, but a thunderstorm suddenly occurs.

When she hurriedly ran to avoid the rain she actually fell to the ground.

Suddenly, there was an umbrella over her head, holding the umbrella was a handsome man.

He moved the umbrella on top of her head, his clothes got wet thoroughly to fineness (complete wetness).

He gave her his hand, and she puts her hand in his, he folded his hands, gently lifts her up.

An umbrella shades the shadows of the two figures, gradually blurs in the distance.





That day, in the rain I saw her fell. At that moment I had a feeling, like seeing a deity carelessly let the rain swept her down to the human world.

My heart has never jump such chaotic rhythm.

I walked toward her with my umbrella to shelter her head from the rain, stretched out my hand to her, support her up with hand, still did not let go.

Until now, still will not let go.

I had a dream, in that dream she is the sky deity, originally carefree and without worries, when her heart has me, she recklessly came down to the human world.

Waking up, it’s like a fantasy it’s like reality.

In the coming years, I must put all my heart in loving and caring for her.

Because she loves me, she has renounced her deity status/paradise.



Seven Lifetimes

Seven Lifetimes

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Two souls share a cyclical destiny of revenge. Can they overcome and find happiness within seven lifetimes?


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