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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2012 Native Language: Chinese Posted by: Nyanta Posted on: Updated on: View: ? Views
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Synopsis Ziqin

*Title: 梓(zǐ) referencing to Chinese Catalpa(a tree with creamy white flowers);琴(qín): a musical instrument such as a guqin or zither

Not knowing how many times in the middle of the night dreaming about the past, there is always a soft voice whispering in his ear, the words “master”, “master”. The callings cause his heart to soften, but once again swiftly turns sour.

Hundreds of years getting by in emptiness and solitary on Qing Zhu Feng Shang (Bamboo Peaks), only a dried up peach tree that is about to die is left, along with qin that has broken strings. Everyday he shuts himself off, concentrating on refining his cultivation techniques, not because of the possibilities of receiving a serious internal injury but for whatever reason he was not aware of. He wanted to wait, to protect that person, but will not meet [that person] ever again…


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