I Only Summon Slime
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I Only Summon Slime

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A Fantasy I Wrote Out of Spite Because I Could Not Get a Rare No Matter How Many Times I Pulled In a Gacha Game, 何回ガチャを引いてもレアが出ないから腹いせに書いたファンタジー
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese Posted by: Nyanta Posted on: Updated on: View: ? Views
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Synopsis I Only Summon Slime

In a world where Mage Summoners are the elite among elites, revered for their ability to summon powerful vassals to their side and bring glory to their nations, one man has a dream: to summon the rarest of the rare — a Dragon!

There is just one problem. His every attempt at summoning results in Slime, the weakest of the weak.

What is an ambitious Mage Summoner to do?

Keep trying, of course. He will accept nothing less.

…But what is one to do with all these Slimes?


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