Sekaiichi Kantan na Heroine no Kouryaku Shikata prologue


Reflected in my eyes, the girl was shining.

(We’re getting close to the train station.)

She possessed snow white skin like she had been standing in a snowstorm.

(It’s still the beginning of September, so I think it’s a bit early to think about snow.)

‘Won’t she just melt away if I touch her?’ are the worries filling me, as she looked like an ice sculpture.

(I’m properly training my body at my club, and right now, my heart is burning up more than anything!)

A commoner like me had no way of knowing what the wise girl thought, or what she wished for.

(Since we’re about to go shopping for something she loves, her heart must be racing right about now.)

…Ahh, so noisy. Can you not get in between my quality time with Himeno Miina?

(I’m also Himeno Miina, okay! I’m the real deal, remember!?)

Inside the train, my gaze was entrapped by the dignified Himeno Miina sitting in the train wagon next to mine. In the corner of my view, there stood another individual that looked identical to Himeno Miina, crossing her arms with a pout on her face. However, unlike the regular Himeno Miina, she was transparent.

(What’s that gaze like you’re looking at a ghost for?)

Her skin resembled see-through melted ice, so transparent it seemed.

(T-That’s much better than some white skin, right?)

She seemed to be giving off a heat that made me worried I might burn my hand if I dared to touch her.

(That’s the proof that I have blood running through my veins. Human kindness and all, you know?)

What this idiotic girl was thinking, and what she wished for, it was all too clear to me. After all, her words and honest feelings were directly reaching my ears.

(What do you mean idiotic, huh?)

Can you explain to me why exactly she can hear my own thoughts as well!? She put both her hands on her hips, approaching me. Y-You’re too close! Your breath will hit me! My heart started to race faster, and I could feel the individual beats increasing drastically.

(Ah, eh, ahh!? W-What is this…Awawawa~!)

Almost like she had reacted to my racing heart, the girl’s skin looked neither snow white nor transparent, but rather like the red leaves during the fall.

(Itsuki-kun, you’re too nervous! C-C-Calm down!)

Y-Y-You’re the one at fault for suddenly getting closer like that, Miena!

(W-Well, you got nervous because of me, so it can’t be helped, I guess!)

N-No, I didn’t! I was just entranced by Himeno Miina’s lovely profile, not because of you, Miena!

(Hmpf, what’s so lovely about that stupid face…)

From the day she enrolled, she always got perfect grades during every exam, so she’s not stupid at all.

(But I’m the same as her!)

That’s right, she is the same. The Himeno Miina sitting next to me with her back stretched tall and dignified, looking as beautiful as always, and the Miena in front of me who was bawling and complaining, are exactly the same. Although I really don’t want to admit it.

(Ah, over here! We’re getting off at this station! Come on, hurry up!)

Once we reached a certain station, Miena’s eyes lit up as she urged me to get off the train. I was chasing the Himeno Miina I had unrequited feelings for, and the transparent Miena. How did this even happen…I was spending my average high school days in peace, and yet…The transparent girl that shared my own heartbeat…Miena…had appeared before me around two days ago. Two days ago on the day of the opening ceremony, this odd shared life between me, Saotome Itsuki, and Miena had begun.

Ahhhh! Seriously, how did things end up like this!?

Sekaiichi Kantan na Heroine no Kouryaku Shikata

Sekaiichi Kantan na Heroine no Kouryaku Shikata

The World’s Easiest Way to Drop a Heroine in Love, 世界一かんたんなヒロインの攻略しかた
Score 8.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Conquering this heroine should be the easiest attempt in the entire world…or is it!?Filled with a humble desire of possibly going out with the girl I admire, Himeno Miina, the unexpected supporter that appears in front of me—is the girl herself!? After a mental entity split up from the girl’s real body, I’m being forced to conquer my heroine in order to return her other personality back to her real body!


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