Sekaiichi Kantan na Heroine no Kouryaku Shikata chapter 1

Conquering Himeno with the Help of Himeno

“Himeno Miina, you have achieved the great achievement of reaching the 4th place in the National High School Comprehensive Girls Badminton Tournament, and you will be given the adequate honor.”

This was the opening ceremony of the second term in my first year at high school. The ventilation windows of the gym hall were half opened, making you feel the late summer season happening outside, with a cat’s meowing voice and the sluggish heat tickling my body. Surrounded by tanned classmates, I was gazing up at Himeno Miina, who stood on the stage, as well as all the other people who I didn’t care about.

Even during summer break, I was just staying in my room all day, so I kept my healthy skin color. If this was Reversi, then I would be overwhelmed by all these normie bastards around me, burning up to turn into crispy bread.

“Seems like your beloved princess was diligently studying over summer break. What were you doing, Itsuki?” The crispy bastard behind me, Nakagawa Shouma, whispered these words to me in a voice that quickly vanished in this large hall, only reaching my ears.

“Nothing happened at my end, I was just enjoying my days like I usually would. Was pretty fulfilling.”

“You’re keeping as much of a philosophic view as always, Itsuki. It’ll just end up rotten by the time you become an adult, you know? Huehue.” Shouma was poking fun at me, but he’s not a normie himself.

He’s the type of person who admires normies and aspires to be one, eventually ending up as a fake normie. In order to be popular with the girls, he constantly checks out techniques and fashion, even popular date books thanks to the help of various magazines.

“Still, she’s as cute as ever, that Himeno Miina.”

Befitting the kind of prim and proper idol Himeno Miina, she possessed natural medium hair. He’s vastly different from Shouma, who uses wax and other hairstyling products to put attention to his hair. She at least must be putting attention to her care for it, as her black-purple hair shone as the light reflected it. The flower accessory on her hair fit her as well as it always had.

“Hey now, Itsuki. Your voice is leaking out. If the other guys hear you, they’ll go on a hunt. You better be careful.”

She is the most popular girl at the private Koujoukan High that we are attending. She’s my heroine, Himeno Miina. Unlike me, who’s been attending this school conglomerate, she enrolled here during her first year of high school. Putting her cute looks and athletic abilities together, adding the top-ranking grades she’s had since day one, and all her other talents, she’s reached something like an idol status even during the first school term. As a result of this, a lot of guys had their eyes set on her.

“No problem there, chief. It’s not like I got any chance with her.”

Atop the stage, Himeno Miina was gracefully accepting her prize. Compare her, being rewarded on stage, only strengthening her idol status, to the side character me that could merely look up at her. Himeno Miina and I are part of two different stories. With these thoughts in my mind, I could only watch the awe-inspiring scenery up on the stage with a gaze of respect and devotion.


The opening ceremony ended, and right as I went my average daily life, heading to the classroom—


I was climbing up the stairs with heavy steps, when a girl suddenly came falling down from above.


I immediately caught the girl soaring down at me, but the impact pushed us both down. If I wasn’t there to intercept her fall, her head would have most likely slammed into the resting space of the stairs. I ended up falling backwards on my back, the girl’s gentle heaviness landing on my stomach. For a guy with a boring ass daily life, that sure was a sudden romcom development, alright.

I tried to get a better look at the girl, but my head was covered with something like paper, so black was all I could see. I took off the paper, and ran my eyes along the words. This paper is…a testimonial? Must belong to a girl, as the name written on it is…Ah.



A girl’s voice overlapped with the voice inside of my chest. The written name on the testimonial was none other than Himeno Miina. That means, the girl who is currently resting on my stomach…GulpBa-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump. The sound of me swallowing raised the curtains on my heartbeat accelerating to a painful level, reaching something comparable to drums. I frantically moved away from the girl, and looked up at her in terror.

…Without a doubt, it was Himeno Miina. She was the same classmate of mine that I thought of during my way to school, and my number one heroine in life.

“Ahhhh, um…a-are you…are you okay!?”

That question was probably better off directed at me instead, looking at my reaction.

“I’m much more worried about you! I’m sorry, this is all my fault…”

“I-I-I’m totally fine! Super fine! The bestest of fine!” I stood up on wobbly feet to show off that fact, failing miserably.

Even now, the pain in my body was greatly overwhelmed by the tension and nervousness filling my body as I stood in front of the girl. I never once talked to Himeno Miina. Of course, I know her very well, but I doubt she even knew I existed until now. Royalty and a commoner just have nothing in common.

“You really saved me. Even ignoring your own danger, protecting me like that…I have no words that can express how thankful I feel. I am however worried about your health, so let’s go to the infirmary.”

“Ah, n-no! I-I-I’m fine! No need to worry about me!”

“Maybe you are hurt somewhere? Please wait here for a moment, I will call for the nurse.”

“I-I really am okay!”

—Almost as if to run away from that place, I hurriedly dashed up the stairs.

“Haaa…huff…Seriously…I actually talked with that Himeno Miina…I can’t believe it!”

I’ve always dreamed of talking with her. In my fantasies, that was pretty much a daily occurrence, but now it actually happened in reality, not to mention for the first time ever.

“Ahhh, she was so soft…Maybe the fabric of a girl’s uniform is different from the boys? She smelled really nice as well, and this squishy feeling on my stomach…”

For a brief moment, I enjoyed the aftertaste of that previous situation.

(Hey, hey! Are you really okay!? Maybe you should head to the hospital after all?)

Hm!? What?! I can hear someone’s voice. Don’t just interrupt me enjoying the aftertaste a bit longer! Who are you!? I looked around, but couldn’t find anybody…Maybe it was Himeno Miina? She might have chased after me out of worry. I felt an odd tension and also excitement rise up inside of me, when I slowly turned around. Standing there was—


None other than Himeno Miina, who gave me a worried look. The surroundings were colored with a faint midday light, together with the warm heat resulting from this, which also resembled some kind of aura she was giving off.

(Are you hurt anywhere? You sure you’re okay?)

“I-I’m totally fine, yesh!”

(Y-You don’t seem okay…at all…What is going on…with my heart…)

…Hm? I wonder why, it feels like she’s acting off compared to just now. When I got a closer look at her, something about her was weird. My heroine Himeno Miina has the greatest presence at this school. She stands out even from afar, even to people who aren’t head over heels for her like me. And yet, the girl in front of me right now seemed so faint, almost non-existent. Almost like she’s there, but also not there, an existence between two worlds.

…Also, isn’t she see-through? She totally is see-through! I mean, I can see the stairs right through her body! I totally see the faces of the students coming up the stairs right now. Hold on a damn second! Isn’t that Himeno Miina as well over there!? I can see Himeno Miina coming up the stairs through the transparent body of the Himeno Miina in front of me. What am I even saying?

“Ahh, perfect, you were still here. I’m relieved you’re healthy enough to run like that, but I do think you should probably get checked out at the hospital, you know?” After coming up the stairs, Himeno Miina saw me, and gave me a few more words of kindness.


The reason for my confusion wasn’t solely because I was talking with the girl I always admired.

“Oh? You know about me?”

(Huh? You know me?)

Because of my question, both Himeno Miinas responded. One responded with a polite voice, and the other tilted her head as she drifted in the air…Drifting in the air!? Is she some ghost? A hallucination? Either way is just as bad, so I have to run away for now!

(Ah, hey! Why are you running away!?)

Just normally talking with Himeno Miina makes my heart feel like it was going to burst, so of course I would run away when encountering some supernatural phenomenon like this! I abruptly decided to seek refuge in my classroom…

“Hey now, Saotome, you’re late. Homeroom already started, so take a seat.”

The second I entered the classroom, my female homeroom teacher gave me a lecture. Oh yeah, it was already time for homeroom, right. Because of this irregular event befalling me, I completely awakened to a sense of relief in this familiar event.

(Hey, why do you keep running away?)


Right as I took a seat the furthest back in the classroom, right next to the windows, the transparent girl’s head popped up right next to mine.

“Hey, Saotome, keep it quiet back there.”

I was warned yet again, but I really wish she’d complain at the ghost next to me again! …So wait, she can’t even see her? I carefully glanced over at the transparent girl, who had her arms crossed, giving me a stern gaze.

(I simply wanted to give you my gratitude…)

Oh man…I sure am tired, huh. The homeroom ended without me even paying much attention, which is why Shouma yet again poked fun at me.

“It’s rare for you to do stuff that makes you stand out, Itsuki. Something happened?”

“N-Nothing at all.” I glanced at the girl who sat on the window frame, and gave a vague response.

(So you’re Saotome Itsuki-kun, huh. You’re in my neighbouring class, right.)

I-Is she really Himeno Miina? Her voice and appearance are the exact same as the real one…except the fact that she’s transparent. N-No wait, her personality is also a bit…quite a lot different.

“What’s wrong, Itsuki? You’re staring out the window like crazy. I got my part-time job now, so I’m heading home first.”

“Y-Yeah…see you tomorrow.”

Out the window, huh…Guess Shouma can’t see that girl either, huh.

“Yo, OtsuOtsu, don’t forget your homework, alright~”

“OtsuOtsu-kun, laterz~”

Some classmates of mine were throwing words at me that probably were meant as an insult, and left the classroom. I guess they can’t see the girl as well. Also, stop calling me that way.

(OtsuOtsu-kun, huh. That’s kinda cute, can I call you that way as well?)

The day the girl calls me OtsuOtsu will be the day I will never leave my house again. My name is Saotome Itsuki, I don’t know Gestaltzerfall caused you to come up with that kind of name. You’re the strange ones[1] here.

(Ehh? Even though it’s so cute…)

………Huh? Right now, I didn’t even say anything. I was just saying that in my mind, right?

(Hey hey, just forget about that for now. A cute girl is approaching you, you know?)

The influx of too much information utterly had my brain shut down, I saw a familiar girl approach my seat.

“Itsuki~ I was invited out to karaoke by some friends. Wanna join?” She’s my classmate Shiina Rion, and her long brown-beige hair swayed as she took a peek at my face.

“I ain’t going.”

I’m going home right now to get some rest. Need to refresh my brain.

“Eh, why?”

So that I get rid of this confusing phenomenon going on right now!

“If I don’t want to go, then I don’t, alright. See you~”

That damn childhood friend of mine, not caring about the people around us, always inviting me out with the other normies.

(C-C-Childhood friend?!)

Her long hair reached all the way down near her waist. She’s part of the tennis club, so her body was slender and well-built. As a result of that, she’s fairly popular with the guys in class, which of course earns me a lot of deathly stares whenever she talks to me. Must be her friends who got it out for me.

“Ah, Itsuki~ Wait a second! Ahh, jeez! Just don’t forget your homework tomorrow, alright!”

If it was only me who was in the crossfire, then I wouldn’t mind. But, I don’t want Rion to suffer because of some weird rumours going around. She’s not a bad person at all after all. If anything, since we live next to each other, we’ve known each other since we were small children, so she’s like a family to me. Can’t allow my family to get hurt.

(A childhood friend, how nice! …Still, you’re no joke, just rejecting an invitation from a friend like that…)

I ignored the hallucination in my head, and after a few minutes of walking, a certain terrifying word popped up in the back of my head. Sweat started pouring down from my forehead.


That’s what the other mob classmates, or mobmates for short, and even Rion told me…Oh yeah, tomorrow is the deadline to hand in my summer homework, I gotta hurry home!


(Huh~ You sure are keeping your room clean.)

I rushed home, and temporarily ignored this whole supernatural phenomenon. There is something I need to devote myself to right now.


Summer homework.

(Eh? You still haven’t finished it? Should I help you then?)

Zip it, don’t need your help. Why would some hallucination even help me? How ridiculous, really. Though, it is odd. Even though I can clearly see this hallucination right in front of me, and yet my head doesn’t hurt in the slightest. If anything, my thoughts are as clear as ever, it’s honestly terrifying.

“Right now, homework comes first.”

If I focus on it, I should be able to finish it in two hours. Finishing your summer homework during the break is so unsophisticated.

(It’s not~ Why didn’t you just chip away at it during summer break?)

Imma just ignore that voice. I can’t lose my focus because of some weird hallucinatory voice. Just leave me alone for now…

(Ah, your answer here to the kanji question is wrong. The radical 璧 for 完璧[2] is written with 玉[3], not 土. Otherwise it’ll be 壁[4].)

…Ah, she’s right. I often make that mistake, gotta be more careful. The hallucination had planted down next to me without me even realizing it, and pointed at the summer homework in front of me.


Hold on, why is a hallucination pointing out my mistakes!? Eh? You serious? What is this hallucination? My supporting character?

(Ah! You made another mistake. That choice here is U. A is a bait.)


(The next answer is wrong as well. During the first term, the teacher pointed out that this was a place easy to get wrong, and mentioned it several times during class, remember?)


Damn it! To hell with it all! Why is some random hallucination complaining at me like that! I wanna cry. Not to mention that she kept going on with pointing out my mistakes, while I worked through the homework to finish it. I wonder why, but even though I finished it faster than usual, the stress is even bigger than ever.

“Ahhh, finally done. Now I’m free.”

(You’re exaggerating. You just finished the last part of your summer homework that was long overdue. Also, I feel like your studying parameters are fairly low…)

Parameters? Did I just get dissed by some hallucination? Then again, I barely avoided failing grades in math and stuff so I can’t exactly talk back. Whatever, good things happened today as well, even if this hallucination is trying hard to make me forget about it.

“I sure was lucky today.”

(Lucky? Did something good happen?)

It’s not just something good. I can just remember my beloved Himeno Miina’s adorable face! I got to see it up close like that, not to mention our bodies ended up touching.

(Awawawa! E-Even if you suddenly say that…S-So embarrassing…)

As I was remembering Himeno Miina’s cute face, the hallucination jumped into my field of view, her face beet red as she waved her hands frantically. Her face looked identical to the same one I was just fantasizing about…Why are you ending up flustered now?

(W-Well, it doesn’t feel bad for me, so…T-Thanks.)

“And why are you thanking me now?!” I subconsciously threw in a retort.

Still, looking at her up close like this, she really looks exactly like Himeno Miina.


A glimmer of caution flamed up in her eyes, as she used her index finger to twirl around her hair. M-Maybe I should try touching her…It’s just a hallucination, so there won’t be any problem, right…? I stretched out my arm, reaching for the back of her hand.

(Hya! W-What are you doing!?)

She tried to brush away my own hand, but I felt no pain. After all, her hand passed right through mine, with no contact happening. She just brushed her hand through the air.


She suddenly started tearing up, letting out a groan. As for me, I realized that she was undoubtedly and indisputably an unrealistic illusion of an existence. I must be tired after all…Even though I’m not even working hard for my studies or club, heh…Alright, time to take a bath and get all clean for now. I headed to the changing room down on the first floor, and entered the bath, when—


A shriek high enough to pierce my eardrums rang out. It’s no big deal, it’s just the scream of some hallucination. Why is she following me even for my bath scene? I should be the one screaming, okay?

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(Heyyy, what are you doing…What should I do…Seeing your naked body like this, it feels like we’re taking a bath together…Just looking at you makes me feel embarrassed. H-Hide that, will you…)

You say that, and yet you’re glancing at me from between the fingers you’re using to cover your face.

“Still, that shriek just now really sounded like Himeno Miina’s. Since I heard her scream just today, I can easily deduce that. After washing off my body, I hopped into the bathtub, and healed my exhausted body and mind. The scent of the bath salt resembled the smell of herbs as it tickled my nose, allowing me to think more rationally…Alright! I’ll head to bed early today, and return to my usual daily life, that’s the best.

Since fatigue in both body and mind plagued me, as soon as I stepped out of the bath, I laid in my bath.

(You must be exhausted today, huh. I’ll explain everything tomorrow, so good night.)


Ahh, I’m really down today. Rather than that incident with the Himeno Miina, this hallucination plaguing me is much more exhausting. Tomorrow, she’ll surely be gone. At the same time as I would be happy about that, I’d also feel sad……and with these thoughts in mind, I quickly fell asleep.

(Heyho! It’s morning! You’ll end up laaaate!)

So annoying first thing in the morning…

“Yaaaawwwnn…What time do you think it is? My alarm didn’t even ring yet…” With a yawn and still drowsy eyes, I checked the time. “Are you serious, it’s 6am.”

Since I always get up at 7am, I can still sleep for another hour. Who came to wake me up like this? Are you serious?

(And? Feeling more fresh now?)

H-H-Himeno-san!? Why are you in my room!? I jumped up in shock, realizing that Himeno Miina stood next to my bed, giving me a worried gaze…Ah, that’s right. In the end, that hallucination didn’t disappear. I thought that maybe a bit of sleep would let my brain relax, and banish this hallucination from my head, but I guess that didn’t happen.

(Rather than you being exhausted, I’m more worried about your body. Does your back hurt?)

Almost like she was trying to nurse my back right after I got up, as she put her palm on my back. However, this hand passed right through me, not even allowing me to feel her warmth. However, instead of that, I felt a comfortable and cozy kindness from the hallucination instead.

—My body is feeling great, to be honest. The real problem is this hallucination. Related to this ghost girl in front of me, I found one possible explanation from yesterday’s incidents. It sounds very unlikely, and I truly don’t want to believe in this being the case, but…

(Hmm? So you realized I’m around? Well, that makes sense. I’ve been interacting with you ever since yesterday, so of course you’d catch on. It’s true I am—)

“Are you an imaginary friend that I created myself!?”

Right now, it was a bit past 6am in the morning. My voice loudly passed through my room, and silence returned.

(…Eh? Imaginary Friend? Isn’t that…like a fabricated entity that acts as your friend when you feel alone? That’s not it, I’m just me.)

The hallucination…No, my Imaginary Friend said so, breaking the silence.

(Like. I. Said! I’m not your imaginary friend or whatever!)

I couldn’t believe myself. I thought I was able to differentiate reality and my own fantasies, and yet this is what happened. It seems like my fantasies that allowed me to run away from reality now got the better of me, and brought forth this imaginary friend of mine.

(You brought forth this imaginary…Wait, no! Don’t just reach a conclusion all on your own!)

But, how did this happen? Now that it already came into existence, it can’t be helped. Rather than wanting to remove this nuisance, I don’t even know how to achieve that. I should probably try talking to this hallucination for now.

(Yup yup, that’s a great mentality. Let’s both introduce each other, shall we.)

“My name is Saotome Itsuki. I think you know enough about me that I don’t need to introduce myself. I don’t know if you’re part of my unconscious mind or my superficial mind, but that’s close enough, right?”

I’ve been feeling it since yesterday, but looking at how she can hear my thoughts, it must be something psychological.

(Not even close. As I said just now, I am me. Name’s Himeno Miina, treat me well.)

The girl gave me a wink, and offered me her right hand for a handshake. Ahh, I see, Himeno Miina, huh…No hold on, Himeno Miina!? Don’t joke with me! I tried to brush away the hand she offered me, but was just met with empty air. If this was the real Himeno Miina, I would die to shake her hand, but the entity in front of me is nothing but a fake. You sure have guts calling yourself like my beloved Himeno Miina, let me tell you.

(Why are you so angry all of a sudden? I’m not joking around or anything like that.)

To think you’d just name yourself as Himeno Miina…Wait, hold on? Since this is a fabrication that came to life because of my own desires, then it’s not that weird, actually. Rather, that’s what I should have expected. It was always my dream to talk with Himeno Miina, and I constantly fantasize about it.

(Really? But, that’s your dream? You’re overexaggerating. If you wanted to talk with me that badly, you could have always called out to me at school.)

Don’t make it sound so simple, alright. Some trash like me has no right to talk to you.

(Don’t be like that! Just talking to me requires no special right or anything. At the very least, I wouldn’t hate it if someone like you talked to me!)

Even if you say that…But, that makes me feel a bit better. So, thanks.

(Yup! Also, it’s not ‘you’, it’s Himeno Miina. I’ll call you by your name as well. Saotome-kun? Itsuki-san? Or would you prefer OtsuOtsu-kun?)

What kind of romcom development nonsense is this now? Even though I’m all alone in this room, I can’t help but feel happy. Though, I don’t need the OtsuOtsu, so…Itsuki-kun, please. Don’t really like being called by my name, but it’s just a hallucination, a friend, so I guess it’s fine.

(Okaaay~ What do you want to call me then? The people at school usually just go with Hime.)

Yup, I know. That’s my network of information, alright. I’ve already memorized that fact. So then, I’ll go…with Miena[5].

(Eh? M-My given name? That’s a bit embarrassing, but…okay!)

She was fidgeting around bashfully, but I wasn’t off any better. I definitely couldn’t say something like that if this was the actual Himeno Miina. I would die. But, since this is just my fabricated Himeno Miina, there’s no problem.

(Fabricated, huh. So, you don’t think of me as the real Himeno Miina?)

Hell no I don’t. I saw the real Himeno Miina yesterday behind you. Not to mention…

(Not to mention?)

Your personality is totally different from the real Himeno Miina. You’re way less formal than her, and you give off this forceful aura. The real Himeno Miina is always calm, formal, and very polite.

(Calm, formal, and very polite…huh. Well, you’re right. That’s what it would seem like. After all, my usual behaviour and how I am right now are completely different after all…)

She doesn’t give off the vibe that you can just walk up and talk to her, not to mention that rather than her being my only heroine, she’s like everyone’s idol.

(I-I see…So then…Itsuki-kun, say…do you…like me?)

She fidgeted with her fingers as she looked up at me. That’s what you’d expect from the fabricated hallucination I created, she really knows how to tickle me jimmies. However! The one I like isn’t you, Miena, but Himeno Miina! That’s important.

(So you don’t like me, but my other personality…)

She averted her gaze from me, looking down at the ground. It seems like she’s fully lost all previous tension. She might just be my imaginary friend, but it makes me think I actually hurt Himeno Miina, so I should probably provide a follow-up. Listen, I probably just subconsciously changed you a bit so that it’s easier for us to talk. It’s not your fault or anything, Miena.

(…! I-I see, so that’s what you think…)

Yeah, so you can just stay the way you are right now.

(I can stay…the way I am?)

Of course. The way you are, it makes talking to you much easier, and enjoyable.


Was it just my imagination? It felt like her usual energy returned to her face. And with that my alarm rang. 7am huh, gotta prepare for school.

(That’s right, let’s talk about this later. School is important after all!)


I made it to school on time, and headed to my classroom like always. The school I am attending is a private high school with an integrated middle and high school. Everything is pretty much a normal high school. Of course, disregarding the exceptional existence known as Himeno Miina.

(Really? I actually like this school a lot. The uniforms are cute, and the school buildings are charming.)

It’s true that the female uniforms’ cuteness is definitely an appealing point. However, that’s about it. With six classes in one year, every class has about plus or minus 35 people. I’m in class 5, Himeno Miina is in class 6. Class 6 is a bit different, as they only take in people who get the highest grades during the entrance exams. It’s basically like a different caste filled with study-focused students. On a side note, Himeno Miina enrolled at this school as the head of the school year, basically greeting everyone at the entrance ceremony, making her like the center of our year.

(That’s not true, and you know that. Every single student is working hard to keep this school going.)

Yeah yeah, thanks for acting like an honor student. A heroine doesn’t understand the feelings of a mob, you hear me. Not to mention that you’re even less of a mob, since you were created by one!

(Can you stop lifting me up only to drop me down on the ground again, it’s hard to decide what I should feel…)

Going up the usual stairs, I took the same usual hallway, and entered the same usual classroom.

(Enough with the usual usual usual appeal already. You’re in my neighbouring class, right? We might have passed each other in the usual—Wait no, in the hallway.)

Ever since the entrance ceremony in spring, we’ve passed each other a total of 120 times.

(Why do you remember the exact number?!)

If you’re my imaginary friend, then you ought to remember that number.

(I’m not your imaginary friend! Ah, there’s your friend from yesterday. Shouma-kun, was it.)

“Sup, Itsuki.”


(What’s with this boorish greeting. Put a bit more energy behind it)

“Zip it. Are you my mom or something…”

“Huh? Mom? Itsuki, are you still half asleep or something?”

“Ah, no, wait. Just forget about that right now. I’m probably still a bit dozy, yeah, ahaha.”

Thanks to Miena, Shouma now thinks of me as a weirdo.

(It’s not my fault at all. Though hey, you sure are close with Shouma-kun, huh.)

Yeah, although he’s busy with his part-time job, so we don’t have much time to hang outside of school.

(That’s pretty admirable. Maybe he’s earning money for his student fees?)

Not at all. For his haircuts, his shopping sprees, and money so that he can eventually take out a girl to an expensive restaurant. For that, he’s working part-time at convenience stores or game centers. He mentioned working at a haunted house before, working as a ghost. He really works hard for his money.

(I-I see. Well, that’s still admirable after all. He’s working on himself, right? It’s rare to see someone put up this much effort for others.)

If it really was for other people, yeah. He’s just a high school boy with ulterior motives across the board.

“Hey now, Itsuki? Are you making fun of me or something?”

“J-Just your imagination. Anyway, do you have some new info?”

“Oh! Listen carefully, I got a real steamy story for ya!”

(Info? What are you talking about?)

“Apparently, the number one popular girl of class 3, Shiraishi-san, got a boyfriend now!”

“Seriously!? Didn’t she reject all eight guys who confessed to her since April? What kind of guy did she choose?”

“Some upperclassmen from a different school. Apparently she was hit on during summer break at the beach, and they started dating shortly after.”

“Phew, that sounds so normie, alright.”

(Um, I don’t really get what you two are talking about…If I had to guess, you’re talking about the relationship status of the various female students…?)

You got it pretty much right there, yeah.

“However, I didn’t get any information regarding ‘her’, although I know you probably cared about her the most.”

“That’s a shame.”

(Who is ‘her’?)

The very ‘her’ in question suddenly asked this question with great interest.

“Well, with Himeno Miina, even I would get some information if she suddenly got a boyfriend, so rest assured, my brother.”

(Wait, it’s about me!?)

You really don’t need to be so shocked about it…

“No info about what happened with Himeno Miina yesterday?”

“No, nothin’. As I told you, if anything happened regarding her, the info would spread like a wildfire. Not even Shiraishi-san can compare against Himeno Miina in terms of popularity.”

(Eh, r-really…? If something happened to me, Shouma-kun would know about that? That’s a bit scary…)

Yeah, you really should not underestimate this guy’s intel on girls and his connections.

(Hmmmm, even if you make it sound so impressive…But, I am curious, am I really standing out that much…?)

“Huh!? What snide comment is that supposed to be!?”

“Why are you screaming like that, Itsuki!? There’s no snide comment here, Himeno Miina is just that popular. You should know that very well, right? Nobody compared you and Himeno Miina.”

“Ah, sorry…Yeah, you’re right. I got the wrong idea there, my bad.”

Right, there’s nobody who would compare me to Himeno Miina anyway. Damn it, that damn Miena, making me seem like a weirdo.

(Are you making this my fault again?)

Not to mention that this girl is Miena, and not the actual Himeno Miina. I have to stay aware of that fact. Also by the way, my beloved Himeno Miina is super popular! Almost all the guys have a thing for her! She’s not just standing out, alright!

(R-Really now…But, I wonder why, I feel a bit irritated now. I can’t just rationally accept that fact for some reason.)

Well, Miena’s voice sounds like the real deal, so it’s at least some good BGM.

(Also, about that Shiraishi-san, she already broke up with her boyfriend during summer break, you know?)

Huh? Really? Phew, that’s a short relationship, alright. Well, it’s typical, summer makes you passionate after all. Though, I still don’t really get normies as I thought…Wait a second, why does Miena know about that?!

(Why? Because me and Shiraishi-san are in the same badminton club. On the last day of summer break activities, she told us about that.)

Why does my fabricated friend Miena have information that I should have no way of knowing?

(That’s because I’m not your fabricated friend at all. Remember when I helped with your homework yesterday? I knew about stuff you didn’t, right?)

Urk, now that you mention it. Hmmm, why? Has my brain developed its full potential, and offered me knowledge that I myself didn’t have? If so, then I might just be a genius. From now on, I can just have Miena do all the studying for me.

(Don’t just think you can use me like a slave. You have to do the studying yourself.)

But, I wonder about the whole Shiraishi-san case. If not for Miena telling me, I would not have known about that. I can say that for sure, since she and I never had any point of contact. I doubt she even knows who I am. Which makes me want to cry.

(Keep this a secret, okay? I told you on a whim, but I don’t really like gossiping about people behind their backs, especially about their relationships.)

To press that point, Miena put her index finger on her lips.

“Say, Shouma, about Shiraishi-san, did you hear any news about her and her boyfriend having already broken up?”

(Hey! Were you even listening to me!?)

“Nope. There’s a chance of course, but they only started dating during summer break, so that’s a bit too fast, you don’t think?”

“Yeah, you’re right. Well, if you get any new info, let me know.”

“Gotcha! This time, I’ll even bring something in about Himeno Miina herself!”

(Nobody needs that! Where do you even get all your information from, jeez!)

Shouma isn’t some evil guy, okay. He only tells me about this kind of information, and not if it’s something the other person would dislike. This is just a way for us to spend time, since we’re not popular with the girls.

(I-I see. But, I fully understand what kind of position Shouma-kun is in as a character.)

Hm? Character? That’s an odd way to phrase it, but that’s also where the conversation stopped. Once the classes ended for the day, Shouma came running with new information.

“Itsuki! It’s just as you said!”

“About what?”

“Shiraishi-san! I told you how she got a boyfriend, right? It seems like they broke up during the same summer break again. Summer really makes you needlessly passionate, right.”

(Ah, the same stuff Itsuki-san said.)

“S-Seriously…? I don’t believe it…”

“Why are you so shocked about that? Also, this info is top secret between the girls even, so don’t you tell anybody, alright?”

“Yeah, got it…Thanks for the intel.”

(These best friend characters really are something. He’s the real deal.)

Best friend character? Real deal?

“Anyway, I got my part-time work, so I’ll be going ahead.”


Left behind by Shouma, I started thinking about the information I was just told. Hold on, so Miena is actually the real Himeno Miina…!?

(So you finally accepted it? Should have realized much earlier!)

I left the classroom, and headed to the stairs where I saved Himeno Miina yesterday. So, um, H-H-Himeno-san? Do you remember what happened here yesterday?

(Y-Y-You’re way too nervous all of a sudden! Also, I’m Miena…!)

R-Right, you’re Miena. Well, when I think of you as the real Himeno Miina, then my heart is just about to go crazy. Also, why are you acting strange now?

(You and I share the same heartbeat, so I can feel your heart racing inside of me!)

Following that, Miena told me about the fact that we share a sense of touch and other sensations, that she can’t move away from me too far, and that she is an entity different from the real Himeno Miina. So that’s what was going on…Remembering that bath yesterday now is suddenly a hell lot more embarrassing, alright.

(Y-You don’t have to remember that, okay!)

R-Right…I’ll just erase those memories. So, Miena, do you remember falling down from the stairs here?

(Yup. Yesterday you saved me when I fell down the stairs here. I still remember it vividly.)

Miena gently touched the floor of the resting space of the stairs. Well, she’s not actually touching it, but that’s besides the point. I guess that, after I saved Himeno Miina, Miena was born?

(Probably. When I came to my senses, I already stood behind you, Itsuki-kun.)

So you weren’t my imaginary friend? Can’t tell if that’s good or not.

(The me right now…is probably something like a mental entity of the real me.)

Mental entity? Is that like a type of mind or soul? Sounds like it could come straight outta fiction.

(What’s that gaze for? Aren’t you doubting me a bit too much?)

I-I’m not, okay. More importantly, can’t you just return to your main body, Miena?

(…I can’t. Not to mention, if I stayed like this, I might just vanish eventually. Spending a day in this appearance, I realized that my presence had grown weaker.)

Seriously…That sure turned into a big thing all of a sudden…

(Yeah. Not to mention that there might be some kind of influence on my main body.)

You’re saying that there’s a chance some kind of disaster could befall Himeno Miina!? This is bad, very bad…I am worried about you, Miena, but I can’t ignore Himeno Miina either. So there’s no method to return you back to your main body? I’m partially at fault for creating this situation in the first place, so I’ll help as best as I can.

(Fufu, that’s very reassuring to hear. Thanks!)

Seeing Miena’s bashful smile, my heart skipped a beat. Since she wasn’t acting like the usual Himeno Miina, it was even more destructive. Surprise attacks aren’t fair, alright.

(So, I would assume that if my main body and Itsuki-kun were to touch, it would turn me back to normal.)

Touch!? What do you mean touch? Something simple? That sounds already too difficult for me.

(Before, I didn’t really know about Itsuki-kun, but now that you saved me here at these stairs, I’m at least conscious of you as a boy, so you should have it much easier when talking to me.)

The part of ‘I didn’t really know about Itsuki-kun’ seriously hurt a lot, and shocked me to my bone, but if I care about that, I’ll lose. I always knew I wasn’t popular.

(Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way! But it’s fine, you might have been nervous when talking to my main body, but you’re doing just fine with me right now.)

I am nervous when talking to Himeno Miina, but I can talk with Miena just fine, yeah.

(We’re the same person, okay! If only you’d interact this way with my main body, I’d probably return quickly enough.)

I said this before, but your personality is totally different from Himeno Miina.

(………W-Well, this is who I really am.)

E-Eh? Ehhhhh!? What kind of tremendous confession is that!? You’re joking, right!

(Are you…disappointed? Sorry, but it’s the truth, so I can’t help it.)

So basically…Himeno Miina is just ‘acting’ like a perfect student at school?

(I don’t really agree with that expression. It’s more like I kept up a good face to match the people around me, and eventually ended up this way.)

Seriously…I thought that Himeno Miina was a gentle person, elegant and considerate…

(The me that you think is the real one…is actually nothing but a facade. Or in other words, it’s a fake.)

To think that Himeno Miina had such a hidden side like this!

(Ah, you’re poking fun at me again!)


Right as we were having a bit of banter at the resting space of the stairs, Miena’s greeting suddenly reached my ears.

“Huh? Why’re you suddenly greeting me like that? Weirdo.” I turned towards Miena, and threw those words at her, but the transparent girl just tilted her head.

(Eh? I didn’t say anything though.)

No, I definitely heard a voice tickle my ears, and not just inside my brain…

“Sorry to suddenly call you out like that. I wanted to once again thank you for yesterday. Are you hurt anywhere?”

“A-A-Ah!? Yessss!?”

(Oh, it’s the real me.)

Yup, sure is. That’s Himeno Miina alright. Ahaha…my voice cracked…I want to die…


(You’re screaming too much! Why are you greeting me now!? Ah, my heart, it’s beating so fast, it’s going to jump out of my chest…!)

Miena’s cheeks twitched, and her body convulsed. It’s like she was a perfect replication of me.

“………Thank you very much for yesterday. Please take care of yourself. Then, if you would excuse me.” Himeno Miina deeply bowed her head to me, and walked down the stairs.

Thus, it was just me and Miena again.

(Haaa…huff…It seems like ordinary methods won’t be able to resolve this situation…)

My heart was still racing. To think I’d interact with my angel two days in a row.

(Angel…Wait no, so this how your heart reacts when my real body is close to you, huh.)

Did you finally get it? As long as some weird event like before doesn’t happen, I don’t think I can just normally touch Himeno Miina.

(I see, this seems to require a special strategy…)

Miena started muttering something to herself. At the same time, a girl’s voice called out to me from above the stairs.

“Hey, Itsuki~ What were you talking about with Hime?”

This energetic voice and way of speaking definitely belonged to Rion. I could tell even without seeing her face.

(Ah, it’s your childhood friend!)

Why is Miena so hung up on that, I wonder. She was going crazy yesterday as well, super fishy.

“Got nothing to do with you, Rion~”

(Hey, what’s that attitude for! Don’t you feel bad for Rion-chan!?)

It’s fine, that’s how we’ve always been. Also, she saw us just now?

“Again with that harsh attitude, huh. Well, that’s just like you, Itsuki.”

(Ohhh, that’s a childhood friend for you, she really understands! That’s what childhood friends are for~)

Damn, she might even be more loud than Rion[6]…physically.

“Also, what are you doing here, Rion? Go on home already.”

“I was just thinking, how about we go home together? We live right next to each other after all.”

“Huh? What if people started spreading weird rumours about us? Don’t wanna.”

“Ehhh, don’t be like that. Or what, are you being conscious of me as a girl, which makes you nervous?” My childhood friend closed in on me.

(Hm? Hmmmm??? Rion-chan, that kind of reaction is…!?)

Next to me, Miena was groaning and thinking to herself. She’s as much of a mystery as always.

“Hell no. You’re just Rion, that’s all.”

“What’s that even supposed to mean? Well, I got no club today, and it’ll be just the two of us, so let’s go home together?”

It won’t just be the two of us, Miena’s right here! Rion suddenly clung to my arm, and forcefully dragged me outside the school building. This is bad, if someone saw us like this…

(You’re not nervous at all when it comes to Rion-chan, huh?)

She’s my childhood friend after all. No need to be conscious of her as a girl.


Miena showed somewhat of a suggestive grin, floating around me and Rion.

“Going home together with Itsuki…It’s been quite some time. Since we were in grade school?”

“I do think that you forcefully dragging me home like this is a first.”

“Hehehe, you’re not wrong!”

(Ever since you were in grade school…Ah, did she invite you because she saw you talking with my real body!?)

Why would that be the case?

(Hmmm…I don’t know, just a hunch. But, why did you never go home together with her ever since then? She’s your precious childhood friend, right!)

Back in grade school, my parents got divorced, so it was all a bit messy.

(……Sorry, I didn’t mean to invade your privacy like that.)

It’s fine, really. All in the past, when I was a brat. Also, it’s not normal to go home together even if we’re childhood friends.

(Ehhh, I don’t buy that. If I was you, I’d go home with Rion-chan every single day.)

Alright, let me just ignore Miena obsessing over Rion. Right now, I’m more curious about Rion’s actions, suddenly inviting me like this. After she let go of my hand, I took a glance at her profile. For some reason, she seemed a bit bashful, and awkward. Why’s she blushing like that after inviting me?

(Is he…the dense type!?)

“Preparations for the culture festival are around the corner, right.” Rion stopped in her tracks, and suddenly brought up a story of next month.

“Hm? Oh, yeah.”

(Your childhood friend brought it up, why do you seem so disinterested despite that…)

Because I don’t really care, to be honest.

“You’re really not interested in anything about this school, huh.”

“Who cares about me now. What are you gonna do for the culture festival?”

“I have to help with the tennis club’s attraction. I’ll be busy with preparations starting next week.”


“Come on, show a bit more excitement, okay. I’ll be making some soft ice cream on the day, so you better stop by!”

(I’m definitely going!)

Before I could even react, Miena’s eyes lit up, as she responded to Rion’s words. Do you want to eat soft ice cream that badly? Well, she’s a young girl, so she must like sweet stuff.

“If I’m bored, yeah. But, I got some other important stuff to do.”

Helping Miena back into her original body, for example.

“Eh, what’s up with that? Is it something more important than the culture festival?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“………Is that related to Hime?” Rion asked me with a stern face.

“W-Why would you bring her up now? Also……this got nothing to do with you, Rion.”

“Jeez…Listen, I know that you have the hots for Hime, but…”

“What’s been going on with you? You’re not making any sense.”

“………No, it’s nothing, sorry about that! Let’s both try our best!”

She brought it up, and dropped it herself. As always, this childhood friend of mine doesn’t make any sense.


“Pfffft! Wah!”

“Itsuki, why’d you suddenly scream like that!?”

Because Miena’s loud voice almost made my head burst. She’s as much of a mystery as you, Rion!

(This is the ideal childhood friend character! We need to move on to the childhood friend route right away! Ahhh haaa!)

Why’s she breathing so heavily now? She just talked about you, so worry about that some more…

(The greatest attributes in this world are the childhood friend and the little sister! We have the childhood friend clinging to the protagonist, and the little sister calling the protagonist Onii-chan. Rather than some main heroine that appears out of thin air, their bonds run so much deeper!)

Miena suddenly started rambling on and on which made it hard for me to follow. Is she even speaking English at this point? What do you even mean by greatest attributes…

“Itsuki-nii~ Let’s go home together~”

(That’s right, there’s the little sister who would be attached to the protagonist, and…Hmmm!?)

As I was left confused with both of these girls making no sense, a small girl with twintails suddenly clung to me.

“Ah, Himari! What are you doing!”

What, just Himari? Don’t surprise me like that. Well, I guess she’s probably the only person who would do that. She’s Tsukimiya Himari, a third-year at the middle school division here, basically a friend from middle school and a junior of mine. She treats and calls me like an older brother, but she is not my younger sister. Apparently, her sun and moon hair ornaments reflect her two personalities or something?

(A-A little sister!? Itsuki-san, you not only have a caring childhood friend but also a loli little sister!?)

Again, she’s not my little sister. Also, Rion isn’t caring at all, just meddlesome. Himari is a loli though.

“Hey, Himari, you’re at the middle school division, so you can’t just waltz on over here.”

“Ehhhh, classes have already ended, so it’s fine, right~? I wanted to go home yesterday with Itsuki-nii, but you were already gone! That’s why I was waiting at the school gate!”

Well, I can’t tell her I was rushing home to finish my summer homework, it’d be an embarrassment as an upperclassman…

“Sorry, Himari, but Itsuki will be going home together with me today.”

Since Rion was with us at the middle school division, she knows Himari quite well herself.

“Then, let’s all go home together? We live in the same direction after all.”

“Urk…Himari, you’re my junior, so don’t just steal this from me…”

“Rion-nee? Did you say something?”

Rather than being senior and junior, Rion and Himari are more like sisters.

(What a heavenly position this is! It’s totally different from my average high school life…)

The hell are you talking about? Himeno Miina’s world is always sparkling, unlike this shithole that I’m in.

(I now understand a lot about your personality, Itsuki-kun. I’ll build the strategy upon this.)

Can you stop spurting nonsense all the damn time!?

“Whatever, I’m just going home. I’m tired because of some stuff.”

“Ah, wait a second, Itsuki.”

“Itsuki-nii, don’t leave me behind!”

(Itsuki-kun…that choice was the worst of all. You’re lowering their affection for you.)

I ignored my childhood friend, junior, and mental entity all together and walked on ahead, but in the end, we still all walked home together. Miena was floating next to me as well.


Inside the train ride home, despite it being close to rush hour, we luckily found three seats. Miena could just float around us, so she’s fine. The inside of the train was filled with a loud BGM, consisting of student groups either consisting of only girls or mixed with boys.

“Literary club is the same as always?” I asked Himari, who sat right of me on the edge of her seat.

“…Yeah. Ever since you graduated, it’s only been me.”

“You alone, huh. I guess you’ll be lonely once you move up to high school.” Rion said to my left, as she had her arms crossed behind her head.

No clue why exactly I’m sitting between the two, but whatever.

“You’ll get more friends once you move up to high school, the literary club we have has a lot of members.”

“But, you’re in the go-home club, Itsuki-nii. That’s why I’ll also join the go-home club.”

(Such heavy flags being raised here, I can’t believe it…)


“W-What are you talking about? There’s no need to cling to Itsuki like that. You just come to our badminton club, Himari. The go-home club will only make you rot like Itsuki.”

(The girls badminton club will welcome her for sure~)

Leaving aside Rion and Miena’s invitation to the badminton club and me being dissed…

“I just don’t have anything to do, which is why I’m in the go-home club. Got no real place to go, nor a hobby. I just spend my days in leisure, and peace. You should look for something fun, Himari.”

“Something fun…Spending time with Itsuki-nii and Rion-nee like this…I guess?”


“Once you’re in high school, you get yourself a boyfriend, and play with them? Of course, not Itsuki, but another guy.”

“Hmmm? I don’t really get that. Do you two want someone like that?”

Met with middle school student Himari’s innocent question, Rion showed a forced smile. What’s with that, you’re scaring me. You’re not even answering a question like that? What kind of upperclassman are you?

“I don’t have any hopes for that.”


Miena gave me a dubious gaze, almost like she knew what was going on.

“Isn’t there anything fun with your student life, Itsuki-nii?”


I don’t even expect anything like that. Just talking to Himeno Miina is more than satisfying. Wishing for anything else would be presumptuous of a worthless mob like me.

(This kind of mean thinking might be actually good. I see, I see~)

Are you praising me or dissing me?

“I guess being a high school student must be hard…”

Seeing both our expressions and reactions, Himari showed a complicated comment. There’s some other students in this train car, living their days in joy and excitement, but I can’t see Himari ending up like that. Even after I’ve become a high school student, nothing much has changed—right when I was thinking about that, I saw an older lady standing behind a group of the students, a walking stick keeping her standing.

“Hm? Itsuki, why’re you suddenly standing up like that? We still have a few more stations to go through.”

I didn’t give Rion any response, and approached the older lady.

“U-Um, if you’d like, you can take my seat.” I told her with an awkward tone.

In response to me suddenly calling out to her, the older lady gave me a dubious look, only to grasp what I was talking about, and showed me a warm smile.

“Oh my, are you sure?”

“Yes, please go ahead.”

“I’m sorry about this, and thank you.” The older lady gave me her honest gratitude.

I carefully guided the older lady to the seat to make sure that she wouldn’t lose her balance in the shaking train car.

“Sorry, Rion, could you move next to Himari?”

“Ah, y-yeah! But, I’ll stand, so you can sit down, Itsuki.”

“Nah, I’m fine.”

I gave an immediate response, to which Rion gave a wry smile, and moved to the seat I previously sat on. This allowed the older lady to sit on Rion’s seat, as she rubbed her legs.

(I guess this old lady has a bad leg…That’s pretty admirable, Itsuki-kun.)

It’s not that big of a deal. Something like this is normal.

The older lady got off a few train stations later. Since she gave me her gratitude before leaving, I sent her off with a polite smile.

“You’re always quick to act with this kind of stuff, Itsuki. I guess this is what they call a good observation.”

After I sat down again, Rion spoke up with an astonished tone. Leaving aside the fact that I sat between Rion and Himari once again.

“Just meddling, nothing more.”

“That’s not true at all. I didn’t even realize that older lady was there, because of all the students, and nobody even offered her a seat. You’ve always been considerate like that, Itsuki-nii, even ever since middle school!” Himari’s eyes were radiating with respect, as she looked at me.

…Please, just stop. It’s not anything crazy.

(No, Himari-chan is right. When you’re together with friends, it’s hard to keep your surroundings in check, and keep a rational eye on everything…Let alone moving away from your group for something like that.)

You’re talking about being concerned about what people say behind your back? Well, that really is trouble in a group.


Himeno Miina is an existence loved by everybody. Everything around her is shining brilliantly, and she’s always in the focus of the camera like a heroine of a story. That’s why—seeing the dejected expression of the girl only I could perceive, it felt so far away from the usual Himeno Miina I knew, and almost unreal.

(Groups are troublesome…huh. Yeah, you’re right. If it was me, I wouldn’t have given that seat to that older lady, because I wouldn’t have been too concerned about the gazes of my friends…)

Together with that low voice, the atmosphere Miena gave off suddenly dropped into something depressing.


After I made it home, I sat down on the chair at my study desk, whereas Miena sat on my bed. Apparently, we can keep a distance of about one meter between us, and we can convey our thoughts with telepathy, which in return makes her feel mentally much closer. It’s like our bodies were linked directly.

(Now then, let’s talk about what to do from now on!)

Almost like her dejected atmosphere from before was nothing but a joke, Miena now spoke up with pure excitement in her voice. So you’re talking about the whole returning you to your main body part you mentioned earlier, right?

(Exactly. Analyzing your personality and environment, I came up with a good method.)

D-Don’t tell me…are you planning on sacrificing my heart for this…Well, if it’s for Himeno Miina’s sake, we could argue about that.

(Who am I, a devil?)

I mean, you saw my exchanges with Himeno Miina, right? Or rather, you must have felt it. That was my limit. Some mob male student like me can’t hope to get closer than that with our main heroine Himeno Miina. It’s like a difference between heaven and earth, sun and moon, paper lantern and temple bell, rice grain and nail.

(That last example is a bit confusing, but I get where you’re coming from.)

If I was actually good at studying, or an ace at a sports club, even just a bit more handsome than now, I might be able to talk to her just fine though.

(Then, you just have to work hard to become the person you want to be. With that, you’ll become more confident, and that’ll allow you to talk to me just fine, right?)

Don’t make it sound so simple. Also, no matter how hard I work, there’s nothing that can be done anymore. The way I am right now is the result of the path I’ve been walking my life so far. It’s a bad example for others, you could even say.

(Why can you be so proud about that? You sound much more confident than when you’re complaining.)

In order for me to get along with Himeno Miina, I need to overcome this steep wall in front of me. Even though getting you back to your main body is more important…Sorry for being such a worthless mob.

(What you’re lacking is confidence and experience, Itsuki-kun. It seems like we can only go with the strategy I came up with.)

Eh? Strategy? What are you on about?

(Fufufu, listen carefully! Starting today, we’ll be starting the Himeno Miina Conquest Strategy!)


(First, we need information about the heroine we’re going to conquer. Following that, we need to raise your protagonist stats. We’ll deal with that by using the good old practice by repetition principle, so no problems there—)

H-Hold on a second! I can’t even follow you anymore!

(Hm? I’m talking about the procedure to conquer your heroine.)

H-Heroine? Are you talking about Himeno Miina…?

(There’s only one heroine when it comes to you, right? We’ll make it so that you can interact and touch me just fine. Of course, the goal is that I can return to my main body, but it shouldn’t be that bad of a plan for you right, Itsuki-kun?)

Sorry, but were you even listening to what I said just now? I can’t even properly talk to her, there’s nothing that can be done about this.

(There sure is. If you get nervous when talking in front of a girl, you have to get used to it. And next, you need to become more confident.)

I can’t suddenly change myself this quickly, you know that?

(I just have to give you advice whenever you’re talking with my real body, so that you don’t get too nervous. Alright, I’m burning with excitement!)

Why are you just progressing everything on your own!?

(In order to raise the chance of success, we need to gather information about your heroine.)

Information about my heroine, don’t you already have all of that…

(Tsk tsk tsk, Itsuki-san. If you witness all of that directly, it’ll set in much easier, right.)

Miena waved her index finger at me, lecturing me.

(If you learn of my true character, you surely won’t be as nervous in front of me anymore.)

Seeing Miena grin with an arrogant tone in her voice as she provoked me was honestly terrifying. She’s even talking about her true character and whatever. Well, I’ve already seen that in reality though.

(Hmpf, I’m not talking about me, but my real body.)

Miena’s real body—I remembered Himeno Miina and our encounter today. She really is nice, being that worried about me. And she’s cute…Guhehe.

(…! G-Geez, enough about that already!)

As I was giggling to myself, dwelling in the wonderful memories containing Himeno Miina, Miena crossed her arms, and started blushing. She’s completely different from the Himeno Miina today…So, can’t I just tell Himeno Miina about this Miena in my head?

(Go ahead and try, but she’ll probably think of you as crazy. If you suddenly bring that up in front of me, even I would probably take my distance from you, Itsuki-kun.)

Oh lord…guess I can only go along with Miena’s mysterious strategy, huh…

(It’s fine, just leave it to me! Let’s conquer your heroine!)

Like this, I would go and try to conquer my heroine with the help of my heroine…What kind of nonsense is this!?

1 The I in Itsuki is also pronounced Otsu, which means strange and queer

2 Kanpeki = Perfect

3 Jewel

4 Kabe = Wall

5 Pronounced like Miina, just written differently for context.

6 A joke regarding Rion’s name, because the ‘on’ is written with the kanji for sound.

Sekaiichi Kantan na Heroine no Kouryaku Shikata

Sekaiichi Kantan na Heroine no Kouryaku Shikata

The World’s Easiest Way to Drop a Heroine in Love, 世界一かんたんなヒロインの攻略しかた
Score 8.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Conquering this heroine should be the easiest attempt in the entire world…or is it!?Filled with a humble desire of possibly going out with the girl I admire, Himeno Miina, the unexpected supporter that appears in front of me—is the girl herself!? After a mental entity split up from the girl’s real body, I’m being forced to conquer my heroine in order to return her other personality back to her real body!


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