Secret Potion chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

It’s hard to be alone in a place crowded with people. I feel like everyone was staring at me. I feel like they’re all talking about me.

Let me be a feeler if I really am a feeler. But it’s really how I felt whenever I was sitting alone in a corner of the canteen while being surrounded with people.

Socializing with others is not an easy matter. I am not the typical kind of person who can mingle with everyone else. I am the type that when talked with, all that would be heard from my mouth is about books, books, and books.

It’s just like what happened earlier, a girl approached me and I think it was to befriend me…

At that time, I was busy reading a book. My gaze went up to her as she drew near.

“Hi, what’s your name?” she asked.

I took a breath first and then answered her inquiry.

“My name is Janeah Andrea Lindsay Ysabel Concepcion Corpuz Ancheta. But you can call me Jaly for short. Jaly came from the first letter of my name; Janeah Andrea Lindsay Ysabel. I was born at Calamba, Laguna, where Doctor Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado Y Alonso Realonda used to live before. That should explain why my name is so long.” After speaking, I smiled at her.

She also smiled at me. Unfortunately, her face states that she’s finding me weird.

I wonder why. Did I say something bad? Or was my breath giving off a smell that was bad?

I put my hand on my mouth and exhaled. I don’t have bad breath, ah?

“Someone asked me to give this to you.” She held out a bottle of red juice to me.

I accepted what she was giving to me. “Huh? From who?” I asked. However, she already left.

I drank the juice since I’ve been thirsty. Mmm! So delicious.

Pwe! (TN: spitting sound)

There’s actually a piece of paper inside. Something was written on the piece of paper but I can’t read it since the ink spread on it.

I should just return to reading. Books are really my only best friends, forever! Even if there’s no forever.

Yeah, I know for myself that I am a nerd. How can’t I know if the people around me are calling me that; nerd, nerdy, dork, wimp, weird, etcetera.

They are just not aware that I am already being hurt by what they are saying. Really, as stated from Joel Osteen’s quotation, “Be careful what you say. You can say something hurtful in ten seconds, but ten years later, the wounds are still there.”

Anyway, I am the typical nerd with eyeglasses, braces and hair tied into a ponytail. Just studying day and night all the time. And so in my whole life, I never got myself a friend.

But as a normal female, I also have a crush. And I only have one since my elementary days. And he is Marc Chester Bonifacio.

The love of my life. My knight in shining armor. The straw in my berry. The apple in my pie. The peanut butter in my jelly.

Despite the fact that he still doesn’t know me and that I can only sneak a glance whenever I see him, I’m still happy, and that will already make my day.

Anyway, I should be back to reality. Enough daydreaming.

I glanced at my wrist watch. Lunch time’s already over and so I collected my stuff and stood up.

As I hugged my books I walked back to my classroom.

I’m at the hallway. There, I saw Marc together with his friends. They are all so handsome! But Marc’s handsomeness triumphs even amongst them! Almost all the girls nearby were watching them walk. They’re all so moved that their panties were falling down by themselves. And of course, I belong to that majority of girls.

There are three members in their group. Marc is the leader. Kiel is the clown and Denver is the smart guy.

While fantasizing for Marc, an idea came into my mind. I ran towards Marc and faked an accidental crash against him. I dropped the books I have with me on the floor.

isn’t that what always happened in a teleserye? The girl and her crush will run into each other, and her books will fall. Then the boy will pick them up alongside the girl. After that, their fingers will accidentally touch and then they will meet each other’s eyes. And then, they will get together! That’s how fast it will be!

I’m already on the floor and my books were scattered around. “Oh, miss, are you okay?” He began collecting my books. I also copied him but then our fingers met and then we exchanged gazes! And then our lips were drawing near each other! Emergherd! Am I dreaming?!

“Miss Ancheta! Are you sleeping on my class again?!” shouted Mrs. Grifaldia to me. She’s our teacher in Social Studies.

I suddenly woke up from my sweet dream. I actually fell asleep. Well, I stayed up late last night for my advance study. And I already know what Mrs. Grifaldia was teaching.

“I’m sorry, Ma’am. This won’t happen again.” I said in apologetic manner.

It’s dismissal time and I’m on my way to the library, to my sanctuary. And I saw Marc! And this time this is real! And as usual I can only steal glances at him. But I think he’s also going to the library! Umighad!

He entered the library. I was following after him. I sat on the table and put down all the books that I will be studying.

When I was busy studying, he suddenly sat down and shared with the same table. Oh Em Gee, I feel moved!

Anyway, back to studying again. I hope he notices me. I wonder when he will notice me. Probably when I’m the only woman left in the world? Eh, since elementary and until now, I still dream of him being with me. Can we still become couple?

Ugh, I can’t concentrate on reading. I stood up and searched for some other books to read. Our school library is pretty large and it even has a second floor.

I usually hunt books at the first floor. I haven’t been to the second floor. Well, walking upstairs is tiresome. Hmm, but since I’m pretty curious right now on what books are in the second floor, I tried the floor above.

Wow! The place is also as large as the floor below. The books placed here are old, ancient-looking and dusty. I looked at one of the shelves. On one of the sections, I read ‘Potions’ on the label.

The shelf has many types of books. And even the titles are sorted out. There’s a poison potion, aging potion, intelligence potion and many more.

But the title that caught my attention is ayàπη potion. I know what ayàπη means because I studied reading Greek words before. I read what was written at the back of the book.

The most powerful love potion in existence. It causes a powerful infatuation or obsession from the drinker.

I browsed it a little then brought it back.

When I descended back, Marc is still at my table. I returned there and once again sat down before reading the book entitled ayàπη Potion.

It contains the instructions on how to make the potion. The expected effects on people are included. The person will become obsessed and infatuated with the maker.

I was shocked when Marc suddenly burst into laughter. He’s staring at me and I don’t know what made him laugh.

I wiped my nose, thinking there’s dirt on it. However, there’s none.

The moment I arrived home, I immediately proceeded in making the potion. Many ingredients are needed to create it.

Fortunately, I already have the ingredients needed. I no longer have to go outside to haggle with the vendors.

Yay! Last ingredient!

Wait, what?

I have to put in a piece of paper with my name written on it? Eh, what if he swallowed the paper? Ugh, never mind, come what may. It should be okay since it’s just a piece of paper.

I came to school earlier than usual and went to the locker room. I put the potion inside Marc’s locker. I managed to open it using my hairpin. Then I prayed for the potion to be effective. I love you Marc!

It’s now lunchtime and I still haven’t seen Marc. As usual, I’m sitting alone at the canteen.

My mind is really being restless about what happened to the potion. Suddenly, I was surprised when a guy approached me.

“Hi, Jaly.” he said and then flashed a killer smile.

It’s Marc! The potion is effective! Oh my gosh!

“Oh! Em! Gee! Is this real?! You’re talking with me?! It’s really effective!” I exclaimed with disbelief.

“Which is effective?” he asked with confusion.

“Nothing,” I replied to his question.

“Janeah Lindsay Ysabel Concepcion Corpuz Ancheta?” He grabbed my two hands.

“Yes?” Umighad! Am I dreaming? He’s really a hottie! Thick eyebrows, dreamy eyes, high nose, thin lips, fair complexion, and black, messy hair which make him more handsome. He’s very perfect!

“Can I court you?” He presented the rose which was hidden at the back pocket of his pants.

And of course, why would your grandma decline?! “YES!!!” I said as I hugged him tight.


After four weeks…


Marc and I had long got together. The potion that I used has really taken effect. The one I dreamed about had turned into a reality.

My knight in shining armor has arrived. The straw in my berry, the apple in my pie, the peanut butter in my jelly are now complete.

However, I sometimes can’t shake off my conscience on what I did. The potion. I’ve become selfish. I know he doesn’t really love me. I am the only one in love with him.

I went to the girl’s restroom to take care of my nature’s business. But a group of girls confronted me inside.

“Hey, you nerd! You are so ugly! I really don’t know why Marc fell for you!”

“Yeah! You must have put a curse him, right! It’s obvious from your looks!” And they laughed loudly together.

“What did you feed him and he fell in love with you? Did you charm him?”

They burst into laughter again as if there’s no tomorrow.

They pulled my hair. And they tore my uniform. They wrecked its buttons. My shoes had been thrown in the toilet bowl. They did it all while one of them was busy slapping my face.

I couldn’t fight them back because I’m weak. In the end, my tears fell one by one. I only sobbed and I couldn’t speak clearly. “Stop!” I cried out.

“BABE!” Marc stormed inside the restroom. He probably heard my cries. He even ignored that this is the girl’s restroom.

“HOY YOU! WHAT DO YOU THINK ARE YOU DOING? NONE OF YOU HAS THE RIGHT TO HURT HER!” Marc pushed the girls aside and ran to me.

“WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU, HUH?” Marc looks scary, his eyes red, and his face also red. This is my first time seeing him like this. He’s fearsome when angered.

Out of fear, the girls immediately ran away, the noise made by their heels could be heard clearly as they ran and competed in rushing out of the door.

“Are you okay? Do you want me to bring you to the clinic? Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to make those bitchy girls pay for what they did to you.” Worry and anger was very evident on his face.

“Marc, I have something to confess to you. I know you’ll be shocked by this. But I think it’s already time to tell you the truth,” I took a deep breath and then continued. “You’ve been my crush since long ago. And I know I have no chance of being together with you. I am not that pretty to match up with you. You are good looking but I am an ugly woman. But even though I know I don’t have any hope at it, I still didn’t give up. I found a book which taught one how to create a potion. I made one and used it on you. And it’s a love potion. I used it on you because I know you won’t ever like me through a normal way. Since my looks is like this. I hope you can forgive me.” I can’t stop myself from crying again as I said those lines to Marc.

He slowly smiled and wiped the tears on my face using his thumb. “Jaly, I’ve long known about that potion. And it’s not effective. I used it on the woman I like who had never noticed me before since she was busy studying. Whenever I see her, she’s always looking at her books. And so I quite lost some hope on her. And then when I found a book about love potion at the second floor of the library, I didn’t hesitate to follow what’s written there. I even asked one of my classmates to give that potion to the woman I love. And that’s you, I’m talking about you. Unfortunately, the potion didn’t work. In reality, the book only taught one how to make delicious beverages.”

“When we were at the library, I was attempting to confess my feelings to you except as usual, you were only focused on books. But then I got shocked to see you holding on to the Love Potion Book, puzzled on who you planned to use that for. And I also laughed since I know it won’t work. However, the next morning when I saw a bottle of red juice inside my locker, I got surprised. You’re the one who came to mind first, I thought you’re the one who made the love potion. I was surprised and yet also glad. I realized you’re also in love me. That’s why I pretended the potion had taken effect. That way, we can be lovers.”

My eyes grew large. I can’t help but cover my mouth with my hands. “Oh my god! All this time you know about that potion?! And you, you grew to like me?!” I said in disbelief.

“Yes, why not? You are beautiful, you know? Who says you’re not?” He removed my eyeglasses. “Here. Alright.  See? So beautiful. This is why you’ve become my crush, eh.” Then he pinched my nose.

I smiled at him and he smiled back at me.

“Come here.” He spread his arms, signalling that he wants to hug me.

I followed his wishes. He embraced me tight while I was returning the hug. He also smelled my hair and then whispered, “I love you.”

My heart beats suddenly sped up. The smile on my face reached my ears. I replied to him, “I love you too.”


An old lady with eyeglasses, more known as Miss Evelynda, was sitting alone inside the library; on her hands was the book that Jaly and Marc used before.

“You got another pair of victims again. They thought you’re not real. Because they used the love potion on each other.” Miss Evelynda, the school librarian, smilingly talked to the book. It suddenly lightened up as a beautiful female voice rang out.

“Yup, who should I  victimize next? They should be people who suit each other, like Jaly and Marc.” And then the book let out a soft laugh.



Secret Potion

Secret Potion

Score 6.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
Jaly found a mysterious book inside their school library. It’s a book which teaches one how to make a love potion.And she will use this love option on her crush who has never noticed her before.Will it be effective? Or will it embarrass her in front in front of her ultimate crush?


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