Saffron Maiden chapter 4


However, if it is her, how can the sperm spot be explained?

At this time, Third Aunt passed by Li Ju. Li Ju inadvertently raised her hand, and the bowl of vegetable soup in the hands of Third Aunt just fell on Li Ju’s sleeves.

Third Aunt hurriedly said, “Aigoo, aigoo, sorry Li Ju, hurry up and take off the sleeve, and I will wash it for you.”

Li Ju obviously got a little nervous and said very unnaturally, “It’s okay, Aunt, it’s okay. It doesn’t matter.”

“That’s not okay. While it’s still wet for now, we can use water to rinse the oil off, but when it dries off, it won’t be easy to wash.”

The next few women also followed along and agreed. “Yes, Li Ju, it’s not a difficult task. Take it off and let Aunt wash it for you.”

Only then did Li Ju slowly take off the sleeve of her left hand.

A woman said, “Li Ju, take off your right hand sleeve too, so that Aunt can wash both of them together.”

Li Ju protected her own sleeve and said, “No, it’s not covered with soup. I don’t want to bother Aunt.”

I still pretended not to see.

But Chen Xia almost immediately shouted, “Hey, what’s wrong, Li Ju. What happened to your arm?”

I turned my head to look, and Li Ju’s right arm really had a few clear scratches on it.

Li Ju panicked and whispered, “The day before yesterday, when I was grabbing medicine from corn, I accidentally scratched it. It hurts when I touch it!”

“It’s no wonder you wore a long coat today, and wore a sleeve.”

”Well it hurts.”

After a few sentences, the women are no longer concerned about the injury on Li Ju’s arm but turned the topic east and west. Li Ju also sighed with relief.

But it is clear that for a while, she sweated a lot.

But I am a little confused. Her reason is obviously very normal, but just now, when others asked her, why was she sweating so much? And earlier when she stated the reason that the coat was washed up, she could have obviously said that she was hurt.

After thinking for a while, I went out on the pretext of going home to get something.

I knew where Li Ju’s house was.

Her house was locked, and it happened that there was a tree up the slope next to it.

The house was really hanging clothes in the sun, but there was no sign of her coat.

At night, Li Ju, who was already dazed from sleep, suddenly heard the sound of the wind, and there seemed to be some noises coming from the yard.

Because of Xiao Fang’s incident, Li Ju was very scared and woke her husband up.

Her husband was just as scared as she was.

He pulled on the light but found that there was no electricity, and the two of them could only shiver and go out in the dark.

The door was opened somehow.

Two shadows, one large and one small, slowly drifted through the door.

Then they came back and slowly walked in from the front door.

This time, one could see more clearly that the big shadow was Zhang Wen Lian who was already dead.

And the small one was obviously none other than Xiao Fang!

Li Ju shouted in fear.

But she had not yet done much when Zhang Ying “fluttered” down on his knees, kneeling down on the same side as Xiao Fang. He was shivering and said vaguely, “I, I, I was wrong, please forgive me!”

And Zhang Wen Lian stared straight at Li Ju.

Li Ju also shouted with a crying voice, “You go away, don’t come to me, go away—”

Zhang Wen Lian’s ghost actually spoke. “You have caused me so much misery. It’s all because you have caused me–”

Li Ju pointed at Zhang Ying and said, “It’s all him, it’s him who caused Xiao Fang’s death It’s not my fault.”

Zhang Ying immediately cursed, “Bullshit, you bitch, it’s you-”

The two people were shifting the blame on each other when the village chief came in with a few people.

Li Ju and Zhang Ying came to their senses. Zhang Wen Lian is alive, while Xiao Fang is obviously not the real one, but a little girl from the second uncle’s family dressed in clothes similar to Xiao Fang, impersonating her.

The village chief took a flashlight. Li Ju was dressed in very thin clothes, and this time, one could see more clearly that not only on her arms but she also had scratch marks all over her body.

The village chief shouted, “Say, what is going on? Li Ju, how did you get all this on you?”

Li Ju still whispered “the corn scratches.”

“Bullshit! Men may work bare-chested in summer, but you, a woman, do you also work bare-chested? Can the corn scratch your chest? What the hell is going on?”

Only now, Zhang Ying started speaking. The village chief and the others listened to his story with complete attention, but Zhang started making up stories.

When the village chief came with a whip, he asked Zhang Ying again, “Tell me, how in the end did you harm Fang Fang?”

Zhang Ying did not speak, and the village chief immediately started whipping him.

Kneeling on the ground, Zhang Ying rolled around in pain, and not waiting for the village chief to whip a second time, he began to loudly beg for mercy. “Don’t hit me anymore, Uncle. I’ll confess, I’ll say.

The village chief withdrew his whip and told him to kneel down again before Zhang Ying bared his teeth and said, “It’s all her fault, she’s a slut!”

All the people present except for Li Ju were men, so she was the only one qualified to be called “slut”–

Zhang Ying continued to gnash his teeth and said,

“This slut and Zhang Wen Lian, a son of a bitch, hooked up for two or three years and always thought I did not know. I had not fucking caught the evidence and pretended not to know. The day before yesterday, I deliberately went on a trip to the mountains. I knew that these two motherfuckers were making love, so I followed her. Sure enough, this slut sneaked out. I followed to the back of the cornfield, as both of these motherfuckers took off their clothes to do that thing. I was trying to go out and catch them in action at the time, but someone else came at that time. Zhang Wen Lian, that son of a bitch, got scared and ran away, but this slut did not run away. At that time, I was also shocked, so I looked carefully and it was Fang Fang. At that time, I was lying on my back and did not come out. When she saw that no one was around, I do not know what evil it was, she went up and strangled Fang Fang’s neck. I was shocked and got out, but Fang Fang had already fainted. I was also scared, I wanted to take Fang Fang back to see if she could still be cured, but she just wouldn’t let me.”

The chief looked at Li Ju, while Li Ju buried her head even lower.

It looked like Zhang Ying was telling the truth; otherwise, if he lied even a little, Li Ju would have refuted him.

”Go on!”

Zhang Ying sobbed a few times and continued,

”I was also a bit panicked at that time, and I told her again that we should carry Fang Fang back, but she said, “Are you crazy? If you go back to save her, would people not kill you. Just think about it, if she told another child about this matter, how will we face the villagers?” I asked her how to do it, and she told me to rape Fang Fang to death and then go to that place. Naturally, the villagers would think it was the maiden who did it and no one would suspect us.”

The village chief said angrily, “And then you did it?”

“I-I swear, I was not willing. She threatened me and said, “If you do not do it, I will say that you forcibly **** Fang Fang. Anyway, we two are the only ones who saw her. You say to yourself whether people will believe you or believe me, a woman?” I did not know what to do, and then she coaxed me again. I have done you wrong today, then I will also compensate you. You see how beautiful this little girl is, certainly better than me. Don’t you want her while she’s still alive”— then she stripped Fang Fang’s clothes off, and I didn’t know how, at that time, it–”

Third Uncle Zhang was angry; his eyes were glaring. He bit his lips and went up to slap Zhang Yin in the face. Zhang Ying did not dare to beg for mercy and just cried there. “I was wrong, I was wrong, Uncle.

What happened next, we can certainly think of. The pair of male and female dogs did this beastly act and afterwards took Fang’s body to the Ridge. Because we had the legend of the Saffron Maiden since ancient times, Li Ju thought that we would certainly think that this was all the Saffron Maiden’s doing.

But to be honest, if I hadn’t been allowed to check the body, Fang really might have died in vain.

I went home last night, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. Especially remembering that time when I was a child running from the cornfield, and the wounds on my body were indeed exactly the same as Zhang Wen Lian’s. So I felt that I might have really wronged Zhang Wen Lian.

So early in the morning, I went to find the Fifth Grandfather and asked him to accompany me to Maiden’s Ridge.

Fortunately, Zhang Wen Lian was not yet dead.

I told him directly, “I know it’s not you, but if you insist on not saying anything, I won’t be able to vindicate you, and you’ll have to stay here.”

He immediately confessed that he and Li Ju secretly went to the cornfield and had just undressed when he heard someone’s voice. He thought it was Zhang Ying, who was there to catch the adulterers, so he ran away without clothes and didn’t know what happened behind him.

The reason why he did not say it yesterday was because after all, he and Li Ju had been good together for two years. Fearing that if this matter is told, she, a woman, will not have the face to see others in the future, and if this matter is told, Zhang Ying’s cousins will certainly kill him.

But staying in Maiden’s Ridge overnight, he has thoroughly figured out—

Listening to Zhang Wen Lian’s statement, I immediately realized that I made a mistake. Just because I saw the sperm spot on Xiao Fang’s body, I arbitrarily believed that the killer was a man and ignored other possibilities.

Together with the uncharacteristic behavior of Li Ju I saw during the day, it occurred to me that she was the most suspicious and that she should have an accomplice, a female accomplice!

So I had the village chief make these arrangements. These two people were too scared, plus they couldn’t see at all at night and were just sleeping and couldn’t react, so once they saw the two shadows, they were immediately scared and panicked until they understood that they had fallen for it.

The case is finally solved.

And at this time, the residents of the village heard the incident and rushed over.

The village chief and a dozen elders in the house together deliberated how to deal with the two of them.

Zhang Ying’s own uncle was there.

But even he didn’t have a little bit of siding with him but the same opinion as everyone else, sending them both up to Maiden’s Ridge.

While the adults were talking, the village chief suddenly called me in, and the elderly people were polite enough to give me a seat.

The village chief even asked me, “What do you think, Xiao Xu?”

This made me really flattered.

You know that in our place, only the village chief and a few elders have the right to speak, and young people like us don’t have any right to speak at all.

Now the village chief actually asked my opinion, and everyone was listening carefully.

I was a little nervous, but I expressed my opinion.

“Grandfathers, elders, we are now a society under the rule of law and cannot use the old ways. Although they deserve to die, if it is our private execution of them, we will also be guilty of murder. In case someone says something, the police will definitely come to investigate and all those involved will have to go in! I think it’s better to send them directly to the police station, as the court will sentence them.”

Third Uncle Zhang asked me with some unease, “o what kind of sentence can be imposed?”

”Don’t worry, Third Uncle. It’s definitely the death penalty!”

The village chief immediately took a stand. “I agree with Xiao Xu’s opinion!”

Fifth Grandfather also kindly looked at me and said, “Kid, you really have a strong sense of justice.”

The next two days, wherever I went, I was greeted by fierce praise.

Although the case is closed, I have more and more doubts in my mind.

That is, the legend of the Saffron Maiden I heard while growing up.

Previously, when I listened as a child, I only felt afraid, but now I feel that there seems to be a lot of irrational aspects about that incident.

And can it be said that the Saffron Maiden is just a false legend?

But the Saffron Maiden matter had occurred forty years ago in the past. The village legends are also passed down from old people orally, and even the old people among themselves do not have completely identical statements. It is already very difficult to verify.

Only the Fifth Grandfather is the first person to see the Saffron Maiden with his own eyes and the one who saw her the most. He must know more details than others.

One afternoon, I knocked on Fifth Grandfather’s door again.

He was taking a nap, but when he heard my voice, the old man got up immediately.

I spoke first. “Fifth Grandfather, I want to hear your story about the Saffron Maiden again and tell it a little more thoroughly.”

But the Fifth Grandfather suddenly withdrew his smile and sighed softly, “Xiao Xu, when did you realize?”

Saffron Maiden

Saffron Maiden

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
We have the legend of the Saffron Maiden since ancient times Legend has it that she was a little girl who committed suicide Later, many strange things happened And several people died But the truth is something else…


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