Pseudo Teacher x Morbidly Dark Student chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“Teacher, have you ever heard the saying, ‘if you make a wish the moment you see a shooting star, the shooting star may not hear you until it falls.’”

“Teacher, I can’t stop. I must obtain you.”

“Teacher, come and see my world with me, okay.”

Teacher? Is that Mu Yu’s voice? Qin Zixi’s chaotic mind gradually sobered. She opened her eyes, but it was dark. She felt like she was on a bed, naked and blindfolded. She was wearing something strange that didn’t belong to her, her limbs were tied down with chains and she couldn’t move. To be precise, her hands were tied on both sides of her body while the handcuffs on her hands were tied to the end of the bed. Her legs were spread open and the shackles were tied to the head of the bed. This left her with a small range of movements.

Her heart was full of panic and fear. She came to tutor Mu Yu on her homework today but didn’t see a single servant. Mu Yu said that they all asked for leave. Although she was somewhat puzzled, she didn’t think much of it. Then she drank a cup of fresh juice that Mu Yu gave her. She said it was freshly squeezed juice, and then…then it became what it is now.

She wanted to speak, but a small ball was stuffed in her mouth. So, she could only make sounds.

“En ah, ennn, ahh.”

After struggling for a while with no results, the panic in her heart heightened. Her eyes gradually became wet and tears flowed down from the corners of her eyes. Whimpers from her were voiced.

“Wuwu, wuwu enn.”

At this time, a door being opened was heard. Qin Zixi immediately stopped her whimpers after hearing it and held her breath unconsciously.

The footsteps got closer and closer. The blindfold was removed, and a familiar face came into view. Her student, Mu Yu, still had a gentle smile on her face.

“Teacher, you woke up?”

“Ennnnn.” Unable to speak because of the ball, Qin Zixi looked anxiously at Mu Yu. Although her intuition told her that Mu Yu wouldn’t remove it.

Mu Yu skillfully released the ball tied in Qin Zixi’s mouth.

As soon as she could speak, Qin Zixi couldn’t wait to ask: “Mu Yu, what’s going on?” The voice was choked up and along with her red eyes full of tears, she looked really pitiful.

“When teacher fainted, I helped teacher onto the bed.”

She gently wiped the tears from the corners of Qin Zixi’s eyes with her fingers then put her fingers at the corner of her mouth and licked them.

Qin Zixi was puzzled by Mu Yu’s vulgar actions and the lies she spouted earnestly. Is this really Mu Yu? That innocent Mu Yu? The Mu Yu she taught for the past half a year. Every weekend and holiday in those past six months. She had never seen Mu Yu like this before.

Half a year ago, Qin Zixi passed the postgraduate exam and found a job to privately tutor a senior high school student in her spare time. Because of the relatively high salary and Qin Zixi felt that she was fully qualified, she took the job. Mu Yu was the student that she privately tutors.

Mu Yu’s parents worked a lot and had no time to take care of Mu Yu. As a result, Mu Yu’s personality was a bit antisocial and she was totally uninterested in school. With half a year left until the college entrance exam, they wanted to find a tutor for Mu Yu, then finally chose Qin Zixi under Mu Yu’s approval.

Qin Zixi now thought that Mu Yu wasn’t only a bit antisocial, but even…a pervert, the things on her body ah, even if she didn’t have experience, she was aware of what will happen next.

“Then let me go.”

“I will teacher. Before that, we need to have an in-depth conversation.”

Mu Yu opened the wardrobe. There wasn’t a single piece of clothing in that wardrobe besides some underwear with little fabric. Everything else in there was strange tools. Whips? Rope? Rods?

A word flashed in Qin Zixi’s mind, S…S&M? She was an adult person, no matter how old Mu Yu was, she hasn’t turned 18 yet.

Qin Zixi’s voice trembled, “Mu Yu, please let me go. I’m your teacher ah. Mu Yu… Xiao Yu,1 I’m your teacher. What you’re doing is wrong.”

Mu Yu took something out of the closet, came to the bedside, and listened to Qin Zixi’s begging. She was upset. Suddenly, she bowed her head beside Qin Zixi and expressionlessly said: “What kind of TM teacher are you?2 Aren’t you a student too? You just watched me study for a few days. Don’t press me, teacher.”

The expressionless face and fierce tone of voice caused Qin Zixi to be frightened to tears. Mu Yu’s body was weak and thin, and her skin color was morbidly pale. This gave people the impression that she was in bad health. Qin Zixi has always been very gentle to Mu Yu because of Mu Yu’s appearance before appeared really naïve and simple. The only time she felt a little strange was when Mu Yu stared at her longer and longer during the tutoring sessions. Besides that, Qin Zixi really didn’t notice that there was something wrong with Mu Yu. How can Qin Zixi, who was really pure-minded, see through Mu Yu’s true thoughts.

Mu Yu’s mouth hooked when she saw Qin Zixi was frightened.

“Teacher, don’t be afraid. I’ll never do anything that will make you unhappy.”

Qin Zixi was a little angry when she said she didn’t count as her teacher but still called her teacher. Anything that will make me unhappy? Qin Zixi wasn’t happy at all right now…

Mu Yu took something from the closet and placed it between Qin Zixi’s legs. Qin Zixi was sensitive since there were no clothes on her body. Her graceful figure was completely exposed in front of Mu Yu’s eyes. She blushed shyly.

Mu Yu saw Qin Zixi’s face and body were turning red. There was a smile on the corner of her mouth, “Teacher, don’t be shy. When I undressed you before and put these things on you. I already appreciated your figure.”

If she could move her hands now, Qin Zixi would definitely cover her blushing face. She had never been teased like this before. She felt completely ashamed.

Mu Yu looked at the attractive place between Qin Zixi’s legs. When she took off Qin Zixi’s clothes, Mu Yu was a little surprised. Her teacher didn’t have a single hair on her body. She speculated that she was naturally born this way rather than artificially. Then Mu Yu became more and more interested in Qin Zixi’s body.

When the finger arrived at the gap and touched the pink clitoris, Qin Zixi had a strong reaction. That private place that has never been touched was rubbed by her student’s fingertip. The strong stimulation hit her nerves. Her entire body couldn’t help writhing but she couldn’t move due to the chains that bounded her.

“Mu Yu… let go of me… don’t… don’t do this…”

Mu Yu pretended that she didn’t hear, and continued stimulating her sensitive place. But she wasn’t satisfied with just this. Mu Yu pulled her finger away from the clitoris. When she saw the tender flesh beneath the clitoris, desire rose in her eyes. She felt her throat becoming dry and her mouth salivating.

Her fingers gradually penetrated deep. She had practiced countless times in her dreams, and this was the first time she put her practice to use. Her breathing was disorderly and Qin Zixi’s small hole was tighter and softer than she imagined. As soon as her fingers entered, the walls automatically contracted. Mu Yu slid in two-thirds of her fingers and felt a fleshy layer obstructing her.

“Don’t… don’t… Mu Yu… don’t… enn…”

Knowing that it was useless to plead, Qin Zixi bit her lips to prevent the moans from flowing out from Mu Yu’s fingers entering and stimulating her. Mu Yu leaned over Qin Zixi and looked at Qin Zixi’s red, tear-filled eyes. Her eyes were uneasy, panicked, and stubborn. Qin Zixi turned her head to one side, not looking at Mu Yu and instead revealed her reddish ears to Mu Yu.

Mu Yu looked at the apparent red ears, lowered her head, and covered her earlobe. She gently licked and whispered: “Teacher, did you know? Your ears will move involuntarily when you speak.”

“Teacher, did you know? How much I wanted to kiss your ears when you were tutoring me.”

The clear limpid voice echoed in her ears and provoked her. Qin Zixi didn’t dare to move. Her face was flushed. She knew that Mu Yu wanted to break down her inner defense bit by bit. Her heart was suffering so much that she couldn’t stop herself from shedding tears.

“Teacher, did you know? I look at your side profile every day and really wanted to bite your neck.”

Mu Yu’s mouth approached Qin Zixi’s neck. After two licks, Mu Yu opened her mouth and bit down without using excessive force. But Mu Yu’s teeth were slightly sharp and stimulated the sensitive neck. At the same time, Mu Yu’s fingers were penetrating her small hole, in and out. This sensation she has never felt before assaulted her. She clenched her lower lip to prevent herself from making a sound. She wanted to express her resistance this way. Feeling Qin Zixi’s stubbornness, Mu Yu loosened her teeth and looked at the shallow teeth marks. She lowered her head and sucked around the teeth marks, leaving behind some red marks.

She continued down her neck and arrived at her rounded breasts. When she arrived at Qin Zixi’s breasts, Mu Yu became addicted to the fragrant, jade-like, soft double peaks. She couldn’t extract herself. Mu Yu sucked one side of the breast in her mouth using her teeth and tongue to randomly stimulate it, leaving behind her mark on Qin Zixi’s chest. At the same time, Mu Yu’s fingers moved in and out of Qin Zixi’s hole quickly and slowly. The hole had already secreted a lot of love juices from pleasure, making Mu Yu’s hand more and more slippery.

“Does teacher feel good? Does teacher like it when I penetrate your body?”

Qin Zixi was really about to collapse. Why does Mu Yu ask these questions the same way she asks questions during their tutoring session? She was ashamed of her responding to the pleasure and anguished internally. She wanted to twist her body, but her body became limp from the friction between her body and the chains.

She couldn’t bear it.

“Mu Yu…you will soon…the college entrance exam is coming soon. You have a whole future ahead of you, don’t…don’t do things that you’ll regret.”

Qin Zixi tried to persuade Mu Yu while suffering from pleasure. But after Mu Yu listened to her words, her thrusting accelerated. Her head moved to Qin Zixi’s face and looked into her eyes: “Oh? Is teacher threatening me? Is teacher going to sue me? But is it wrong to like your teacher and express love to teacher in a special way? I have no regrets ever since I first saw teacher. Now, teacher’s body welcomes me ah. Teacher, I’ll feel uncomfortable stopping. I won’t stop teacher.”

With her voice uttering teacher and her rhetorical questions, she attacked Qin Zixi’s heart. Her little hole was still sucking on Mu Yu’s fingers. Her legs were spread open the entire time and her thigh muscles were sore. She couldn’t understand the thin and weak Mu Yu. Why did she torment her for so long? She opened her mouth and begged: “Mu Yu…my legs are so sore, wuwu…you let me go, okay?”

Mu Yu quickly said her conditions: “Then will teacher give herself to me? Let me really enter your body? Promise me and I’ll let you go.” Her tone was soft and gentle as if coaxing a child.

Qin Zixi quickly shook her head. How can she hand over her 22 years of chastity to an underage girl. Upon seeing this, Mu Yu focused her attention on Qin Zixi’s lower hole. Not only did her fingers thrust in and out of her little hole, but also bent and scratch the tender flesh wall. Stimulating Qin Zixi’s entire body.

After maintaining this thrusting speed for a period of time, Mu Yu felt the contractions of the inner walls become larger. She went to Qin Zixi’s chest again and ravaged her. The strength she used was so big that Qin Zixi cried.

In less than a minute, Qin Zixi felt her lower abdomen swell and ache. The tender flesh in the small hole tightly wrapped around Mu Yu’s fingers. Liquid rushed out of the little hole from climaxing. This feeling affected her nerves causing her body to tremble involuntarily. She was breathless and her tears flowed nonstop. Mu Yu saw Qin Zixi’s reaction and a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

Suddenly, Qin Zixi, who was still under the influence of the climax’s aftermath, felt the fingers in her being pulled out. Then in the next second, was crammed with the round object. She looked at Mu Yu as Mu Yu pressed the instrument in her hand. The round object in her body began to vibrate. Qin Zixi screamed from suddenly being strongly stimulated in her still sensitive little hole.


Mu Yu moved her face to Qin Zixi’s face and watched Qin Zixi’s face flush from the climax. There were small beads of sweat on her forehead and nose. Her ruddy mouth was still moaning, making the beautiful face more attractive.

“Can I kiss you? Teacher.”

Qin Zixi wanted to answer her but didn’t have time to speak. The ball that Mu Yu thrust into her vibrated so strongly that her mouth couldn’t form words, causing her to be unable to express her feelings.

Mu Yu didn’t care about Qin Zixi’s response. She lowered her head and kissed her. She kissed the mouth that she dreamed of day and night, her obsession. She kissed gently, appreciating this wonderful feeling, making it feel this was worthwhile.

Mu Yu also whispered softly while kissing.

“Teacher, I like you ah.”

“Teacher when you came, I found meaning in my life.”

“Teacher, even if I was a shooting star, I am willing to stop for you.”

Her voice was blocked by Mu Yu’s mouth. It was soft and intoxicating, but her lower body felt the intense and unbearable sensation. Soon, that familiar feeling came again. Qin Zixi’s body began to tremble again, and the little hole was completely wet with the slippery fluids. Finally, an invigorating, strong contraction overwhelmed her little hole again. It contracted together with the muscles inside her legs. She couldn’t bear this double stimulation of her mind and body, and fainted.

Mu Yu saw Qin Zixi fainted and slowly licked the tears off Qin Zixi’s face. She got up and untied the chains on Qin Zixi, then took out the small ball submerged in Qin Zixi’s fluids from her cave. A lot of fluids dripped out along with the ball.

After taking another look at Qin Zixi’s sleeping face, Mu Yu seemed to have come to a decision. Mu Yu took off her clothes, picked up one of Qin Zixi’s hands, brought it to herself, then guided Qin Zixi’s fingers into her tender little hole. She was ruthless and forcefully broke her hymen. The pain caused Mu Yu to sweat but she didn’t slow down until more than a minute passed. Qin Zixi’s finger exited with a newly blood-red sheen. The blood drops fell on the bedspread and immediately soaked the sheets.

Mu Yu now had a satisfied smile on her face. She laid down beside Qin Zixi and closed her eyes while holding Qin Zixi.

Pseudo Teacher x Morbidly Dark Student

Pseudo Teacher x Morbidly Dark Student

伪师生 病态黑暗年下学生×纯洁善良年上老师 略带sm
Score 7.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Pure and kind teacher x dark student with S&M play.


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