Private Tutor chapter 2

Chapter 2

Part 2
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“Aah. Fuck! That’s it. Ungh.”

How many times have I been doing this shit? Two weeks have passed. Also, I kept on sucking Alex’s huge manhood!

This was how I performed my role for him. He didn’t even have the slightest care about how I felt. I felt so humiliated. He stomped over my whole existence/ If only I could do something to make him notice me.

Wait, what?! What the fuck am I saying?!

“Denver, I’m coming—Arghh!”


He once more let out his liquid inside my mouth. Seriously, I’ve been quite enjoying this crazy mutual relationship of ours. Was it really mutual? Alex was the only one being satisfied here.

“Ahh. That was good.” Alex commented as he panted, sitting down on the couch and wiped off his sweat on his forehead.

Does he still have no intention to ask what I was feeling?! This fucking dumbass!

Due to my anger, I picked up my wallet on the table and pulled out ten one thousand bills. I slammed it on the table, in front of this shameless Alex Mañego!

“What’s that?” The idiot mocked a clueless expression.

“Your payment. You can leave now.” I sternly answered. I didn’t look at him as I said that.

I’ll admit, since the day Alex blackmailed and forcibly made me pleasure his manhood in the exchange of continued lessons, something changed. I could feel it, but I don’t want him to see because I know that someday, our contract will end. In the end, I would just end up hurting myself.

“You’re not going to study anymore?”

“Not anymore! It’s useless!” I growled at him.

He’s so insensitive. He really isn’t noticing what I’m feeling!

Alex stood up and walked closer. Then, our eyes met. My face automatically turned red. I instantly felt my thing react. Fuck this shit!

“Denver, tell me.” Alex seriously spoke in a soft voice.

“Tell you what?” I turned my head, looking at him as I frowned.

“That you’re into me.” He asked in a commanding tone.

“What?!” I exclaimed. “And now you make me the maniac? Who blackmailed who here, isn’t that you?!” I angrily spat at him.

“Yes, it was me.” He calmly confessed. “Answer me. Do you like me, Denver?”

Without me noticing, I felt my heart beating faster. What’s with this weird feeling? Alex was acting bullshit. What was he trying to imply? Wasn’t it enough that he used me like an instrument to relieve himself?”

I unconsciously swallowed and averted my eyes. I’m feeling the tension in my body. But just like what I said before, Alex had no care about my feelings.

“What the hell is it to you? Leave.” I weakly told him and then turned my back on him.

I just want him to disappear from my life completely before I fall in love with him.

But instead of leaving, Alex pulled me to face him. He stared directly into my eyes. It was sincere. It was full of meanings which I couldn’t comprehend. “Denver, I’m fucking in love with you, but I can’t.” (Rika: HUUUUUUUH?! (╬ಠ益ಠ))

My brows met each other and became furrowed. “What What the hell are you saying? Leave my house, Alex!” I growled.

Is he going insane? In love?! Eh, he treated me like I was just a sex toy! Bullshit!

Alex didn’t speak, but instead gave me an aggressive kiss. I slightly opened my mouth in shock and he didn’t waste a second, taking advantage of it. He inserted his tongue into my mouth and played with mine.


I wasn’t able to fight back. He pressed me against the wall. His right hand traveled to my chest. He found my nipple and played with it. My body automatically arced from the strange sensation Alex’s touches gave me. His other hand found my throbbing manhood. Shit!

“Alex, don’t—ungh!” Damn! The way he teased my manhood felt so good.

“Denver…” Alex mentioned my fucking name huskily on my nape. I could feel that he’s aroused. “Let me make love to you tonight.”

Alex’s words rang in my head like a broken record. WAs he fucking serious!?

“But…” I pantingly groaned. I was so damn aroused that I couldn’t talk properly. “We’re both… guys.”

“So what? I restrained myself for so long to touch you, but I can’t take it anymore, Denver. My manhood is longing for your hot hole.”

Thousands of volts struck my body when I heard those words. I swallowed in bewilderment. Will I let him do it with me? We both know that this is bad, but… I like him.

“Alex…” I slightly looked away. “I…” How would I be able to explain myself without feeling embarrassed? “It’s… It’s my first time… doing it… with a guy.” I stammered as I told him the truth.

Alex smirked in utter awe. “Shit, you make me wanna come!” He exclaimed. “Come here.”

Alex suddenly pulled me and carried me towards my room. He locked the door then turned off the lights. To be honest, until now, I didn’t know if I would just let him do everything he wants to me.

I might be played. Maybe after everything’s done and over, he’d laugh at me because I let myself be deceived.

“Alex.” I submissively called his name.

“What?” He quickly looked at me.

“Are you serious about… all of this?” I carefully asked him.

Alex nodded. “Yes. Don’t worry. After tonight, I will be here even after I finished my contract with you.”

I was in disbelief. So, did that mean that he would take responsibility for what we would be doing now?


“Aahh… A-lex… aah. Ooohh…” I continuously moaned as Alex endlessly gave me pleasure.

Right now, he was damn good while sucking my thing. I felt like going crazy. I couldn’t explain the pleasure I was feeling.

Every time Alex bobbed up and down on my manhood, I slightly jumped in ecstasy. I could fucking feel his tongue rubbing against my throbbing shaft!

“Uhmm. Uhmmm.” Groaned Alex while having fun with my junjun(1).

My grip on the bed sheet tightened as his movements became faster and harder. Gods, fuck! I’m near!

“Aah, Alex! I’m almost at my limit!” I blurted out and shuddered.

Alex sucked my member more rapidly. He almost ate it whole. It was like he was eating a hotdog that he wanted to devour in his haste.

“Uhmm. Umph!”

“Alex! Aaahh! Oohhh! Ugh… Alex…” I kept moaning his name like a bitch. This is the first time I have moaned intimately like this, and to a guy, no less!

A few more times and I finally let out my liquid. I was astonished when Alex swallowed all of it. Shit! For real?!

“Alex!” I exclaimed in panic. “You—Aagh!” I wasn’t able to continue speaking as Alex slightly bit the tip of my manhood.

He then let go of it and smiled at me. “You let out a lot, baby.” Alex lustily commented, smirking.

“B-Baby?!” I incredulously exclaimed.

“Yes. You’re my baby.” He clarified. He placed himself over me and eyed my naked body. “Fuck… you’re so hot.” He whispered, not breaking off his stare.

I even caught him staring at my erect member. And it looked like he wanted to seize it.

“A-Alex, quit staring at me like that.” I weakly rebuked him.

His eyes went back to my upper body. “Sorry. It’s just that you look too sexy with your dick displayed like this.” He lustily expressed.

I felt myself getting hotter at what I heard. Just what did he like about me, really? I haven’t really asked him about it. Was he serious about what he’s planning to do? Is he even gay?!

“Alex… Tell me the truth.” I tried to make my voice stern. “Are you gay?”

Momentarily freezing at my words, Alex stared at me. “Pfft!” He laughingly reacted. “Nope. I’m straight.” I was quickly insulted and glared at him.

I felt like heaven and earth fell on me. Is he fucking playing with me?

“So why did do this?!” I angrily screamed at the shameless man.

“Why did you?” And he even had the gall to answer back using my words.

“Fuck you!” I was just able to cuss. This is so annoying! I was just played with.

Instead of answering, Alex paid me back from my cursing with a very aggressive kiss. I tried to push him away, but he just pinned me harder against my bed. Damn it! Why was he doing this to me?!

“A—mph!” I couldn’t fight back. Alex was too strong. “S… stop!” I really tried to stop him, but he wouldn’t listen.

“Denver!” Alex interjected between his kisses.

I finally found some strength to release myself from our kiss and covered my lips using my arm. I closed my eyes. Tears started to flow.

No. I won’t cry in front of this man!

“Stop…” But of course, my tears betrayed me as they shed on their own. Well, partly. I really feel like crying. “Stop it, Alex.” I begged him as I sobbed. “Stop making me feel like a dumbass. I get it, okay? So, please! Stop it!”

Fuck. I’m acting like a little girl.

Alex sighed before answering. “I love you, Denver. I know it sounds crazy, but I just realized. I’m fucking madly in love with you.”

Automatically, I gave him a stare that was full of doubt and inquiry. Why?

“Please… Let me make you feel my love for you.” He pleaded.

What the hell was I doing?

Why did I nod?

Do I love him too?

Hell yes. I love him so badly. I know it’s fucking wrong, but I love him!


“Is it really safe?” I hesitantly asked Alex while, staring at his manhood which was ready to enter my butthole, in a daze.

I felt myself swallowing. He was twice as big as me; longer too! I would break from his size for sure.

Alex nodded as he smiled sweetly. “Yes. I’ll take care of you, Denver.”

Slowly, Alex inserted his manhood into my love canal. He did it slowly. A feeling of intense pain engulfed my whole body as his big thing slid inside of me. It felt like I was being sliced in two.

“Ugh! Fuck!” I painfully groaned when Alex fully entered his manhood. He still wasn’t moving, but my backside was really in immense pain!

“Shit! Denver, you’re bleeding!” Alex exclaimed in disbelief as he stared at my back with a hint of terror on his face.

“What?!” I restless glanced at my downside, but I could hardly see it. “Oh god, it hurts!”

“Shhh! It’s okay.” Alex hushed to calm me. “I’m going to start moving now, Denver.” He told me.

Even if I was gradually going crazy from the pain, I still allowed him to feast on my backside.

“Aahh! Fuck! Ooohh… Haaah…” I moaned as Alex started thrusting in and out.

It was slow at first, but when I finally got used to it, he gradually quickened his pace. He pounded me like crazy, All I could hear was the sound of my nasty moaning and the naughty sounds of the liquids that our manhoods produced while we had sex.

“Oh, fuck. Fuck. Aahh. Shit…” I heard Alex mumbling while focusing on finding my sweet spot.

“Aah… Haah… Aaahh! Ughh! Aah!”

“Denver… Ugh! Denver!”

“A—Aaaaahh… Alex… Fuck! Aahh… Harder… Harder, Alex.”

And he did. He thrust with all his might like there’s no tomorrow.

“I’m coming, Denver! Come with me!”

“Ohh. Shit. Me too.”



We both reached our climax. Alex let out all his come inside me. It was so hot.

We were both panting. Alex laid down beside me as he took a rest. From all that thrusting, he should be.

“You’re too good, Denver.” Alex laughingly commented.

“Shut up, you broke me.” I annoyingly retorted, but I felt glad that we did that. It was really painful and all, but I had a great time and experience.

“So… does this mean that we’re together now?” He suddenly asked.

“If you will be able to lick the left-over come outside my butt, yes.” I challengingly answered. I was really joking, but I was also testing his honesty at the same time.

“Oh?” He momentarily contemplated.

Hmph! Just as I thought. He couldn’t do it!


“What? Alex? W-wait! Oh, fuck!”

I could only curse in astonishment when Alex licked the remaining come! It gave me a tingling feeling, but it shocked me at the same time.

“Aah… Alex, stop it.” I weakly groaned while stopping Alex from what he’s doing.

He stopped licking and neared his face to mine. “See? I’m deadly serious about you, Denver; so you better prepare yourself, ‘cause I’m gonna make love to you every day.”

After saying that, he kissed me while full of love. I hugged him and responded to his kisses. It wasn’t long before I felt his manhood entering me once more.

This relationship of ours continued, but it remained a secret from my Dad. I love Alex. I can’t give him up so easily.

And I’m willing to do anything for him.

“Mmm… Alex… Aaah…”

“Denver… Denver… I love you.”

“I… aah. I fucking love you too. Aah!”

That night was very magical to me. It wasn’t just that we became one, but I also learned that Alex cared for me too.

What I thought was that all of this between us would be over when his tutorials ended. I didn’t expect that I would develop these kinds of feelings towards him, either.

I’m so happy that I got him as my tutor.


Private Tutor

Private Tutor

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Filipino
My only goal was to pass my exams and improve my grades. I wasn’t expecting that the tutor I hired would be my regular s*x mate. And he’s a guy like me.

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