Private Tutor chapter 1

Chapter 1

Part 1
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“Start from the very beginning!” Alex annoyingly and irritatingly told me, striking the test papers on my table.

“What?! Are you fucking kidding me?!” I exclaimed in disbelief. “I painstakingly spent two hours to answer those!” I stressed out my complaint as I pointed at the scattered papers, forming an X using my arms. I glared at the man standing in front of me.

My name is Denver. I am almost perfect if not for me sucking at Science. God, I hate it! Because of this, I needed to hire a private tutor so I can save my grades at our incoming final exams in three weeks.

Yup. You read it right and I am fucking pissed about it! If not for my father, I wouldn’t work this hard in order to pass college. But my father’s a fucking PROFESSOR at the university I’m studying at. If I fail, I will be a dishonor to his name. Not to mention he’s also considered ‘one of the best professors’.

Unfortunately, I hired a despicable, tyrannical tutor named Alex that had nothing to do but let me answer the sample tests he gave me over and over again. He’s so mean and prideful. I hired him from an online site, but based on his background, he’s an excellent tutor. His hourly payment was kinda expensive though. Apparently, he’s a busy person, according to him.

“They are all INCORRECT!” Alex growled.

I burst in anger. “THE HELL I CARE?! Do I really need to do all these again?! Why not just give me another set of questionnaires?!” I screamed at him. This person was so demanding. What does he think I am, a robot?!

Alex raised a brow and stared at me. “Very well.” He said and placed the test papers that he was holding onto the study table. “I guess I have to do it my way then. Starting today, for every mistake you make, you will have sex with me as punishment.” He said in a stern and authoritative voice and left.

I was left dumbfounded. Did he just say ‘have sex with him’? Does he even realize that we’re both men? Wait a minute.

Did I just dig my own grave?!


“How’s your tutorial doing, son?” Dad suddenly said his regards while turning the pages of the newspaper he was reading.

I gulped before answering him. “Uh, it’s fine. I’m learning, though.” I connived before answering.

“I see. Good luck with your exams. It’s been a while since you hired that guy named Alex, right? What’s his style of teaching? Dad asked one question and another, still focusing on his newspaper before carefully taking a sip of coffee from his favorite mug.

“Well…” I paused.

What do I answer? This past week was like hell for me… literally.

Alex made me do stupid things to him—forcefully!



“You’re wrong again.” Alex said in a weak yet dismayed voice while he massaged his temples. He was probably angry.

I’ve been failing these tests for four days already! Shit(1)! My brain really didn’t want to absorb any knowledge about science!

“I-I will do it again. I promise; I won’t fail again!” I hastily said.

My hands were shaking like chicken shit! I felt goosebumps because of Alex. He’s been acting weird these days too, and I had no idea why.

Sometimes, I wondered if it had something to do with the things he told me back then.

“Never mind, Denver. My head will just hurt more because of you.” He said in dismay before sighing.

Alex then stood up and started unbuckling his pants. What was he doing?!

“Why are you taking off your pants?” I asked in confusion.

He did not seem to care and continued what he was doing. “I’m giving you your punishment today. You failed.” He said, smirking.

“What?! What are you trying to do?” I nervously retorted.

“Can’t you see?” He uttered huskily and at the same time, his pants fell and dropped onto his feet.

His manhood was openly shown and it was very obviously standing at attention. Fuck. I was getting excited. Why do I feel aroused?

“Alex… what’s the meaning of this?” I stammered while breathing heavily. Damn, I was sweating like hell!

“Come. Kneel down in front of me and do my dick a favor.” Alex commanded, not even blinking.

“Do a favor… You mean a blowjob?! Are you fucking insane?! We’re both men, Alex! And I am not gay!” I admonished. Is this guy delirious?

Alex smirked naughtily at me. “I don’t care if you’re straight or not. Suck my dick. Now!” He ignored my bellows. “You want to pass, right? If you’re not going to follow what I wanted you to do, I will no longer help you with your Science problem.” He threatened me.

“Hmph! So, you’re also a coward, huh? Now, you’re blackmailing me?” I bravely retorted back at him and held my waist like I was laughing at the words he just said.

The demon seemed like he wasn’t convinced back into rationality as he even laughed loudly. “Fine. It’s been nice studying with you, Mr. Acosta.” After saying that, he properly wore his pants and fixed his things.

Wait, he was serious about it? No. He can’t go. I need his help!

“Where do you think you’re going?” I forced myself to relax even though I was already trembling in fear of the possible consequences that might happen.

“Leaving.” He succinctly answered without looking at me. He sounded disappointed.

Shit. Dad’s going to kill me if he found out.

“Wait! D-Don’t go.”

‘I am fucking dead!’

Alex halted in his tracks and faced me. He gave this look that made my heart skip a beat. What’s happening to me?!

“Okay. Is it a yes, then?” He asked me, smirking.

The only thing I could do was nod with my tears already on the verge of flowing. I just swallowed my own ego. (Rika: FCK. WHY IS WOUNDED EGO HERE.)

[End of Flashback]


“Denver? What’s the problem, hijo(2)?” My dad commented in wonder when I wasn’t speaking.

I was immediately pulled back into reality. “Uh… I, uh… It’s fine—I mean, Alex is a good tutor, Dad.”

Shit! I crammed already. Dad’s like a detective, too. He knows when I’m bothered by something.

Dad stared at me in the eyes for a few seconds before saying: “Okay. Well, I need to go now. See you later.”

“Okay, Dad.” Were the words I was just able to answer back as I sighed.

That was close! Thank goodness that Dad didn’t notice anything strange. If there was, I’ll be in trouble!

He must not know about everything!


I was now in front of Alex’s apartment. He called me an hour ago and told me to come over. He said that we will be doing something important.

I knocked three times before he opened the door. He automatically smiled upon seeing me. Fuck! Why does his smile seem so manly to me? What’s this I’m feeling? I’m being attracted to another man. This should not be!

“Come in.” Alex said in a low voice. He looked unwell today.

I followed him and entered the apartment. I was rather surprised when I saw his well-organized living room. Wow! It’s unbelievable that a guy like him has a home this clean. I mean, we guys aren’t really known to be meticulous on some things, especially in cleaning.

I sat on the couch. Alex said that he would fix something for us to drink. I roamed around my eyes on the full interior of his apartment. It’s homey. Actually, this is my first time coming here. Alex frequently teaches me in my house.

“Here. Sorry, I’m out of tea and coffee, so just bear with coke.” Said Alex as he placed a glass of coke on the small table.

“It’s okay.” I reassured. I sipped some coke from the glass before talking again. “By the way, why did you call me over?” I asked to change the topic.

“Alex put his right thigh over his left and stared at me in an intimidating manner. “I am very aroused.”

“Huh?!” I turned my head to face him.

“I need you to ease my aroused manhood, Denver.”

“What?!” I screamed.

“I need you to ease my aroused manhood, Denver.”

The words Alex just said resounded inside my head numerous times. Did I hear it right?

I swallowed. “A-Alex… this is crazy!”

“I know, so do it now.” He simply answered back.

I felt like crying, but I ended up agreeing.


I have no idea how I got in Alex’s room. He was now naked all over. His weapon was so solid that it looked like it would burst any moment now.

I could only swallow once more. He wanted me to fuck his thing using my mouth.

‘Can I do it? Do I even know how to do it?! I don’t have any experience with this sort of thing. I’ve never sucked a man in my whole life!’

“Why do you look so pale?” Alex randomly commented when he saw me in a daze.

I came to and I felt all my blood rushing into my cheeks. Shit! Really?! I paled due to extreme nervousness!?

I gulped. “I, uh… What? No, I don’t look pale!” I denied vehemently.

Seriously, this was the first time that I am going to suck someone’s dick just because I SUCKED at Science and I have NO FUCKING CHOICE but to DO IT!

Fuck it!

Alex smirked in amusement(3). “I see. You’re nervous.” He started. “Don’t worry. I’ll guide you.”

“What?! You don’t need to teach me! I can do it all by myself!” I irritatedly retorted. He’s underestimating me too much!

“Fine. Just begin. I can no longer wait.” Alex told me seriously.

I kneeled on the floor, facing Alex’s manhood. I blushed redder when I saw his ramrod member up close. Is this really real? I will suck on this enormous chunk of meat of his?! (Rika: LMAO. I don’t know why but I’m laughing so hard.)

I slowly opened my mouth. I began licking the tip of his manhood. I heard Alex moan in pleasure. Fuck! Why did he sound so sexy?

I kept on licking his throbbing manhood in a circular motion as if I was teasing him. I felt somewhat uncomfortable since I’m no expert in these things, but I have already fucked a woman before and this was how they did it. (Rika: O.O) It gave me so much pleasure back then. From what I can see, Alex was liking what I’m doing; licking the tip of his manhood.

“Ugh!” Groaned Alex when I began sucking his dick. “Denver… suck it all in.” He commanded between breaths.

My eyes widened. What?! Won’t I choke? He’s so big! Even if I was hesitant, I still obeyed and did what he wanted me to do.

It was sickening! Right now, I was sucking another man and it felt gross. It’s like, my manhood was stolen away from me. He’s fucking humiliating me! If only I didn’t need his help, I wouldn’t be doing such nonsense with Alex!

“Mph. Mmm, Mph.” I moaned in discomfort. Shit! I just sounded like a bitch!

“Uhhh. Aah, shit. Denver, you’re good.” Alex commented between his husky moans. “I didn’t expect you to be this good.” He added. “Haah…”

Fuck! Him moaning like that and saying that I was a good sucker made me wanna come! Shit! Shit! Shit!

The sucking went faster than before. And Alex’s groans became louder. I was also getting excited down there.

“Fuck, Denver. Keep going. I’m almost coming.” Alex said. His grip on my hair tightened as I thrust his thing harder into my mouth.

God, he tasted so good. Why did I become so aroused on us being like that?

“I’m… coming.”



‘Shut up!’

“Denver… Here I come!”


Fuck! He came inside my fucking mouth!

Shit. I can’t pull out his dick from my mouth. He’s stopping me. Alex let out so much and I think I’m gonna be sick. Was that for real? So… This was the feeling of gulping all the white stuff of a guy. (Rika: O.O)

After releasing all his rich, sticky, white come, Alex let go of my hair. (Rika: TOO MUCH INFO QAQ) I was finally able to breathe and I hacked. Fuck! I could still taste his freakin’ come!

“Why did you come inside my mouth?!” I angrily growled at him and wiped the stuff that streamed down my chin.

He just scoffed like nothing happened between us. “I felt like doing so.” He sarcastically uttered, not even minding to ask if I was okay.

What is he, a fucking numb asshole and a piece of shit?!

“Fuck you(4)! You know that this is my first time doing this and you just scared me!” I annoyingly retorted. Then, I immediately stopped speaking after saying that. Now, he’s going to insult me more!

Alex’s smirk widened and became more interested, his weapon once more standing up and was hard as a rock. “Fuck, Denver. You’re a virgin, aren’t you?” He guessed in amazement and I saw his desire burned in his eyes.

My eyes widened from the words I heard. “What? No, I’m not! I already touched many women for your fucking information!” I bragged. Let’s see if he’s on my level.

“I’m not talking about your bullshit experiences on girls, Denver. I’m talking about you having sex with a guy.” He clarified.

“Huh? What do you mean?” I turned my head in confusion.

“So, you really are a virgin.” He laughed as he got his confirmation.

Were my eyes playing on me or did I just really see Alex bit his lower lip in the sexiest and naughtiest way? Fuck, I got erect again.

“I said I’m not a vir—!”

“We’ll fuck tomorrow.” He interjected. “Expect that this will go on until I finish my contract with you.” He even reminded me.

“What? You can’t do this to me, Alex! This is fucking unfair!” I screamed at him as I stood up to grab his neck and strangle him, but he just dodged me.

“Oh, yes I can. You are mine, Denver. I fucking own you now.” Alex said in a low and possessive tone.

I felt my whole body go numb.

Is this my end? How did I end up being my tutor’s plaything?!



1 Original word: “Putakte!” – Literal tl = Wasp. It can also mean as a curse word because of the word “Puta” which tls to ‘whore’. This word is commonly used as a curse word in irritation and not as an insult to someone.

2 Hijo – Son (Spanish word)

3 Smirked in awe <- written in original, but I think amusement is better in this context.

4 Original: “Leche ka!” – which literally tls to “You’re a Milk!” but this is really a curse phrase.

Private Tutor

Private Tutor

Score 6.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Filipino
My only goal was to pass my exams and improve my grades. I wasn’t expecting that the tutor I hired would be my regular s*x mate. And he’s a guy like me.

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