Porcelain Rose chapter 7

Chapter 7

Arthur’s scalp felt numb and he was quite uncomfortable.  What? Bertrand and Clarence were lovers?! But both of them were men, were they homosexuals? What???

On the other hand, Mr. Stephen wasn’t surprised and continued calmly, “So what if they were lovers? In homicide cases, the murderer will often be the significant other of the deceased. Furthermore, they were only homosexual lovers. For example, if he wanted to conceal his romantic relationship with Bertrand and murdered Bertrand due to family reasons or reputation, this would be sufficient motive to commit the crime, don’t you think?”

“Moreover, why do you want to prove his innocence?” Mr. Stephen closed in on him, “Casey Chalmin.”

“Ha.” He laughed coldly, “Because I was the one who told his parents about his relationship with Bertrand. I personally watched his parents lock him at home.”

Arthur couldn’t help but interrupt, “Excuse me, but Clarence was the first person to discover the scene of the crime, if he had been grounded by his parents, why would he appear at the crime scene?”

Casey answered, “He escaped of course.”

“But it was already too late when he got there.”

They took Casey away for further questioning.

Casey was very cooperative.  He removed his makeup and changed into men’s clothing, turning into a delicate looking middle aged man.  At a glance, he looked like a completely different person.

He still spoke with the same strange tone, finding a seat upon entering the interrogation room as he tried to light a cigarette but the lighter and cigarette were both confiscated by Stephen.

Stephen spoke strictly, “Smoking is prohibited in the interrogation room.”

Casey rolled his eyes and crossed one leg over the other with his arms crossed over his chest.  His nails were painted with a vibrant red polish.

Stephen asked, “On the evening of June 5th, 1965, around 6 PM, you encountered Bertrand at A Street.  You colluded with Allen, Jared, and Matt to beat him, is that correct?”

Casey looked down to toy with his fingers and impatiently answered, “Yes.”

Stephen continued, “Where were you between 6:30 PM and 12:00 Am?”

Casey replied, “I went home.  Originally, I wanted to go out and play, who would’ve thought that I would encounter Bertrand.  I thought it was bad luck so I went home after.”

Stephen chuckled mockingly, “Alibis require evidence.  Is there anyone who can testify for you? Like your father or mother?”

Casey raised his eyes and leaned forward.  His skin was like dried bark from long term wearing of heavy makeup, baggy eyelids drooped tiredly.  He answered, “Clarence can be my witness, we live near each other and before I returned home, I paid him a visit to taunt and ridicule him.  He definitely wouldn’t forget me.”

“This can only prove that you made a trip home, who knows if you returned to the school after?”  Stephen wouldn’t yield an inch, “You are the one who is most jealous of Bertrand.  Your eyes almost bleed in jealousy; aside from useless grades, he can’t compare to you in any other area.  He didn’t have a background like yours and he didn’t know Clarence as long as you did.  Why could he be with Clarence when you couldn’t?  You were unreconciled, you hated him so much you wished he would die, you took every opportunity to bully him, humiliate him; you even reported him to the principal, causing him to lose his recommendation.  You wanted him to go back to where he came from.  He was just a peasant, what right did he have to mingle with the high-class crowd?”

At his words, Casey’s expression darkened further, his eyes opened to their widest and his chest heaved, “Yes, I did all those things, so what? Was I wrong to tell the principal about how that bitch seduced Clarence? Was I wrong to tell Clarence’s parents about their affair? No, I wasn’t wrong.  Everything I said was the truth.”

“I stayed at home that day.  My parents know. I don’t care if they want to prove my alibi, it doesn’t matter if they don’t anyways.”

Casey leaned on the back of the chair and indifferently continued, “It’s fine if you want to arrest me.  Do whatever you want.  Prison is full of men, exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

Arthur noted this down and intended to seek confirmation from Casey’s parents for his alibi that day, although he was unsure if they would cooperate.

As the interrogation ended, Casey seemed to suddenly remember something, “Wait, I remembered something.  It would probably be of interest to you guys.”

His tone seemed to be filled with the desire to make trouble, “That day, when I led people to beat Bertrand, his father was standing nearby.  His father watched from beginning to end.”

Arthur paused, “His father was afraid of being revenged against and didn’t go save him?”

Casey shook his head, and laughed as if he was talking about something funny, “No, his father used to protect him, especially back when high school just started, his father would pick him up after school everyday.  His father knew about his affair with Clarence and regarded it as a disgrace.  His father probably heard me cursing Bertrand, I said ‘disgusting gay, are you going to change?  If you don’t change then I’ll continue to beat you’. He wouldn’t yield though.  His father didn’t approach, just stood and watched us beat him.  Bertrand knew too, he pled for his father to save him and his father ignored him.”

Suddenly, Arthur felt chilled to the bone.

In disbelief, Arthur asked Stephen, “Why…why doesn’t he show even the slightest amount of guilt?  Even if he didn’t directly cause Bertrand’s death, but Bertrand’s death is definitely related to him!  A human life was lost because of him, how can he still be so bold and self confident?  As if it has absolutely nothing to do with him?”

Stephen answered, “If he was someone who could feel sympathy for others, then he wouldn’t have done such a cruel thing in his youth.  This is his innate viciousness.  Unless his life is at risk, the wrongdoer will not feel any guilt towards the victims of his past crimes.  Do not expect a beast to suffer and feel remorse for its actions, it has always been the victims that live on in pain.  This is why the law exists.”

Arthur nodded but there was a stifling feeling in his chest.

Stephen spoke, “Don’t daze, the father of the deceased father has arrived. Continue interrogating.”

Arthur hurriedly followed him in.

One more one more left! Last chapter is the longest though, unfortunately it isn’t cute an fluffy, which is what I really need rn

Porcelain Rose

Porcelain Rose

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
This is a mystery short story about an age-old case


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