Porcelain Rose chapter 6

Chapter 6

Arthur immediately began to investigate Casey Chalmin.  He had an impression of this name because this was Bertrand’s classmate.  He wasn’t hard to find; both his parents were distinguished officials and his brothers and sisters were all successful business people.

However, when Arthur asked for Casey Chalmin’s whereabouts, he was surprised to find that he had severed relationships with his family over a decade ago, apparently due to actions that brought shame to the family, and was even disowned.

“He’s already changed his name and is no longer a member of the Chalmin family.”

“I don’t know what he’s called now or where he is, maybe he’s already dead.”

Although Arthur received such a cold response, for some reason, he couldn’t bring himself to ask for the reason.

Of the other two underlings, one passed away from a car accident and the other died from drug overdose.

Unexpectedly, nothing could be found despite such a good lead!

While they sent people to search for Casey Chalmin’s current whereabouts, they also went to ask Mr. Allen about it, “Sir, do you know Casey Chalmin?”

This was within Allen’s expectations, he answered, “Now that you know about Casey, naturally, you should also know that I am innocent.”

Recently, with the FBI’s incessant pestering and the media’s baseless guessing and disparagement, he was at the end of his patience.  Now, even his originally high support rate was unstable so he wanted to resolve this as soon as possible.

As if full of the impetuousness of youth, Arthur spoke with righteous indignation, “On what basis? No matter what your reasons and excuses are, the truth remains that you hit him! Perhaps you want to deny it? Do you dare say that you had no part in the wounds left on his body?  How many times did you hit him? Ten times? Twenty times? Just because he was born into poverty so you degrade him by every means possible? What happened to equality? So the compassion you showed to the vulnerable population during the election was all fake! What a vile and capricious nature!”

Gradually, Allen’s emotions were stirred, “It was Chalmin who forced me!  It wasn’t voluntary.”

“Even if it was really Casey who forced you to hit Bertrand, does it change the fact that you did it?  You aren’t that different from them.  You pushed all the responsibility onto others, as if you are clean and innocent.  Don’t tell me you want to put all the blame all on him.  It was because of all of you that forced him to jump.”

“I didn’t! It wasn’t me!” Allen was incited, the words spilling unbidden, “That night, we left after we bullied him.  He was still fine when we left!  We aren’t that foolish, regardless of how rebellious we are, no one wants to be involved in homicide!  Bertrand! ……Bertrand……Bertrand……”

Allen slumped down, “I didn’t want Bertrand to die……”

After leaving the interrogation room, Allen asked, “I apologized to him but he didn’t forgive me.”

“On the first day of high school, he was the first person to talk to me and we had even studied together in the library.”

Arthur turned to look at him; this politician who had experienced the vicissitudes of life seemed to see the timid, wretched figure of himself from decades ago.

Stephen’s contact found the whereabouts of Casey Chalmin.

Arthur happily asked, “Where is he?”

Arthur had followed Stephen to look for suspects and Stephen assessed his formal outfit, “Go change your clothes first, else you might scare the suspect away before we find them.”

Arthur agreed, “Oh oh oh, undercover investigation, right?”

They both changed into casual clothes. Stephen put on a pair of glasses which made him look like a mild tempered uncle and when the two of them stood together, they looked like father and son.

When they were approaching the destination, Arthur had a bad premonition, “This isn’t……the r-red light district?”

Arthur took a guess; perhaps Casey Chalmin had fallen for a prostitute or a stripper and his family disproved, which led to his eviction from the family?

Stephen parked the car and led him through a narrow doorway to go underground.  Walking to the end of the damp and dark path, they pushed open a door to see a patron’s area shrouded in darkness.  The only lights were above the stage, where music was playing.

Above the stage, a graceful young woman in heavy makeup was twisting and dancing seductively on the stage.  Below the stage, men and women flirted and joked.

Oh~ An erotic dance.

Arthur glanced around to see if he could spot Casey Chalmin’s silhouette amongst the patrons.

Stephen lit a cigarette, “What are you looking at?”

Arthur answered, “I’m looking for Chalmin!”

Stephen pointed at the stage with his cigarette, “He’s there.”

Arthur looked up again, towards the lady on stage.  He took a few more glances and thought that something looked a bit off……

Stephen spoke, “That’s Casey Chalmin.  There aren’t any females in this room.”

Arthur, ???……!!!

After the song ended, Casey stepped off the stage and went to the makeup room.

They also headed over to ask some questions.

They passed by some strippers[1] on their way there that threw flirtatious glances at Arthur, causing him to flush.

They arrived at the makeup room.

Casey was removing his makeup and accessories.  It had looked okay from afar but the heavy makeup seemed a little exaggerated up close.  The back of the dress was already unzipped and his defined shoulder blades looked like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

His gaze was tired and asked with a pinched voice, “What is it?”

Stephen didn’t waste any words and directly took out his FBI documents, “We are investigating Bertrand’s suicide case.”

Casey glanced at him and spoke strangely, “Rotten luck. I just knew nothing good would happen when I got up this morning.”

“I didn’t kill him, alright?”

“I bullied him, but I didn’t kill him.  No one killed him, he suicided.”

Arthur asked, “Why are you so certain?”

“There’s even someone who insists that they were the one who killed him.”

Casey stared blankly for a moment and there was a subtle change to his tone, “……Was it Clarence?”

Stephen answered, “That’s right, Clarence Hall claimed that he was the one who killed Bertrand.”

Casey seemed to remember something, jealousy brewing in his eyes as he mocked, “You believed that nonsense? Back when Bertrand had just died, he also made a ruckus, saying he was the one who killed Bertrand. But it wasn’t him, no matter who it was, it wouldn’t be him.”

“He loved Bertrand.”

“They were lovers.”

[1] 变装女郎 (bian zhuang nv lang) – lit. clothes changing young lady. I don’t actually know what this is and I assumed strippers. 变装 huanghou is Drag Queen though.  I’m assuming the author didn’t directly say drag queen cuz Arthur didn’t know and couldn’t tell.

Tl’s note:

I read the last paragraphs of each of the remaining chapters. I have now completely made up the all the details in between. If I told someone, would this be how rumours are spread

I’m not actually sure if this is considered BL tbh

Porcelain Rose

Porcelain Rose

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
This is a mystery short story about an age-old case


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