Otome Game ni Tensei Shita ga, Watashi wa Akuyaku ni Nari Sugita chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Honestly speaking, I think I have “gone too far.”

No matter that I have reincarnated into a Otome Game I played in my previous life.

Moreover, I have reincarnated into a villain character, so I will die depending on the route.

Even so, although I hated living in fear of the heroine’s shadow.

As expected, I think I enjoy the villain role too much.

「You are cruel! No matter how much you hate me, to tear up my textbook!」

The heroine’s sorrowful voice resounds around the classroom after school.
Subsequently, the members of the student council surged into the classroom following the heroine’s scream.
I instantly understood. I see, so it’s like that.

This is a Otome Game’s event.
This is an indispensable event for the reverse harem ending of the popular Otome Game『Kimi to Tsumugu Gakuen Monogatari』…… aka『Kimigaku』.
Villain character…… in other words, this is the event where I will be caught bullying red-handed, and the influential ikemen of the student council will save the heroine.
By doing so, a sense of solidarity will be born between the heroine and the capture targets, and then it should be a straight line towards the reverse harem.

Therefore, she who’s the heroine must have been impatient.
She, who is “seemingly reincarnated person” just like me.
Because I wouldn’t harass her no matter what, she must have felt the crisis of going towards the normal ending after the graduation.

That’s why she pretends to be bullied.
She has torn the textbook by herself and invited me to the classroom with a false mail.
And then, an event was forcefully generated.

I see, it appears I have walked into a trap.
If this was『Kamigaku』’s script, I would be cornered by the influential ikemen from the student council, and the fate of suicide after dropping out of the school would follow.

However, I’m not flustered even the slightest bit.
That’s because I have “gone too far,” after all.

「So you were the criminal! Kageyama Yuiko……!」

The heroine points at me with a snap and shouts my full name as if she was a detective who found the real culprit.
Kageyama Yuiko. That’s my name.
Because it’s a while since I was addressed without honorifics, I find it quite refreshing.

The heroine is already feeling victorious, her face full of herself.
In her imagination, she might already be in the reverse harem ending.
Or perhaps she dreams of me getting crushed by the student council.

If that was the case, I’m sorry.
No one answers to her expectations.

「Do you think you could get away after doing something like that!? Hey everyone, say something to her too……」

With these words, she turned back to the student council members behind her.
And then――she saw an unbelievable thing.

The Oresama student council president and son of a distinguished family――Gadou Motoharu.
The vice-president and the son of the prefectural governor――Yanagita Shuuya.
The secretary and the third son of the Police Chief――Akimoto Yuu.
The accountant and the child of the academy’s director――Mineuchi Soutarou.
The popular idol of general affairs――Takiura Renji.

…… All of the capture targets were looking at me frightened and trembling.

「…… Ha?」

The heroine is dumbstruck.
She’s in the state of not understanding what is going on.
But, she ignores that and addresses the Oresama president of the student council.

「Ka, Kaka, Kageyama-sama…… what is, umm, the meaning of this……!?」

An unexpected voice that doesn’t fit the usual appearances of the Oresama prince.
If the fans of『Kimigaku』saw his pitiable appearances, they would surely faint.
With a smile on my face, I asked the student council president――Gadou.

「Meaning? What “meaning” are you talking about, Gadou-kun?」

「T, that is…… this, this situation……」

「Can’t you understand this situation? What a coincidence, I also don’t understand. However, if we believe the words of the girl over there, I’m guilty of bullying her, and you guys from the student council who caught be red-handed should restrain me…… it appears to be such situation?」

「I, is that…… so?」

「I have no memory of doing something like that, though. That’s why, I’d like to hear an impartial opinion of the student council president Gadou-kun. The opinion of the son of the distinguished Gadou family, and the next “planned” head of the Gadou Group, Gadou Motoharu-kun. …… Do you think I’m the offender?」

「N, no…… that’s, umm………… euu」

The Oresemaa student council president is already on the brink of tears.
He’s getting crushed under pressure.
Is he surprisingly weak to beat, because he’s usually S?

「Fumu…… then, vice-president, Yanagita-kun. What do you think?」

「I…… I……」

「I saw your father, Governor Yanagita in the news yesterday. He was referring the problem of bullying. He said it’s an unforgivable act」

「I, I…………」

「Oya, what’s wrong? Are you crying? Poor thing…… I know! I will bring sweets next time, so somehow stop crying, please. They are “Peanuts” sweets, they are very delicious, you know!」

「……! P, please stop! Don’t say it! Please, please I beg you」

What, Yanagita-kun dislikes “Peanuts”?
Governor Yanagita delightfully accepts “Peanuts” (bribes) from various people, it appears the tastes of the child and parent are different.

「Nevertheless, I really think it would be a serious problem if I really bullied someone. Although tearing a textbook apart is low-key, it’s a proper crime. Say, Yuu-kun. As the son of the police chief, won’t you arrest me?」

「Hii, that’s out of the question! I can’t do something like that!」

「What are you saying, you can do it, right? It’s possible to arrest someone you have caught red-handed. Besides, even though you have small, adorable build, you are the master of arrests, aren’t you? Holding me down is an easy thing for you, isn’t it?」

「That’s impossible, impossible, impossible! Raising my hand against Kageyama-sama is unthinkable!」

Muu, even though I wanted to get arrested like a villain for once.
Is there already no public servant in this country who could arrest me?
Can’t be helped, let’s continue asking.

「Then, Mineuchi-kun. I would like to hear you……」

「I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry ……」

「…… Oopsy, looks like he is not in the condition to talk」

He who is the relative of the director that even the teachers can’t go against keeps on apologizing while frightened.
He’s setting a bad example for other students with such attitude.

「In that case, Takiura-kun. What are you going to do?」

「…… I…………」

「What’s the matter? Why is your charming face so gloomy?」

「…… I’m really not charming or anything……」

「No need to be humble, Takiura-kun. You are really charming. You are so charming I want to show that picture to every female fan of yours. They will surely notice a new aspect of yours」

「………… Please don’t. I beg you. Anything but that……」

「Is that so? How regrettable」

Really regrettable.
Takiura-kun’s true character is exposed in that picture, and it feels really charming, so he will surely get new fans.
It can’t be helped since the person himself doesn’t want to.

「H, hey! What’s wrong, everyone! Why are you trembling, hey!」

In the meanwhile, the heroine’s voice resounded in vain.
However, the five only trembled without moving.
There is no room even for their beloved heroine.
Even though they were originally supposed to drive me out of the school.
Seriously, what a cruel development.

I think again.

Honestly, I have “gone too far.”
In for a penny, in for a pound, I took the villain role too seriously.

With the infant’s appearances that no one will suspect, I searched for dangerous information.
No one would suspect me when I was a child, so I eavesdropped and took photos.
I manipulated careless-looking people and threatened them to cooperate at times.

Corruption, embezzlement, scandal.
I have grasped such “weaknesses” of the influential people.

Currently, I’m the top scoundrel dominating various fields from the shadows.
Ikemen who borrow power from their parents are not my opponents.

Dear me, seriously, as I thought, I have “gone too far” indeed.
But, will I be happy if it ends?
Because’s it’s like all right, in the end, let’s deem the results acceptable.

With such convinced……
I started moving again to finish off the heroine.

I don’t really hate her or anything.
Rather, I have a good impression of her who was malicious against me because of a reverse harem ending.
Unfortunately, I will have the heroine go towards the bad ending.

At any rate, I’m a villain.

I don’t need a reason for crushing the heroine, right?

Otome Game ni Tensei Shita ga, Watashi wa Akuyaku ni Nari Sugita

Otome Game ni Tensei Shita ga, Watashi wa Akuyaku ni Nari Sugita

Score 9
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
I have reincarnated into the world of Otome Game as the villain.And before I noticed, I was exceedingly villainous.


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