One Day, the Engagement was Suddenly Cancelled. ……My Little Sister’s. chapter Extra

A Certain Female Student

My name is Ceres von McLaren. I am the eldest daughter of the Count McLaren family that governs the Lorenzo region, located in the eastern part of the Elliot Kingdom.

I entered the Elliot Royal Academy of Magic, thinking that magic would be useful in my territory in the future. My grades are above average. I’m proud that I am doing well.

The class where I’m in has the most famous person in the academy.

His name is Alphonse von Walkley-sama.

He is the heir to the Duke Walkley family and is called a genius for making magic tools. It is said that the many magical tools created by Alphonse-sama have advanced the history of magical tools for ten years. However, Alphonse-sama is not only famous because of his title. Of course, his title is also one of the reasons, but more than that, Alphonse-sama’s appearance made the biggest contribution to his fame.

A topic that cannot be overlooked when talking about Alphonse-sama is his celestial being-like beautiful appearance. Pure white hair that does not know filth, eyes like ruby… No, more beautiful red eyes than rubies. And each part of his face is perfectly arranged, as if calculated based on the golden ratio. If he’s called a god or an angel, his unique appearance would make that statement so convincing.

… By any chance. Even if it’s only one in a million chances, if I have the opportunity to touch his hair and smell it. If I could touch his beautiful white skin and feel it. How satisfied and healed would I be… Guhehe. It’s dangerous even just imagining. I have nosebleed… I shouldn’t think of such a thing anymore!

Ehem. Ah yes. Well, for that reason, students do not have feelings like longing or deep love for Alphonse-sama, at least, no female student. If there were such a female student, their eyes would probably be rotten. In such a case, I will be grateful to teach you about Alphonse-sama’s charm for about an hour. Even if your eyes are rotten, you can still hear. But if it still doesn’t seem to be understood, it’s no use.

Persuaded to goblin ears. No matter how much Alphonse-sama’s charm is to be explained, there is no point in having no head to understand it. And there is no need for such a person in the institute. I’ll drive that person out of this academy with all my power. Fufufufufufu. ……Well, I’ve never met someone like that, so I’ve never done it.

Let’s return to the story. The nickname of such Alphonse-sama is “The Moon Goddess”. Alphonse-sama is a man, but with his beauty which transcends even the most beautiful woman in the academy, he is more than appropriate to bear the name of the goddess. I do not accept any objections.

Under such circumstances, Alphonse-sama’s face is so fearful that one cannot directly look at it. Sometimes he talks to us, his classmates, but no one can talk to him face to face and we just look down. I spoke with him only once before, but at that time, I couldn’t look directly at his face.

The face of a beautiful person is one that people would want to look at forever, but if it’s too beautiful, on the contrary, one can’t look at it directly.

Such Alphonse-sama has an unofficial fan club. Its name is “Admire the Moon Goddess Association”. Abbreviated as “A.M.G.A.”. Of course, I am also a member and my member number is 001. That is, I am the chairman. The fan club was founded with my friends, after school the day Alphonse-sama enrolled and seized all the classmates on the first day. In other grades, many female and even male students are also members.

Even one year after its foundation, the influence is increasing day by day in the midst of expanding its scale. Just the other day, Catherine-sama, the Second Princess of the Elliot Kingdom and is the president of the student council, the largest power of the institute, also became a member.

Such a fan club has three principles.


  1.  One, thou shall not talk (to Alphonse-sama)
  2.  Two, thou shall not touch him by yourself
  3.  Three, danger should be eliminated


The rules of this fan club is more important than the school rules for fan club members. In the unlikely event of breaking the rule, that person will be detained by the Inquisition consisting of members with a single digit membership number, excluding me.

Just recently, the member number 015 has been detained and sent for questioning by the Inquisition for the repeated body touches that person made to Alphonse-sama. As a jury, I also participated and upheld the guilty opinion.

The result was unanimously guilty. As a punishment for that female student, she forfeited all her photos of Alphonse-sama. The female student said, 「That’s everything! Please forgive me already!」 and begged for mercy, but everyone ignored her pleas. The sin of body touch is higher than the mountain and deeper than the sea.

… Even I am putting up with various tears of blood. I can’t forgive one’s good feelings. With that, I can just say one thing to that female student.

You deserve that! Heretic!

…… Ehem. Anyway, if you violate the rules, you Alphonse-sama-related items will be confiscated, depending on the degree of the crime. For a fan club member, confiscating something related to Alphonse-sama is more painful than losing oneself.

Oops, my chest tightened just by imagining that mine were confiscated. From now on, I must be careful not to make mistakes.

In addition, fan club members have an unwritten rule. That is, on the day Alphonse-sama goes to school, we will protect the seat by the window in the dining room.

We make sure that Alphonse-sama will always be seated at that seat in the dining room when eating. Alphonse-sama seems to like the garden view from that seat.

Then! As fan club members, we must protect his seat even if we have to do everything! That is the mission we have been given… No, it’s our destiny!

But those things should not be realized by Alphonse-sama. We only have to look and help in the dark.

Now then. Let’s also protect his seat in the cafeteria today!

At the same time as the chime sounded, I left the classroom with the other fan club members and headed to that special seat.

The result? Needless to say, it is a success. We surrounded a male student, making him afraid to sit down, and gazed at him with cold eyes. The male student then ran away from the cafeteria with tearful eyes. Our complete victory.

Immediately after that, Alphonse-sama showed up with his sister and the Knight of Beauty.

Hmm? Is it okay for his sister and the Knight of Beauty to be good friends? Yeah. They are the exception. The closer they are, the better the picture after all.

The smile that I see when he’s talking to them! I’m already drooling! Just looking at it makes me happy!

Now! After school today is the monthly report session of A.M.G.A.! I just hope there are good photos today!


Monthly report contents of A.M.G.A.

  • Report on Alphonse-sama’s behavior during the month
  • List of dangerous people
  • Photo sale event

One Day, the Engagement was Suddenly Cancelled. ……My Little Sister’s.

One Day, the Engagement was Suddenly Cancelled. ……My Little Sister’s.

Aruhi Totsuzen, Kon'yaku Haki sa remashita.…… Imōto ga.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese
The noble Duke Walkley family from the Elliot Kingdom. The heir, Alphonse von Walkley, was too weak to go to school because of his natural constitution.One day such Alphonse. He was in good physical condition, so he went to school for the first time in about two days and enjoyed his student life.And then, the lunch break when he visited. The First Prince of the Elliot Kingdom came when he tried to eat with his sister and her three friends at the school cafeteria. The Prince suddenly said things startling Alphonse and company.According to him, he wants to cancel his engagement with his sister…


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