One Day, the Engagement was Suddenly Cancelled. ……My Little Sister’s. chapter 4

Chapter 4

We left the cafeteria and headed to the Director’s Office.

“What’s in here?”

His Highness Marx asked. Everyone seemed anxious and looked at me. I smiled,

“It’s the truth”

I said.


Then there was a question mark above everyone’s heads.

I knocked on the door and got permission to enter.

“Come in”

The nine of us went into the Director’s Office.

“Excuse us. We actually have a request today. Actually–“

I explained the situation to the Director and asked for permission to view a certain magic tool. If you check the magic tool, it will be clear where the truth is.

“Hmm. If that’s the case, there’s nothing I can do. Let’s confirm.”

“Did” or “didn’t do” is just a mere accusation if there is no evidence. After saying multiple proofless things, they’re nothing but barren theories.

However, a magic tool in the Director’s Office can provide evidence that justifies this “didn’t do” statement. A certain magic tool, which was inspired by what was known as “video camera” based from the knowledge brought by a hero from another world in the past was created by me before I entered the institute.

The name of the magic tool is “fixed-type video recording transmitter”. In short, it is a magic tool that allows you to watch the image of the place where it is installed, observe in real time or record it on a device in another place. It seems that at the academy, when the prince enrolled, it was introduced by the security to enhance crime prevention.

After all, the head of the school is one of the kingdom’s leading magic tool collectors. Apparently, the hobby of the school director was greatly related to the decision to install the fixed-type video recording transmitter, but this time, I really should thank his hobby.

At present, fixed-type video recording transmitters seem to be installed in classrooms, corridors, stairs, etc., and we were able to confirm all records at the place where the incident occurred.

And, the result… It proved that our claims were right. It is our complete victory.

First, the tea party incident, then the reprimanding and bullying by words, also the corridor tripping, Sistina was proved to be innocent in all those matters. In the case of falling down in the hallway, it was reflected that Miss Arisa rolled down on her own in an empty place. Miss Arisa, looking at the video, turned bright red and exclaimed, 「What’s this! I haven’t heard about this!」

And then the video continues.

The next video was of Miss Arisa cutting her uniform with scissors in an empty classroom. With the setting sun in the background, it was terrifying to see her cutting her uniform in the classroom. I didn’t expect to see horror.

And the final footage showed the happenings on the staircase late afternoon yesterday. In the video, 「I will be injured by this and say that it was done by that woman…」 was heard, and Miss Arisa fell down the stairs by herself. By the way, the number of stairs that she fell from was only five.

His Highness Marx and aides had their faces turn blue by the time the video finished. Putting the blame into an innocent person, moreover the person being the daughter to a family said to be the Royal Family of the shadows, I could easily imagine them thinking that the sins they did were heavy.

Before, they waited for each other, taking turns to cite their claims. Now, I wonder if they feel like sinners waiting for conviction. Even though it is what they deserve, condolence.

“Then now, all three of you should go back to the classroom.”


Me and Miss Melissa left the room.

However, Sistina remained in the room until the end, and was telling something.

“Oh, I almost forgot to say something. I am not His Highness fiancee, you know? Well then, good day.”

Sistina came out of the room a little later than us. I wonder what she said at the end? I tried asking Sistina, but she changed the topic.

After that, we went to class as usual and went home.

As I learned later, it seems that Miss Arisa’s full name is Arisa von Lloyd. It turned out that she is a daughter of the Baron Lloyd’s family who governs the north. Well, now it doesn’t matter though. Because Miss Arisa tried to charge a Duke’s daughter with a false crime, it seems that she was sent to a monastery with severe discipline, so we will most probably not see her anymore.

His Highness Marx and company were also punished by their parents. In their case, the worst punishment would be being driven away from home after being removed from the aristocracy. Expulsion to the streets would be a serious punishment for those who grew up as noblemen. If it was me, I’m confident that I’ll die in some back alley. ……No, I wonder if I can manage to live by selling the magic tools I made?

I made the sign of the cross in front of my chest with my fingers and pray for them who’ll be receiving punishment.

Anyway, my sister’s crisis? Well it passed by safely and the usual days will start from tomorrow. I wish I could go to school tomorrow.

I fell asleep in my room thinking about such a thing.

By the way, the next day, because I was so tired from earlier today, I was feeling more sluggish than usual and I did not make a fuss to go to the academy…

One Day, the Engagement was Suddenly Cancelled. ……My Little Sister’s.

One Day, the Engagement was Suddenly Cancelled. ……My Little Sister’s.

Aruhi Totsuzen, Kon'yaku Haki sa remashita.…… Imōto ga.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese
The noble Duke Walkley family from the Elliot Kingdom. The heir, Alphonse von Walkley, was too weak to go to school because of his natural constitution.One day such Alphonse. He was in good physical condition, so he went to school for the first time in about two days and enjoyed his student life.And then, the lunch break when he visited. The First Prince of the Elliot Kingdom came when he tried to eat with his sister and her three friends at the school cafeteria. The Prince suddenly said things startling Alphonse and company.According to him, he wants to cancel his engagement with his sister…


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