One Day, the Engagement was Suddenly Cancelled. ……My Little Sister’s. chapter 2

Chapter 2

It was lunch break, and as promised, Sistina came to my class. Behind her is the Marquis daughter Miss Melissa.

Miss Melissa is Sistina’s best friend. Her full name is Melissa von Earlshide. She has light brown hair, purple eyes, and a height of 170 cm, which is higher than mine and Sistina’s. Her eyes are crisp and her face has a dignified look. At the academy, there are many people who admire her as the “Beautiful Knight”. By the way, many of them seem to be female students.

Miss Melissa’s father holds the position of captain in the Knights of the Kingdom, and she also uses the sword because of his influence. Her ability was extremely high, though I have only seen her fight once, but at that time she had beaten a member of the Knights with one blow. Of course, the opponent was an adult male orthodox knight. In the future, maybe she will be the first female Knight Commander in history? Is what I whispered sincerely.

Miss Melissa has such an excellent aspect of fighting, but she also has perfect manners as an aristocratic daughter. With that, she’s well known as the perfect daughter. However, strangely, she seems to have no fiance. Maybe, she’s too perfect that the other party may perhaps feel pressured. What a waste.

That Miss Melissa, when it’s the weekend, though not to the point of every weekend, meets Sistina. I think she’s what you call her best friend. It’s truly something enviable.

In addition to not being able to go to the academy too often, I also cannot attend social circles so much, so I have no friends, not to mention best friends. Even in class, if I speak to them, they do answer, but no one ever initiates to strike up a conversation with me.

I’m not disliked… I think. No, I want to think so. Whenever I talk to someone, he or she would always look down and we’d not face each other!

… It’s not that I’m not lonely. I mean it. I have a kind family, so that’s enough.

As I was comforting myself, Sistina came over here.

“Brother! Are you feeling alright?”

“Yeah. No problem. It seems like I’m in good shape today.”

“Is that so! That’s important more than anything! If you feel even slightly sick, please tell me!”

“Thank you as always”

“It’s fine. Then let’s go!”

“Yeah. You’re right.”

Sistina looks energetic. Whenever I come to the school, she always smiles and cares about me. I truly have a good younger sister.

“Hello, Miss Melissa”

When I walked out to the hallway, I greeted Miss Melissa who was waiting.

“Good day, Alphonse-sama”

Miss Melissa is one of the few people I am able to talk to face to face.

… Maybe she’s a friend? Let’s ask next time.

With that in mind, we proceeded to the cafeteria.

The school we attend to, Elliot’s Royal Academy of Magic, has a cafeteria built in. Even if it is called a cafeteria, it is not an ordinary cafeteria that is common in the city, but in fact it is a restaurant where nobles can enjoy high-quality food. Therefore, the equipment is also gorgeous. There are countless chandeliers on the ceiling and a table cloth made of precious thread laid on the table. Even for a single chair, because prices are so expensive, commoners would have worked desperately for a month before they can finally afford the menu.

We sat down at a window seat of the said cafeteria. That seat is a great spot to look into the beautiful garden from the window. I always sit in this seat when I eat in this dining room. In other words, it is my fixed place in the cafeteria. Besides, this seat is always vacant when I come to school. It’s a wonder that no one sits here with such a nice view, but it doesn’t bother me, and I rather think I’m lucky.

When we got to the seat, a waiter walked while pushing a cart at that timing. A mature man wearing a tailcoat. The man started serving in a truly beautiful manner. Even though he uses ceramics that makes a sound for a short while, there is almost no sound at all when serving. Sophisticated works that are meticulous and detailed make even the educated high-ranking nobleman fall in love.

“I’ll then excuse myself.”

Eventually, after finishing his service, he returned to his place.

“It’s amazing no matter how many times you look at it.”

When I let out an admiration,

“That’s true. With that level, you can only say he’s great.”

“Really. It seems that only those that undergo strict training in the Royal Palace can be transferred to serve here.”

Sistina and Miss Melissa said to agree.

“From the Royal Palace? Then no wonder they’re great. Then now, let’s eat.”

Then we started eating… but when we were just about to start, we realized that the cafeteria was buzzing. Looking around, the eyes of the people in the dining room were focused on a certain group.

We followed their gazes and looked at the group.

The group consisted of high-ranking nobles, headed by the First Prince of the country.

The First Prince and the next King — Marx von Elliot.

The son of the Commander of the Guard — Kevin von Yankers.

The son of the Commander of the Mage Division and a Marquis family — Ains von Mellow.

The son of the Finance Minister — David von Arley.

The son of one of the leading large business associations in the country — Jean Cromarty.

They walked straight towards us, surrounding one female student as if protecting her. Their facial expressions were stern and they were glaring at us. Just what did happen? Who exactly is that female student they’re protecting? And, why are you glaring at us?

When I was questioning them in my thoughts, they stood in front of the table where we were, and dropped a statement like a bomb.

“Sistina von Walkley! You harassed Arisa in various ways, and you pushed her down the stairs yesterday afternoon! Such a cruel noble daughter, from here on, I pray for that someone who’ll get engaged next to you! Saying that, I’ll cancel my engagement with you right now!”

One Day, the Engagement was Suddenly Cancelled. ……My Little Sister’s.

One Day, the Engagement was Suddenly Cancelled. ……My Little Sister’s.

Aruhi Totsuzen, Kon'yaku Haki sa remashita.…… Imōto ga.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese
The noble Duke Walkley family from the Elliot Kingdom. The heir, Alphonse von Walkley, was too weak to go to school because of his natural constitution.One day such Alphonse. He was in good physical condition, so he went to school for the first time in about two days and enjoyed his student life.And then, the lunch break when he visited. The First Prince of the Elliot Kingdom came when he tried to eat with his sister and her three friends at the school cafeteria. The Prince suddenly said things startling Alphonse and company.According to him, he wants to cancel his engagement with his sister…


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