One Day, the Engagement was Suddenly Cancelled. ……My Little Sister’s. chapter 1

Chapter 1

“How about we eat lunch together today?”

“Yeah, good.”

“Then we will come to pick you up for lunch!”

Before school began. At the school gate, a female student told me with a big smile and disappeared into the school building. I also entered the school building following her.

My name is Alphonse von Walkley. I am the eldest son of the Duke Walkley family and is the heir to it. White hair and red eyes. And white skin due to sickness. The body is delicate, height is about 160 cm, and muscles are minimal. That is me. By the way, I have no fiancee. How sad……. I asked my father about my fiancee and he only said 「It’s fine. I’m properly thinking about it.」

And the female student I mentioned earlier. Her name is Sistina von Walkley. My little sister. A pale blonde with green eyes, and an average body type suitable for her age. Her height is about 2 cm taller than me. She has a beautiful and cute appearance, a good character and a good personality. And though I can’t tell who he is, but she seems to have a fiance. Is it that her fiance is having fun until the day of the wedding? Well, I’m sure I’ll eventually know him, so I won’t go out of my way to investigate. I’ll just congratulate with all I can on their wedding day.

The family home of me and Sistina, The Duke of Walkley, is one of the noble families in the Elliot kingdom, and has a venerable family history that has existed since five hundred years ago when the kingdom was just founded. It is said that the authority of our family follows the Royal Family, and that we are their shadow.

Our father, Nikolaus von Walkley, is still acting as a consultant to the king, and our mother, Mariabel von Walkley, is an intelligent beauty, deemed to be the flower of the social circles, and is someone looked up to by many noble ladies. If the two get serious, anything will be possible. They are probably even able to overthrow the Royal Family if they want.

…… Well, in fact, I can verify that they won’t do that. Because my father always says he wants to retire from being a counselor, retire to the territory and concentrate on territory management, and since my mother loves my father, she will definitely simply leave the social circle. According to what I heard, many bureaucrats, including His Majesty, desperately persuaded father, who submitted his resignation to quit his counseling role. It happened about three months ago. His Majesty and his bureaucrats were crying over father that he reluctantly withdrew his resignation and assumed the role of counselor again. That’s what my mother secretly told me the other day.

Anyway, that means my parents are super talented people that are indispensable to this country.

As for myself, though I shouldn’t say this myself, but I think I’m also very excellent. For the time being, I’m going to show results that are not embarrassing for an heir to the Duke’s family. If I really get serious, though that rarely happens, I’ll definitely have better grades than I do now! But I don’t have the spirit for that. Because there is something more important to me now than studying to improve my grades.

Something important to me. That is, making magic tools.

I was born with an enormous amount of magical power that is more than ten times that of an ordinary person. Exactly because of that, I have so much magic that it’s damaging my health.

Such an abnormal constitution is called an excessive magic constitution. This constitution has various effects on the human body. In my case, it is the most straining on my heart.

It seems that the enormous magical power I have is hindering the activity of my heart. Therefore, not to mention vigorous exercises, even dances that are regarded as a favorite activity of aristocrats is something I cannot do. Depending on the day, because of my body’s condition, I can’t even go to the academy satisfactorily, and of the five days a week, I can only go for two days.

For that kind of me, it might have been a certain necessity to be absorbed in making magic tools that can be done without moving from bed.

Besides, I have the talent to develop magic tools.

Though I have developed various magic tools, the one that was said to be particularly epoch-making was the magic tool that greatly reduces the wobbling of the carriage. When the development of that magic tool was successful, His Majesty even had me receive the Special Achievement Award. This is my little pride. Well, I couldn’t go to the ceremony because I was too sick though, so my father attended instead.

I have some resentment about this constitution, but I no longer hate it as much as I used to.

Certainly, when I was little, I seriously resented this constitution that made me unable to play like other children. However, since I started developing magic tools, the extra magical power has come in very handy, and I started to appreciate it. My success now is due to this enormous magical power. If I wasn’t born with enormous magical power, I might not have been as absorbed in the development of magic tools as I am now. No, I couldn’t. Considering that, I could say that it was good that I was born with excessive physical power.

Anyway, now it’s a school. Let’s enjoy our first school in two days.

I was full of enthusiasm and headed for my class.

One Day, the Engagement was Suddenly Cancelled. ……My Little Sister’s.

One Day, the Engagement was Suddenly Cancelled. ……My Little Sister’s.

Aruhi Totsuzen, Kon'yaku Haki sa remashita.…… Imōto ga.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese
The noble Duke Walkley family from the Elliot Kingdom. The heir, Alphonse von Walkley, was too weak to go to school because of his natural constitution.One day such Alphonse. He was in good physical condition, so he went to school for the first time in about two days and enjoyed his student life.And then, the lunch break when he visited. The First Prince of the Elliot Kingdom came when he tried to eat with his sister and her three friends at the school cafeteria. The Prince suddenly said things startling Alphonse and company.According to him, he wants to cancel his engagement with his sister…


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