On The Night When The Stars And Flowers Fall Sequel Story 2

The Last Star and Flower


I woke up when my alarm went off.

I’m still sleepy. What day is it today?

I looked at the calendar and saw that it was Monday, June 27th.

What… a Monday?

I had mistakenly thought it was Sunday.

My eyelids are starting to droop.

Just a little more …….

An hour had passed since then.

When I woke up, the time was 9 o’clock.

“What day is it today?”

I looked at the calendar and finally realized it was Monday.

I finally realized it was Monday.

Even if I went now, the first period would be over.

Good. Now it’s time for a special move!

I walked down the stairs and went to the landline.

The school’s phone number is ……….

This kind of thing happens once a week.

I’ve memorized the phone number.

The other thing to do is to raise your voice a little.

The key is to make your voice a little higher and make it sound like your mother.

That way, you can fool the other person.

That’s how I managed to cheat a couple of times.

I’ll do it again today.

Pull, pull.

“Hello. I’m Amane Suzuki’s mother. She has a fever today, so she’ll be taking the day off.”

“I see. Are you sure she has a fever?”

“It’s 38 degrees.”

“Amane, right? I already know. Come to school as fast as you can.”

As expected, the third time I was caught.

“I’m sorry.”

I guess I’ll have to go now.

I hate it. I don’t want to go anymore.

“Ah, my stomach hurts. I can’t do it anymore.”

“How can I be fooled by such an act? Well today is already good.”

These are the best words for me.

“Thank you.”

“It’s ok.”


After the call, I went to bed again.

What should I do today? Do I play games all day?

Read manga? Study?

On Friday, my friend told me something like this.

“I heard that a fortune-telling center has recently opened in the shopping district. I heard it’s really good.”

That’s right. Let’s go and have my fortunes told.

I changed my clothes and headed for the fortune telling center.

There were bamboos hanging in the shopping street.

At the end of the street, there was a strange fortune telling house.

It looked a little scary.

I gathered my courage and opened the door.

“Excuse me.”

“Come in. It’s 500 yen a time.”

I took out 500 yen from my wallet.

“What do you want me to tell you?”

“Well, when will I die?”

If you know when you will die, you may live without regret. That’s what I thought.

But the result was beyond my expectations.

The fortune teller kept looking at the crystal ball.

“I see” she said suddenly.

“The day you die is the night when the stars and flowers will fall next year.”


I was speechless.

I thought I would live until I was 80.

I wanted to drink and smoke.

Couldn’t I even become an adult?

“Is that true?”

“The only way to change that future is to let your cat go.”

I have a cat that I’ve had for a long time.

Her name is Vega. Hikari gave it to me.

I can’t let that cat go.

“That’s impossible.”

“It’s over. Goodbye.”

I wondered what a night of falling stars and flowers would be like.

When I returned home, Vega was meowing.

Then she came to my side.

“I can’t let my Vega go.”


My cell phone rang. It was from Hikari.

She was at school now, but was she okay?


“Hello. Are you okay?”

“I’m in the nurse’s office on a furlough. I’m fine.”

“That’s great, Hikari. Why did you call me so suddenly?”

“Hey, do you want to go to the Tanabata Festival with me?”

Tanabata Festival. The Tanabata Festival is a festival held in this area.

But I had a boyfriend.

His name is Kengo. I call him Ken-chan.

Yesterday, we went on a date.

The date took place at a movie theater. I heard there was a movie that Ken-chan wanted to see, so we went to see it.

It turned out to be an action movie, but not very interesting.

Still, it was fun to be together.

When the movie was over and we were about to leave, Kengo said

“Um… Since the day we met, I’ve always liked you. Please go out with me.”

Kengo confessed. I was so happy.

I may never have such an opportunity again.

“Okay. Let’s get along.”

Ken-chan was delighted.

“Then why don’t we go to the Tanabata Festival together?”


I mean, we just started going out yesterday.

We made a promise yesterday.

I’m sorry to Hikari, but I have to say no.

“I’m sorry, Hikari. I’m going with my boyfriend.”

“Ehh… Amane. You have a boyfriend?”

“I got one yesterday.”

“Who is it? Who’s that?”

“Se-c-ret. I can’t tell you that way.

Well, there is some consideration, though. “

After all, chatting with Hikari is fun.

Ever since long ago …

“Then I’ll be back soon.”


The call ended there.

I’m free again. What should I do?

I thought about what she said earlier about the night when the stars and flowers fall.

What does it mean?

I have a vague idea about the stars falling.

Flowers falling is ……

Oh, by the way, Hikari was in the astronomy club.

Maybe she knows something about it.

I took out my phone and went on line.

“Hey, what’s the night when the stars and flowers fall?”

I sent her a message.

She replied just after 4:00 pm.

“Ten years ago, I saw it too.

Stars are meteor showers. Flowers are fireworks.

I heard that it coincides with the Tanabata Festival once every few hundred years.

So I thought it was gone. ……”

“Next year.”

“What? Is that so?”


“I’m looking forward to it.”


“I want to go next year with Amane.

“Let’s go together. I promise.”

We made a promise. We promised that we would go together next year.

But it didn’t come true.

I never thought Hikari would commit suicide…

On The Night When The Stars And Flowers Fall

On The Night When The Stars And Flowers Fall

Hoshi to Hana ga Furu Yoru ni, 星と花が降る夜に
Score 8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
The main character is told by a fortune teller, “Your wish will come true on the night the stars and flowers fall.”What does it mean that stars and flowers will fall?A love story about two people who join the astronomy club.


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