On The Night When The Stars And Flowers Fall chapter 2

Encounter With Vega

Purululu Purululu

I could hear the faint ringing of a phone.

Where am I? A dream? Reality? I opened my eyes.

I opened my eyes and found myself in my room. I rubbed my eyes sleepily.

I answered the phone.


“Good morning!!!”

The voice was so loud that my eardrums felt like they would burst.

“Who is it? Kengo?”

“I’m the only one who can call at this hour.”

“That’s true.”

“Hurry up and get dressed. I’ll be waiting for you at the convenience store.”

The phone hung up. I hurriedly ate a loaf of bread.

Wearing a uniform that I’m not used to, riding a bicycle,

I went to high school.

As I pedaled along, I saw cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms remind us of partings and encounters.

It was finally the beginning of high school life.

I was filled with excitement.

High school students are known for their love life and fun with friends.

It’s called adolescence in general.

I like to read books, and I read a lot of romance novels.

About 80% of them were set in high school.

I especially enjoy romance.

I don’t know what love is.

I wonder if I will understand it one day.

Kengo was waiting for me at the convenience store right after I left home.


I heard Kengo’s voice.

It’s been months since I’ve seen him. I hadn’t seen him since spring break.

“Good morning. Nice to see you again.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

Kengo looked at me happily.

Kengo was looking at me happily, and I was smiling in his eyes.

“Let’s go.”

We started pedaling our bikes.

Then we talked about our past memories and homework.

We talked about our memories and homework.

Gradually the story changed to today’s story.

“You’re the student representative today, right? Are you okay?”

That’s it. I had forgotten for the past 30 minutes that I was talking to Kengo.

I’ve been asked to be the student representative at today’s entrance ceremony.

It was last week when he told me.

It was early in the morning, when the sun hadn’t risen yet.

It was early in the morning.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

It became my alarm clock.

Who the hell is this at this hour?

You’re crazy. My mother was on a business trip.

My father had died of cancer.

My grandma comes to visit me every day.

I was alone on this day.

I went to the landline phone in the living room.

The phone number was familiar to me.

What? What is this?

When I picked up the phone, it was as I expected.

It was my homeroom teacher from junior high school.

“I’m sorry for calling you so early in the morning. I’d like to entrust you with the student representative address at the entrance ceremony.”

I don’t understand. I don’t understand why it’s me.

I thought the person with the highest attendance number was supposed to give that kind of speech.

My forehead started to sweat.

I can’t …… do that.

You can’t bite in the presence of the seniors.

“I’m sorry. I can’t do it.”

I mustered up the courage to refuse.

There must be many others.

Then I received an unexpected reply.

“I tried every junior high school I could find, but they all seemed to have turned it down, so I went to you. Hoshino-kun is the only one who can help me. Can you help me with this crisis, please?”

What kind of hero am I to save a crisis?

If I say no here, this negative spiral will continue forever.

My balance was leaning towards doing it.

I had no choice but to do it.

“Okay. I’ll do it then.”

I had no choice but to say so, and the teacher said in a happy voice, “Thank you. I’ll send you the manuscript by e-mail.”

“One last question, why me?”

“Because you were the student council president, Hoshino-kun.”

I see. Because I was the student body president.

It was all Kengo’s fault that I became the student council president.

He made me run for it on his own.

I had no choice but to give a speech, and it seemed to be too good to be true.

I got almost 80% of the votes and became the student body president.

I didn’t have much to do now that I was the student body president.

I didn’t have much to do.

I completely forgot that I was the student body president.

I had forgotten that I was the student body president.

I just said “I’ll do my best” and went to bed.

I thought it was a dream, but the manuscript arrived by e-mail. I practiced hard for the next three days.

I couldn’t stop sweating when I thought about it, I just couldn’t stop my hands from sweating.

“Kengo. You’re not okay.”

My voice was trembling, my heartbeat was playing rock music.

“It’ll be okay. Be confident.”

“It’s Kengo’s fault, after all.”

“Well, well. Don’t talk like that.”

While we were talking about this, we arrived at the high school.

This was the high school where I would live for the next three years.

It wasn’t very big.

That’s because it’s a small prefectural school.

I really wanted to go to a private school, but..

But my family is poor.

I was often told, “Go to a public one.”

So I had no choice but to take the entrance exam to a nearby high school that offered general education.

I was even smart enough to pass the exam even without studying.

When I went to the door, I saw that my class sheet was posted on the wall.

Kengo and I were in the same class.

“I’m in the same class as Kengo.”

“Let’s get along.”

We headed for the classroom.

When we entered the classroom, the atmosphere suddenly changed.

I didn’t know anyone.

I wondered if I would be able to make it.

Would I be bullied?

The high school life I had been looking forward to suddenly turned to anxiety.

We gathered and the teacher came to greet us.

We finally moved to the venue of the entrance ceremony.

My heart felt like it was going to burst.

Oh, no. I might not make it.

My head started to hurt and my stomach started to ache.

I decided to go outside the venue.

There were less than three minutes left until the start of the event.

I felt nervous thinking about the speech.

I had never been so nervous in my life.

That speech by the student council president was without the senior students.

I didn’t feel too much responsibility.

But this time, there were almost 300 seniors.

I wanted to run away from this place.

“Are you okay?”

I heard an unknown voice. I looked up and there was a high school girl.

“Who are you?

“I’m Hikari, one of the incoming students. I know you’re going to give the student representative speech. I know you’re nervous, but do your best! I’ll be rooting for you.”

With those words, my nerves cleared up a little.

She went back into the hall.

I had a strange feeling, but I put that aside.

I’m going to concentrate on the greeting now.

If people are expecting me, I’ll do my best.

I felt that way, and my heart rate calmed down a little.

I returned to the hall and the entrance ceremony began.

After the principal’s speech, the student representative’s speech came.

“Greetings from the representative of the incoming students. Representative: Mitsuteru Hoshino.”

He called out in a loud voice. I replied, but

I turned my head slightly.

Everyone was probably laughing anyway, but it didn’t matter to me.

I walked up to the stage and looked around.

I could see all the students.

“In the season of dancing cherry blossoms, 100 of us entered high school……”

I was nervous for a minute and a half, but

I managed to do it.

There was applause.

It was over somehow. I was now free of tension.

The entrance ceremony was over, and the tense day was over.

“Good work.”

Kengo said, patting me on the back.


But I still had a strange feeling.

“Hey Kengo, I still have a weird feeling. What do you think it is?”

“When did it start?”

When I was told, it was after I met that girl.

“I wonder if I met a person named Hikari who is among the newcoming students.”

Kengo began to laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

“Isn’t that love at first sight?”

Love at first sight. I’ve read about it in books.

Am I in love with Hikari?

No, it can’t be. I’ve only met her once.

I didn’t think she was very pretty.

“No, of course not.”

“Let’s go find this Hikari girl tomorrow.”

“I feel sorry for her.”

“It’s important to attack first.”

Kengo had only had one girlfriend before.

It was in the spring of his first year of junior high school.

One day, suddenly, Kengo came up to me, looking happy.

“What’s wrong, Kengo?”

“We’re going out.”

“What? With whom?”


Mao was the girl we always went home with.

I was surprised that even we were such close relatives, but…

I was surprised, but very happy for both of them.


Two months later, Kengo was depressed.

I asked him if he was okay, but he didn’t answer.

The advice I received from Kengo

“It’s important to attack.” kept running through my head.

Kengo kept talking about love.

I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Is this what love is? An attack.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I kept thinking about it even after I left Kengo.

When I got home and went outside, there were countless stars.

It was beautiful.

I don’t know much about stars, but when I look at them, I can forget about many things.

It was like heaven for me.

The next day, I woke up early and went to school with Kengo.

As soon as we arrived at the school, Kengo took me to another class.

“What kind of a girl is that HIkari?”

I was so nervous that I couldn’t remember much.

I squeeze my faint memories.

“Well… She has short hair and looks mature.”

“There are countless girls like that, though.”

Then, a high school girl with short hair came over.

“What about her?”

But I feel something different.

“No, I don’t think so.”

Then, until morning homeroom, I tried to find various classes, but..

As I walked around, I found myself in an unfamiliar place.

It was only my second day and I didn’t know much about the place.

I got lost.

“Kengo, where are we?”

“I don’t know!”

As I moved forward, I found a mysterious staircase.

There was a door at the end of it.

“Isn’t this the rooftop?”

“That sounds fun.”

Kengo was happily climbing the stairs.

I followed Kengo.

When I reached the top of the stairs, I saw a sign.

No Entry from Here by Principal

“You can’t go on the roof.”

“Seriously? That’s not funny.”

I had no choice but to go downstairs. Kengo looked sad.

Kengo is so easy to understand.

You can easily see his emotions on his face.

I’m not sure where I am.

When I was in a hurry, I saw a map of the school in front of me.

This was directly opposite the classroom.

“I can finally goto the homeroom.”

“It’s all Kengo’s fault, you know.”

I was slowly making my way back to class when…

Ding, dong, dong!

The chime rang out.

“Oh no!”

We rushed to the classroom.

I don’t want to be late.

I don’t want to have to write a reflection.

When we entered the classroom, the teacher’s face was red.

“What have you been up to?”

This made me shake hard.

“We were taking a walk around the school.”

Everyone in the class laughed.

“‘Well, I’ll forgive you for the first time, but next time you’ll have to write a letter of reflection for your deeds.”

“I understand.”

We managed to avoid a written reflection, but there was no second time for us.

And so the four hours of hell began.

The teacher’s story flowed beautifully like a river.

I wondered where she was.

I couldn’t find her after all.

I wish I could see her.

That’s what I was thinking.

When I looked at the window during break time, I saw a familiar face.

A high school girl walked in the door.

I thought, “Oh! That’s her!”

I shouted loudly and started running.

“Hey. Kouki, where are you going?”

I heard footsteps from behind me.

It must be Kengo. My footsteps didn’t stop.

“Um… Hikari-san.”

My eyes met hers. My heart beat faster again.

“Thank you for yesterday.”

“It’s okay. You were so nervous.”

“What’s your last name?”

“Oh. I guess I didn’t tell you. I’m Hikari Ito. Nice to meet you.”

“I’m Kouki Hoshino. It’s nice to meet you.”

Her face changed a little, but immediately laughing, “You don’t have to use honorifics. We’re in the same grade.”

And she left.

“What class are you in?”

I was about to ask, but she was already on the stairs.

It would be impossible to chase her any further.

“She’s pretty cute.”

Kengo came over, looking envious.

“We’ll have to exchange lines or something.”

“Oh! I forgot!”

We laughed at each other.

Next time we meet, we’ll exchange lines.

The next day, when I went to school, I saw big letters on the blackboard saying, Today is the introduction of club activities. Please decide which club activity you want to join. You can try out from today.

An introduction to club activities.

It must have been written by the homeroom teacher.

“What are you going to do, Kengo?”

“I’ll probably play tennis.”

Tennis. A bitter memory came back to me.

I had joined the tennis club when I was in junior high school because Kengo had invited me to join.

In the beginning, I was able to keep up with the practice, but it became harder and harder to keep up, and I eventually quit.

The way everyone looked at me when I quit was very scary.

It felt like a four-sided battle of Gaixia.

So I don’t want to play tennis anymore.

At the bottom of the blackboard where the homeroom teacher had written, there was a list of club activities.

Where would I enjoy joining?

Worst case scenario, I could join the homecoming club.

The sports club was too hard, and I couldn’t find anything good in the cultural club.

I decided it was useless to think about it, so I headed for the club introduction.

They do a lot of interesting and fun things.

Especially the soccer and basketball clubs were the most exciting.

After all the introductions were over, I couldn’t make up my mind.

Finally, the astronomy club was introduced.

“The astronomy club doesn’t have any members at the moment. But if you love the stars, please join us.”

The astronomy club. After the introduction of the club activities, I was unconsciously going to the astronomy club advisor’s office after school. Then I saw Hikari there, giving the advisor a notice to join the club.

“Ah! It’s you, Kouki-kun! Are you joining the astronomy club?”

It was the first time she said my name and I was a little nervous.

“I’m thinking of joining the astronomy club.”

Hikari smiled and said, “Well, then, I look forward to working with you.”

I felt my face turn a little red.

The teacher took the two of us to the club room.

I wondered what the astronomy club activities were like.

I wonder if there are lots of books.

Do they have telescopes?

I entered the club room with such expectations.

However, I was wrong in an instant.

There was a dusty room, a bookshelf with only a few books, and the telescope had fallen over.

There were books scattered on the desk.

There were chairs, desks and signs in front of us.

“Sir, ……, what do you mean?”

Hikari asked the teacher.

I was about to ask the same thing.

“The astronomy club here used to have twenty members ten years ago. They came to the club room every day, and they had a telescope on the roof. They used to come to school at night and look at the stars. However, one high school girl fell from the roof of the school. Many people said it was suicide. But to be precise, it was due to bullying by a senior member of the astronomy club. The astronomy club was suspended for the time being. So many people quit and left the place. Before I knew it, there were no more club members. The suspension of club activities was over, but the rooftop was still unusable. Furthermore, the astronomy club is not very popular, to be honest. So, after seven years of no visitors. Now this is a storage place, and you can see signboards for events.”

“I’ll take those signs from you. After cleaning, gather them all together. See you later.”

The teacher went downstairs.

Was there such a past?

That’s why you couldn’t use it.

Hikari put on her mask and quickly entered the club room.

“Let’s clean up.”

I also put on my mask and started cleaning.

We started by sweeping the room with a broom.

During the process, we talked about many things.

“Why did you join the astronomy club, Kouki-kun?”

“When I look at the stars, I can kind of forget about things I don’t like. That’s why I like to look at the stars. What about you, Hikari-san?”

“Hikari-san? You can call me Hikari. Ever since I was little, my parents loved the stars. They told me so many stories about them. I’ve always loved the stars.

I know almost all the stars in this world.

Hikari… It became very difficult for me to address you just because she forbade me add “san”.

Calling meach other by first name.

I think it brings us a little closer.

I think calling by name is proof of love.

So if you love someone, but the other side is not the same, I think I won’t call them by first name.

“My parents like stars, too. But I don’t remember much about them.”

“We seem to hit it off, don’t we?”


I finished some of the cleaning, took out the things we didn’t need.

I put the books back in their place.

I’ve managed to get the place into my ideal shape.

“What are you going to do now?”

“I heard from the teacher that we’re preparing for the Tanabata Festival.”

“Just getting ready?”

“It’s that time of year.”

I thought we’d be doing more star gazing.

Just preparations? ……

No wonder there are no more members.

“What do we do to prepare?”

“First, we have to prepare a big bamboo branch and cut strips of paper into small pieces. Then there’s the planning of the stalls and stuff.

It’s more of a hassle than fun.

But I was looking forward to the Tanabata Festival.”

I felt like I could do my best.

The Tanabata Festival is held once a year at this school.

A large bamboo branch is placed on the ground, and we write strips of paper on it and decorate it.

And at the end of the festival, fireworks go off and we chant our wishes. This is the Tanabata Festival.

There will be many food stalls, so I’m really looking forward to it.

What should I write on the strips of paper this year?

As I was thinking about it, Hikari looked at me and said, “What are you doing?”

“I was thinking about my wish.”

“I’ve already made mine.”

“It’s too early.”

Hikari silently took the sign from outside by herself.

I wanted to go too, but Hikari was not there.

I didn’t want to get lost again if I tried to force my way there.

I wonder if Hikari knows the way.

The teacher told me to go to the geology class.

I have no idea where that is.

Maybe someday I’ll find out.

Five minutes later, Hikari came back.

“It’s at 6:00 p.m. today.”

“What are we doing?”

“We’re going to look at the stars.”

“Where are we going?

She pointed through the window.

“─ The observatory.”

It’s a famous observatory in this area.

It’s also known as the Observatory of Hell.

What part of is it hell?

There are three hundred stairs.

It’s a spiral staircase that makes you dizzy.

I heard it’s really hard.

I’ve never been there, so I don’t know, but I can see my legs getting torn apart.

“I can’t do it. I can’t do those stairs.”

“I go every day. ……”

I go there every day. With those words, I realized how much she loves the stars.

I wish you could tell me more about them.

“All right. I’ll be in front of the observatory.”


We were told to split up and bring what we needed.

I went home and brought my telescope, camera and the star catalog my mother had given me.

We headed for the observatory.

When I arrived, I found Hikari shouting at me.

Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? I waved my hand.

“Let’s get up there.”

I didn’t remember the next half hour.

As a result of my mindless ascent, when I reached the top

When I reached the top, my heart was beating faster than a wave, and it was so hard to breathe.

It was hard.

But the pain cleared in an instant.

The view from the observatory was amazing.

When I set up my camera. Hikari shouted, “Stop!”

“Why not? You can take pictures with your camera.”

“If you take it with a camera, every minute of it will be wasted. I think it’s better to keep it in your mind than in your memory.”

Hearing Hikari’s words, I closed my camera.

We lay down on the ground of the observatory and looked at the stars.

About three minutes had passed.

Suddenly, Hikari said, “Stars have a life span, too, you know?”

“Really? Isn’t life only for living things?”

The light pointed to a star above her eyes.

“That blue star is for newborn babies and that red star is an old one.”

The blue star and the red star were shining.

“Do stars really die then?”

“Yes, they die.”

“How much of a lifespan do they have?”

“They say that stars live for two million years.

Two million years. We humans cannot live for such a long time.

“Stars live, too, so we must live to the last second.”

“That’s true.”

“When is my birthday?”

Suddenly, she asked me a quiz.

There was no way I could know that.

But the fact that she said it while looking at the stars means that it’s …….



I was stunned by Hikari’s words.

I didn’t think we were together. ……

It was as if we were destined to meet like Hikoboshi and Orihime.

It was as if we were destined to meet like Hikoboshi and Orihime.

“I also have Tanabata as my birthday”

“No way! Seriously?”


“It’s fate.”

About five minutes had passed since then.

About five minutes later, Hikari began to speak into the silent conversation.

“That’s Altair,” she said, pointing her finger at the sky.

I didn’t know which one.

“Which one?”

“You’ll have to find it yourself.

I had no choice but to pull out a star catalog from my bag.

“What’s that?”

Hikari asked curiously.

“My mom gave it to me.”

“Does your mother like stars too?”

“She’s always loved the stars. She’s been to a lot of places.”

“Oh, that’s nice.”

When I was looking for it in the picture book, I found the characters of Altair.

I compared it with the night sky and looked for where it was.

“There’s Altair.”

“Next to it is Vega.”

Vega and Altair. I’ve heard that before.

“What is that?”

“It’s about Hikoboshi and Orihime.”

“I see.”

Before I knew it, twenty minutes had passed.

“I guess that’s it for today.”

Hikari was about to descend from the observatory.

At that moment, Kengo’s words crossed my mind.

I’ll have to exchange lines or something.

That’s right. We need to exchange lines.


Hikari looked back at me and gave me a strange look.

“Let’s exchange lines.”

“Oh. That’s right. Let’s do it.”

We exchanged our lines via QR code.

I was finally able to exchange it.

On The Night When The Stars And Flowers Fall

On The Night When The Stars And Flowers Fall

Hoshi to Hana ga Furu Yoru ni, 星と花が降る夜に
Score 8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
The main character is told by a fortune teller, “Your wish will come true on the night the stars and flowers fall.”What does it mean that stars and flowers will fall?A love story about two people who join the astronomy club.


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