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The New Year was soon approaching, yet Wang Linyuan was urgently called over by one of his seniors to attend a consultation for a rare case out of town. That’s the way it is when you’re a doctor. It required your time, while time didn’t wait for anyone.

Du Qing was a bit sad that he was now alone. Should he spend the New Year at his parent’s house or with the Wang family to accompany Father Wang and Mother Wang? He turned it over in his mind and decided that neglecting either one of them wasn’t good.

In the end, he found out the four of them had long ago planned to travel to Hainan for the New Year, and he was now the poor little one left behind.

Suddenly orphaned once again, Du Qing was bored and slept the whole day. He then sprang to his feet and despite the high prices during the New Year travel period, he bought a ticket straight to the city Wang Linyuan was in.

It was New Year’s Eve the day he arrived, and the streets were full of joy and filled with bright red “fu” signs1. But in the afternoon, the shops closed one after another, passersby rushed home, and the place appeared cold and deserted once again.

Du Qing was unfamiliar with the area and spent the afternoon searching before he found the hotel Wang Linyuan was staying in. He still hadn’t gotten to the entrance yet when in the distance he saw the man he’d been thinking about eating with a pretty girl at a restaurant down the street! Talking and laughing! And he still had the nerve to sit by the window!

Du Qing immediately burned with jealousy and anger surged within him. But he kept his cool and dashed a hundred meters to store his suitcase at the front desk of the hotel then turned back. He nibbled on a fruit pancake he had bought on the side of the road as he waited for them to come out.

However, he didn’t have to loiter for very long as the two of them paid the bill as soon as they finished eating and left. Du Qing hurriedly pulled his scarf up to cover half his face and tailed them for a distance. When they were approaching the hotel entrance, seeing that it was the right moment, he rushed over and lowered his voice as he said, “Big brother, are you in need of health care services?”

Wang Linyuan was dumbfounded, and it was the girl who first responded, “There’s no need. You can leave.”

Du Qing asked, “Are you his girlfriend?

She froze. “No…”

“Then that’s that. I was asking the big brother over here.” Du Qing hugged his arm and stuck to him as if he had no moral character. “How about it, big brother, do you need it? Any method will do, and you’re so handsome I’ll make the price negotiable and give you a twenty percent discount. Think it over. You won’t find another hotel like this in the area.”

Wang Linyuan said, “Wait… No… Speak properly…”

Du Qing looked at him with a faint smile. “As long as you give the money, I can talk any way you want. You just have to give me a word, so Do. You. Want. It? Who isn’t busy during the New Year? So if you don’t want it then I’ll leave.”

In the pretty girl’s shocked gaze, Wang Linyuan covered his forehead and said, “… Okay, I want it.”

Li Zhong, Wang Linyuan’s senior, was packing his luggage when the graduate student he had brought along ran into his room and loudly cried, “Dr. Wang is no longer the highly respected Dr. Wang I thought he was!”

Li Zhong said, “… What?”

Li Zhong dashed to his room and banged on the door as he shouted, “Dequan! Calm down! Think about the fact you’re a married man! You can’t make this mistake, Dequan!”

Fortunately, during the New Year there weren’t any other guests in the hotel so no one reported him for disturbing others. After a long time, the door opened and Wang Linyuan stood in the doorway, still with his usual calm and composed expression, but two of the buttons on his collar were undone, carelessly revealing his neck.

Li Zhong immediately filled with anger and disgust. “Wang Dequan! How could I have a junior like you, do you want to die? Just because you’ve had some success, you’ve forgotten your duty, is that it? Are you really worthy of Du…”

Du Qing popped out from behind him, clearly in a heated room yet he was wrapped up in Wang Linyuan’s wool coat. “What’s up? Ah, it’s been a while Li Ge. When are you going to come visit us over there again?”

Li returned to his room and calmly said to his female graduate student, “Dr. Wang is also a man, so there’s no need to make a fuss over things that are only natural, do you understand? The consultation is already over, yet you can’t let the rest of us relax?”

“But he was wearing a ring!”

“Goodness, then just keep quiet and don’t let his family find out. That’s enough, go call everyone over here to watch the Spring Festival Gala.”

The young graduate student felt like she had lost hope for all men in this world.

The next day, everyone pulled their luggage to the hotel lobby to say goodbye and prepare to go home for the New Year. She stared dumbfoundedly as she discovered that the handsome MB from yesterday was still following Dr. Wang.


“Bye bye.” Du Qing smiled broadly as he waved at her. “We have to hurry. We accidentally missed the Spring Festival Gala last night, so we’re rushing home to watch the reruns.”

Translator’s Notes

  1. Signs that have the character fu (福) on them which means “fortune” or “good luck”.

On How to Properly Instruct Old Chinese Doctors to Use Emojis

On How to Properly Instruct Old Chinese Doctors to Use Emojis

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