Obsession chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“Huh? You-kun, do you know where I placed the scissors I was using earlier?”

My childhood friend, Haru, asked me with a troubled tone. I took a deep breath to compose myself and answered,

“… It’s on the second drawer from the top of the chest there.”

“Eeh~… Ah, there it is! As expected of You-kun! You have such a good memory~ Thank you so much!”

“… Isn’t it because you just have a bad memory?”

Rather than forgetfulness, it’s just that she’s so stupid that she would forget where she placed the scissors she just used. But then again, she could just be forgetful towards the things that didn’t really matter, since her grades at school were pretty good and she never forgot about other people I liked or what my favorite things were… up until last month, that is.

Up until the time when Haru cut off the tendons on my legs so I couldn’t walk again, cut off both of my arms, and locked me up in here.

“Mmmmmm!!! Mmmmmm!!”

A woman whose mouth was covered with duct tape and whose hands and legs were zip-tied struggled and rolled on the floor as she looked at us accusingly.

The woman was in her late 20s.

I couldn’t make out her features since the underground warehouse was dimly lit, but this was probably the person who talked to me a week ago.

Yes, I probably asked this woman for help on the day when Haru wheeled me out in my wheelchair for being selfish.

“Oh geez, you’re so annoying… Weren’t you the fly who tried to take away my You-kun!?”

Instead of her usual smile, Haru was expressionless as she mercilessly kicked the woman on the stomach. The woman bent over in agony at being kicked on the stomach. However, I could only look on as it happened.

“Now then~, I guess I have to take care of this annoying little fly too. No one could ever take my You-kun away from me. You-kun is mine… he’s mine… And whoever tries to take him away from me is my enemy.”

Haru swung down the scissors she was holding.

She swung them down without hesitation and stabbed the woman in the stomach.

The woman continued to scream in a muffled voice as Haru stabbed her over and over until she finally stopped screaming.

“Finally… that pest is finally gone… You-kun, how many have I killed today?”

“… You’ve killed 6.”

Six dead bodies laid on the floor of the dimly lit underground warehouse.

They were all kind people who worried about me and talked to me.

Yes, these were all the kind people whom I asked for help. But they were all slaughtered by the hands of my devilish childhood friend.

I’m sure this crazy childhood friend of mine will forget about everything she did the next day and talk to me happily as if nothing ever happened.

And I, who is madly loved by this childhood friend, would hang on to the hope that someone out there would be able to help me… Even though she had killed each and every one who had tried to do so…

“It’ll be alright, You-kun… I’ll take care of you… We’ll be together forever.”

My wheelchair-bound You-kun looked a little sad as he stared at the little fly I just killed.

I was irritated because he was still looking at the little fly like that even though it was already dead, but it didn’t matter since You-kun looked at me right away.

Yes… Nothing else mattered as long as You-kun only had eyes for me.

“Haru… What are you planning to do with me?”

I titled my head, not understanding why he suddenly asked me something like that.

“You already took away my hands and feet, what else do you want to do with me?”

“What I want to do… I just want to be with You-kun forever, you know? Why are you suddenly asking me something like that?”

I had a bad feeling when You-kun’s mood suddenly changed. Oh, but it’s not like he can still do anything in that state…

“I see… Understood.”

After that, You-kun returned to normal and said, “Can you take me away from here already? The smell of blood is so strong, so I want to leave already.”

Yes, I’ve been waiting for him to need me like this.

My happiness comes from taking care of all of You-kun’s needs and making everything that You-kun wishes for to be possible.

“Okay, sorry for making you wait, You-kun.”

I pushed the brand-new wheelchair out of the dirty room and put him to bed, following his request to let him sleep without food.

“Good night, You-kun. See you tomorrow.”

“Good night, Haru.”

After exchanging good nights, I laid down beside You-kun. I felt happy to be sleeping next to someone I loved…

“Goodbye, Haru.”

When I woke up the next day, You-kun’s body was already ice-cold.

It seems that since he didn’t have any hands or feet anymore, he bit his tongue and died of suffocation…

“You-kun, you liar! You promised that we’d be together forever… You liar!”

But even if I took my anger out on You-kun’s corpse, it still wasn’t enough to clear my mind.

Nothing mattered anymore, so I decided to call the police and confessed to everything I did and laid down next to You-kun and killed myself in the same way he did.

After all, we’re supposed to be together forever.

I’ll never… Let him go.



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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
What I promised my childhood friend, You-kun. I’ll be with you forever…….. So I’m going there too.


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