Not a Heroine, Not a Villainess, I was Reincarnated as the Sister of the Knight Commander’s Son chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

Nice to meet you all.

I am the daughter of the knight commander in a certain Kingdom.

As I introduced myself like this, I’m surely a reincarnated person. This world is the world of a certain otome game.

However, god was mean, he didn’t make me into the villainess! Even though I really wanted to be a villainess…

I absolutely hate heroines. People don’t need reverse harems!

……I think you get it from my very first self-introduction, but I am one of the members in the reverse harem, the knight commander’s son’s, sister.

So, the me who was born with memories of my past life has been educating my younger brother not to be such an idiot.

The otome game story has not yet begun. Now then, how will my younger brother’s education affect it, I wonder.

…………Hmm? Will I not do anything to the heroine? I won’t! First of all, it’s bothersome and I am two grades above my younger brother, and… well, the best reason is that just watching how things unfold is the most fun!

Speaking of, I really wonder what would happen.

I’m looking forward to it.

Currently, I have already graduated from school. And my younger brother is in his final year.

The heroine transferred in the spring of the year I graduated. As expected, she seems to have been doing a lot from the beginning.

She seems to have taken actions on capturing the Second Prince and other men. By the way, she seemed to have also come to my brother.

One day, he told me when he came home that he was feeling terrible because there was this woman he wasn’t familiar with spouting things as if truly knowing him.

It’s the heroine.

By the way, in the school, only the applicants live in dormitories.

Then the next thing she did was fabricate being bullied by the Second Prince’s fiance, also the daughter of a Duke. The Duke Lady never did anything to her. She seemed to have used magic to create illusions.

Isn’t it tiring to do that?

Now then, after all those, it’s now time for my brother to graduate.

I came to the graduation ceremony on behalf of my knight commander family.

After this, I planned to appear at the graduation party as my brother’s partner.

The graduation party is the scene where the Second Prince abandons his engagement with the daughter of the Duke. For me to actually see it live…

“Are you okay, sister?”

“I’m fine. I just have something I’m looking forward to a little.”

“I still don’t know what things sister is looking forward to even now. Well, putting that aside, let’s enjoy the party together.”

The party went well and the incident happened when it was just about to end.

Oh, I’m talking about the engagement cancellation.

The Second Prince is telling the daughter of the Duke the classic line in otome games.

“Duke Lady, I’m breaking my engagement with you!”

“! Why?!”

“Because you bullied my beloved girlfriend!”

“I haven’t done anything like that.”

“Don’t pretend you don’t know! There is evidence!”

“…That’s not evidence, but only testimony, right? It’s easy to create illusions.”

Oh, the daughter of the Duke is calm. Amazing.

The Second Prince kept on screaming something. Perhaps he couldn’t stand it anymore, my brother went between the Duke Lady and the Second Prince.

“Who are you! I’m the Second Prince! Don’t disturb me!”

“I’m sorry for that. But here is the party venue, please consider talking about this someplace else……… Duke Lady, are you okay?”

“I’m okay. I’m sorry for making the party have a bad atmosphere.”

“Why, why is the Knight Commander’s son on the side of the villain? This is not the same as the otome game scenario!”

Apparently, the heroine is a reincarnated person like me. I wonder if I should interrupt too.

“Yes, it’s not. But it’s also not in the scenario when we are reincarnated, right?”

Oh! It seems the villainess is also a reincarnated person.

“Even if you become the heroine, you are unable to do whatever you like…. Second Prince, even if I was your fiancee, because of your infidelity of embracing a woman you’re not engaged to, I’m discarding our engagement myself. Well then, please excuse me.”

Saying that, the Duke Lady left. But my brother disturbed her. Rather, he chased after her.

After him chasing, I heard from my brother. Somehow, after the word heroine came out, he seemed to have recommended me as the person to talk to with the Duke Lady. From then, the Duke Lady and I often hang out and became friends.

A few years later, my brother got together with this Duke’s daughter!

For things to end up like this…

Well, since the villainess became happy, then it’s fine. Ah, I spend my time relaxing while reading my favorite books. Well then, good day everyone.

By the way, the heroine then got engaged with the Second Prince and entered various prisons. What they did is left to your imagination.

Not a Heroine, Not a Villainess, I was Reincarnated as the Sister of the Knight Commander’s Son

Not a Heroine, Not a Villainess, I was Reincarnated as the Sister of the Knight Commander’s Son

Heroine dewanaku, Akuyaku Reijou demo naku, Kishi Danchou no Musuko no Ane ni Tensei Shimashita, ヒロインではなく、悪役令嬢でもなく、騎士団長の息子の姉に転生しました
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Japanese
Nice to meet you all. I am the daughter of the knight commander. I wanted to be reincarnated as the villainess, but I couldn’t. Well then, let’s observe the heroine and the villainess.


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